The Vampiress and The Peasant Boy (AbbieNoel+ChadJ)

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  1. The pale, lovely woman called to him. Her lips moved but he could not hear what she was saying. They stood apart in a rainbow of flowers. Daisies, violets, roses of all colors. She beckoned him and he went to move, but his legs felt like stone. He struggled and grunted, but he did not move. The woman was getting further and further away.

    "No, don't leave me! “

    Donovan heard barking and yowling. It grew and grew until it drowned out his screams of protest. Three emaciated, rabid hounds attack him. They hit his flesh off in thick chunks and swallowed him whole. The pale beauty smiled with pointed teeth.

    Donovan woke with a start and hit his head on the bottom side of the bunk bed. He bit his lip and squeaked, trying not to wake his wrathful father who slumbered just in the other room. His older sister above him stirred and mumbled something about geese. Donovan hit himself hard in the thigh to try and divert the pain. He pulled off his single thin blanket and stood barefoot on the cold, packed dirt floor. He walked to the window in their miniscule room.

    The moon was ambitious tonight, eating up a large portion of the sky. Donovan yawned and rubbed his short blond mop of hair. His shiny green eyes darted around the room.

    Since when did shadows creep me out so damn much...

    Donovan creeped to the rickety wooden door and painstakingly opened it as slowly as he could bear, cringing all the while. It creaked for a moment. He halted and held his breath, then snuck through.

    The main room was not much bigger than theirs. There was the rectangular table with four chairs, the pantry, the fireplace off to the left, and his father's rocking chair. Donovan tiptoed to the front door, keeping his eyes on his parents bedroom door as he heard his father's snoring. He slowly unlatched the lock and pulled on it.


    "Goddammit, shut up! “ He hissed in the darkness. Utter silence. Had his father stopped snoring, or had he ever been?
    Donovan slipped through once more. The moon was positively massive, and it almost completely illuminated the snaking streets of town.

    Donovan breathed deep, the night air was cold but soft. Inside, he heard his mother of father speaking. He sighed and walked away.
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  2. Rosalyn had been traveling for two days straight, her cloak draped tightly over her. As the nightfall came though, she had taken off the cloak, her ice blue eyes searching the small town that she entered. She was craving blood more than she was willing to admit, but feasting on a villager in this small of a town was sure to cause and uproar. She hissed out a laugh, her eyes searching for the house of the boy.

    It had been and exceptionally long day, especially when night had fell the day before. Rosalyn knew that the villagers were protective of one another, but she had no clue that they'd take a risk of burning the whole town down with them.

    She had merely walked through the town, her arms inside her cloak, her face concealed in the shadows of the hood. She had sat quite a while looking at a family through their window, but was startled when a man exited the house with a pitchfork, threatening to stab her with it.

    Rosalyn had jumped back in a startled state, her head tilting to the side. She retreated in peace though, her eyes searching for the town that housed a remarkable boy.

    Being as she was a vampire since she was born, she had the hair of black, her ice blue eyes passed to her from her father. She was the height of an average woman in their 20's, her slim figure catching the eyes of any human. Her lips were a light pick, her fangs hidden from society.

    "C'mon, Rosi. What are you so nervous about? You live in the night. You bask in the moonlight daily. Why are you frightened so?", she asked herself. She shivered slightly, knowing that this town had contained a special boy. "I must find him," she muttered to herself.

    The wind howled as she glided through the town, her black bangs sweeping into her face. She quickly wiped them away, crouching down as she saw a boy exit his home. Could this be the boy she was looking for? She slowly followed him, keeping quiet in the shadows.
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  3. Donovan yawned and stretched his arms, grunting as he did so. The town was utterly silent, the only movement being the soft wind. Donovan thought he could feel a presence itching at the back of his neck. He ignored it and continued down the street, the increasingly louder voices of his parents drifted off behind him.

    What was that dream? That woman... why do I keep dreaming about her?

    He shook his head and warily walked towards the town pub, The Giddy Mare. The torches were still lit as always. He approached the two story building and pushed through the swinging door. The air was filled with the stench of sweat and booze. A dozen occupants were still scattered round, making small talk and nursing their drinks. Donovan wasn't allowed anything but he still enjoyed the warmth. Despite the stench. He passed two elderly men playing some strange variation of chess, "Evening, Mr. Grey. Mr. Jonty."
    The elders nodded to him.

