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  1. First, this is a reboot of The Variable Project, but I'm only looking for ONE MORE ADDITIONAL PERSON. The first to fill out the character sheet AND get accepted gets the role. Please check here for any unanswered questions you may have before asking them here. More information will be added here as it's mentioned in the roleplay. Thank you.~
    General Information | Roleplay Information
    Character Sheet | Character List
    Episode List | Maps

    The Variable Project

    In the year 2100, scientists discovered a latent ability within certain humans that would later be deemed "Psychokinesis". This ability gave these select few the ability to control objects with their minds, speak telepathically, and even fly. They spent seventeen long years investigating this phenomenon, before finally deciding what its use would be. Those select few with the ability of Psychokinesis became known as Variables, and became trump cards in the military of their respective countries. The bringing in and training of these people was kept secret, and became known simply as "The Variable Project".


    Psychokinesis use was not without its drawbacks, however. Continued use shortened one's life span, and deteriorated one's brain. Excessive use in a short time period could even kill someone right then and there. Some Variables who pushed the limits too far became Corrupted Variables, deranged humans who became nothing more than dangerous, mindless killing machines. They were either killed or taken into captivity. Because of these dangers, scientists developed a drug known as Psyche, which was administered every so often through a chip implanted on the back of each Variable's neck. They became dependent on this drug, and now, should their chip be removed, they wouldn't last a week without manual administration of Psyche.

    Weapon Variables

    The Base Form of a Weapon Variable

    In 2127, the first weapons built specifically for use with Psychokinesis were created. They were named "variables" after those who would wield them. In the beginning, only short-range physical type variables were available, but other types were created a few years later, and along with them, the Variable Efficiency and Compatibility Test (VECT). The VECT is a test used to determine which variable types a Variable's Psychokinesis is compatible with. While most only tested compatible with one, there were rare occurrences where an individual tested as being compatible with two. In order to use a variable, a Variable must touch it and attempt to "sync" their Psychokinesis with it. Nothing will happen if the variable and one's Psychokinesis are incompatible, unless the variable is a custom variable, in which case the individual will convert to a Corrupted Variable and die shortly afterwards.

    {td=border-color:#9a00fa|119x15}Variable Type{/td}
    {td=border-color:#9a00fa|@x15}Year Developed{/td}
    {td=border-color:#9a00fa|119x@}Short-range Physical{/td}
    {td=border-color:#9a00fa|119x15}Long-range Physical{/td}
    {td=border-color:#9a00fa|119x15}Short-range Mental{/td}
    {td=border-color:#9a00fa|119x15}Long-range Mental{/td}
    « »
    Short-range Physical
    Short-range Physical variables required constant contact in order to be used, but offered high power and decent speed and flexibility (the ability to shape-shift quickly and effectively). They're often used as held weapons, such as swords, maces, etc. They can also be manipulated into all sorts of shapes, and can also be used as a shield.
    Long-range Physical
    Long-range Physical variables often take the shape of a small sphere that floats near the user. They do require one time contact in order to "sync", but can be used freely afterwards. The solitary sphere can be manipulated just as short-range physical models can, but it can also multiply and divide. The less dispersed the sphere is, the more power each shot packs. The power is decent, but the speed and flexibility make up for it.
    Short-range Mental
    Short-range Mental variables are only effective at within a small radius. As with all mental type variables, this variable is inserted into the brain as a chip, and thus, cannot be manipulated or used as an actual weapon. Mental variables are often used to increase sensory perception, but can also be used to enhance memory, processing speed, and knowledge banks. These are the preferred types for missions involving espionage.
    Long-range Mental
    Long-range Physical variables are similar to short-range mental variables, the only difference being that their effective range is larger. These are preferred when it's better for the user to remain at a distance.

