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Which era of The Variable Project would you like to RP?

  1. The Variable Project (Discovery of Psychokinesis - Development of Psyche)

  2. The Variable Project: Psyche (Development of Psyche - First Variable War)

  3. The Variable Project: Out of Eden (Collapse of Psyche - Faction Wars)

  4. The Variable Project: Variance (Faction Wars - Reformation)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Anyone that's interested should vote in the poll after reading all the information and commenting!

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    The Variable Project

    IC Threads:


    In the year 2100, scientists discovered a latent ability within humans, which allowed man to control objects with their minds, speak telepathically, and even fly. They deemed this ability "Psychokinesis" and began research on it immediately. Plenty of volunteers applied for testing, and scientists quickly made ground in uncovering the secrets of their newfound discovery. It was found that latency for the ability could be demonstrated as early as five years old. After coming to a decision on what the best use for this ability could be, it was decided that the most practical use would be for combat. Only a select few were "blessed" with Psychokinesis, and government armies began using them as trump cards for war. The ethical grounds of such actions went unmentioned for a great deal of time.

    Repeated use of Psychokinesis is not without drawbacks, however. Each use cuts down an individual's life span by an undetermined amount, and excess use at one time can potentially kill someone. Repeated use has been found to also cause brain deterioration. Because of these side effects, a drug was produced, known as Psyche, that maintains brain activities during Psychokinesis usage. Psychokinesis use also has a unique effect of turning users' eyes a deep red color, as though bloodshot.


    The base form of a variable

    In the year 2127, scientists managed to create specialized weapons specifically for use by Variables, the name given both to those capable of Psychokinesis, and to the weapons that were recently created, using technologically advanced equipment. The creation of these weapons, and their use by those deemed Variables, became known as the top secret Variable Project. In the beginning, they only had one type, the short range physical, but they quickly developed new ones, including long-range and mental type variables.
    Variable TypePowerSpeedFlexibilityYear Developed
    Short-range PhysicalHighMediumMedium2147
    Long-range PhysicalMediumFastHigh2150
    Short-range MentalLowFastLow2151
    Long-range MentalLowFastLow2152
    « »
    Short-range Physical
    Short-range Physical variables required constant contact in order to be used, but offered high power and decent speed and flexibility (the ability to shape-shift quickly and effectively). They're often used as held weapons, such as swords, maces, etc. They can also be manipulated into all sorts of shapes, and can also be used as a shield.
    Long-range Physical
    Long-range Physical variables often take the shape of a small sphere that floats near the user. They do require one time contact in order to "sync", but can be used freely afterwards. The solitary sphere can be manipulated just as short-range physical models can, but it can also multiply and divide. The less dispersed the sphere is, the more power each shot packs. The power is decent, but the speed and flexibility make up for it.
    Short-range Mental
    Short-range Mental variables are only effective at within a small radius. As with all mental type variables, this variable is inserted into the brain as a chip, and thus, cannot be manipulated or used as an actual weapon. Mental variables are often used to increase sensory perception, but can also be used to enhance memory, processing speed, and knowledge banks. These are the preferred types for missions involving espionage.
    Long-range Mental
    Long-range Physical variables are similar to short-range mental variables, the only difference being that their effective range is larger. These are preferred when it's better for the user to remain at a distance.

    Though variable types were varied, not every Variable could use any type. Every Variable was required to take the VECT (Variable Efficiency and Control Test) to determine which variable types they were compatible with. Most are only compatible with one, but there are rare cases where individuals possessed compatibility with two variable types.

    Spacial Variables

    In 2140, a third type of variable that came to be known as "spacial" was created. They resemble antimatter in that they eat all they touch, and circle the user as small spheres, much the same as a dispersed long-range physical type does. Because of the high level of danger presented in such a variable, it was banned in all countries. Some still work on it under the radar, however.
    « »
    Spacial Variables
    Spacial variables are slow moving and aren't as flexible as physical type variables. Regardless of this fact, their destructive power far outmatches that of physical types. It is because of this that they've been banned from use.
    Short-range Spacial
    Short-range Spacial variables have a smaller range of influence and can't be seperated from the user too much, or the "sync" will be broken. Because of this, users of this type mostly use their variables as a type of inpenetrable shield.
    Long-range Spacial
    Long-range Spacial variables are perhaps the most dangerous variable type yet discovered. Unlike short-range, they have a much greater range of influence. The downside is that wide dispersion generally leaves the user open to attack. Likewise, the slow moving nature of Spacial variables means it takes time for them to disperse and cause any real damage. Opposers should be wary of fighting a long-range Spacial variable user in tight spaces, however.

    General Variables and Custom Variables

    There are two types of variables in production. The first is the general variable. General variables can be used by any Variable (so long as they are compatible). The drawback, however, is that they are weaker, and inferior to custom variables.

    The second type is the custom variable. These are special variables created specifically for one person. They are stronger and superior to general variables, and much less susceptible to shattering. Should someone the custom variable is not made attempt to sync with it, it will cause them to become a Corrupt Variable.

    Corrupt Variables

    A Corrupt Variable is someone who has attempted to sync with a custom variable that was not created for them. As a result, they slowly enter a deranged state, which intensifies until they are nothing more than a mindless killing machine. Shortly afterwards, the individual dies.

