The Vampire's Love

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After years of being away, Mizuki was finally
coming back. Her mother was a jeweler and
her father a farmer, they moved when she
was younger for more land and have been
away ever since. Mizuki never wanted to
move away though, knowing it'd mean
leaving a dear friend behind. But she had no
choice in the matter.
Now though, she finally managed to talk her
parents of letting her return. She wasn't sure
if her friend was still living there after all
these years but she had a bit of hope. After
returning a few days ago, Mizuki went out
into the forest. Her outfit was a beautiful
white-ish grey dress.
The forest looked the same as when she left.
There was a certain area of the forest she
was looking for though. A hidden meadow
she used to always go to with her friend. It
was a peaceful place where they used to
always go to when they wanted some peace
and quiet and get away from their parents.
It took a few minutes for Mizuki to
remember the way, but she eventually found
it. A soft smile formed upon her ruby lips as
she looked upon the beautiful meadow. The
grass and flowers looked the same and she
removed her shoes before walking into. She
missed the feel of the soft grass beneath her
feet. It all reminded her so much like her
child hood. Her and her friend had so much
fun and spent a lot of time here. It was
wonderful to finally be back.