The Vampire King

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  1. Storyline:
    A male vampire (you) is set to become the king of vampires but it is required that he must set out to find human or vampire love (usually fall in love and remain with them for a year) and then kill her himself in order to become king. The vampires believe that you must remove weakness from your life and to remove it must be killed. Love is the ultimate weakness to the vampires.

    Basically the story would be about an internal argument with himself on whether or not to kill this human girl (me, she's named Felicity) and be king or forfeit the throne to his brother.


    Name:Felicity Airgíalla
    Location: London for school, not a London native. She was raised in Ireland though she was born to parents with Irish and Scottish heritages.

    looks: blonde_hair headphones red_eyes tagme.jpg

    To clarify I consider my character's eyes to be golden brown even though they are a red brown in the picture.
  2. The London streets were riddled with gravel and soot, also embedded between the curves of the rock would be the occasional broken glass, sleeping along the granite that lined the inner roads of the foot laden walk way. The route was loud and boisterous, riddled with vendors and the like. But the yell form the penny pinching merchants wasn't the only noise fogging the air. The local brothel housed it's share of carnal yells, emitting shrieks of pleasure and orgasm along the way, the main whores outside for window shopping, tantalizing the closest lush of the nearby tavern. Genius marketing: showing off a whorehouse new a pub, letting all the drunken males spend more money to get with a more fiery woman then their wives back home. But with the alcohol in their blood as high as it could be, they could mistake their wife for a hot tail. But further along this trail stood the route to Castle Dmitri.

    Not many people venture out to the castle grounds, fewer still away from it. Stories were told about the place as it still stood. Rumors of haunting possessions and witch hunts. But the place was very much alive and inhabited with the Dmitri family. A distant family, not one to venture out of the roads and not one to mingle regularly. Not a soul can speak of the last they saw one of the bloodkin of that accursed castle. Which made all the rumors more viable for belief. Why the secrecy, why the desolation. Some tavern occurrences may speak of dark evils in that castle. Some may say it was a great place to get lucky, though their disorientation from the brew might mistake their distance from the ranch down the road. All everyone knows is, their baron is dying.
  3. "Ooooo! Look a castle! Felic a castle!!!"

    Felicity sighed. "We have walked past this castle every Friday to go to the market," Felicity yanked at her friend to keep up with the others. "And I've said 'Hey guys! Look it's a castle,' but out of ALL the times I've mentioned it.... you choose TODAY to notice there's a castle right in front your face. "

    Felicity finally managed to get her friend to come along. They hurried to catch up at the crosswalk where the group was waiting for a light to bare a person walking in white. Felicity looked back at the castle and smiled at it. She loved mystery and had read up on it--there wasn't much on it. Just rumors and stories from a century or so ago, passed generation to generation. She found it funny that today her friend Marissa had noticed it for the first time. Strange, but funny.

    The group navigated it's way through the town to the market. Felicity and her friends made a weekly trek for fresh food for their Friday night dinners; today the weather was on the nice side for once. The sun was filtering through the spots in clouds, warming up the air.

    When the group arrived at Burroughs Market, Felicity smiled at Marissa and stated "I'm in the mood for a cup of tea."

    "Awww Fleic you'll miss all the fun!" called Alexander back to her. Felicity laughed at Alexander's remark.

    "There is nothing wrong with a cup of tea and a good book. I'll meet up with you later!" Felicity headed to the nearest tea booth, got herself a cup of tea, and found a bench to sit on. She pull out from her messenger book a thick beaten up book and began to read.
  4. Along with the smell of tea, the aroma of aged papyrus was surrounding her, the worn out books held many words and much knowledge as the scent of wisdom and dust filled her lungs. The tea was fresh, the herbs used in the brew were strong, enticing, and a bit spicy; nothing a few spoons of sugar and cream couldn't fix. The more modern era London where Felicity resided was revamped for the age they lived in now. Roads in place of the dirt passages, pricey pubs rejuvenated where the old time taverns once stood, and the brothel across the street was restored into a place of worship. The brothel was in the alley that connected the church and the adjacent building. Many found it ironic that a holy shrine was built upon a lust house.

