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    “You want to hear a story, you say? The tale about how the most unlikely of people ended up becoming the greatest heroes in the entire world? Well, for that, you see, I'd have to go back far in time. To the year 2013. To a city on the east coast of the United States. The city's name was Port City, and just like the rest of the world, Port City was sick, but Port City was worse than most other places. It had the lowest employment rate, highest gun-related violence and highest crime-rates in all of the U.S, which at the time were very high.

    All in all, people had lost hope in Port City. No one ever expected things to change, because how could they? The mobs had open warfare on the streets, the cops and the politicians were in their pocket, and anyone who spoke out against them ended up dead in a ditch. But then there came a small group of extraordinary people. They were all very young, none of them being older than 20. They were a rag-tag ground, a bunch of wildcards, in fact. But somehow, they would manage to make an impact on the city.

    They would go on to become the greatest heroes in the world, their lives were filled with drama and intrigue, they fought evil and they faced betrayal. The rose a city back from it's ashes all the while fighting both the law and the criminals. Like Robin Hood they were Outlaws, mavericks, in fact. When their story began, nobody knew what they'd achieve, neither did they. But that didn't stop them.

    They had many names, but the one that will echo in eternity is the one they called themselves.
    They were The Vanguard, and they should never be forgotten.

    Now, you're certainly thinking to yourself 'How could any of this be?' Well, that's what I'm gonna tell you.”

    The OP is under construction. Rules and info about the city may be subject to change.

    Use the OOC to brainstorm ideas, both for plot and characters, I'm all ears.

    Da Rulez (open)

    Rule Numbero Uno:
    Always be respectful, keep the thread civil. If not, well, I've got a pretty big bat.

    Rule 2:The GM - My - Word is law.

    Rule 3:

    2+ Paragraph posts in the IC. Each paragraph should be 6 sentences or more. No exceptions..

    Rule 4:
    I will expect you to post twice a week, unless you give me a reason why you haven't posted, we'll move on within five days of your last post. Snooze you lose.

    Rule 5:
    Follow the RPA rules. Common sense also applies. Don't Godmod, don't Metagame, etc.

    Rule 6:

    Be creative, and try to socialize and cooperate with your fellow RPers, people won't bite!..
    That much..

    Rule 7:
    I have the right to change these rules at any time so check back often.

    Port City (open)

    Located on the east coast of the united states. The city shares certain aspects of New York. Both are heavily populated, many apartment buildings and both have big skylines. The most notable part of Port City's Skyline, however, is the Clock-tower, the Port Clock. Clock, would as you could imagine, looks over the harbor of the city, the harbor that gave the city it's name over a hundred years ago. The harbor was a trading hub with Europe during the first world war for the U.S. And as such, the harbor now hosts the richest part of town, there being one police stations, four schools, one college, one gigantic mall and several small shops and boutiques. About 40,000 lives in the Harbors making good money. Crime is pretty low in the harbor district.

    There's downtown, with the shopping malls and the community college, among several other smaller shops and resturants. They have four police stations and six schools. Downtown is cramped with apartments for those that don't earn very much, only a couple of scrapers touches the skyline of downtown and as such, crime is highest in the downtown area, walking outside at night in the downtown area is more or less asking to get mugged.. Or worse. Downtown is where the majority of people live, the numbers reaching a million.

    In the north of the city, there's the industry district, here's the steel mill, the power-plants and the other big industries of the city. There's the glades which is the ultimate ghetto, where those that are unemployed, drug-addicted and criminal hangs out. The police does not bother going out to the glades.

    And in the east, there's the business district, with the majority of the skyscrapers all stand tall. Here is where the banks all are, as well as the fanciest shops. There's quite a few hotels in the business district, the prestigious college is here as well, but there's very few apartments in the area.

    There's the suburbs, and the beach, as well.

    Criminal Gangs (open)

    The Harbor Knights
    They are usually just referred to as 'The Knights'. They're the brink of the weapon import and export of the criminal underworld. They are criminals who work with brawn, but only once in a while, whenever The Knights are committing crimes, it's a big gig, petty crime is nothing for them. Their forte is bank robberies.

    The Burners
    Pyromaniacs in fast cars. The Burners reside in the downtown, and are regarded as the biggest danger to the public. As they are all junkies with molotovs and way too fast cars. They make business in selling stolen vehicles.

    24th Street Kings
    The Drug Kings of Port City, connections to the cartel makes them untouchable by the Mob without causing serious conflict with the Mexicans. The Kings however are constantly provoking the Mob, leading to a possible war between the Port Mob and the Kings.

    The Mob (open)

    The Port City Mob is known as the Scaletto's, lead by Sancho Scaletto, an old Italian mob boss. Sancho's in his 80's, and as such, is too old to actively lead the mafia. Instead, his son, Mike, is in charge of the daily operations of the Mob. The mob do everything from stick-ups to bank robberies and assassinations, and their net of contacts is far and wide. Most of the cops are in the mobs pockets, as such the gangs have a harder time dealing with the cops than the Mob has.

    Notable NPC's (open)


    Roster (open)

    Character Skeleton (open)

    Age: 15 - 20
    Gender: Hot Dog / Taco.
    Alias: Your hero name.
    Appearance: I will require both a picture and a paragraph's worth of appearance for the character.
    Personality: Write the simplest explanation of your character's personality.
    Skills: Martial arts, painting, free-running, hacking, cooking, whatever your character is good at goes here.
    Powers: Super-Powers. Keep it fairly low-tier. You can choose to have the Powers develop earlier in their lives, or have them start to show at the start of the RP.
    Equipment: What sort of equipment do they use?
    Backstory: Where did they come from and where are they heading. What events in their past made them who they are today? 4 Paragraph minimum.

    NPCs relevant to your character.:
    Character Overview: (What do they do and why are they important.)
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  2. FERROUS, #0059b3
    ~"I'm not wearing tights."~
    | NAME: |
    Ezekiel William Jernigan​

    | NICKNAME(S): |
    Zekey(When he was younger he was often referred to as 'Zekey', an unfortunate nickname which some of his family still refer to him as.)​

    | ALIAS: |

    | AGE: |

    | GENDER: |

    Zeke is a fairly in shape young man standing roughly 5'-10" and at a weight of roughly 168lbs. He has kind seafoam green eyes which hide his brutal nature and make him seem far more trust worthy than he ought to be. Usually found unshaven, though with a trimmed five o'clock shadow, he hasn't yet managed to grow a full beard out though not for lack of trying. Generally he spikes up his hair at the front in different varies of the quiff, ducktail and ski slope styles though Zeke isn't above putting his hair in a faux hawk. This is all of course saying he doesn't don a hat for the day.