    In addition to physical and mental type variables, variables are also separated into general and custom variables. General variables are inferior, but anyone whose Psychokinesis is compatible with their type can "sync" with them. Custom variables are superior, but, as the name suggests, are custom made for a specific person's Psychokinesis. Should anyone else attempt to "sync" with one, they'll become a Corrupted Variable.

    Spacial Variables

    In 2140, a third type of variable that came to be known as "spacial" was created. They resemble antimatter in that they eat all they touch, and circle the user as small spheres, much the same as a dispersed long-range physical type does. Because of the high level of danger presented in such a variable, it was banned in all countries. Some still work on it under the radar, however.
    « »
    Spacial Variables
    Spacial variables are slow moving and aren't as flexible as physical type variables. Regardless of this fact, their destructive power far outmatches that of physical types. It is because of this that they've been banned from use.
    Short-range Spacial
    Short-range Spacial variables have a smaller range of influence and can't be seperated from the user too much, or the "sync" will be broken. Because of this, users of this type mostly use their variables as a type of inpenetrable shield.
    Long-range Spacial
    Long-range Spacial variables are perhaps the most dangerous variable type yet discovered. Unlike short-range, they have a much greater range of influence. The downside is that wide dispersion generally leaves the user open to attack. Likewise, the slow moving nature of Spacial variables means it takes time for them to disperse and cause any real damage. Opposers should be wary of fighting a long-range Spacial variable user in tight spaces, however.

    International Variable Organization (IVO)

    In 2142, the International Variable Organization, a top secret group, was created. The group was run collectively by the heads of each country, and outlined laws, regulations, and policies regarding the use of Variables in warfare. It's essentially the United Nations for Variables. The group also acted as a center for planning should any Variables go rogue. If any of them do, the heads meet and discuss a method to best eliminate them before they become too great a threat.

    Current Timeline of Events

    {td}Scientists discover Psychokinesis; research begins.{/td}
    {td}Great strides in Psychokinesis research made; discussion for use begins.{/td}
    {td}Decision to use Psychokinesis users as military trump cards reached; research continues.{/td}
    {td}First variable weapon created; initiation of the Variable Project.{/td}
    {td}Creation of Long-range Physical, Short-range Mental, Long-range Mental type variables.{/td}
    {td=center}2130, 2131, 2132{/td}
    {td}Spacial type variables created, tested, and banned.{/td}
    {td}International Variable Organiztion (IVO) founded, establishing rules and regulations covering various topics of Variables.{/td}
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  2. Roleplay Information & Rules

    In this roleplay, you will be playing as a Variable-in-training who escapes, alongside several others. The major goal of this roleplay will be to look for clues leading towards incriminating the Variable Project. Why you're trying to incriminate it will be revealed as early as my first IC post, so don't worry about needing to know why. The year we'll be roleplaying is the year 2146, so keep that in mind when deciding your character's age and birthday. I'll mention now that your character won't be that strong. For the duration of the first era, your characters will be equipped only with general variables. I'd like to mention now that there will be a risk of your variable shattering/your character dying in this roleplay. Also, the most characters I'll be accepting right now is six, because too many more people than that escaping will be a little farfetched, and they'd have a really hard time doing much of anything in secrecy.

    As expected of any roleplay, there are rules, outlined below.

    1. Follow all Iwaku rules and policies (obviously).
    2. Absolutely NO godmodding whatsoever. As I've already mentioned, your characters won't start out strong. They may be strategic, but as far as having actual experience using a variable, they're pretty new.
    3. Posting expectations are at least once every three days, and you should be capable of pushing out at least a paragraph each time you post, if not more. PM me ahead of time if you know you'll be unable to post so I can automate your character for the time being (don't worry, I won't kill them off). If you go a week without posting and without telling me you won't be able to, I will start moving towards killing your character off.
    4. No OOC drama. If you must have it, keep it to PM and try not to let it affect the roleplay. If the drama pertains to something in the roleplay, I'll review things and settle them myself.
    5. If you're unsure of anything at all, bring it to my attention immediately. The sooner things are cleared up, the sooner we can get back into roleplaying.
    6. I can't think of anything else at the moment, so enjoy this obligatory "Have fun!" rule.~
  3. Character Sheet

