The Vampire

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  1. It was a long night and the moon was full. The moon shining down bright on the small little town. The sky was clear and the air was crisp. A lone man was walking down the street. It seemed he knew these places very well even the the shadows of the night. The man was wearing a black thick coat to combat the cold as he walks down the street with almost shadow like grace his red eyes glowing in the night. His blue hair reflecting the moon light. He was a young man maybe about 17 to 21 no one could be sure. It was odd for him to be out at this time but it didnt matter to him. He looks up at the moon and smiles gently. There was a certin air around this man something that made some people uneasy around him. Yet at times he was aluring and compelling. The mans head sways side to side as he looks around seeing a bar that seemed to still be open he smiles and walks into it. There were a few patrons on this night in this bar. He smirks looking at some people and walks up to the bar sitting down when he sees someone in there he hasent seen before looking at the person he raises his eye brow to this person.

    It was then when one of the other bartenders came up to him an older women with a kind smile." Hey there oren what will you have" She asks as he looks at her for a moment and then seemed to ponder her question" The usal" he tells her his voice was as smooth as glass and as comanding as a powerfull general. He smiles gently at her his red eyes glinting in the dim light as he looks around and then sets his eyes on the person who was new to the staff smirking at them seeing. There was something about her that intrested the prince of the night. He smiles gently and nods his head to the person wondering what this night will hold for him. He felt that this night was diffrent and that it had held something specile. Thought he couldent put his finger on it there was something off about it. He smirks when she brings him his strong drink. He sighs deeply and shakes his head slamming it down" Thank you" he tells her and smiles gently as he looks down wondering what might happen now.
  2. A woman sat silently in the back of the bar, her finger tracing the rim of the short, untouched glass filled with whiskey on ice. Her gaze drifted from person to person without any real interest. She had been traveling for quite a while and decided she would spend the night in this little town whose name escaped her. Her lips pursed as a new figure entered the bar. Just another person from this area no doubt. The thought passed through her mind while lowering her gaze to the amber liquid in the glass. Why did she order this of all things? Thinking nothing more of it, she left the question unanswered and lifted the clear container to the light, watching it glint off the contents. The thud of a glass nearly made her jump. Who in the Hell-? She shot a glare in the direction of the noise, seeing the most recent person to enter the place again. "Tch." She made a noise of disapproval, setting her own glass back down in a more appropriate manner.
  3. The man with blue hair and red eyes meets the women as he sets down his cup looking at her his red eyes examining her closely he smirks and orders another drink. he didnt mind so much about the drinks but he was after something a bit more tasty. he licks his lip thinking about what he should do tonight. It was strange to him he didnt normaly have this problem he would go hunting and find one human and drink then he would go back to his home for about a week and repeat procces. Oren sighs deeply and shakes his head for a moment he felt like he needed to do something tonight but what it was he couldent figuer it out. He felt like something was going to happen this night. But what it was he couldent figuer it out. For some reason he was drawn to the strange women there was something about her. He sniffs the air yet he couldent smell past the thick haze of booze in the air. It was pissing him off a bit. *Who is this women*Oren thinks to himself wondering who she was
  4. She returns a fierce scowl at the man's smirk. Who the Hell does he think he is? Some self-entitled jerk no doubt. As the thought crossed her mind, she took a sip of the whiskey in front of her, leaving a smudge of dark violet lipstick on its rim. The burn of the whiskey going down her throat made her cough. Dammit. The bad lighting of the bar gave her pale skin a sickly glow to it. She met the man's eyes a second time, finally noticing the red in them as well as his blue hair. That threw her off. Was he wearing contacts? Probably. And who dyes their hair blue? She glowered at the stranger and lowered her head, concentrating on her drink again. For some reason, he made her extremely uncomfortable.