    He wears the usual clothes of someone his age, jeans, tees, hoodies. Whenever Zeke needs to conceal his identity, he has a ball cap he pulls onto his head, dipping the beak down to shield his face while raising up the hood on his sweater or jacket. Occasionally, Zeke will pull a scarf above the lower half of his face to further ensure his identity remains hidden. ~See above picture for visual reference.~

    Distant and aloof, Zeke seems to always be in his own little world though truth be told it's because he's constantly thinking about administering his own form of justice on the city. Intense and often cold, Zeke can be rather aggressive in his war on crime, often coming into conflict with anyone who stands in his way.​

    | SKILLS: |
    Track and Field Athlete:
    A former track and field athlete at his highschool, Zeke was a sprinter as well as performing in the high jump, shot put, javelin, discus and hurdle. Due to this, he's got above average endurance and is in a good standing physically.​

    An excellent cook with a barbeque, Zeke grills a mean steak, pork chop or chicken. Whenever he can, Zeke cooks his food on the barbeque claiming the smell of coals or propane enhances the flavour.​

    Due to his abilities, Zeke has a natural attraction to mechanical systems, specifically engines. Due to this, he's taken the initiative to build up a few skills over the year that allow him to fix and maintain engines though he has a particular soft spot for motorcycles.​

    | POWERS: |
    Ferrokinesis: One of Zeke's metahuman abilities is the power to manipulate metal. While he's known about his powers for roughly two years now, he's never pushed them and as such only has basic control of them. Currently Zeke's power level is sitting at 'Stage 1' as outlined below. However as he continues to use his abilities and train with them, like a muscle that's constantly exercised they will grow stronger and develop into 'Stage 2' and eventually 'Stage 3'.

    STAGE 1:
    The basic level of power, at this 'Stage', Zeke can only move and lift metals with his mind that he would be otherwise be able to physically. The act of doing this is similar to telekinesis however it's limited strictly to items made up of or containing sufficient amounts of metal. Zeke is able to intuitively sense the metals in objects, allowing him to draw it out and use it to his advantage. This sense is limited to a ten foot radius around Zeke, like wise this is also the primary range of his ferrokinesis. Outside of ten feet, Zeke looses his grip on any objects he's currently holding through his ability. Once Zeke has taken a hold of a piece of metal he's able to swing it through the air or hurl through means of magnetic field manipulation (See Magnekinesis below). Currently, his bodily physical limitations are applied to these attacks so he can't swing metal any harder than he could throw a punch. Lastly, at this stage in his abilities' development, Zeke can polish metal by touching it, a rather useless side effect as far as he can tell thus far.​
    STAGE 2:
    As Zeke's powers grow, he'll be able to further manipulate metal with his mind. As such, his physical limitations won't matter as much and he'll be able to manipulate metal at much higher speeds capable of moving it at speeds up to 40mph. He'll also start to be able to manipulate metal, being able not only to repair metal surfaces through his abilities but also sharpen or dull edges.​
    STAGE 3:
    At the final stage of Zeke's powers, he'll be able to manipulate metal at his fullest potential. As such he'll be able to manipulate metal at top higher speeds, capable of moving it at roughly 95mph. With Zeke's control over metal finalized he'll be able to shape, compress, liquefy and otherwise manipulate all metallic substances allowing him to create new constructs out of them such as weapons or armor. With enough material he could even build walls or small structures.​

    Magnekinesis: Zeke's second ability is the power to generate, control and manipulate magnetism. While he can only manipulate artificial magnetism and ferrous materials originally, as his power grows he'll be able to manipulate it in all its forms; natural, organic, or artificial. Zeke's powers affect any matter that is magnetic (iron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys, some rare earth metals, naturally-occurring minerals such as lodestone) manipulating and controlling them as he wills and indirectly use them to manipulate other things. This is also in part to this control over ferrokinesis.

    STAGE 1:
    At his beginning stage the most notable side effect of Zeke's magnekinesis is that he can produce a magnetic field which can disrupt most electronic devices except for those with shielding against such a charge. Zeke can sense out magnetic fields, feeling their movements or any disturbances in them. As such, he has a knack for feeling any incoming trouble due to disruptions to the Earth's natural magnetic field. His magnekinesis also boosts his ferrokinesis' talent for detecting metal making Zeke drawn to it.​
    STAGE 2:
    With the next stage of Zeke's Magnekinesis he'll be able to infusion magnetic fields into objects and even people. This will allow him to use magnetic energies to attract and pull anything afflicted by his abilities or to repulse them away. His Magnekinesis at this stage will also further boost his ferrokinesis allowing Zeke to charge magnetic fields around any metal objects to launch them away from his body or use magnetic fields to build momentum before further launching them. This applies specifically to metals at this stage, limited to iron, nickel, cobalt and their various alloys.​
    STAGE 3:
    With his Magnekinesis fully developed, all of the above abilities are further enhanced plus Zeke can now magnetize and manipulate organic magnetic fields. He can also create constructs out of his magnetic fields allow him to create a force field which can either repel attacks or direct attacks to it away from harming Zeke or his allies. Zeke's metal detection is fully developed and he's even able to track organics by the iron content in their blood at this stage.​

    Zeke's limitations come from being taken away from sources of metals or being grounded and unable to create magnetic fields. Being demagnetize will also temporarily render Zeke powerless, both of his abilities crippled until he manages to absorb enough of a magnetic field to recharge. As such, fighting within an urban area is in Zeke's best interest.​

    | EQUIPMENT: |
    Zeke always keeps a roll of quarters handy. Aside from that, he carries the regular items most young adults do, his wallet, cellphone, keys etc. In terms of transportation, Zeke takes the bus throughout the winter but during the other three seasons he rides a black Honda Fury.​

    | BACKSTORY: |
    Born eighteen years ago in Port City, Ezekial Jernigan grew up in the Glades, despite both his parents holding down jobs they had moved to Port City with a lot of debt and could only afford to live in the Glades. Both parents worked in the Industrial District with his father employed as a foreman at the Steel Mill while his mother was a general laborer for one of the city's power plants. As such, Zeke didn't see much of his parents growing up and was constantly left in the care of a kindly old lady whose old age pension allowed her just enough to afford rent. As such, she was always appreciative of the babysitting jobs which greatly helped her out.

