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    The Story (open)
    It’s been happening for a while now. Odd little things I can see that no one else can. I see the paint flaking off the buildings, trees turning brown and dying, animals growing sick and collapsing in the streets. Even at work my phone, my computer and even the office printer, they all randomly turn off before restarting for no reason. All things that you couldn’t imagine being missed by anyone with eyes … yet no one else sees.

    Soon enough I learnt to keep my mouth shut so people wouldn’t think I was crazy. I knew at least few friends thought I was on drugs, to give you an idea of the situation I was, am, in. So I kept my silence and my eyes open, seeing the decay grow in frequency with every passing day. And as I watched I saw others, the occasional glimpse of someone pausing or a sudden attempt to suppress disgust at what they saw.

    I never approached these people though, I was too afraid there were other reasons for their actions. So I’ve been alone in this world for about three months, slowly watching the corruption spread and grow, I guess stronger. These days I even see it on people. Fungi growing from their faces or maggots crawling in their hair. I’ve seen windows shatter into a thousand shards, carving a thousand shallow cuts onto those walking below. I’ve seen buildings collapse into piles of rubble, yet those around simply walk by. I saw a building a friend was in collapse right before my eyes. When I tried to tell his family they didn’t believe me, didn’t even consider I was right. They told me he was late coming home from work and would be back soon enough. The next day when I went back he had left for work early. But I never saw him again.

    I don’t even know what to say anymore. Don’t know where to turn. I’m leaving today, to seek out one of the others I’ve seen around. I can’t take this alone, I can feel myself slowly going insane keeping it bottled up inside. The moon has been slowly growing redder and redder with every passing night and last night it seemed to catch fire within. A miniature sun trapped within the cold rock. I swear I saw shapes inside the fires. I feel it’s a sign of something coming, and I need to act before it’s too late.

    The RP (open)
    The Veil is a survival horror RP set on earth in a fictional English city called Erben. All your characters have been experiencing the above for the last three months, able to see things happening to the world which no one else can. How these sights have affected your character are up to you to determine but whatever you decide the sight of the moon has them on edge and given a feeling something is about to happen.

    On the night events begin everyone’s character will receive mark. It resembles the moon seen in the banner. The fires and shapes inside the mark are constantly shifting in form to match the moon. The mark can be as small or as large as you desire and anywhere on the body. On the CS there is a section for you to put the size and location of your chars mark. The endowment of the mark is a very painful process and can leave those weak of body or mind unconscious for hours afterwards.

    Since I like to keep surprises that’s basically all the info I’ll be giving out for now. After everyone gets their first IC post up and the first GM post goes up I’ll reveal a bunch more new info about what happened and the new area you find yourself in. The RP will contain a fair bit of combat but there will be an emphasis on smart thinking and escaping.

    There will be combat in this RP. You may have guessed it won’t be something you want to be doing often though. If you do need to fight focus on your surroundings and how you can use them to your advantage. In general you’ll want to focus on getting away from what you’re fighting rather than trying to kill it.

    The IC will go up once I get 3 or 4 players (though if there is more interest I may hold off until more people get their CS up) who join and are approved. From then on I will still be accepting people as characters in the form of survivors who the first group can find. Everyone will start out separate but meet up one or two posts after the first GM post.

    1. I’m the GM so what I say goes.
    2. No god modding or meta gaming.
    3. Please try to post at least a paragraph unless you are in a conversation.
    4. One character per player
    5. Don’t kill off another player’s character without their permission. As the GM I reserve the right to kill off characters if I deem a situation they are in to be inescapable. Characters will always be given a chance to escape a fatal situation, but if they fail they will be killed.
    6. If you are inactive and hold up the plot for around a week I will take control of your character just long enough to move the plot along.
    7. No perfect characters, Mary Sue’s etc.
    8. There is no posting order, however you may only post once inbetween each GM post.
    9. I reserve the right to add or change rules as the RP goes on.

    Not exactly a rule, however keep in mind your characters (and you) don’t know what’s going to happen. I won’t be accepting any characters who are ex-army dudes who keep a well-stocked arsenal of guns in their house. Remember this is set in England, not America, so gun laws are far stricter. Even police rarely have weapons. You might have a crowbar on hand when events begin, but nothing more.

    Character Sheet
    Age: Between 16 and 50
    Appearance: Picture or written, RL pics only.
    Position of the Mark:
    Trivia: Anything extra goes here

    Map (open)

    Locations (open)

    Our Holy Cross Christian School - OHC is a very large school which caters for students from the beginning of their education until their final year situated in the southeast. It is a voluntary controlled Christian school which has a church on the grounds that is used for mass on Sundays. The classrooms and such are built within restored 1800s buildings giving the school an old age feeling.