    Name: (Full or first, whichever you prefer.)
    Sex: (Pretty simple.)
    Age: (13-18, please.)
    Birthday: (When did your suffering begin?)
    Appearance: (Anime picture and/or description, in paragraph format, please.)
    Ethnicity: (All our characters start in the US, but we all know, or at least most of us know, how diverse it is there.)
    Latency Age: (When did you first display having Psychokinesis? Signs don't show till 10-13, outside of rare cases.)
    Variable ID# (VID#): (Pick a number 6-13, no repeats.)
    VECT Results: (Basically, what type(s) are you compatible with? I'm not allowing any spacial type characters, but I will allow characters compatible with two types, just PM me first with what types so I can give the OK. If your type is mental, include what your variable does so I can approve it; if you need examples of what mental variables can do, feel free to PM me and ask.)
    Personality: (Just give us a little glimpse. All our characters know each other, and this will help us know how to interact with each other. Include positives AND negatives. Paragraph format, please.)
    Character Theme: (Because all great characters have one.)
    Character Song: (Self explanatory. What piece of music best suits your character?)
    Other: (Any little tidbits we might find interesting about your character.)

    Because you won't know the circumstances of why you're a Variable-in-training until after my first IC post, you can include a bit of your character's history in your first IC post, if you prefer.
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  4. Reserved for cast list.
  5. Reserved for episode list.
  6. Reserved for maps.
  7. Name:
    Mordecai Booker




    Hair: white, long, messy, Partially covers eyes

    Eyes: Left, blue. Right, black.

    Height/build: average/medium

    Physically, Mordecai is not much to look at. When he isn't smirking or scowling, his face is rather forgettable and his average build allows him easily to blend into a crowd, not standing any taller or shorter than the people around him.


    Latency Age:

    Variable ID# (VID#):

    VECT Results:
    Short-range physical
    Mordecai doesn't have a "favorite" weapon that shapes his Variable after. Instead, his style of combat requires him to constantly change his Variable's shape at a moment's notice to suit his current situation. At times it is a long reaching spear, at another time it is a flashing dagger, and at yet another time it is a giant hammer whirling above his head. The most common "default" form Mordecai's Variable takes, however, is a bladed whip capable of extending and retracting at his will.

    Mordecai has no wish to be the villain that burns the world nor the hero that saves it. Any deal he makes is for himself and any alliance he breaks is only for his own convenience. In terms of human life (or life in general), Mordecai would prefer not having to take it but will not hesitate nor regret once he has done so. He does not care much about loyalty or friends, to himself or to others, not blaming anybody if he is betrayed and not hesitating to betray another.

    Emotionally, Mordecai is as dead as possible without actually being dead. He is completely apathetic to other's joy or suffering. Albeit this, Mordecai usually acts as the joker or fool of the group with jokes and sarcasm.

    Although not a brilliant actor, Mordecai is able to quite easily blend in with his surroundings. He is observant and patient, often sitting still for hours if needed in order to pick up the practices of the people he was among. He has also trained himself to be able to lie with a straight face and voice, just to make sure he could keep a charade up as long as he needed.

    Character Theme:
    Mordecai is the wild card, the unpredictable variable in the equation, never truly malicious but never benevolent either. He switches sides on a whim and is only loyal to himself and his final goal. He is never among friends and those who call him their ally should watch their back.