    It is also possible for one to become a Corrupt Variable by pushing their Psychokinesis to the limits, and stopping right before death. These ones retain a small part of their sanity and do not die immediately afterwards, but their life spans are vastly shortened and they're usually taken into captivity.

    All Corrupt Variables are distinguishable by the horns that sprout from their heads.

    Cortice, an S-Rank Corrupted Variable

    Anti-Psychokinesis Equipment

    With the discovery of Psychokinesis abilities, it became apparent that a means of checking these powers would be needed if they were to be controlled. As such, each country in possession of a Variable began development of anti-Psychokinesis equipment, which interfere with the brain signals involved in using Psychokinesis. In some cases, the effect is temporary, while in others, it's permanent. In the early years of the Variable Project, they didn't see much use. As Psychokinesis use grew with society, a control system was implemented to prevent abuse by rogue users.

    One important thing to note about anti-Psychokinesis equipment is that it has no influence on Spacial variables, an additional reason leading to the variable type's banning.
    « »
    The most common form anti-Psychokinesis equipment takes is through weaponry. There are anti bullets, as well as area of effect grenades. Special guns are created for use with these bullets, and they type ranges from pistol to fully automatic rifles. There is also a sword variant, which can render a variable useless upon contact, as it severs the "sync" between it and its Variable user. Though they're the most common form, they aren't used as a first resort.
    Naturally, anti-Psychokinesis gear was built to protect against variable type weapons. Such weapons are unable to have any effect on the armor, and severs the "sync" in the same way that anti bullets and swords do. Those tasked with bringing down Variables always wear this. Anti armor was the first anti equipment to be developed.
    There are also anti-Psychokinesis fields which generate an area in which continuous interference is in place, completely preventing the use of Psychokinesis within their borders. Most of the important places in the world, such as the White House, the Buckingham Palace, etc, have these in place to prevent attack by rogue Variables.

    Psyche System

    The Psyche system was created in 2198, became fully utilized in 2204, and is a control measure for keeping Psychokinesis abuse by civilians to a minimum. When a citizen's latency for Psychokinesis shows itself, they are presented with a choice, to a) be chipped, or b) to take an anti-Psychokinesis pill, which permanently removes the ability to use it. The Psyche system reads intentions of an individual before Psychokinesis is used and determines whether said action is within permissible uses, in which case it allows it. If it isn't, the chip instantly releases a disruptor that temporarily removes the ability to use Psychokinesis. After five such occurrences, the ability is removed permanently. The morality of the chip system is upheld in the offering of a choice and its basing upon the greater good for the most.


    Event Year
    Scientists discover Psychokinesis; research begins. 2100
    Great strides in Psychokinesis research made; discussion for use begins. 2116
    Decision to use Psychokinesis users as military trump cards reached; research continues. 2117
    First variable weapon created; initiation of the Variable Project. 2127
    Creation of Long-range Physical, Short-range Mental, Long-range Mental type variables. 2130, 2131, 2132
    Spacial type variables created, tested, and banned. 2140
    International Variable Organiztion (IVO) founded, establishing rules and regulations covering various topics of Variables.2142
    United Kingdom breaks IVO agreement in unwarranted attack on Ireland.2146
    Anti-Psychokinesis equipment created to counter rogue Variables. 2146
    Attacks on various countries made by Cortice, an S-Rank Corrupted Variable; US, Russia, France, and China Variables subdue Cortice.2147
    Variable Project revealed to the world by rogue Variable. 2147
    Variable Project reform initiated.2148
    Psychokinesis use becomes more widespread.2198
    Psyche system implemented as a control measure to prevent abuse of Psychokinesis by the public; laws regarding Psychokinesis use established. 2198
    First Psychokinesis school founded.2205
    International Psychokinesis School Tournaments begin.2207
    Variable terrorism begins. 2210
    First Variable War. 2213-2215
    Psychokinesis/Variable reform and times of peace continue. 2217
    Variable terrorism returns; Psyche system disrupted. 2317
    Chaos begins to spread throughout the world; countries fall and factions begin forming. 2319
    Second Variable War 2320
    Major Factions
    Once chaos spread after the collapse of the Psyche system, several factions formed. Some were for Psychokinesis, some were against, while some just wanted a return to society before the collapse. Out of all the numerous factions, there are three major ones: the Psychers, the Antivars, and the Variance.
    « »
    The Psychers are the major faction that are for Psychokinesis use. They view the ensuing chaos as a way to rebuild the world into one in which those blessed with Psychokinesis are the heads, while those without represent the lower class. Most of those in Psycher are Variable supremasists and scientists. Their home territory is in Russia.
    The Antivars is the major faction against Psychokinesis use. They believe the ensuing chaos to be a consequence of man's pandering and reliance on Psychokinesis, but also view the ongoing war as an opportunity to rid man of the power that has so corrupted them. Though most of their members are those with no latency for Psychokinesis, there are Variables amongst their ranks, who do most of the fighting against Psycher's members.
    Variance is the major faction that yearns for a return to society before the collapse, whether it be with or without Psychokinesis. They take a more peaceful approach, and try to take only what is needed in pursuing their goal and keeping their faction alive. Membership composition for Variance is varied, and includes Variables, Psyche developers, and those with no latency for Psychokinesis.

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  4. @Vicious Radiance, glad you're interested! Put a lot of effort into making this info thread since there was a lot to cover! Once we have more interest and votes, I'll make a roleplay thread for whichever time period gets the most votes.
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