    St Thompsons Private School - Erben’s foundation school St Thompson’s has no religious affiliation but also teaches from reception to year 13. Situated in the southwest the school was originally a school for upper class citizens in the 18-1900s run by the Thompson family. Nowadays it is still owned by the Thompson family but is open to all students but keeps its focus on the pursuit of old age values. Boys and girls attend classes focussed on teaching them to be gentlemen and ladies of a “proper” bringing. The school often comes across as snobby and pretentious to the other schools in the city.

    Erben High and Erben Junior - Erben’s two community schools can be found to the north west and north east respectively. They are slightly less popular than the city’s two private schools, attracting about 40% of school age children. Due to Erben’s high standing the school are both well cared for and supervised. Both schools were recently rebuilt in a more modern look in order to attract student away from OHC and St Thompson’s.

    Religious Buildings

    Churches - Erben is a fairly religious city and has a total of three Christian churches. One of these is with the OHC School in the south of the city. A second large one, The Saint Michael, in the city’s north is the main church and was built in the 1500s after Erben’s patron saint. The church is decorated with murals of Michael’s accomplishments and boasts a large library in an adjoining building. The third and final church is with the City Centre. It is much smaller than the other 2 but is used much less, mainly by those on breaks during work.

    Mosque - Erben also has a single mosque located in the city’s west. It is a new addition, built only last year, but is already popular with the city’s small Islamic community. The building initially found strong opposition due to Erben’s Christian background but the city council approved the structure on the basis of good relations with the city’s Muslims.


    Art and History Museums – Erben has two museums, both within the City Centre. The history museum, in the north, is a government business and is thus funded by them. It has a focus on England’s history as a whole and is a popular excursion site for the schools. The art museum, in the south, however is a privately run. It has a focus on religious art which has continued to bring in enough money to keep the museum in profit. However its speciality has occasionally caused it and the churches to clash over particular items.

    Shopping Centre

    Erben Centre – The Erben Centre shopping precinct was constructed in 1972 and then renovated in 2008 to a more modern look the Centre is the largest and most popular shopping precinct in the city. Named because it sits in the centre of the city the Centre is a massive sprawl of shops within a single building covered by a glass dome. The area around the Centre is given over to cafes and large open walkways. The parking for the Centre is in a large underground complex which both allows more shopping space and removes the ugly aesthetics of a car park.

    Government Buildings

    Town Hall – Erben Town Hall is located in the westernmost section of the City Centre. Built in the same style as the Palace of Westminster it is three stories tall with a central tower known as the Eye of Erben in the centre. The Eye is famed for its height, the entire city can be seen from the top of the tower on a clear day. The Eye is also open to the public and can be accessed with a walk from the main entrance straight forward. The area around the Hall is an open park that borders the hospital and the nearby police station.

    Erben Hospital – Situated on the western edge of the City Centre the Erben Hospital is easily accessible from any part of the city. The main building is ten stories high and takes up a little under half the grounds. The remainder of the area is taken up by various specialist buildings, a helipad and parking areas. Unlike the Centre the hospital has a large amount of above ground parking in two three story high complexes with only a single level of basement parking each.

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  2. Count me in! let me create a char. ^^

    Name: Adana Rivendale
    Gender: female
    Age: 22
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    (Link for credits. It's still someone's picture.)
    Position of the Mark: On her belly in line with the belly button but under the ribcage. (Thorax)

    Personality: Lazy and a cheapskate, are the first things that come on your mind when you think about her. If she has a choice then she rather does not do what is expected of live. Of course she works but that is only to pay for the rent. When she is working as the sales clerk she is often avoided because people rather avoid her remarks. But most of it is first impressions, she is actually brutally honest and knows that there is no use in doing something you don't benefit from or enjoy. Because of her honesty she has just the two friends she needs and her family for her daily social need.

    Bio: Born in a normal family she grew up as a happy child, that was the case until she went to middle school. Her parents divorced and she was left with the mess her mother had left behind. Her father fell into a depression and it made her insecure as well. At school she tried to hide her family and herself from the others in school. She acted like she enjoyed everything, like everything was normal. But the stress from hiding it almost caused a break down. Her saviour was one of her friends, she noticed something was wrong and started to truly talk with Adana. A lot happened after that talk and it went for the better. But she realized that hiding it didn't help neither did she got any joy of it. She just wanted to live her life a bit for herself from that moment on. The moment she had enough money she moved out and looked for etra jobs. She has been living happily since then, that was until now. Something happened, strange things, she has now lost contact with one of her two friends.