    Donovan came up to the bar tender, Benjamin. A tall lanky middle aged man with a gigantic beard and perpetually furrowed brow. "I'll have what they're having." He smirked at Benjamin, who smirked and gave him a mug of water. "How're your folks?"
    "They started fighting the moment they realized I left. My dad is probably on the way now."
    Benjamin frowned. "If he comes in, jump behind the counter ya'hear?"
    Donovan smiled at him.
  4. Rosalyn had slowly followed the boy to the inn, her head low as the light coming from the bar shone on her pale, flawless skin. Another man had entered after the boy, swinging the door open wide to accomidate his wide body stature. Rosalyn took the opportunity to slip in the bar, spotting the boy up at the bar. She shuffled to the back of the room, sitting down slowly and removing her cloak. A waitress quickly made her way towards Rosi, her sultry eyes looking Rosalyn slowly up and down. "May I take your order, Miss?" Rosalyn looked up quickly, her piercing blue eyes locking with the warm brown eyes of the waitress. "I'd like the hardest liquor you have here, and I'd like it quick. I'm on a tight schedule." The woman was mesmerized by Rosalyn's voice, her eyes dialating as she breathed heavily. "Sure thing. Is there anything else I can do for you?" The woman shook her head, looking over at the boy with fixed eyes. "Not yet, miss." The waitress nodded and walked off, a group of drunken men staring at her from the next table over.

    Rosalyn watched the woman walk up to the bartender, her keen hearing picking up what the woman was saying. She poured the drink herself, walking over in a hurry to Rosi. The woman nodded, looking her up and down before receding to the bar area once more. Rosi took the opportunity to look at the fat glass of liquor that rested in her hands, the smell of the brown liquid filling her nose. She stuck her tongue out in distaste. She hated to drink things of this sort, but found it was easier to blend in when you drink and eat what they do. She swiftly knocked back the drink, her eyes narrowing as she continued to stare at the boy. "I'll always be watching you, young one. Even in your dreams. I'm always there."
  5. The door creaked. Donovan looked to see Gregor, the burly town butcher, waltz in. Gregor ordered two pints of frothy dark beer and plopped down next to a group of card players.

    But...who's that?

    A slim dark figure had come in right behind Gregor and ordered a drink. The waitress that was serving her seemed almost mesmerized.

    Definitely never seen her before.

    She made Donovan uneasy and his stomach knotted. He clutched it and held onto the bar counter.
    Benjamin looked worried, "Are you alright, Donny?"
    "Uh, yeah...sure. I fell, nn, great."
    "Get some sleep."
    "Yeah, maybe I will."

    Benjamin smiled weakly at him and Donovan headed towards the swinging door. He stopped just before he stepped out and spoke to the woman, "Excuse me, Ma'me. Are you from around here?"
  6. Rosalyn had surveyed how her presence affected the young boy, her eyes brightening. He was clutching his stomach, slowly getting up and walking towards the door. She cocked her head to the side as he spoke to her, his words ringing across the bar as she cringed inwardly. She faked not being able to hear him, standing up slowly and waltzing towards the door. She opened it and eased her body out the door, holding it open for the boy. "Would you mind walking me towards my temporary home?" She continued to walk without waiting for him to respond, her eyes looking up at the moon. "It's a lovely night out. Aren't you a little young to be out this late?" She looked over towards the inn at the end of the road. It was smaller than usual, but looked sturdy and clean. She looked over at the boy. "What's your name?"
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  7. The woman left.
    "Hey, wait!" He followed a dozen paces behind her. "Your temporary home? What do you mean? Um, yeah it actually is really nice out tonight. Well, I uh...I'm older than I look so..."
    Donovan rubbed the back of his neck and blushed. He halted. "My name? Donovan. You didn't answer my question though." He angled himself so that he could run back to the bar if he had to.
    "I've never seen you around here. Where did you say you're from?"

    Who is this woman, why is she so interested in me, and why does she seem so familiar?

