The Vampire King

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  1. Also wasn't sure what to tag this as, but eh we'll go with it.

    Quick Plot synopsis: A male vampire is set to become the king of vampires but it is required that he must set out to find human or vampire love (usually fall in love and remain with them for a year) and then kill her himself in order to become king. The vampires believe that you must remove weakness from your life and to remove it must be killed. Love is the ultimate weakness to the vampires.

    The Vampire King has internal argument with himself on whether or not to kill this human girl and be king or forfeit the throne to his brother.

    Brief character Profile:

    Name: Felicity Airgialla
    Currently stationed in: London for school
  2. Felicity was in the Borough Market with her friends. It was an overcast afternoon. They were there on their usual search for fresh food and meat for their annual Friday night dinner. None of them had class on Fridays which was night. Felicity was bored of the usual commotion and decide to sit down on a bench with a cup of tea that she had bought. She wasn't an Englishwoman, but she might as well be mistaken for one from her habits. Felicity annoyed her friends when she disappeared to read. She pulled out her favorite book of assorted poetry. They would call her-Felicity hadn't wanted to come today. She wanted to sleep in because she could.

    Felicity sipped on her tea and turned to Sylvia Plath. Plath's despair in her poetry would always be her favorite kind of poem.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.