    Growing up, Zeke lived under the constant pressure to join one of the city's many local gangs but thanks to the guidance of old Mrs. Miller, Zeke kept himself busy playing sports in her backyard or performing odd jobs for the other neighbors. At least that was until one night when Zeke returned home from mowing various lawns to earn a couple extra dollars on top of his allowance only to find Mrs. Miller dead in her living room as a result a botched home invasion. It was after this that his parents decided to risk debt again in order to move out of the ugly neighborhood but Zeke never forgot the injustice served to Mrs. Miller by a bunch of petty thieves.

    Going through highschool, Zeke was a fairly popular if not distant student. He participated in various extracurricular activities but not enough to win awards or recognition as he skated by under the radar. Gaining a part time job at a mechanic shop after school during his sophomore year, Zeke cultivated his interest and love of engines and mechanics. At the age of sixteen, Zeke discovered his abilities. At first he thought they were a coincidence but eventually he realized that he really could move and manipulate metal with his mind as well as disrupt electronics. Realizing he was a gifted, Zeke began to experiment with his powers eventually discovering that he could be quite effective manipulating coins.

    Armed with an idea to gain revenge for Mrs. Miller's death and perhaps help curb the ever rising crime rate in Port City, Zeke turned to vigilantism. Now Zeke keeps an eye out from crimes while attending the local college for Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology. As such, Zeke travels a good portion of the city every day allowing him to keep a wide watch over the city he grew up in.​
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  3. SUNSTAR, #660099

    | Name |

    Samantha “Sami” Clarke

    | Age |


    | Gender |


    | Alias |


    | Appearance |

    Image - With long dark brown hair, Samantha Clarke bears a fair appearance and of fit physique. As a civilian, Samantha bears a moderate fashion sense that lends to conservative over blatantly liberal clothing which reflects upon her personality.

    | Personality |

    For the daughter of a renowned physicist Samantha isn’t particular ingenious despite her finding her father’s work inherently fascinating. More interested in liberal arts than the sciences of the world she can discuss at length her opinions about art, music, and literature which her father has labeled as weak pursuits of the mind. Despite this they share a bond where Doctor Clarke has shown an affection for his daughter to the point of offering an internship at his laboratory, paying for her liberal arts college of choice, and supporting her however he can—this is probably due to her mother’s death when Samantha was four years old thus he has had the responsibility of raising her since. Otherwise, Samantha is a cheery and kind individual who puts her life in line to protect others which is something that her mother apparently had as a personality trait before her death. She can be sarcastic, but not snarky at times as well; but it’s more so as a defense mechanism.

    | Skills |

    Samantha has the skills of an eighteen year old girl who had some principal self-defense skills as a child. She isn’t a genius intellect. Samantha’s skills pertains to her interest in the liberal arts which pertains to the several forms of it including film, literature, and music. Some have told Samantha that her skills in art (painting) are quite good though her father has only ever seen it as a fruitless distraction.

    | Powers |

    Solar Energy Manipulation – Samantha’s powers are completely centered on the applications of solar energy manipulation which allows Samantha a variety of powers as an effect of such physiology that allows her to absorb such solar energy. Some of these powers are very substantial including the ability to use accumulated solar energy to: defy gravitational pull as solar energy allows her to levitate thus giving the illusion of flight, rely on solar energy reserves to substitute for generic subsistence allowing her to have a type of solar-powered longevity which also allows her to accelerate her immune system or metabolic system, and exerting pure energy from the palm of her hands which creates her base method of attack. The scope of the power is hard to say at this point due to it being fairly early in the development of the power.

    | Equipment |

    What equipment?

    | Backstory |

    Samantha Clarke was born to Dr. Richard Clarke and Detective Rebecca Jones in a suburban city tucked into Port City’s south-eastern side. Samantha lost her mother as a police sting turned deadly when she was four years old which she had been generally sheltered from for most of her life. Thus she grew up raised strictly by her father and had as normal of an upbringing as a daughter of a physicist could be. She finished high school in the top of her graduating class (but not the valedictorian).

    The summer after graduation from her high school became an unforgettable event in Samantha’s life and one she still looks back on with a sense of displeasure. Over the summer she had been approached with the opportunity to intern at her father’s research lab which house a variety of scientific in-house projects which included Project Helios thus named after the Greek god for its relation with the sun and taking solar energy development to the next level in an attempt to outdate current fossil fuel energy stations. In a fit of irony it would be that her father’s team of scientists had been close to a breakthrough as they replicated an unstable ball of raw solar energy on a warm night that summer where despite exploding and causing a facility power outage showed the scientists were on the right track.

    It was here at the end of the summer that Apollo Labs announced that their prototype was finished to select sources which threw the scientific community’s eyes on the in-house science team. However, a week before a showing of the technology to the United States Secretary of Energy the research reached critical as a noteworthy sabotage of the project was handled by Marcus Helms—a member of Apollo Labs who had been paid for his cooperation from competing labs. After stealing research data, Helms initiated a system overload that would destroy the entire facility by redirecting the solar energy created into an unstable state. Using a concealed firearm he then proceeded to make sure the majority of capable scientists on-hand during the night shift wouldn’t be able to shut down the process. However, Samantha attempted using what she had learned from her father’s lectures attempted to reverse the process when the alarms went off and gunshots echoed throughout the halls. After committing to procedure and waiting for the police (and on-call staff) to arrive instead headed directly to the experimental core.

    Whilst she was marginally acceptable to minimizing an explosion, it came so that she had to go directly into the core to attempt a shutdown which even as she put all her effort into doing so—exploded with Samantha in the chamber—but something strange happened: instead of being nearly incinerated like two-fourths of the lab was, she found herself awoken in an emergency room at the local hospital an hour or two after the fact. The weirdest part was how her scarring (burn wounds that covered a deal of her body) would not be permanent as they began to heal impossibly fast over the course of days. The doctors called it a medical anomaly and as her father flown in to see his lab half destroyed and half of his staff dead in its wake he called off the appointment with the Secretary of Energy. Apollo Labs still was damaged financially and internally as her father attempted to get things back on track. However Samantha began noticing strange things about herself as emergence of her superpower began to terrify her. She confided in a prodigal scientist on her father’s team that happened to not been at the incident, Katy Townes, where they began to try to comprehend their situation. Townes theorized that Samantha was somehow ‘fused’ with the raw solar matter that exploded thus had gained some strange side effects. Samantha continues to attempt to conceal this development from her father… or perhaps herself as she feels uncomfortable with what she can do.