    Equipment: sturdy boots that are comfortable and nothing else, a small bakpack instead of a girly handbag (with a lot of secret pockets *wink*), her photocamera because one day she can proof to herself that she isn't getting crazy.

    Trivia: She works in a few parttime jobs were chit chat isn't really needed. (cashier in the clothing store, train station kiosk person, helping organize returned books in the library.) She cut her hair only because it was bothersome.
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  3. I have never done a horor before but I'll make my CS as soon as I ket time.
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  4. @Lovie Looking forward to see the rest of her!

    @Hollow Your first horror? I better be good then. The pressure XD
  5. @DoughGuy I'm done, behold the miracle of my imagination. *trumpets blowing loudly* Oh and small thingy tagging me with lovie won't work sweetie ^^ Full name only because lovie is a whole different person. XD

    @HollowEastWord Heloooo~ Fancy meeting you here, remember me? ^^
  6. Character accepted Lovie.
    Also honestly, I wasn't trying to tag you. I didn't even know that was a thing XD I was just doing my personal way of splitting up a post to respond to multiple people haha. I'll have to keep that in mind.
  7. Name: Norman Ebayan

    Gender: Male

    Age: 40



    Position of the Mark: Back of right hand

    Personality: Norman Ebayan is a stoic man who keeps his own counsel and prefers to hold the details of his life close to the chest. Conversely, he is a capable listener and able adviser to others. He has a paternal air and is easy to talk to. He is calm, levelheaded, and maintains a cool head under stress.

    Bio: Norman Ebayan grew up overseas before immigrating to the US, where he raised a family of his own. His sister was living in Erben, England, and when he lost contact with her, began to worry. Then he started seeing things. Rot and decay wherever he went. Then he started to see the molding figure of his sister around street corners and the shadows of buildings, calling out to him to come to Erben. He thought he was going crazy and his wife and son began to notice that he grew increasingly more distant and despondent over the last few months. Finally, Norman had enough. He packed a small suitcase and flew out to Europe. He had to know. He had to go to Erben.

    Equipment: Swiss Army knife, wallet with dollar bills and coins, wristwatch.

    Trivia: Norman is a clever man who has working knowledge of chemistry, electrics, mechanics, and physics. He applies his knowledge to build makeshift devices or jury-rig existing appliances with on-hand materials.
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  8. Accepted Raz
  9. Just added a rule about posting order since its a question that gets asked alot. Once Hollow and one other person get their chars up we'll start.
  10. @DoughGuy I have two questions. One, do we start with them reeiving the mark or does it happen at another point? I think you will anwser that in your GM post but it's still nice to know. Second, are you also adding a character or do you remain the GM.
  11. Ooh, an interesting looking Horror RP. Count me in. :D I'll have a CS up soon as I can.

    This is my first Horror as well, so yay, more pressure. :P
  12. @loviebeest In the first GM post your characters will receive the mark. I'll be describing how it happens. And unless I drastically change my mind very soon I won't behaving a character. I did last time I ran this but decided not too this time.

    @Xilfer Yay, looking forward to it!

    Hollow has also informed me she won't have the time to join so we'll need another fourth before we start.
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  13. Name: Amon Gilmore
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28


    Position of the Mark: Left buttcheek shoulder

    Most of the time, Amon does his best to remain cool and collected. However, he's a child at heart. Naive and outgoing, he is a dreamer who won't hesitate to do everything he can to achieve his goals. Which is what put him in his current financial situation, I might add. He believes in forging your own way through life, and learning through experience rather than study. While he can be a little reckless at times and certainly isn't afraid to take risks, he is a rational man and, as such, prefers to make decisions based on logic and reason rather than impulse. However, at times, he simply can't stop himself from doing something stupid.

    One of his strongest attributes is his curiosity. Once it is piqued, Amon will ceaselessly pursue whatever answer he may be after. As a detective, he employs the use of deduction and investigation to figure things out, but he's also a strong believer in 'hunches'. He claims that people are naturally tuned for figuring things out, so they get feelings in their gut which may lead them closer to the truth. He has almost as much confidence in his own hunches as he does in his actual deductions.