    The night breeze picked up and tossed Donovan's short hair around his eyes. He clenched his fists, sensing that something was wrong.
  8. Rosalyn bluntly looked at 'Donovan', her eyes narrowing. "You see the inn there, yes? That's where I'm staying." She smiled a grin, concealing her fangs inside her mouth. She chuckled at his statement of being older than he looked, shrugging her shoulders. He was inquiring about where she was from, her mind racing through the centuries that she had been alive. He had repeatedly asked this question, and she frowned.

    "I'm from everywhere. I don't have a permanent home. My job takes too much time out of my life for that, you see." She felt the wind pick up, her eyes widening for a quick second. "Are you sure you should be out here? I can walk myself down the road. Besides, your mother and father are probably worried sick about you."

    Rosalyn wasn't a type to reveal much, her past being a constant reminder of what happens when you tell too much. She didn't want a bad mood to settle, so she switched her mind to something else. She felt a strong presence in the wind, and her fists clenched in defense. "Well, it was nice meeting you Donovan," she said in a hurry. "But I really must get going and so should you. The night is full of terrifying creatures. Some more frightening than you'd imagine." Rosi smiled, though the smile wasn't one that would normally set a person's heart at ease. This smile was more creepy and scary than happy, and Rosalyn instantly regretted it. "Goodnight." She turned around, disappearing into the shadows as she walked towards the inn.
  9. The woman's cryptic answers made Donovan furrow his brow. He had the feeling that she specifically meant his mother and father. As if she had been watching him for some time. Her cold smile sent a cold shock running down his spine and he shuddered. "G-goodnight..." Donovan watched her return to the still lively bar. He rubbed his face with his right hand.

    I really need sleep, that's why I'm so loopy. Heh, look at me. Questioning some random lady I just met.

    He tried a little chuckle, came out more like a squeal.
    Donovan made his way back home and slowly opened the door, shut it behind himself.


    His pulse shot up and the hairs on the back of his neck quivered. His father's lean but tall shape sat on his rocking chair before the fireplace. "What were you doing?"
    Donovan's heart was in his throat, he could barely breath.
    "Go on."
    He tried to clear his throat but nothing came out.
    "I was talking to...Benjamin."
    His father was a clean-shaven man, with long black locks that were tied into a neat ponytail about the nape of his neck. His eyes would seem warm to any onlooker. But to Donovan, they just looked dead.

    Wait where have I seen those dead eyes before.

    The woman flashed across his eyes, then the woman from his dream. The way they smiled...
    Donovan gasped and his eyes shot wide open. A gaunt, horrified expression on his face.
    "What is is?" His father rocked slowly back and forth, back and forth.
    Donovan went into his room and slithered into bed. His sister, Ingrid moaned something about potatoes on wednesdays. He lay there in bed, staring straight up at the headboard. The harsh moonlight across his face.

    (We can timeskip to morning if you want).
  10. Rosalyn had opened her eyes as she laid in the dark room, her head swimming. She remembered hurrying towards the inn, the boy now safe in his home. She wasn't sure if he was afraid of her, or if he was scared of the thought of what a stranger could do. She had slept restlessly, tossing and turning at the thought of how precious the boy was. If she failed this, there would be no going back for her.

    She got up slowly, walking around the room to inspect everything. She didn't want to leave her room unless it was necessary, but she knew that in the time it took for night to fall that something could happen to Donovan. She thought about going back for a drink at the bar, but shook her head. There were bound to be at least a dozen inquirers in the main room at the inn. If she went back to the bar, they would swarm her with questions. Besides, Rosi. You haven't even fed on blood in a couple of days. Being that close to so many humans could be a bad thing for you. Would you like to end up on a stick above a fire pit? She wasn't sure if it was her mind or something else entirely asking her, but she nodded, searching her hand-weaved belt for a water holder. She found one sure enough, though it wasn't water that the canteen-like item was holding.