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  4. CAIN
    | NAME |
    Jason Douglas Campbell

    Jay, J-Dog, Slick.

    | ALIAS |

    | GENDER |
    Hot Dog. Yep. Definitely Hot Dog.

    | BIRTHDAY |
    14th September 1996, making him 16.

    | HEIGHT |
    181 CM

    | WEIGHT |
    68 KG

    | HAIR COLOR |

    | EYE COLOR |

    Slim and fit is how you'd most likely describe Jason. He doesn't look like much of a threat, but his body is very lean, having a rather low fat-level. He wears ripped jeans, T-shirts, leather wrist-band and a pair of working boots generally. He's not above wearing chinos, dress shirt and a nice vest, though. Sunglasses are also used on sunny days. And on windy days a black leather jacket is his greatest ally.
    | COSTUME |

    Jason's powers are channeled through a mark on the left side of his chest, just over his heart. It looks almost like a backwards F, etched into his skin, like scarification. The scar starts to burn with a red glow when Jason feels pain, be it physical or mental. And depending on the level of pain, the more power is channeled from the dimension between life and death, called 'the void', into Jason. Jason can also achieve connection with the void through sheer concentration, but the power he gets from concentration is much less than that he get from raw pain. He himself have dubbed his scar “The mark of Cain”. Due to the nature of his powers, he is substantially more powerful after being wounded, counter-attacks are his best weapon.

    The first 'stage' of his powers. While in this form, his cognitive functions are enhanced. He thinks faster and his mind registers things faster, enhancing his reflexes. It allows him to short-distance teleport, a blink. Blinking virtually doesn't drain him at all, allowing him to teleport very quickly in a rather short proximity. Stage one requires minimal concentration, and is as such what is most commonly used by Jason. He can keep up his stage one for almost 10 whole minutes, needing roughly 15 seconds in between each blink.

    With more focusing, more time and more pain, Jason's able to reach his second stage. In stage two, his physical capabilities increase. His physical power doubling, making him both stronger and faster. The black ooze begins to grow thicker, and starting to 'attach' itself to his body. Not only blinks are available to him but also a long distance teleport, a Rift Jump becomes available to him. He's able to rift jump several miles.
    He can keep up his second stage for no more than a few minutes. However, rift jumping tires him out very greatly at this time. He rarely uses his second stage.

    His third stage is the last one he knows But at this stage, the ooze would begin to steam violently from his body. Sometimes make big bubbles of the steam, all the while adding thin layers of itself on his skin. In the third stage, his physical power is ten folded. He's able to make several rift jumps in a short span of time, should he need to, or blink with almost no time interval in between each blink. If he would currently somehow achieve his third stage, he couldn't hold it for more than half a minute, after which he'd pass out and need several days of rest before teleporting again.
    He's only used this stage once, he was passed out for 36 hours afterwards, and could barely walk for an entire week afterwards, as such, he's not gonna be using it unless it's his last shot.

    There are at least two more stages to his powers, not yet known to him.


    Sleight of Hand: Jason's agile in his movements, able to pick most common locks, unless they're very modern, lifting a wallet from most people's child's play to the young man. He's also pretty skilled at hot wiring vehicles.

    Free Running: Mostly due to his athletic figure and him growing up climbing trees and fences, Jason's a rather skilled free runner, and his powers makes free running his preferred method of transportation.

    Jason's received very little formal training in martial arts. He's picked up a few street fighting tricks, however, his biggest influence is grappling fighting, wrestling, and some boxing. He is however very resourceful in terms of weaponry, using them very freely in combination with his abilities. His fighting with staff is.. Well, shaky, at best.

    Slick: Jason's armed with a rather quick tongue. Not necessarily either witty or a silver tongue, the young man have a good balance between bad boy / trouble maker, and sweet / charming.

    Mechanic: Jason's a rather comfortable mechanic, he likes to fiddle with motorcycles or cars. He personally prefers the export cars from Asia.

    Sewing: Jason's a pretty skilled tailor, as it was the only activity left for him to choose from in Juvie.

    He drives a Mazda Rx-4 that he bought from a cop impound. The car had been in impounded from a crackhead, the car is in rather severe need of a tuneup, and a new paint job. He also owns a fake ID that claims him to be 21 years old.

    Besides that, Jason doesn't carry a lot on his person. Wallet, phone, condoms.

    In costume, however, he have several weapons. A homemade bo-staff, knuckle dusters, and throwing knives are on his person. He also likes to use weapons like chains or ropes, in combination with his powers to defeat his enemies.

    Jason Campbell is the son of two very loving people, Mary and Bruce Campbell. He's the second son, his older brother, Thomas, being adopted. Thomas is a year and a half older than Jason. Jason's childhood was marvelous. He grew up having fun, playing with his brother and being taken care off by his father.. His father, Bruce, was a police detective, and his mother ran the farm the two boys were raised on. Bruce, his father, always paid more attention to Thomas, for some reason during their childhood. Thomas was the good son. Who did his chores without a complaint, hard working and responsible. Jason was, and have always been quite the slacker, always trying to cheat his way out of chores.

    Once Jason became 9, he'd stop being home schooled by his mother, but instead ride with his father and brother to Longhorn City, where the closest school, and police department was. It was in the Longhorn elementary school, named McCoy Elementary, where Jason's life started taking a particular turn. The boy started getting into trouble, time and time again. Either with the teachers, or with other students. Getting into fights was almost common for him. Jason attempted to be social with his peers, but he soon found himself a social outcast, all the while watching, from the side lines, how his bigger brother, Thomas, flourished. Jason had bad grades, where as his brother, whom had been in the same class as him, just two years prior had top grades, making the teachers question if they really were from the same family.

    Jason had one friend, her name was Gretchen. A ginger girl, slightly overweight. But she appreciated Jason, laughed at his jokes, and tried to keep the boy out of the trouble he so constantly sought out.

    Gretchen was also bullied, the boys in their class would pick on her, call her names and so forth, and Jason would always get into fights with them. The boy spent more time at the nurses office than anyone else. Bruce and Mary sat in parent-teacher conferences almost once a week due to Jason's behavior.

    Jason's situation got worse when he turned 14, about to start High School. In the years prior, Jason had found out about the extraordinarily nature of his brother. How his brother was unlike anyone else. It didn't bother him in itself, what bothered him was how in contrast to his brother, Jason was unimportant. And it made him act out. Jason got into one of the local small time gangs in Longhorn. Selling weed, making graffiti and once in a while breaking into a local store.

    Jason did soon pick up pick-pocketing and lock picking, making him very adept at stealing vehicles.
    He stole his first car by the time of the senior Homecoming dance, his freshman year of high school. The car belonged to one of the senior jocks who had been bullying him for quite some time.
    He had a romance with Gretchen, for whom puberty and a gym-membership had made wonders. They broke it off in the spring of their freshman year, along with their friendship, due to Jason cheating on her with a junior cheerleader.

