The Vampire's Prey

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  1. Name: Sai Emrah (pronounced Sigh)

    Age: 17

    Eyes: Bright Green

    Hair: Black

    Skin: Pale

    Personality: shy, quiet, emo, depressed easily, low self esteem, keeps head down a lot, nervous around people, plays Alto Saxophone and Violin.

  2. Name: Akira Tsukizawa
    Age: Appears to be a well endowned teenager
    Race: Vampire
    Personality: Quiet and stuck up at first but get to know her and she's pretty cocky, but can be mature when it's needed.
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  3. Sai woke up early that morning, earlier than usual on a school day, and got ready for school and cleaned her room and straightened up the house. It would make it easier that afternoon to clean.

    She headed off to school walking.'great, it's gonna rain..' She said glancing up at the sky after she felt a drop of rain. She liked the rain, but not when it was pouring down at her. Others rode past her in their cars and laughed at her. They always seemed to target her.
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  4. Akira knew it would rain, she took her umbrella with her as left her house. It wasn't that far from the school, far enough other student who could afford to waste the gas who also happend to be neighbors, drove. They offered her a ride but she respectfully declined, she knew she'd run into the cute little emo girl that she enjoyed having conversations with when they under the cloak of rain. Quickly, the redhead ran to where they usually met up on these days. As she turned a corner she saw a car about to splash a puddle from the night before and completely soak her before this morning's rain started. She stuck her hand out and the water not only didn't splash her rainy day companion, but it dumped ontop of the snooty kids who targeted her with the stale rainwater.

    "Sai!" she called out excitedly, "Wow what strange luck we have huh~?" she smiled, her umbrella covering them both as it suddenly started to pour.
  5. Sai looked back at Akira. She was an acquaintance, a nice one. Probably more of a friend than acquaintance though now. She smiled lightly "hey." She said. "I actually the rain." She said honest. "Not when it's pouring on me though."
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  6. "I guess I got here just in time then," she nudged her, "I'm your hero~," she chuckled. Though as the two walked it seemed to be raining normally where they were walking, as opposed to pouring where they weren't. "Any special plans today Sai-san? Did you find a boy you like or something? hm~?" she noted the girl looked cuter than usual even though it was obvious she hadn't changed anything about her style. The mark of a girl in love....well at least infatuation.
  7. Sai smiled. "No, no guys I like." She said. She had her eyes on a girl.. Akira. She had a slight blush as they walked together.
  8. Akira chuckled, "I see then..." she paused for a moment, "Any girls~?" she giggled, "Then again you don't really seem like a lesbian..." she said in half disappointment.
  9. She blushed harder, her throat went dry. "You know you can't judge a book by its cover.." She said pulling her jacket sleeve up slightly so you can just see her LGBT friendship bracelet.
  10. Akira chuckled more, eying the bracelet, "You should get me one of those too," she put her arm around the younger girl's shoulders, "So~ who's the lucky gal then~?"
  11. She nodded, shocked at what she said. 'Shes lesbian too?' She thought."Well she doesn't know yet.." She said scared to say it was her
  12. "Aww~ you should tell her, she should be happy to know a young lady like you has her in your heart." Akira smiled, opening the door to the school for Sai.
  13. Sai bit her lip. "'s you." She said blushing before fleeing to class embarrassed.
  14. "Ah wait!...." But her call fell on deaf ears as the brunette fled. "Goddammit!" she closed her umbrella, placing it in the container at the front door fo it to dry. She headed to her class, it was different from Sai's unfortunately, and was worried about the poor girl because it had been obvious she thought Akira wasn't intrested in her.
  15. Sai got to her class, her cheeks burning from embarrassment still. 'I shouldn't have fled.. I should have seen what would happen..' She thought regretting her actions.

    -fast forward-
  16. Afterschool, Akira waited outside for Sai, umbrella closed and at her side since the rain had stopped around lunch time. The redhead wanted to take Sai out, not necessarily on a date, but just out to have some fun.
  17. Sai walked out of the school and saw Akira. She bit her lip and hesitantly walked over. "H-hey.. Sorry about earlier.." She said
  18. "No, it's alright," she hugged her to comfort her, "but there's something....I have for you, a gift you could call it."
  19. Sai tilted her head a little confused. "..okay. What is it?" She asked curious.
  20. Akira smirked, her eyes darted around, making sure a majority of the people around were in view of them, "It's this~." she said, cupping the girl's chin and kissing her straight on the lips. She put her arms around Sai's waist as she deepened the kiss.
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