    Character Song:

    Although Mordecai has a habit of hiding what he is feeling, he does little to hide any dislike towards another person. How he displays this dislike varies on the level of his dislike, from mocking jokes, to picking fights with sarcastic remarks, to even outright attacking them on sight.​
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  8. Accepted once again.~
  9. Character Sheet

    VID# 6
    Name: Ivan Jasper "June" Muyco-Corell
    "June Corell" is the name he goes by mostly

    Sex: Male

    Age: 18

    Latency Age: 8

    Birthday: November 11

    Appearance: He's a brunette with blue eyes tinged red after awakening that stands about 174 CM and weighs 57 KG. He mostly wears semi-casuals with a dog-tag necklace he received from the institution. He has no sense of fashion and has to ask one of the members advice of what to wear the night before to avoid looking strange or he wears something similar to what he wore the day before. He doesn't like wearing bright colours but likes to wear colourful ties with whatever outfit.

    (His mom is a Filipino Immigrant, and his father was born in Canada from British parents and moved to America)

    VECT Results:
    LONG RANGE PHYSICAL - mostly used for defence, as 5 orbs circle around in different directions around his body; ie. top most circles clockwise, the next counter clockwise. When attacked, a hoop is formed from the orb and begins to orbit him quickly to block the attacks. He also uses this ability similar to a bow and arrow if he is need as a long ranged attacker.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    LONG RANGE MENTAL - the "clairvoyance" technique is what he had calls it. June uses his orbs (which he shapes bat wings on for fun) and makes it flutter in the air as he attempts to do recon and lodges/deposits little orbs in locations that they need scouting. These orbs hide in cracks and breaks in walls and the ceiling and gives him the advantage to see & hear into the building/location should they need information.

    Often he combines both when he is attacking to have the most effective results.

    June is an INFJ, and hates to be alone. (He's a Mother Teresa) He'll most likely be with one member or another despite them not being good friends or not interacting. He's a little easy to rile up/annoy and also quite easy to make him smile/laugh. He's also really serious when working, and gets irritated when they purposely deviate from plans since he's not quite think-outside the box type. He tends to know what to say at the right time and moment, and he's good at making people feel at ease.

    He's keen to follow any instruction given to him to the letter and oddly stubborn during missions/jobs, saying that they have to be fulfilled unless the one giving that order tells him to stop.

    He's extremely docile when given ice cream (in any weather) and is content to sit in a corner with everyone else and read. He's basically like a puppy with extreme amounts of loyalty. June himself is happy when they acknowledge his existence and is content to die for them if it saves them or advances their plans.

    Despite how calm and silent he usually is, June is perceptive of other's emotions despite his lack of social skills. He's surprisingly not insecure of the fact he's not very smart, because he knows his own talents.

    Character Theme: The Willing Pawn / Puppy Bodyguard / The Clueless Little Brother
    June's Stockholm Syndrome somehow developed differently in him as he's a much willing soldier for his fellow Variables than he is for the one's that are training him. He doesn't like to fight and prefers to defend, however, should he be asked to or need to, he'll do so in a heartbeat.

    Despite being one of the elder ones in the group, due to his repressed personality and missing social skills, June acts like everyone's little brother, clueless and often confused at everything. This often adds to his usual lack of opinions.

    When giving a direct order (especially by the one he trusts most), June will do so with no question, even if that meant he needed to die. What he will question though, is if one asks him to betray another of their group. But he's easy to persuade, he's not very smart after all.

    Character Song:

    He likes to draw and is surprisingly good at it. He's tech savvy, but not very smart in conventional math/science, though he can have surprisingly good insight. June may not be considered conventional smart, but he's perceptive, and able to put people at ease.

    June was 8 when his skills appeared for the first time, causing a bloody accident that killed one and traumatised many. Due to this incident, June has slight anxiety when ever he remembers it or is alone. His ability goes out of control when this happens, his mother paid for it. Despite his mother abandoning him, June wishes he could see her one more time.
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  10. Looks good. Accepted.~
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  11. No idea if this is still accepting but..