    Especially one one man that resided in the same tea store as the young woman, sipping his coffee, and enjoying his own read: OF Mice and Men
    "It was a short story yes, but on that was liable for many reads over. He had a few more beside him as he took in his morning drink. The Count of Monte Cristo, Shakespeare Abridged, and a recent find and favorite Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
    It was a quirky read but a stellar one at that as he read on. His attire though seemed a little less contemporary for his setting. He bolstered a nice peacock jacket. and jeans, but the coat hid away his regal tunic quite well. Underneath the window shopper attire was a dapper gent. His raven black hair swayed in the air as the steam form his tea flowed in the wake of the breeze as well, pulling his collar up to keep the chill form his tan skin. But as he read, he couldn't help but look at the maiden across from him, eyeing her and grinning a bit.
    "Alice and Wonderland..a classic read of dreams, hopes and forgotten fears..."
    He peered over his own paper back to look her in the eye as he praised her reading.
  5. Felicity didn't even bother to look up. "And don't forget chaotic nonsense, but to Carroll, it was simply a story to entertain in the beginning."

    She was used to men hitting on her whenever she read. Usually they turned out to be boys who flung big fancy words around attempting to display the knowledge that they have been blessed with; and they loved trying to make her inferior and express that only their interpretation could possibly be right. Felicity had met her share of nice men who had hit on her in tea and coffee shops too, but in the end they had bored her. It was common for Felicity to be bored by people--it was why she choose her friends carefully. Felicity's phone buzzed in her messenger bag and she dug around for her phone.

    She pulled it out and read Cute boy @ flower shop asking 4 u. wanted 2 ask u on another d8! :O should have come w/us gurl!!

    Felicity chuckled at the text message and responded: Marissa, darling why would I possibly go on a 2nd date after the eight disastrous dates he's taken me on. Besides there's a

    Felicity looked up at the man who had spoken to her. Instantly looked down when she met his eyes and blushed. Oh my...He's handsome.
    She resumed texting: kinda cute guy here hitting on me...Tell flower boy I've moved on. Maybe the message will finally get through.

    Felicity put her phone down and picked up her book again; she was slightly flustered still from the sight of the handsome stranger. Felicity peeked at him and observed his features. He seemed somehow out of place. His attitude, confidence, the way he carried himself, and the way he dressed all seemed to suggest to Felicity that he did not belong in this decade. She had peeked a little too long and resumed her book. Slowly she became consumed by Wonderland again with him drifting in and out of it.

  6. He smiled at this but let her work on her message, noticing her peer at him form the corner of his eye, a toothy grin with a light chuckled flashed his lips. With expert precision, he tossed another paperback onto the table beside her, landing with a dusty slump, but sliding to a stop right before the edge of the table. The words, diagonal on the frame of the book, only read Don't Panic
    "If you love chaotic nonsense then you'll enjoy this book. Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy."
    He smiled and resumed his meal and read himself, not bothering to look back up but kept the idle chitchat with the young maiden.
    "..You have lovely hair, but far too red to be form around here...tell me..Irish blood runs in your family?"
    He was very perceptive about his surroundings
    "...And with that baggage and slight uniform I'd wager you're also a student around here?"
    He smirked a bit as he drank, then turned his attention to her to keep a better conversation going
    "You'll like it here and you seem like a very bright lass. You'll fit in nicely, but if it's alright to ask, where did you come from?"

    His voice had a slight dialect to it, not cockeny and not too overdrawn out with his words. He was a baritone, hios voice hits all the sweet notes of being a middle wavelength as he talks to her, his deep eyes entrancing to all that look at him, but he wasn't coy or degrading with his words. He was sincerely curious about this girl in front of him. But for what purpose was still a mystery
  7. The sound of the book jolted Felicity out of Wonderland. Instantly, her face displayed displayed her aggravation from being interrupted. She looked at the book, took a moment to calm down and she smiled at the title.

    "I have Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy​ at home along with The Restaurant at the End of the universe; Life, the Universe and Everything; So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish; Mostly Harmless; and lastly: And Another Thing... I've also listened to recordings of the radio series and loved the movie though it isn't nearly as good as the 'trilogy' was. Let's just say I'm a fan! I've also read a handful other absurd books as well. And of course about every genre on the planet. This," Felicity put pointed at her book "is a book that I've loved since a little kid. I know it like the back of my hand."

    Felicity phone buzzed and she glanced at the message: a boy? do tell!!! dish Fleic diiissshhhh!!

    Felicity wasn't sure of this man, but she liked mystery. but the only kind that she was allowed to find answers for. "You ask too many questions for a man with no name." She put her book down and crossed her legs. She sat back and sipped her tea before proceeding: "Would you like to join me....?" She nodded to the chair across from her.
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  9. ( ahh of course)

    His eyes flicked over to the chair she offered to him with a small smirk

    "Awfully nice to a stranger asking questions, but I would enjoy this actually."