    Jason participated in parties, car thefts, street fights and all of the sort. He never got caught for something that would stick to him in court. But he spent quite a few nights in a cell waiting for his parents to come get him.

    At the start of 2012, disaster struck the young man. Bruce Campbell, his father, got a heart attack, and he subsequently died in the ambulance that was taking him to the hospital. Jason being absolutely distraught with the death of his father, set out. He got into a fight. A really bad one, too. The cops arrived, to find Jason, sitting against a wall in an alley a piece of rebar in his hand. In the alley, there laid three older boys. All beaten unconscious. Jason had no clue what had happened, as he simply just remembered blacking out. He also felt a searing pain over his heart, the boy finding the scar on his body.

    Jason was taken into custody, breaking his mothers heart, and disappointing his brother.

    Jason was sentenced to two years of Juvenile for assault. However, due to overcrowding, and good behavior, Jason's been released a year early.
    Jason's recently moved to Port City in the east, wanting to find a new start getting away from his old gang. And the life that came with them. And getting away from his family doesn't hurt.
    He's spent the last month or so testing his powers, trying to figure out how they work.


    Jason put the car in park, as he stopped outside of the gym. He got out, putting on his leather jacket and his aviators, as the sun was shining on his rather gold autum day. No snow had fallen yet, in fact, Jason had yet to experience snow for the first time in his life. One of the things he was genuinely excited about living in his new town.

    Jason walked towards the entrance of the gym, putting his hand in the pocket of his jacket. In it, what looked like an extern harddrive laid. A guy came walking out of the gym, 5'9, black hair, athletic build, caucasian, probably 20-ish years old, possibly a college student. "Howdy there, buddy!" Jason told him, with a smile, stretching out his hand for a handshake. The guy, a bit reluctantly shook Jason's hand. The guy fiddled out money from his pocket. Three hundred dollars. Jason smiled.

    "Here you go, the harddrive, just like the add said" With a smile Jason handed him the plastic piece that in fact contained the drugs. Jason moved past him, to head into the gym. He wasn't a member of the gym, so the texan was gonna go in there, hit on the cute receptionist, and then head back to his car. He had a meeting with his parole officer later today.

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  5. Name: Rosetta Rain
    Nickname: Rose, Roset, Ro
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Alias: Ondine
    Appearance: Rosetta has blonde hair, and green eyes. Her hair is naturally straight, leading down to her chest, but due to the amount of time it spends all bundled up in a bun, it has a tendency to appear wavy by the end of the day.
    What she wears highly depends on where she is at that moment. In the studio it's a leotard, warm-ups, white pink ballet shoes, white or euro pink tights, and a wrap around skirt. The colors on the leotard, warm-ups and skirt often enough vary, depending on whatever happens to be washed, or which ones she has a preference towards that morning.
    Outside of that it has more often than not been yoga pants, simple shirt and simple shoes. When not heading to or fro the company she'll wear a high waist dress or blouse and high waist skirt most of the time.
    Once she starts donning her alternate appearance of Ondine, Rosetta will tie her hair into a ponytail, slip on a simple light blue wire mardi gras mask -img-. Mainly because she just had it laying around from a party.
    Personality: Rosetta is a determined young woman. She has her sights set on becoming a soloist, and will fight for it, even if that means sacrificing her childhood, time, outside friends, anything. She's a social girl, loves to talk to people, but can be very serious and on her own as well. When placed under a lot of stress, as the company does, she does get quite stressed and nervous.
    Extreme flexibility: Due to her background Rosetta has an extreme amount of flexibility in her body, which makes it easy for her to wiggle into any form or position that she needs, almost being as fluid as water itself, though she still has her bones so she'll never be just as flexible.
    Dexterity: With flexibility in a sense comes a strong and very fluid dexterity, her muscles performing how and when she wants to.
    Cooking: Rosetta is a fairly good cook. Not fancy chef style, but still better than the average housewife's dish.
    Dancing: Though her primary focus is ballet, Roset does know a tiny bit of other variations such as various ballroom dances. She more oft than not half dances while she walks.
    Basic martial arts: As part of her training, simple forms of martial arts were taught. Nothing really fancy or extensive, just a few minimal basics. This was mainly because of the school she attended found it to be valuable for the students. Though she hasn't really used it much in the past, she'll probably be darn thankful for it soon.
    Powers: Water Manipulation
    She can't create water molecules, and never will be able to, only manipulate whatever is on hand.
    As well she can not breath under water, capable of drowning in her own power should something go wrong.

    At the start of her power's development Rosetta will only have control over small amounts of water at a time. Roughly 5liter is the utmost maximum when she starts out. The more water she tries to control at one time, the less precise she is.
    As long as it's only a small bit of water, Rosetta is fairly capable in making it move exactly to her will, with the more training she does, the more precise her manipulation will be.
    The water she uses will have to be found and extracted from open water sources within a 5meter radius from her.
    It takes extreme concentration to be able to shift the molecules from their current state into any one of the others, gas, liquid, solid.

    By the time that Rosetta can shift the water from liquid to gas with less effort, she will have gained the ability to disperse larger bodies of water and control them more precisely.
    Not only that, but she will be able to extract the water from farther sources than before, ranging up to a maximum one kilometer, though the larger the distance, the more it will drain from her, leaving her tired far faster. However, she still needs the water to be an open source, not closed off such as a water tower.
    With great concentration and training, Rosetta will be able to drain water from physical objects containing a reasonable amount of water. It'll only be a tiny amount before she passes out from overexertion.

    When Rosetta has the power to extract water from nearby plants or food, and is capable of calling forth that power without passing out after just extracting a few droplets, she'll be able to move the largest amount of water yet. Living near a harbor has its perks, as there's a massive amount of water that she could use to her disposal. It will however tire her more to use such large amounts. But, as long as she doesn't physically lift the water away from its source, it becomes more easy.
    Along with this will come the power to extract water from the air if it's humid enough. This will dry out the air to some degree.

    Equipment: Rose will always have a bottle of water on her, no matter where she goes. She used to do that, but now with her powers she keeps it on her at all time. Other than that it kind of depends on where she is that'll determine what she has with her. Ballet shoes, legwarmers, and a shoulder wrap while she's in or near the studio. A purse with a cellphone, money, an extra bottle of water, and keys to her home when she's out on her way home. Though she has a driver's license, she doesn't have a car at the moment, borrowing one from her parents on occasion should that be needed.
    Backstory: Rose's parents were told they couldn't have children. Multiple tests had been performed, but the chance that Mr. and Mrs. Rain would have a child of their own was less than 1%.
    To fill up their childless void they adopted a child, Rosetta, and two years later adopted Claramae as well. The two girls were raised together, even though both of them were clearly different than their parents, and each other. Their parents having dark brown hair, Roset being light blonde, while Claramae is darker skinned, having been born in the Dominican Republic.