    Thea Reinhardt (VID#11)

    Sex: Female

    Age: 16

    Birthday: April 7th

    Ethnicity: French - Irish

    Latency Age: 12

    VECT Result: Compatible with [Short-Range Physical] type variable in which Thea has dubbed "The Ogre". This variable takes the form of a large pole adorned with an outrageously heavy sphere at it's head to create a mace of ultimate destruction. Aside from the fact that this marvel would be impossible for your average strongman to wield, Thea is able to use her gift to adjust the size of this monstrosity at will.

    Personality: Thea is a softspoken enigma of a girl. She's the type in which would attract those around her due to curiosity rather than friendliness, and should she be approached Thea usually submits almost instinctively. Her mindset presses her to allow others to have their way before she can even muster up an idea on her own, making her a follower to it's purest form. On the other hand, Thea is a protective young girl with motherly traits and a strong sense of loyalty. More often than not, the blue-haired girl is taking blows and blame for people she is fond of and will thoughtlessly suffer the consequences in their place. She does however have one vice, and that is her rage. As difficult it may be, when Thea is pushed further than she can handle, past the point of submission and anger begins to surface, she ignites all pent up emotion she has at once. It's a scary sight to see, and you don't want to be on the receiving end.

    Character Theme: Caregiver - Thea is a servant at heart, she lives to take orders and offer assistance in order to make those around her's life easier. She was an errand girl, a guinea pig, and will continue to be things for other people's benefit. She'll cook, clean, and work her rear off if it means that violence, drama, or anything of the like will be mitigated or prevented. She adheres to a certain set of rules that she has made for herself and presses hard that she does not break them. Things she keeps on her person relate to this way of life as well; a small hand vacuum, brush broom, bags to sweep debris into, scented rags, and even a small amount of cleaning solution.

    Character Song: おやす "Oyasumi, I know that it's hard to do.."

    Other: Thea enjoys cosplay, and is usually seen dressed in a french maid's gown. Bakes the goodies, eats the goodies.
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  12. @Azuma☆, looks good. Just a heads up that your character came into the project as an orphan from a young age and that they don't have 24/7 access to their variables (only during training sessions).
  13. Okie, that's a quick fix.
  14. Play My Theme Song--->
    Name: Alexis Akiyama
    Sex: Male
    Age: 18 years old
    Birthday: 28-09-2128

    Ethnicity: American Japanese (His mother was from the Pennsylvania, U.S.A. and his father from Tokyo, Japan)

    Latency Age: 14 years old, causing a terrible accident that changed his whole life.

    Variable ID# (VID#): #8

    VECT Results: Compatible with Short-Range Physical and Long-range Physical

    Alexis' personality is kind of complex and really fragile, even when he always trying to be strong. In some occasions, you can see him all joyful, cheering up everyone if they're upset, but there will be times that you will see him so depressed that he just wishes to be dead. Maybe he suffers from bipolarity or this is just a symptom of his Psychokinesis power. Nobody knows for sure, but so far Alexis hasn't lost his mind, so as long as he stays that way, nobody seems to mind it that much.

    Emotionally, Alexis' really sensible, so any rude comment or words will pretty much hurt him. Still, he isn't rancorous, so if there's an apology after that, he will gladly accept it and just do like nothing happened. This one of his biggest weakness, because he could be simply manipulated and he won't even notice it.

    Even with his messed up personality, Alexis is a really brilliant guy that can solve a lot of hard problems with creative ways and once he establish a goal, he will do anything for reach it, no matter what it takes. He's a really loyal friend that will always be there for anyone no matter the time. And because his thoughts are totally opposite from Mordecai Booker, Alexis always have some issues when interacting with him, not liking at all his attitude.

    Character Theme: Alexis only has one main goal that he's willing to reach no matter the consequences: a world where Variables like him could live in harmony with the rest of the people. He doesn't like to be treated like some kind of weapon the militia could use at will and dispose of when they think he won't be of useful anymore. He thinks that if every Variable works together, his vision will be possible.