    As mysterious as his voice was it was by no means hostile or hid any intentions, he was making small talk to a lovely madame, nothing more. He lifted himself out of his seat, his height more accented at his amazing regal posture. He didn't slump, his shoulders back proudly as he strides to her seat, taking his place before her and nodding at her in cheers, lifting his cup to his lips as he took a long drink, a small sigh escaped his lips, along with some fog form his warmed breath as he looked at her, extending his hand to her

    "Though you are right, it was a tad rude of my person. Chris Dmitri at your service madame~"

    With this he winked at her, smiling as his masculine hand ensued her fingers and gripped her hand gently and daintily, his strength hidden with his delicate grasp to her fingers
  10. "The name is Felicity. It's nice to meet you, Chris." She responded to him grabbing her hand with a firm handshake. Her heart had sped up at his touch and the hairs on the back of her neck had stood up; it almost as if they sensed danger, but that was silly. Wasn't it?

    "So tell me Chris, what are you doing drinking coffee," nodding to his cup, "in a tea shop that serves strictly tea. My imaginations would lead me to believe that you are waiting for something. And tell me Chris, what's the deal with that coat too. It's awfully luxurious and not exactly quite contemporary."

    Felicity played with her hair as she waited for him to answer. When she didn't she sighed, "Humor me will you? I'll answer your questions after." Felicity leaned forward, smiled, and put her hand on his, "Can't a lady get her way for once?"
  11. He smiled at this, turning his palm to romantically grasp her fingers in his palm, looking into her eyes, lifting her hand slightly to kiss her palm and smiles as he looked into her eyes

    "A madame should always have her way so I will oblige. I brought my own drink here but the atmosphere is too inviting not to stick around. And this coat belonged to my grandfather, passed down to me during my 21st birthday. He was a brilliant man and one I adored. So I wear it for his memory when the air is chilly and a coat is needed. Now, any more questions, or can we get to the lovely madame before me, for I wish to know what a charming lass is doing by her lonesome here..."

    He sipped his drink more, the almond aroma was enticing as the air had the scent of espresso as well. His coat touched her fingers and she could tell that it was no mere coat. The material felt ghastly silky, too expensive for most blood but the down in the coat was soft and gentle. Angelic in a sense as it brushed against her nails. But after his spill of his details he let her hand go.
  12. "Well that is one damn coat." She looked at him. Felicity felt as if there was more to it, but she wouldn't press. He was a stranger and probably remain one. She retracted her hand as her phone buzzed again. Looking down at the screen, she read:

    where r u girl?

    "I'm not by my lonesome. My friends and I are here, but the mood hit me for a good cup of tea and I couldn't resist. I don't know why you drink coffee," Felicity made a face a disgust. "It's sooo bitter. Hmm questions? I have plenty, but" Felicity smiled again a little wider than before. "I generally don't end up sticking around long enough to find out."

    Her phone buzzed once more. She picked it up and read the message.

    found u! oooooo he's cuuuuuuute. ill keep the suckers @ bay 4 a while longer. kiss him!!

    Felicity rolled her eyes at the message and finished her tea. "Any questions on your part?"
  13. He looekd down at his steaming mug and smiled

    "True coffee by itself is bitter and lacks in rich taste, but I prefer my coffee sweet and delicate, plenty of sugar and cream to keep it tender..."

    As he drank she could smell the aroma of sweetness as well, almost syrupy and enticing, his lips glistened with the liquid as if after her friend's previous message, they invited her to, but he wiped the juice away to keep that thought at bay. Smiling at her as he lowered his glass, nodding gently. As mysterious as he was he was by no means an isolator, a little worried about her cease in questions but jumped at the opportunity

    "What are you studying. I can tell by your love in literature, and your choice in books you are a brilliant girl, but what exactly do you wish your life to lead to? Any dreams, fantasies of your future?"
  14. "I read because I love to read and I write for my own enjoyment, but I don't desire to study it. I got tired of teachers insisting that everything was symbolic or had a message behind it. I also hated when a teacher hated my favorite books and ripped them apart; and then they expected me to follow suit. I actually am working to my degree in computing security. It's fun. I get to program, hack, and mess with viruses all for the sake of security."

    Felicity chuckled at the surprise in his face. "Don't give me that look. It runs in the family and even technology geeks like to sit down with a good book that deviates away from all of the technical tones that drone on and on."