    Rosetta's adoption was a closed adoption, no contact at all between them and the birth parents of Rosetta, which was fine by her parents but as a little kid she was curious who her parents would have been. A question she has never, and will never, answer.

    Growing up the two girls varied strongly in their preferences. While Claramae was more the study at home and someday wanting to work at a lab, Rose dreamt of standing on a stage. Not as an actor, or well, not in that sense. As a dancer. A ballet dancer to be exact.
    Being raised in the 'preppy' part of town, near the harbor, with her parents making a fair deal of money, it was made possible for Rosetta to focus on a dancing career. One for which she had quite a talent.
    As a little girl she went to a non-professional dance school till she was old enough to be enrolled into one of the larger dancing schools, with a prospect of some day hopefully continuing on to the Port City Ballet.

    Most of her childhood was safe from the mobs and the gangs. Sure, they were there, but not as heavily in the areas that she resided in. Even then she rarely ventured outside on her own after sundown. For the most part she's (purposefully) oblivious to all the crimes that go on in the city itself.

    About a year ago Roset was allowed into the Port City Ballet, taking part as an apprentice, and occasional dancer in the corps de ballet. She intends to pursue and some day become a soloist.
    About two weeks ago, when she was drinking some water the strangest thing happened. The water had come out of the bottle and splashed right in her face even though she clearly hadn't squeezed the bottle.
    Drenched and a tad unnerved by what just happened she made her way to the bathroom to dry herself off, only to find the droplets of water sliding down her skin and pooling at the palms of her hands.
    Freaked out by this she threw the water on the ground and quickly made her way home. Over the past two weeks more incidents happened where small bodies of water tended to react to her.
    And while still unnerved by it, she has slowly been trying to figure out what in the world is happening, what she can do, and seeing if there's any sort of control over it.
    As they've just finished the production of Ondine, the name has been playing in her mind in association with her newly found powers.
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  6. (Jesus, everyone's profiles are so nice and fancy looking. I have no such skills with editor things. You'll have to suffice with boring text.)

    : William Harris

    : 20

    : Male

    : The Writer

    : William stands at a lanky and thin 6’4, and carries with it all of the feelings of awkwardness that anyone who was a head taller than all their classmates would feel. Will has a thin stubbly beard, which he seems to never be capable of shaving completely (possibly due to his refusal to purchase anything more expensive than disposable razors) and he has a pale complexion. His hair is a shaggy mop, showing his inability to get regular haircuts, and he wears thin wire-frame glasses at all times, his vision only being 20/12.5. His nose is slightly pointed, giving him hawkish features, and his eyebrows are relatively bushy. He is the farthest thing from a supermodel any man can possibly be, unless he weighed three hundred more pounds. Personality: Fatalistic, lazy and ultimately worried that he’s completely and utterly useless, William is not usually the guy invited to any fun parties. If he does find himself with others, he tends to be quiet until an opportunity to be snarky or sarcastic presents itself; which of course, had led him to have very few friends. Extremely few even.

    Skills: Will is actually a fairly good writer, all things considered. Will’s cooking skills are also top-notch, though most of his foods involve frying, grease, and some kind of potato. Will also has a good eye for detail, and he’s able to pick out small changes and things out of place in an area; which would make him a good detective if he actually tried. Also, Will is thin so he’s able to fit through...tight spaces?

    Powers: Will has a sole power; a seemingly magical ability to write a word down on a large pad of paper, and, when he places his hand over the word, he is able to generate that item in the real world. That’s it! But of course, there are many....rules that apply to it.

    Rule 1: The item cannot be specific. He cannot write down “Mr. Roger’s Nude Photograph” and suddenly destroy the childhood of everyone in a room. His items must be simple like “baseball bat” or “fire extinguisher”.

    Rule 2: His item must exist. He cannot conjure up a magical flaming sword, nor can he bring forth a giant winged dragon to kill his enemies. But man that would be cool!

    Rule 3: His items have a five minute existence window. This means he can’t just conjure up food or money, because it will disappear after the time limit. Rule 4: Will CAN brand himself with words, such as writing shield on his arm. This would cause his arm to morph into a shield temporarily. However, a change at that level is extremely painful, and any damage to his limb carries over to when his limb changes back to normal. Also, if he gave himself fire powers, his skin would burn, so he would need special gloves, etc. It’s not fun.

    Equipment: He carries several pens and a large word pad.

    Backstory: William was born in Parris City, located in the Heartland of the USA. So of course, he had a fairly normal childhood. His father was an accountant, his mother was a teacher, and his older sister older sister. It helped that as a child you weren’t writing a whole ton, and so he went most of his childhood not knowing his powers. And then, one day in class, after writing “apple” there it was! An apple! It was good thing he didn’t write hydrogen bomb or killer robot, but for him, this was amazing! He began to experiment with the extent of his powers, and learned its limits by the time he was in high school.

    His first place was to do magic tricks with it. Which...of course, due to his lack of a strong personality, did not turn out well for him. Yes he could magically make a bouquet of roses appear, so what? He wasn't flashy, nor did he have a scantily clad assistant. His magic career failed before he was 15. So he decided to take his aims elsewhere: public service. Will found himself on the ground being kicked by several gang members in a day. Since then, he’s been more cautious about using his powers, and his crime fighting has...significantly lessened. Most of the time, he’ll only intervene if he feels that he NEEDS to do something...which is often.

    After graduating high school, Will moved to Port City, following his career goals Well, really he moved NEAR port city, flunked out of the college there, and was forced to relocate to the city to retake classes at the community college. Which was a shame. In that time, he took on an internship at the local newspaper, becoming something between the coffee boy, punching bag and editing whatever his boss was too drunk to edit at the time. Life was...less than great, but at least he had his health. Too bad that the housing he had was in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. Constant gunfire in the distance, women being robbed, people being assaulted, screams, sometimes blood seeping from the upstairs apartment...finally, Will had enough of it. He lacked any sort of real costume, and besides a large notepad and some pens, he was nowhere near equipped to handle the amount of violent crimes in his neighborhood. But, he still wanted to fight. Perhaps it was a false sense of bravado, perhaps he was just really stupid.
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  7. Everyone are as of right now, accepted.

