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  1. Hey guys, so the basic gist of this RP plot is that everyone is working in or is an experiment within the government facility which is working on creating super soldiers. The super soldiers can range in abilities but not to insane amounts. I know it's hard to keep superpowers within reason but try your best please, that way everyone can have a good time and a fair shot to fight with others if they must.

    Like don't give me some bullshit ability like you look at someone and they blow up. Obviously we don't want any god-modding that's not fun for anyone, so try to keep things as reasonable as possible. I would much prefer if each character had a weakness of some sort (maybe even more than one if you want), something that can be used against a character and not ridiculously difficult to find or do (e.g Kryptonite).

    I understand that this is technically considered 'Fantasy' or 'Sci-fi' RPbut if we can, lets try to have a bit of a realistic aspect to it.

    That's all I really have to say as for rules and what not. In the end we all wanna have fun and enjoy a good RP. I will warn you guys that If I do not like something that someone posts I will message that person and let them know personally, if someone has issues with something let me know and we can resolve whatever the problem is.

    That's it from me, enjoy the game.


    The clear orange pill bottle was slammed against the counter. It read, Amelia Bratianu; who also happened to be the woman who nearly shattered the fragile plastic bottle. The doctor sat in a dull room. Technology surrounding her, the monitors the only things illuminating the room. A boring blue hue taking over. She cradled her head with one hand, rubbing her temples, trying to soothe the irritating pain that was shooting through her skull. Her jaw was clenched eyes shut tightly, her right hand held her glasses; her hair unlike the usual was let down, brown wavy strands flowing to her shoulders. She dressed simply, a feminine white button up shirt, a black pencil skirt with dark leggings and black heels; her lab coat was hung behind her office door. Sighing Amelia looked up and groaned. She looked tired as she exhaled in slight frustration. “I’ll never be able to meet this deadline...” She muttered to herself, her british accent echoing through the room, drowning out the steady thrumming of the machinery that took up most of the room.

    Leaning back in her chair she close her eyes once more and sighed again. “What did I get myself into...” Another complaint directed to no one but herself. Placing her hand over her mouth she shook her head with another exhale. Tossing her glasses onto the desk she stood up and was ready to remove her shoes. Glancing over her shoulder she could hear footsteps in the distance before the knock on her door followed. “Come in.” She called out not sounding too eager. A young scientist walked in, her blonde hair in a bun, her lab coat a little too large for her figure.

    “Doctor Bratianu?” The young girl questioned. As if the answer wasn’t obvious.

    “I believe that’s what the plaque on the door says.” Amelia responded with her typical rudeness.

    “Sorry to bother you ma’am. But Mr. Elryk would like for you to come down to the lab to analyze something.” The young woman spoke, she sounded very timid, slightly afraid.

    “Tell him I will be down shortly, thank you for informing me.” Amelia spoke and turned around to grab her glasses.

    “Yes ma’am.” The female scientist closed the door and walked off. Her footsteps ringing through Amelia’s ears all the way until she was two and a half levels below her.

    Adjusting her clothes and tying her hair up she left her office with her lab coat in hand. “I truly hope that this will be worth my time.” She muttered under her breath as she locked her office and proceeded to the elevator.

  2. (OOC: Don't know if I'm doing it correctly, but I certainly hope I am. *gonner start using the excuse of been a newbie* Anyway if there is anything wrong, just give me a ring)

    Name: Jeremy Butler
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Ability: To summon thunders
    Condition for using the ability: Jeremy must be able to see the open sky to summon it.
    Weakness of ability: Does not work against lighting rods/rubber material
    Birthplace: America
    Occupation: College student majoring in Psychology

    Strengths: Resilience, resourceful,perspective, Bravery and Leaderships
    Weakness: Impatience and inability to handle alcohol

    History: Jeremy was kidnapped while on his way home and with the combination of hypnotism and medication, the organization manages to erase his memory of his life before been kidnapped.

    Personality: Jeremy is silent, and does not speak unless needed. But if given alcohol, he will become more expressive.
  3. (OOC: do we need a char?)
  4. ((You don't necessarily need a CS. But keep in mind that the people in the facility chose to be there or were chosen to be there. No one was kidnapped or forced. If you guys are interested I'm trying to make this an RP that won't be in the jump in section, if you'd like to join this is the link
  5. so no kidnap? hmm will have to rework on some of the details
  6. Light cascaded upon the female child as she stood in her white dress, a teddy bear with a red bow-tie and button eyes clutched within her small hands. She was standing near an edge of a cliff overlooking the drop off to the waters below. Behind her was a homey cottage. The sound of water splashing against the cliffs was clearly heard as well as the call of seagulls fluttering overhead. It was her favorite spot to go to just to look out and dream. She was warned many a time by her mother to be careful, but she still went to the cliff. A gentle breeze blew through her dark hair as she enjoyed the beautiful, open view before her. "Naomi! Naomi! breakfast time! Are you out at the cliff again?" her mother's voice called from the house. Naomi turned toward her mother's voice with a smile and ran toward her, the dew of the grass dampening her bare feet. "Momma!" she said happily as she ran to her mother's open arms and smelled the breakfast awaiting. Her father was already at the table with a smile on her face. Her mother smiled and embraced her, kissing her forehead as they turned to head inside for the morning meal.

    There was a bright flash of light as the scene changed...

    Panic. Naomi was hidden in her bedroom as she heard the intruder downstairs in an altercation with her parents. Her mother had sent her upstairs to hide. A scream was heard as well as crashing and some gunshots. Naomi flinched under her bed and could take it no more. Grabbing a small bat she had she ran downstairs to help. She didn't want her parents to be hurt. When she arrived she saw her mother splayed on the floor with blood gushing from her chest and a pained expression in her dulled eyes. Her father was unconscious. "Leave them alone!" she shouted in her small voice as she ran forward and swung at the intruder. They easily evaded and took hold of the bat, throwing it aside and taking hold of her small wrist. She fought to pull back, the man hurting her arm, before she felt a sharp pain in her side and looked down to see a metal object protruding from her. Coughing up blood she looked around in horror wondering if this was what death felt like. She felt the intruder pull the knife out, the air stinging the wound as she fell back.

    Her vision blurred and there was darkness...

    When she came to her father was there and she was in a hospital recovering. All she saw was his mouth, his upper face covered in shadows. Something about her father was off and all she heard was his deep voice. "Never let anyone tell you you are weak, and always protect those you love. You are my daughter and I will always love you..."


    As the gun went off in her dream, Naomi awoke in a cold sweat, her heart racing and her breathing labored. "A dream...only a goddamn dream" she said to herself as she got up and went to the sink in her room to splash some cold water on her face. Naomi, an athletically fit 24 year old woman, was part of a research project, housed in a facility, hoping to create a super solider. She came at her own free will when she was 18 and she'd gone through many rigorous tests and trainings since then, but she was always willing to do more for the goal. With the help of the scientists working at the facility her strength, endurance, and agility had been increased and she'd gained the ability to manipulate fire. A suiting ability considering her fiery personality. 'Never be weak, always be strong. Be the best that you can be and nothing less'. That was her motto, and had been since that fateful day. As the cool water dripped from her olive skin, she stretched and decided to head to the gym to do a light workout and take her mind off things. She was due for another physical testing in a few hours as it was.
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