    Felicity looked at the door as her friends walked in with groceries. She waved at them. "Oooh dear, Charles is jealous of you already and Alexander...well.... I can tell he doesn't like you already..... Depressing. You're too handsome for your own good mate."

    Marissa hurried over to her and hugged Felicity, while Felicity smirked at Chris. Marissa looked at Chris and squealed: "Oh my gosh! He is not cute!" Marissa hit Felicity and countined "He's is fucking fiiiiiiiine. Liar. The name is Marissa. I won't give you a hard time like this girl will. I'm completely okay with being your second choice." Marissa stuck her hand out at Chris.

    Charles and Alex walked over and looked at Chris with looks of jealously and contempt. "We should get going Felic. It's getting late."

    Felicity sighed. "Oh what shall I do? It was nice meeting-"

    Marissa interrupted Felicity: "Ooooo you should come over to dinner tonight! We have a weekly Friday night dinner!"

    "We don't know this person Marissa," said Charles.

    "Charles, relax. You're welcome to come Chris," Felicity said. "Give him a chance. He's interesting." She wrote down the address for him.

    "It'll be funnnn. Maybe we'll even bring out the tequila!" Marissa said looking at Felicity. "Just know, we've forbidded Felic from drinking tequila or whiskey. She gets fun."

    "Oh shut up Marissa," said Felicity as she wrapped her arms around Marissa.

    ((feel free to control the friends' as well))
  15. He smirked at the quirky freind as she almost smothered him in compliments and ogling. He grinned and took her hand as well and nodded to her, his bangs whisping away form his face a she swings his head around, then looked back at Felicity before continuing to the other males in the group

    "Seems I'm very well sought and also jaded...Tell you what. I will join you tonight, say around 8? Mostly to see you again Felicity..."
    He looked at Charles and Alex, seeing the rage in their eyes as they mumbled to each other, clearly displeased with this choice of his and not being able to go against the girl's wishes, but fumed even more after he said
    "And to spite these two gents~"

    His voice was sarcastic as he stood and bowed to the ladies as they walked off, hand in hand, sneering escorts behind them as they walked home. He had a good feeling about this gal, her lovely personality and charm was accented with her sweet face and lovely voice. But he was making certain they were away form sight and earshot as he made his way back home, into the forest, the path of the castle opened to his eyes only as he walks along the simple empty path, no traces of trails were paved on, it was eerily blank, even as he stepped the footprints never showed. As he walked along, the shadows of the trees faded off as a vapor took form under his feet, slowly a curvy female, clad in a broken black dress appeared before him, floating in mid air and looking at his face
    "..Baron Christoph, pleasant to see you again~"

    He grinned at his companion, tilting her head up and kissing her on the lips gently, her lips tasting as fresh as usual with the feed as he drained the last of the blood form her lifeless body after another successful hunt. Elk blood tasted oakier but still storng enough for a month's worth of energy. But as always she tried to seduce into the kiss, her tongue trailing along his, her hands clawing at his chest. He allowed the kiss but stopped her wrists short, which made her frown

    "So Baron found a suitor?"
    "One likely one at least, a vibrant young girl form the other lands...Irish form the looks but still a prize.."

    He ran his fingers along his drenched fangs, now bearing in secrecy as he grinned.
    "Youm will accompany me this evening to their dinner to see what you think of her, as a ...woman's experience..."

    He treated his pet with a lick to her enck, which she wrapped her hands around her neck to pull him closer, his tongue trailing to her chest. He was sensual with his pet but a deep tease as it never got too heated, giving her attention but no release, making her suffer and beg, but she wanted him so. But as a loyal mistress to the Dmitri family, she had no say otherwise. And obliged casting back into his shadow as they walked along to the castle, freshening up for the evening ahead.
  16. Felicity and her group had made their way back to the apartment. As they began to unload the groceries, Alexander caught Felicity's wrist and stated: "I cannnot believe you invited a random stranger to our home Felic. That is so unlike you."

    "If you remember you were a stranger when Marissa brought you home Alex."

    "And you threw me out!"

    "Well you were drunk idiot. You promised me you wouldn't be an overjealous ex... Learn your place Alex. I understand being uncomfortable a stranger isn't coming over, but you could care less about the stranger part. You bring women over all the time. Please, I don't want you to be angry. Now let me go."

    " have a point, but I still don't like him. He feels wrong."

    "Well I think he's bloody well handsome!" Marissa walked between the too of them as Alexander let go. "Now stop your quarrel and help me decide what we're making for dinner!"