    Rosi took a large swig of it, conserving as much of it as she could. She had gathered this blood from a lost traveler, his intentions set on robbing her. Though she killed him off fairly easy, she still couldn't grasp the thought of what she had done. She lowered her head in shame for a moment before raising her head, a scent filling her nose. The scent of someone close to her door. Rosalyn remained still, listening as she heard the person huff a sigh, content with themselves. She continued to listen as the footsteps proceeded down the hallway, and a vision came up from her memory. She insantly knew what it was, seeing as she had dreamed it while sleeping. A question loomed into her mind, her face burrowing into her hands. The boy was there, and she could see the terror in his eyes as a strange shadow enveloped him. She let out a cry as she tried to stop him, but he was lost. Lost in a sea of dark, forever.

    She threw on her cloak and left the building in a hurry, set on checking up on the boy. Her mind needed relief, and she was intent on doing just that.
  11. Donovan's eyes shot wide open. He looked frantically around the room. something was coming and he could feel it in his bones.
    "Sis, you there?" No response.
    "Jan, wake up." He got out of bed and poked his sister's sleeping shape. "Come on stop messing around. You're creeping me out."
    Jan pulled the blankets away, "What the hell do you want, Don. I'm trying to sleep."
    Donovan surveyed the room feverishly, "Nothing, I just thought...nevermind."
    "Go to sleep, dumbass." She pulled the blankets back over her head.
    Donovan crawled back into bed, unable to close his eyes. Then Jan's bunk started shaking.
    It shook more and more violently. Donovan was petrified, all he could do was lay there in utter horror. The bed stopped shaking.
    "J-Jan?" His whole body was shaking, his eyes stung with tears. "Stop goofing off, it's not funny anymore."
    Jan's body leaned down towards him, as if on strings. Her face was stuck in a horrifying wide grin and one eye was wide open while the other was a bloody hole. "Hello, brother."
    Donovan screamed louder than he had ever screamed in his entire life, he rolled out of his bed and fell on his ass, he scrambled to get up. Jan's body struck him from behind and sent him crashing into the wall. He cried and hollered his heart out. The door opened, his mom and dad entered, "What in the hell is going on!"
    They looked at marionette Jan, then at sobbing Donovan. His father was clutching his shovel as if it was a sword. Jan cocked her head at the parents and they bellowed in agony, doubling over. Their bodies contorted in horrible ways that's bones should never move. Then they were still. Donovan was frozen once again. Then his parents boned cracked and they looked at him with the same one-eyed, terrifying grin that split their faces.

    Donovan tried to run past them, but they kicked him down to the ground.
  12. Rosalyn had showed up to the residence that housed Donovan, her eyes narrowed under her cloak. She was worried, and the intense feeling she had crawled through her body like bugs. She shook her head, pounding on the door loudly. She heard noises and moved towards the windows, looking in and knocking on the glass. Since she was stronger than most she had to restrain herself, and her undead heart ached to know what was going on.

    She moved towards the back of the house, gawking in the windows as she finally reached his bedroom. She had seen it many times in the past couple of nights, and she was no stranger to what she saw looming over Donovan. She pushed the window open, yelling at Donovan loudly. "You have to invite me in, Donovan. I can help you. Just say 'come in'." Her brow was ruffled, her ice blue eyes wide and her mouth open. Her fangs were exposed slightly, but she didn't worry about them. She surveyed the room, looking at the three 'family members' looming over the boy. She hissed softly, her eyes glowing. "Hurry up, Donovan!"
  13. What is she doing here?

    Donovan strained to get up, it felt like one of his ribs was broken. He cried out in pain and limped towards the window. Jan slithered up to him and tripped him, he fell face first to the packed dirt floor. She climbed on top of him and punched him over and over. His bloody face was taking a massive beating. He was choking on his own blood that was spraying from his face. "C-come in!" Jan paused for a moment, then looked at the window, her frown dampened when she saw Rosalyn. The parents shambled and rushed to block it.
  14. Rosalyn jumped through the window, kicking what she assumed was the sister in the chest as she picked Donovan up in her arms. She clung him close to her chest, pushing both parents down before jumping back out the window. She cradled him like a baby, landing on her knees. She screamed out in pain as the sun hit her arm for a moment, wincing as she hid it from the boy. "Let's get you out of here." She ran down the street, not stoping until she reached her room in the inn. She laid him down on the bed, searching through the room for a rag. Once she found one she took out a basin of water as well as a bottle of whiskey that she brought with her, pouring the whiskey in a glass while dabbing the blood off his face with the rag. "You'll need to get cleaned up with the water when I step out. It's too much temptation." She handed him the glass, looking down at her hands as she backed away. "Drink it. It'll take the shivers and shakes away." She nodded to him, retreating to the bathroom. Her arm was burnt, slowly healing as she sighed in relief. You must be more careful, Rosi. That'll cook you faster than an oven or a fire pit. Besides.. You risked your life for that boy. And all because you have to carry out your word to protect him?! Rubbish.
  15. All Donovan was aware of was that he was moving quickly, someone was holding him. When the movement stopped, he slowly opened one eye. The woman, the woman from the bar was dabbing his face. He gritted his teeth and groaned in agony. He struggled to speak, "W-what are you doing? What's too much temptation?" He glanced over at the glass of burnished brown liquid and took it. He gulped it, it burned his throat fiercely. He whimpered.