  5. He looks at the women and notices her scowl to him which made him laugh a bit looking at her he gets up and walks over to her he didnt mind he was going to talk to her sitting down with her he sniffs for a moment and smirks walking at her for a moment sitting down he sighs deeply" what brings you here this day miss" he asks her and looks at her for a moment offering her a drink so he could have his own" strong drink isent it" he tells her and smiles gently at her. His red eyess meeting her eyes. He holds his hand out" oren" he tells her and smiles gently looking at her That was a rare name and in the vampire world it was the name of the recluse vampire king. he smiles at her for a moment
  6. Cecilia was working overtime today. She needs to pay her rent or the landlord will throw her out in the streets with nowhere to go. As she was giving an old man his beer, someone entered. She looked at him and returned to fetch more drinks. They have lots if customers tonight and she couldn't slack off. She glanced at the stranger every now and then. She got so distracted that she almost slipped the drinks she was carrying. Luckily, the guy seemed not to notice her mistake. She was intrigued by thus man but knew that she could only admire from afar. After some time, she went to the bar and Sat. She observed and listened to the chatters all around her. "Boss. Can you give me that spiced wine?" she asked her boss and she poured a glass.
  7. She nearly scoffs at the person named Oren. Suppressing the urge to be rude, she takes a second sip of her whiskey, holding back the affects of it with difficulty while making him wait for her to shake his hand. Finally, she reaches out, lightly grasping the outstretched palm. "Strong drink indeed, but," She paused, looking at the drink that was offered. "I have my own, thanks." Releasing his hand, her eyes drifted to the side at the female who had seemed to just get off her shift. How odd. Who drinks at the place they work at? Shaking off the thought, she pushed back hair that was falling over her shoulder, the scent of black cherries wafting off of her. "I'm," Another pause came. Should I really give him my name? "Call me Jinx."
  8. He smiles and looks to the women who had just gotton off of her shift and smiles at her he seemed to be in a plesent mood now looking at her then back to the women who had called her self jinx what an odd name it was. he shakes his head and looks at her for a moment and then nodds" How are you this evening" he asks her and wonders about this bar that drink she had there was something off about it he could smell it and that made him feel weird. He had the urge to drink right now he felt his fangs coming out but he pushes them back looking at the roof he sighs deeply and looks at them both he was starting to feel very unwelcom in this bar. He looks at them and back to her standing up now sighing deeply." well i will leave you to it" he tells her and looks at her for a moment his red eyes flashing once more
  9. She watched the stranger walked towards a woman. She noticed how the woman scoffed at him but the stranger seemed unfazed. The encounter didn't last long and he stood back to return to his seat but not before smiling at her. She smiled back and raised her glass to him. She noticed also his red eyes. She poured another glass and let her hair down. After downing it, she went at the back to catch some air. She sat down on the ground, not caring of the dirt and looked up in the sky. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. "Ouch!" she exclaimed. She forgot she wore contacts and sighed.
  10. She flashed a partial smile of apology, pushing the nearly empty glass toward the man who seemed curious about it. "Try it if you want." She looked up as he stood, exposing amber eyes that matched the liquid in the cup. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Oren. Forgive me if I seem off-putting. I'm simply weary from my travels." It was almost a lie since she was rude when drunk, but with that, she lowered her face once more and began to fidget with her oddly shaped nails that were closer to claws, letting the man be.
  11. He bows his head to her and smiles" I understand": he tells her and smiles" i do hope you recover" he tells her kindly looking at her amber eyes as he walks back paying for his drinks and then walking outside he looks at the women smiling" hello miss" he tells her and looks down at her seeing her eyes for a moment" such a strange night isent it" he asks her and looks at her for a moment seeing the contacts he smiles sitting down on the dirt he sighs deeply pulling out a smoke and looks at her handing her one so she could have a smoke" i like this town it has such a strange air to it do you know why that is" he asks her flashing his red eyes to her
  12. After hiding in the restroom for a bit, Jinx slapped some change on the table and hurried out of the bar, stumbling a bit. She had placed a little something in the sink that would detonate soon enough. She knew well who Oren was. When the name was given she had acted none the wiser like a pro! Damn she was proud of herself. Passing by the two, she turned on her heel with a tipsy smirk of sorts, saluting them both as she kicked one leg out. Spinning back around on the other foot, she sauntered down the dark street toward a hotel where she had rented a room. Glancing over her shoulder, she watched the two a moment longer, her devious grin concealed as she turned past a streetlight.
  13. He looks at the women his eyes snapping wide as he looks at her. He looks down to the girl and yanks her away from the bar as it exploded now sending him flying back he managed to keep her in his arms now. Oren was groaning in pain a shard of glass was loged in his back. He looks seeing the women he couldent move what the hell she had tryed to kill him. He looks down to the women" a-are you alright" he asks her and looks down making sure she wasent hurt a large glass was embbeded into his back now." w-what the hell" he says looking back evetryone in the bar was dead their bodys blown to bits. He didnt understand why how could she have done this why did she do it.