    Welcome aboard.

    Still waiting for a couple more people before I start the IC.
  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Askuwheteau ( Cree for He who watches) or according to those in power Daniel Peter-Point
    Nicknames: N/A
    Age: 19
    Gender: Hot Dog
    Alias: Gunslinger
    Appearance: At 188 cm ( 6'2) and 81 kgs (179 lbs) this Cree born but American raised citizen is fairly well built and doesn't lack for muscle. Though even a cursory glance indicates Askuwheteau does not subscribe to gym mentality. Rather the lanky way the Cree is built suggest the muscle is simply a lifestyle result.

    His black hair and eyes combine with his naturally bronzed skin to make his race unmistakable to the educated. Though hardly sporting the buckskins of his ancestors Askuwheteau does try to maintain a somewhat traditional look. Though he favors clothing that does not hamper his ability to move.

    Unknown to most though is the back tattoo he sports. A falcon done in a traditional native style

    Personality: Askuwheteau is a deeply spiritual person who is trying to mesh his faith with his actions. Though not inherently a violent person the nineteen year old can not let a single injustice go unanswered. This has caused him to get involved in matters he'd rather not be. But such is his sense of duty he charges forward anyways.

    But his most noticeable trait is his warm and welcoming manner. Even towards those he fights Askuwheteau does not show disdain.


    Marksmanship- Askuwheteau was on his high school's shooting team and lead them to five international championships, several intercity championships, five American championships, and won numerous individual championships of his own. So it goes without saying he is a damn fine shot.

    Reflexes- Due the mind numbing hours spent honing his marksmanship the Cree has reflexes that put a cat to shame.

    Street Fighting- Though having no formal training in any martial art the nineteen year old knows his way around a fight. Having learned his lessons the hard way Askuwheteau's style of fighting isn't pretty nor gentle. Despite that it has been a long while since he has lost a fight.

    Gunsmith- Askuwheteau is a talented gunsmith highly comfortable with even the most intricate work. This of course goes hand and hand with his marksmanship. A good competitive shooter does his own work after all.

    First Manifestation- This is the first experience Askuwheteau had with his powers and the only stage he can enter willing. The side effects of manifestation is physical and mental fatigue that increases with the time spent in the manifestation. Theoretical it is possible to push the exhaustion to a lethal outcome.

    Enhanced Marksmanship- Askuwheteau's already formidable skills behind a gun are taken several notches higher. Aiming becomes a thing of the past as the Cree gains the ability to direct his rounds to home in on targets. In addition he can augment them with a layer of pure mental energy to achieve an extremely effective armour piercing effect.

    Gun Kata- Askuwheteau gains acess to the ability to know exactly what is the best angle for planning shots and where the best place to stand to avoid return fire.

    Preternatural Reflexes- The Gunslinger's response time becomes so fast one could be forgiven for thinking he is reading the future.

    Second Manifestation- This stage is only ever seen when Askuwheteau loses control over his first Manifestation due to injury or mental stress. It functions more or less as a panic button. This stage however pushes his body to its limits and in any case ends quickly.

    Regenerative Healing- The Cree's wounds heal at a extreme rate though it depletes resources quite quickly. It can effect induce a coma if the nineteen year old isn't careful.

    Preternatural Speed- Askuwheteau's movement speed is increased to point where bullets seem to move slowly. Like his healing the speed comes at price. Adrenaline production is at such an all time high his body simply can not withstand it long.


    Askuwheteau drives a 2013 Ducati Monster 796 he got as a graduation present from his parents. Other then that he has his trusty old faithful. A Nagant M1895 revelover embossed with the Red Star of communist Russia he has heavily modified it to suit his needs. Barely meeting the legal requirements of concealed carry the Cree always has it on his person along with a decent supply of ammo. He of course has the everyday items expected of one these days, keys, phone, and wallet of course.


    If you are looking for a tale of a tragic upbringing, a tale of overcoming odds. You are out of luck for Askuwheteau has none of that in his past. He was born in Flin Flon Manitoba, Canada. A small somewhat depressing looking reservation that the Cree spent only the first month and a half of his life in.

    Born to loving parents Shane and Mary Peter-Point who wanted more then the reservation could offer they left. Both were highly successful at their chosen trades. Shane was an investment banker with a healthy salary to say the least. Mary was a neurosurgeon with her own pile of gold. Following their desire to raise Daniel in better surroundings Shane and Mary took promotions that eventually lead to Port City.

    Buying a home in the harbor district they soon fell into step with the swing of life within Port City. Enrolling their son into the best schools and ensuring every advantage was his life seemed good. But Daniel felt even at a young age the sense of injustice prevailing the city. This wasn't helped in the least by his father insisting he learn how to handle a gun. Of course once he picked up his first pistol at his first range the boy was hooked. And it wasn't long before Daniel understood all the intricate workings of marksmanship.

    Something still felt missing though to the child sharpshooter. Deciding it was a lack of identity Daniel pestered his parents till they allowed a year spent back in the lands of his ancestors. It was during this time the now thirteen year old received the name he now bore, Askuwheteau. Coming back from that a changed person the Cree resumed life in Port City.

    Life was good to Askuwheteau it seemed. High School gave the marksman a chance to truly show off his shooting skills. His victories earned him a high place within the pecking order of the elitist school. But here to was the birth of a student who believed in justice for all. That earned him scorn and derision from those who thought themselves better then others. But Askuwheteau soon showed them the errors of their ways.

    That crusader urge however extended past defeating school yard bullies. Even on the streets he felt the need to do what the police would not. And though he learned some brutal lessons quickly the high school student soon was dispensing his own form of justice. Askuwheteau also learned to carry the one instrument no one could out play him at. Thus he meet the one weapon he'd never be without. The Nagant M1895, a Russian made firearm that was embossed with a Red Star.

    After obtaining the revelover the young man took to crime fighting seriously. His self imposed code however insisted on shooting to disable only. It was also during this time Askuwheteau truly awoke to who he was.

    It seemed a normal day like another. The Cree's policy had backfired on him. Several associates of his last target trapped him in a narrow alleyway. Seeing his life flash before him Askuwheteau prepared to sell his life dearly. That moment was when his inborn powers showed themselves. The rest was history as they said.

    Terrified of what he had become the high school student abandoned his crime fighting. Focusing on school Askuwheteau soon graduated to delight of his parents. In the midst of all this his curiosity got the best of him. Experimenting with his gift he soon found a measure of control over it.