    What happened? Jane, Dad, Mom. Why did they attack me?

    His eyes stung with bloody tears, "Who are you?"

    He moved to stop his bashed face but stopped himself. He felt paralyzed there, waiting to die.
  16. Walking out of the bathroom in a huff, Rosi stared at the boy laying on the bed. He began asking her a bunch of questions, like the ones he asked the night before. She sighed, looking away as she sat down in a small chair near the bed. "There's.. alot you don't know about the world, Donovan. I'm cleaning you up. The temptation is my thing to worry about. You need to rest now." She moved the chair towards the door, her eyes closing slowly. "You're lucky you caught me awake. I don't like going out during the day." She then became still, her ears alert and her mind mulling over the events that had happened. What were those things?
  17. So many questions, and still no answers. Donovan felt utterly crushed. His stomach balled itself into painful knots that did little to distract him from the burning agony that encased his face.
    "Th-thanks." He strained to speak. His eyes grew heavy. He had gotten no sleep, and getting his head caved in had taken alot out of him. Who was this strange lady, and why was it that the night she appears, his family attacked him? Something wasn't right. Whoever this woman was, Donovan needed to get away from her.


    He yawned, struggling to remember what he had to do, what had happened to him.


    He passed out, his head fell to the right and he began snoring instantly. Perhaps things would seem better in the evening, or perhaps not.
  18. Rosi sat there for a few hours, her mind not sleeping. She stood up, walking to the bed and shaking Donovan. "Wake up. Go clean yourself up in the bathroom and then we will go see the council in the mountains." She quickly put her cloak on, her eyes glowing as she held her hands out near the window. "Seems noone is following you yet. Though I'm sure there will be more like your family after you soon if we don't leave. So get up!" She grabbed him by the shirt off the bed, his weight seemingly light as she hoisted him towards the bathroom. Sitting him on the small seat which was a portable out house toilet, she closed the door as she quickly flashed a smile. "The more time you waste, the more time I waste."
  19. The woman's voice seemed to Pierce his chest as it woke him. "Aw, can't I - whoa! “
    Donovan felt himself flying and then being shut into a small area. He finally got his bearings.
    " What the hell, lady! “ When he was done he readjusted his clothing and walked out with a grim expression on his face, "Jeez you're rough. What's the council in the mountain and who are you! Ow" His face still hadn't healed, and it might never fully.

    His eyes stung with holding back tears as pieces of the previous night came into view. He looked up at Rosslyn, "What's happening to my life? “
  20. Rosi snapped her head back to look at Donovan. "Don't cuss at me, young one." She sighed as the boy walked out of the bathroom, her eyes softening. "Look.. I don't mean to keep you out of this.. But there is alot you don't know. Alot of bad things, Donovan. I'm.. I'm not a normal person. I'm sure you've dreamt of me often. I've watched you through your window for countless nights, protecting you. The council is a secret. So for now, I can't tell you everything. Ok?" She sat down close to him, smiling as he fangs became exposed. She took a sip out of her canteen, the blood running down her throat. She quickly licked her lips, biting on her finger. She took his glass of alcohol, dripping some blood in before stirring it with her finger. With a quick lick her wound healed, and she turned back around to face Donovan. "Drink up. No getting out of it this time. This drink will make you alot stronger."
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