    The main color of Alexis' eyes are hazel but after his Psychokinesis power wake up, his right eye faded to bright red, which glow every time he uses his power. Also, an excess use of the Psychokinesis makes him fall asleep, completely exposed to danger. Thus, this can change if he keeps training in controlling that power.
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  15. Accepted.
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  16. "I once had a dream where we left this place and I got to kick someone's ass. Let's do this."

    Name: Eva Castillon-LeBlanc

    "Yep! Eva. 'is been my name since forever. Someone said it's along the lines of 'Life of the White Castle.' And I think that's pretty cool."

    Sex: Female

    "Pretty obvious if y'ask me."

    Age: Fourteen

    "Kinda on the younger end, yeah? So what. I'm not worse off than anyone else or anything..."

    Birthday: November 5, 2132/3 (If I did the math right, the last digit depends on what part of the year we’re doing this RP in.)

    "Happy birthday to me!"

    5’5 with a light build, with amber eyes and hair a few shades darker and shorter than in the picture.

    "Yep, that's me! Hairs a bit long in that picture, but hey I still look nice."

    Ethnicity: French/Spanish - American

    "Both my parents grew up in 'Murica, still had close ties to their home countries though."

    Latency Age: Ten

    "Yes, wasn't too long ago. Do I care? Nope. I'm still a badass."

    Variable ID# (VID#): VID# 13
    VECT Results: Short-Range Physical/Short Range Mental - Gives Eva a short burst of enhanced perception and reaction. Extended usage gives her some headaches and, if the situation requires extended use of that ability, doesn’t help her minor issues with her energy in fight.

    "Just because I can see your hits as you're pulling back doesn't mean my left hand can react fast enough to catch it. That's for my right."

    Personality: On the surface, you’ve got Eva as a more energetic of a teenager, and that’s one of her things. She’s constantly looking for entertainment, especially in those around her (due to a slight overcompetative attitude combined with an inferiority complex). She’s indiscriminate to trying to solve boredom in a fight, all while trying to put in as much as she can. She tends to be slightly hyperactive in several situations, though only if she’s entertained. If not, she sometimes makes it a point to show that she’s bored or displeased. On the other end, she can take things seriously, though she dislikes it strongly as usually involves her getting angry at something (in a lot of situations, it’s herself.). She feels like she needs to prove herself, being on the younger side of the Variables, and with her dual compatibility. She doesn't like to show it that often, but she tries to get the approval of her peers when it comes to her skills with fighting and her Variable use. She’s competitive, she has drive, but sometimes those both come to bite her right back, causing high standards for herself and being critical of herself. She loves a challenge, but failing one brings out the critical sides of herself. Her usual energy can get redirected towards her anger, and more often than not needs something to snap her out of that. Someone yelling at her to keep herself together might do as much. Considering some of the mannerisms of the rest of the group, a short tug on the metaphorical leash from the no-nonsense people might help, though annoy her.

    "Not much to say here. C'mon, what's wrong with having a lil bit of fun?"

    Character Theme: Eva is like an open flame type with the desire to cause a forest fire. She wants to be better than she is, no matter how self destructive the way she tries to do that is. So Self-Criticism and The Desire for Power could be her themes.

    "I'm not that critical, and I don't always want to be the best. I just wanna get better, that's all."

    Character Song:

    "Next time I can get myself a song player and some headphones, I'm taking it. I miss my playlist."

    Other: She never wears ties properly, even though she likes wearing them. She has an okay to decent understanding of both French and Spanish, from her family and previous experiences, though she has trouble constructing sentences so she responds in relatively choppy Spanish.

    "Parle francais? Porque creo que you're really annoying."

    "If I'm going out, I wanna go out with a smile on my face and a joke going through my mind." - Eva Castillion-LeBlanc
    'Ere you go! Sorry for the delay, though there were a few changes I needed to go through with.​
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  17. Hm...

    Not sure if we should have two people with such low latency ages...
  18. Did I miss somethin? Eva's had that one since V1.
  19. Did you mean June and Eva?
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