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  1. As the sun sets and the night falls, a red moon rises.
    Lord Kane an ancient vampire warrior rises from his coffin and perceives the unnatural phenom.
    He knows this marks a change to those who live hidden, the monster, the creatures that will not reveal the truth about themselves to humans, have their own hierarchy and develop magic as humans develop technology.
    A red moon is like a global power out, something damaged the magic on which the monster inhabit.
    This just happened, no one yet knows why or what is going on, Kane knows he must keep his senses sharp and his mind open.
    Knowledge is power, the red moon means change, change means danger, the first to learn what is going on will have the advantage.

    There's turmoil amongst the undead guard of his castle, it appears they are chasing and intruder, it's been centuries since anyone tried a move against Kane, who imposes his will with strength and fear...
    "Maybe it's just a cat" he thinks for a blink of a second, but it knows that there's never "just" something in his unlife.
    He follows his guards to where they last heard a noise...
  2. The young human girl went into this palace to see if the rumors were true. She grabbed around before she saw some people she gasped and says " oh no!" She ran to the window opening it and sliding out. She fell hard. She gasped from the pain before she went to go and run as rods her house hoping she would get caught. But she did hide behind a tree for a minute so no one saw her out.
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  3. (for some reason I didn't receive an alert that you posted so I didn't reply sooner, I apologize for that)

    Lord Kane was lead to room where the turmoil came from. Entering the room he leaned on the window from which she had escaped.
    "Undead guards... the price to fay for loyalty is incompetence..." he murmured before jumping out the window following the scent of the human.
    Moving at unholy speed as if he was one with the wind, in less than a second he was right above her, at the top of the tree.
    He jumped right in front of her to petrify her with fear.
  4. The young human, whose name was Angel. Angel screamed as she saw this vampire. She then went to ru around him, her heart sped up its pace as she had fear rush in her veins from what had happened. She was scared. She frowned and tried to run, she didn't know where she was at, but near his home. She tried to run as fast as she could but then she tripped and fell on the grass.
  5. The vampire was about to move to catch her but he's caught off guard by her clumsiness.
    He idly watched her trip and for a moment even considered asking her if she's ok rather than catching her, then reality check, she was trespassing he was angry at her for that, he leaned to grab her while she was down.
  6. Angel smiled as she saw that she was going away. She gasped as she felt herself bein grabbed. She tried to fight back. " let me go!!" She yelled. She tried to get out of his grip. Her frail body was all over
  7. Her attempts to fight back were futile, since the vampire possessed inhuman strength. He placed her over his shoulder "You should not have came here human." he said and carried her inside the castle where his undead servant waited and opened the gates for him.
    "Bring me the shackles!" he ordered the undead who clumsily run to fulfill his request.
  8. Angel gasped and tried to get away. She frowned " let me go!" She whined. She frowned as she heard the male yell shackles. " stop it!! Leave me alone I dont do bad things " tears fell.
  9. "Have you realized tonight we have a red moon? Do you not know what that means? I can't be careless! Rest assured I am well supplied in blood and have to reason to harm you, unless I feel like it, this is my castle after all!" He said just before unleashing an evil laugh as he received the shackles he ordered before from one the guards and started restraining her.
  10. Angels eyes widened as she saw that. She shookk her head though, she didn't know what a red moon meant. She was a little not that smart. She gulped softly and tilted her head thinking. She frowned and tried to get away, she didn't want to become slaughtered pig. She said, " I am not your every day human.. I have these gifts, that make me do things, I am the last one of my kind." She was trying to reason with him.
  11. He finished locked her secure with handcuffs on wrists and ankles and chain between those, he ordered to of his undead guards to carry you to the dungeon and he followed.
    "I knew there was something off about you, don't worry, you're about to tell me all I need to know before I decide what to do with you!"
    and they enter the dungeons there are humans shackled to the walls, in a long labyrinth dungeon, some dead, some dying.
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    "Guards I smell lots of daed bodies here, please remove the dead ones from the dungeon!" He said angry "bastard incompetent undead guards..." he mumbles, while putting Angel in shackles like the other prisoners "... that's what you sacrifice for loyalty.."
  12. Angel was scared. She felt the handcuts on her wrists and ankles. She rowned trying to fight him on this. She shook her head as she heard him. Why." She whined. She tried to get away from him. She gulped seeing some people on the walls. She gasped at the sights. She closed her eyes as she went torun but the guy put her in shackles, making her shirt rise up so you can see some of her stomach. She gulped nervously and thought. She didn't know what to do. She frowned and said " Sacrifice what? A soul?"
  13. He bursted out laughing "Silly girl, I was just complaining, that in order to have servants 100% loyal I have to rely on my undead zombie legions, but they are brain dead, literally!" He laughed again.
    "You thought I was talking about sacrificing you didn't you? This is hilarious!" He said while using his telekinetic powers to summon a throne made of the stones from the ground itself and corpses of dead prisoners.
    He sat on the throne
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    "Now tell me girl, first of all, what is your name?"
  14. Angel felt like she was sick to her stomach as she saw the throne. She closed her eyes looking away. She didn't know what to do. She rolled her eyes. She couldn't believe she went to check this out. She gulped nervously before she sighed. She yawned and looked over at him she shook her head before looking away. She looked down and said, " Angel.. " Why not know her name, better than calling her something else.
  15. "Thank you Angel. Now, please let me know, why did you came to my premises?" He said relaxing on his throne while the guards rush around to remove the corpses of the dead prisoners from the shackles.
  16. Angel sighed softly looking down as she tried to move, but using her own telekinesis powers, she unshackled herself. She glared and said, " to find out for myself if the rumors were true." She then smiled before she went to close her eyes to use her other powers. She glared at the guy before moving a knife to go and try to save herself. She gulped nervously before she went to run after she was free.
  17. The vampire got up and glared at her pushing her to the ground with his telekinesis
    "You're powerful for a human, but I have centuries of experience" he said just before jumping high in the air seemly vanishing with the shadows in the ceiling and then appearing right behind her
    "Aahh.. BOO!"
  18. Angel gulped as she felt herself on the floor. She didnt know what to do. She said " I told you I was different. " she smiled at him.. she gasped as he disappeared. She was scared. But then she jumped hearing him. She was nerve.
  19. He grabbed her by the wrists to avoid her running again.
    "What rumours? What are you talking about?"
    He said with an intimidating voice
  20. Angel gasped as she dent her wrists grabbed. She tried to push him away but he was too strong m she gulped and said " the rumors... that there are some freaky people who dont like the sun and that they kill people
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