    "We will make tortellini with a salad and wine. Isn't Italian what we agreed on?" said Charles.

    "Sounds delicious."

    The group set out to prepare the food for dinner. Felicity hair was a mess from making dessert and she had flour on her face. She was setting the table when there was a knock on the door.
  17. As Chris waited in front of her house, he was dressed less regal and more modern, a black blank hoodie over a grey fitting tee and the same jeans form earlier. His hair was tussled as usual as he waited for her greeting, but as he waited, Skylark tried to coax him into the shadows

    "Master~ Please play with me as we wait~"
    She was begging him like a horny wench, wanting to please her master with passion, but he did not appease right now, trying to keep a low profile as he summoned her back into his larky shadow behind him, with a dejected whine. As she dissipated so did the red in his eyes, coating the blue hue back into his gaze as he was greeted by the other lady from the afternoon earlier, dragging him in

    "Chris! Come in come in Felicity is still she was still joking you are 2 cute for your own good...~"

    She winked as she dragged him in and set him along the couch, the other gents silent in stewing anger as they looked at Chris form the other couch, the tension was high but he didn't let it dampen his mood as he looked around to try to find his prize in the kitchen, waving at her before a voice was heard in his head

    "That is your suitor..that skiny scrawny waste of ski-"

    He stamped his foot quickly to he floor to silence skylark as he waited for Felicity
  18. Felicity popped her head around the corner. "Hello! Chris was it?" She smiled at him. "I'll be a minute." She finished setting the table.

    Felicity walked out in her disheveled. "I'm sorry for my appearance! I was baking a pie and Marissa and I got carried away...." She blushed slightly and winked at Marissa who had very obviously recently taken a shower to clean herself up. "Please do make yourself comfortable while I tidy up." Felicity unfurled her hair and made across the room to the hall next the kitchen. She paused and looked to the boys working on the salad on the kitchen island. "Play nice boys."

    Felicity automatically began prepping her self and changed into clean clothes. She scooped her long hair to the side and applied some dark lipstick that brought out her lips more and contrasted beautifully with her skin. She slipped into a snug but plan white shirt and put on a loose plaid shirt with the front open and the sleeves pushed up. She changed into dark jeans. She straightened her necklace.

    Felicity came back out and Marissa immediately said "Oooo la-la-la!"

    Felicity called across the room to Marissa: "Oh shut up Mar. Don't make me come back over there." She proceeded to pour her self a cup. "Please help yourself to your own drinks. We're pretty laid back here."

    ((Can we see your companion....skylar? I'm a little confused.))
    She's like a familiar hiding in his shadows, but also his mistress and another companion in his castle. Sort of like Midna from Legend of Zelda.]

    Chris smiled as he watched her escape into the other room to freshen up. Alex and Charles left to their little corner to watch tv, leaving Chris to his lonesome but he didn't mind. He loved the isolation but Marissa had other plans, keeping him company as Felicity got ready

    "So tell me big boy where did you pop up from? Felicity didn't say much about you."

    "I do live her in town, and I stop by that shop occasionally, but that was the first I met your friend, she is quite a charming young maiden..."

    " talk rather funny~ But it's cute~"
    She smiled as she toyed with his chest, Skylark hissed in the shadow silently to try to coy her playing banter away but to no avail. in her spirit form her essence is futile against the affairs of mortals as she is left to steam like Charles and Alex, watching American programs.
  20. "Marissa darling, what did I say about making men into your little toys...."

    "Are YOU jealous of my flirting Felic?"

    "Of course, Mar. When a dashing, young man has stolen your affections," said Felicity playfully with hints of sarcasm and drama. "I flare with green envy and must either fight for your attention and or retreat to my bed where the absence of your cuddles will leave me cold in and misery.... What IS a girl to do!"

    She chuckled. "Charles! Alexander! Get your assess out here and help me serve dinner. We have a guest dudes!" Felicity turned back to the two on the couch. "Excuse my un-maiden-like language. Let me know when your birthday is Chris, I'll get you a thesaurus in which you can use to be much more current. You sound older than my great grandparents at times."

    Felicity walked over to the island where the food had been sitting in dishes. "What are you guys doing? Get off your butts and help!"

    "She's normally not this demanding handsome~ She's rather quite submissive~" giggled Marissa.

    Felicity began carrying food to the dining room. She rolled her eyes at Marissa's comments. "Seriously zip it on that front Mar. You have enough dates as it is."