    Determined to put his gift to use Askuwheteau is still hesitant to truly pull the trigger. But he knows some one has to.
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  9. There done.
  10. Heh... Discharge. Zeke is going to have fun with that one.
  11. Well, I've been beaten to the punch on one power set, so I'll either change things up, or just sit out of this one.

  12. I disagree completely, go for the same power set as someone else, it all comes down to how the power's formulated, and the general feel for the character.
  13. Just pick a better code name :P
  14. Well, then, powering on ahead. @Lord Wraith, I'll do what I can. My own naming sense is pretty awful, though.


    Emma Maxwell

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Alias: Thunderchild (She's open to suggestions on alternatives.)

    Appearance: Emma stands at an average height for her age, and has a relatively athletic build due to frequent exercise. She keeps her brown hair relatively short, around shoulder length, and usually lets it hang straight. During the week, her usual manner of dress is her private school's uniform, consisting of the typical conservative skirt, blouse, and loafers, although she has added a pair of shorts under the skirt, for additional modesty. On the weekends, her casual clothing tends more toward jeans and either t-shirts or shirts which are more fashionable but still not very feminine overall. Emma doesn't have an alternative outfit for her super-powered persona, not even a mask. She at least tires to doodle up something that would work in spare time between classes. So far, she's had little luck in avoiding the ubiquitous lightning bolt motif, while still being evocative of electricity.

    Personality: Emma has always been fairly tomboyish in attitude, and diligent in her studies. She has a strong sense of justice and will willingly step into a dangerous situation to help others, rather than stand by and watch. She also has a stubborn streak a mile wide, which keeps her from backing down once she's made up her mind on something, even if it's not the wisest of decisions. While she doesn't consider herself to be a social butterfly, she is outgoing and loyal to the friends she makes. She enjoys swimming, and although one wouldn't expect it due to her usual nature, she loves anything she considers cute, and has quite a collection of cute, childish things.

    Swimming: Emma is an excellent swimmer, and keeps up a rigorous training routine as a member of her school's swim team. She finds swimming to be relaxing and good exercise.
    Physics: While not something a 16 year old girl would normally be interested in, Emma has put some effort into studying physics, particularly where electromagnetic theory is concerned.
    Streetwise: Emma likes to think she knows her way around Port City and its seedier side, but the truth is, she's only playing at being a delinquent at best.
    Fighting: Another skill mentioned more for a unique style and being something Emma is, well...not very good at. While she's been in a few scraps over the years, Emma relies primarily on her powers and isn't really that great in a fight. But, why learn martial arts when your sucker punch hits like a taser?

    Powers: Electrokinesis - Emma has the ability to produce and control large amounts of bio-electricity. She is essentially a walking power plant, capable of generating and launching bolts of electricity. She can also perceive electric fields (and always generates at least a mild one, herself). While she can easily create and discharge electricity with high voltages, she can’t do much in terms of fine control, yet. She can either fire bolts of electricity over short distances or shock someone more directly by touch. She can't really affect electronic devices remotely, but she could power one directly by providing the necessary voltage, or easily overload one with a power surge.

    Later stages: As her abilities improve, Emma will naturally be able to generate even higher voltages when it comes to raw power. As her control over her ability improves, she'd be able to generate more unusual effects ,such as limited flight via the ionocraft effect, or temporarily clinging to walls with electrostatic force. She would probably also figure out how to do more than just shock people wholesale, and be better able to specifically stun or immobilize them.

    Equipment: She's too young to drive, and doesn't carry anything unusual. She owns a smartphone and has the typical possessions of a teenager from a well-to-do family.

    Emma was born to well to do parents, and had a good, if somewhat pampered childhood. She's a native of Port City, or specifically, the upper class, "good" parts of town. Her parents are both well off businesspeople, and while they had plenty of money to raise a child, they didn't have much time to devote to her. As a result, Emma was generally cared for by nannies and maids, and her more independent, tomboyish personality likely started as a way to get attention. When she started school, she tended to spend her time roughousing with the boys as often as not, and she'd occasionally get into trouble just to see how her family would respond. The tradition continues to this day, although now for different reasons.

    Emma's powers began to surface when she was around ten years old. At first, she had little control over them, and spent a few weeks in which she'd get a little shock every time she touched someone or a grounded metal object. After one too many visits to mystified doctors and other professionals, she learned to at least keep quiet about her condition, and started trying to get some control over it. It certainly WAS fun to be able to zap her friends (and enemies) with a minor shock, once she'd figured out the trick to it, or more importantly, the trick to only doing it intentionally. She first took up swimming around the same age as her powers developed, and was happy to realize that rather than electrocuting everyone like a hair dryer dropped in a bathtub, she didn't cause anyone any problems in the water.

    Emma is currently attending a private boarding high school in the harbor district. A lot of the well to do kids end up there, and there’s a good chance she regularly rubs elbows with local mafia princesses or other types (not that she would know the particular nature of their VIP status). Her roommate is often bothering her to be more ladylike, and doesn’t seem fond of her tomboyish attitude, but they actually are good friends despite any apparent friction. She competes on the school swim team, hangs out with her friends, and enjoys her peaceful everyday life all the more for some of the ways she seems to go out and interrupt it.

    Like most teenagers, Emma is young and foolish, and she has a habit of getting herself into trouble. While she wouldn’t consider herself some big crime-fighter, or even very involved, she does go out of her way to deal with some of the smaller things when she can. She can't not step in if she notices a mugging or other situation going from bad to worse. Her superhuman abilities usually give her an easy time of getting out of whatever she gets herself into, but she's hardly gone into any of the truly bad parts of town. Outside of the occasional fight, the worst trouble Emma tends to get into these days involves knocking vending machines around for free drinks, or staying out past curfew n the dorms. She has the motivation and ability to really make a difference, but she lacks the awareness of the real problems in Port City's darker underbelly.

    ((And back to the personal notes and commentary, but I think that's about it. And it does look like it's mostly a different direction as far as powers go, so it should work out pretty well. I'll get a picture up as soon as I can find one.))
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  15. As long as it doesn't make me think of bodily fluids it's an improvement!
  16. Emma Maxwell's accepted.

    Finhawk, you're allowed to reapply with another character, if you'd like. Cheers.

    IC shall be up shortly. Do note, though. I'm still recruiting, so don't think that it's all said and done with the characters.
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  17. So am I accepted or not?
  18. Not as it stands right now. His powers are too powerful, and too lethal, as I see no means for him to fight against someone without using firearms.
  19. So elemental control and teleportation is just fine but you draw the line at firearms. I mean what gives?
  20. Standard 'Superhero' tradition man.
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