  14. Before she could answer though, there was an explosion and he shielded her from it. She saw the bar was blown into dust. She turned to see the stranger with a shard of glass on his back. "I'm alright. But you're not. Let me help you." she said as she pulled the glass out and wrapped him in a makeshift bandage from her apron. "There. Think you could walk?" she asked worriedly that she didn't know her contacts were dislodged. Distracted, she took them off. She saw the dead bodies and hissed. Her eyes flashing red as the blood that poured in the ground.
  15. He looks at her and groans looking at her eyes he could smell it now the blood in her veins" She tryed to kill us the women did because she knew what we were" he tells her seeing who she was now made him worryed he didnt know how she knew that but she did,. He thought she was a fellow vampire but he didnt think so now it was something wrong with the women who had done this he groans a bit and looks at her" o-oren is my name" he tells her it was the name of the vampire king." how did she know" he asks her and looks at her for a moment" w-what is going on" he asks her he was new to the town and all of it felt weird to him this town something was deeply wrong with it
  16. "Aha! Ha ha ha ha ha!" She shrieked with laughter at the sound of the explosion in the near distance as she hid in an alley. God, she wanted to go back and see the damage she had done, to see the broken, mangled bodies burning in chunks. Sirens wailed and flashing lights passed on their way to the scene of the crime. Now it was too late, but she was sure to see some of the effect on the news within an hour or so. The Employer would be so happy! "I'm a good girl." She whispered and clapped her hands together for herself then continued to the hotel, her grin stretched to an uneven proportion on her face. Now she would wait for further instructions for both (what she thought to be) her well deserved praise for murdering the Vampire King, and information on where she needed to go to claim her reward.
  17. "I-i-I don't understand. What we were? What do you mean? I think the explosion did something to your brain." she replied nervously. She couldn't blow up her identity right now after all the hard work she had to go through. "O-oren? Vampire King? I thought the Vampire King was fa..." she stopped realizing what she almost said. She averted her eyes but in doing so, caught a glimpse of the bodies blows by the explosion. She let out a menacing growl. She tried to keep a tight leash on her temper but seeing those who became close to her died, it made her blood boil. Eyes flashing brighter, her eyes changed into cat slits and growled. "I'll have your head, bitch." she murmured before she shook her head and smiled at Oren. "We should go to my place first." she offered.
  18. He sits down and thinks to himself who would put a hit out on him and why he was a king sure but he hasent been one like that in a long time. He groans a bit and looks down at her" come on we need to get out of here better that women think we are dead then anything else" he tells her and picks her up in arms and began to run away soon coming to an apartment and opening the door setting her down looking at her" what is this town who are you and what do you know about that women" he tells her and looks down at her his sholder was bleeding bady now from the glass shard he could hear the womens laughter. She was a fool to think that would kill him he has been through so much worse
  19. They arrived at her apartment and he set her down. "First things first, I have to dress your wound or you'll get infected." she said trying to buy some time to make some excuses. She tried to calm down and looked composed despite that she's far from being calm and composed. He was bleeding again so she helped him get it out and dress his wounds to stop the bleeding. "There. All patched up." she frowned as she noticed that his wounds were healing faster than normal. She looked at him and tried to speak. "You want tea, coffee, anything?" she blurted out.
  20. Once in the hotel room, she stared wide-eyed at the television. It was on mute, but she was able to see the still burning parts of the building that the news crew was filming live. There were scattered limbs on the screen that only keen eyes would catch. Her grin didn't fade, not for an instant. As the news ended, she shut off the box and turned to the phone. She was sitting on her knees, staring at it like a dog would stare out a window for its owner to return home. Jinx admired and adored the person known as 'The Employer' by mercenaries and assassins throughout the world. It was a cheesy name to call themselves, but that's exactly what they did; hired people to get rid of others, cover up mistakes and frame people of all kinds. Whoever The Employer was, she worshipped them like a God. Call. Please call. I'm a good girl, I did it. I did it like you asked me to. Those thoughts were repeated in her head as she watched the out-dated piece of technology.
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