    To others, Amon might come off as a tad impatient and rash. Which he is, really. Amon prefers to get straight to the point, and finds pleasantries and manners to be a waste of time. Unless it involves a lot of tough thinking, he is quick-paced and likes to get things done as soon as possible. This leads many to see him as rude, and is a factor into why he doesn't get many clients. Though, he doesn't mean to be this way; it's simply his nature. If you can get past his hastiness, he's a fairly considerate person who will take your feelings and thoughts into account. Unless it involves solving a case.

    Amon's biggest downfall is his pride. He hasn't actually tackled too many cases in his lifetime, but his skills as a detective were more than enough to overcome the ones he has. This has inflated his ego, leading him to believe that he is some sort of Sherlock Holmes reincarnate. (Figuratively, of course) He is careful when making deductions and formulating theories, making sure to check all of his facts and think things through. However, once he does make one, it essentially becomes another fact in his mind. He is never willing to consider the possibility that one of his 'genius deductions' might have been wrong.

    Amon grew up in a small town in the countryside for most of his life. His childhood was normal enough, though he always possessed a strong sense of curiosity compared to other children. Even at a young age, he was very fond of detectives and the like, who solved mysteries and crimes. In academics, he wasn't particularly skilled, but his dream was to become a police detective, so he worked very hard to get above average marks.

    Throughout his teen years, Amon took on several 'cases'. He used deduction and investigative techniques he'd picked up from internet research to help his friends find lost items. Occasionally, he even helped to track down the culprit in some instances of shoplifting or theft. The town was a small community in which everyone knew one another, so it was easier than it sounds. Many of the town's residents began to know him as the 'Kid detective', much to the amusement of the town's actual police force.

    After graduating from the police academy, Amon naturally joined the police force in his town. However, he didn't get what he'd been expecting. The town rarely had any serious crime, so the police there were mostly lazy and laid-back. His curiosity was simply not satisfied with the mundane, ordinary crimes that were committed in this backwater town. He had bigger aspirations.

    After four years of working for the police in his home town, Amon quit. Deciding that he could no longer work with police, he opted to become a private detective and solve whatever cases he pleased. He quickly used the money he'd saved up to move to Erben and begin his private investigative business. Like with police work, he did not get what he expected. The life of a private detective is a hard one, fraught with debt and cheap microwave food. Finding clients was the most difficult part, especially considering the police force in Erben was far more effective, making private detectives nothing but a nuisance.

    Naturally his financial situation just kept on worsening after his savings ran out. With a lack of clients and hardly any means to advertise his business, he had to get several loans, which resulted in several debts. He did get some clients over the course of the past few years, but most cases were easily solved since his deductive abilities were actually quite formidable. Regardless, it wasn't enough, and eventually he had to get a part-time job somewhere else to start getting money in.

    It's been three years since then, and the struggling private detective has spent them juggling job after job trying to pay the rent and the debts. However, three months ago, something began to catch his eye. Something that finally re-ignited that spark of curiosity within him. At first it wasn't very noticeable, but eventually he began seeing it: the decay, corruption, destruction. People on the streets were starting to grow fungi and lose layers of skin, like dead trees.

    Naturally, Amon was curious to find out exactly what he was seeing, especially when he realized nobody else could. He considered he was going crazy, but some of the more catastrophic events like collapsed buildings did not go away. He returned days later, and there it was, still a pile of rubble. Co-workers from his various jobs would also disappear, with others claiming they never knew them afterward. Just what was going on?

    Equipment: Wallet w/ cash, pen and notepad, cellphone, business cards (x5).

    Trivia: He may have pride in his mental power, but he doesn't have any confidence in his physical strength. He would much rather run than fight in any situation, and isn't afraid of being called a coward. Which he probably is anyway.​
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  14. Accepted Xilfer!
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  15. Really? I didn't finish it yet though; I still gotta do the personality bit.

    But great, I guess. xD
  16. I r great GM XD
    Well ummm, goddammit Dough. You wrote so much for the bio it looks completed haha. I'll reread it again when you finish the personality but Im pretty sure you'll still be accepted haha
  17. Hehe, sorry bout that. I'll get on it. :3

    Edit: There we go. All done.
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  18. Still accepted Xilfer!
    Now we've only got 3 people but if we don't get a fourth soon I think Ill just start the IC anyway.
  19. It's been quite a bit. I think perhaps it's time to start the IC? :3
  20. Yep, about time. I've been trying to get it started in GM sort of way but nothing I've tried over the last few days has worked. So the first few IC posts will be written from the perspective of a person going through this, and when events start happening I will switch to a more GM style. Hope that's ok with everyone.
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