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  1. Hello everyone! So it's been awhile since I've had the need to look for a new roleplaying partner but I figured this was the best place to look for one. Sorry if this comes off as awkward, again it's been awhile!

    I've recently been reading the Vampire Chronicle series by Anne Rice, as the title suggests, and have been craving to do a roleplay from it. Currently I'm reading the Vampire Lestat and sort of fell in love with the character Nicolas de Lenfent and His and Lestats relationship.. But if you've read the book then you know how well that ended for them!

    Id like to do a "what if" scenario, taking the events that happen between them and changing it to give them a bit of a better ending, and delve more into there relationship and things that took place before Lestat was turned. I have plenty of ideas to share and bounce back and forth if anyone is interested! But that's something id prefer to do in messages then here.

    So basically I'm looking to do a Lestat x Nicolas roleplay, and am in need of someone who can capture Lestat really well. Id like to have someone with a good sense of his character, and a creative sense of plot, please!

    So those details being said I guess I should give a small bit about me and what I'm looking for? I turned 21 this year, and I do have a job but we don't stay open after 9pm and the job itself isn't all that tiring or time consuming usually, so it shouldn't get to much in the way of roleplaying. I've been roleplaying for years now, though I don't usually use specific websites roleplaying websites for it.

    So things I'm looking for is someone who is literate, though I'm not asking for you to be perfect by any means! Because I'm definitely not. Spelling mistakes are fine as long as they a aren't a constant and I'm not asking you to write me a book! I do like to post match, and that being said I tend to write around 3 or 4 paragraphs a post, or more. As long as there are no one liners and more than a couple sentences I'm happy!

    Please be over the age of 18 as the roleplay will involve more mature material, and I don't plan on violating any rules!

    If the roleplay is not working out for you please let me know, I'm fine with honesty but I'm not a fan of being dropped suddenly without any reason what's so ever. And I'll give the same feedback in return!

    Please by all means feel free to talk to me OOC. I love bouncing ideas around and making sure the roleplay is going the way we both want it. I like to do a lot of discussing on plots!

    Apologies for there being no special formatting or fancy images to accompany this- I'm currently typing this all out on my phone and am in kind of a hurry! But I feel the point is across anyways.

    If you are interested please message me! Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.