The Vampire Hunter

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    She was the first Vampire Hunter to ever exist. Her name was Caroline Faulkner. She was sitting in a bar, but not drinking. She couldn't do that, as she was working. Caroline wouldn't be able to do it anyway, as she was underage. Sixteen isn't old enough to drink. She was sitting on one of the bar stools, glancing at the door. Caroline was told that a Vampire would come to this bar around this time. She was nervous, but also a little excited
  2. Victor Thiatro stepped into the bar, he was 16 when he was first bit by the alpha vampire, his own father...and ever since then has tried to drink blood responsibly and as little as possible.
    The young man's friend was the bartender who served him some cow blood every once in a while, of course human blood was much more delicious but thats the price to pay for being so responsible.

    Some high school girls watched as he entered, walking past them they giggled and flirted...after all he was very handsome, only he had red eyes.

    As he sat by the barstool, he looked at the bartender, "give me the usual Sally," he said and gave her some money. The girl nodded and walked away.

  3. Caroline's eyes widened ever so slightly when she saw a man with red eyes walk in. Those eyes....was he the vampire that she had to kill? Alright. She watched as he walked over to one of the stools and she looked away in case he noticed she was looking at him. Quite a lot of the Vampire Hunters were easily to recognize for vampires, and she didn't want to risk it. Caroline wouldn't be recognized as a Vampire Hunter since she was new, and they never are when they are new, but she didn't want to risk it
  4. The young vampire was handed the drink, "thanks Sally..." he said and gulped down the drink.
    Sensing someone dangerous behind him, he stood up and faced the girl...."I wouldn't do that if I were you..." he said.
    Everyone in the bar turned to her, their eyes flashing red for a moment before one man stood up and grabbed the girl.

    "A vampire hunter? On our turf...wrong move, but get this straight new meat, we aren't all bad...and next time...think twice before you take on the Prince of Vampires..."

    The man threw the girl out of the bar.

    "Caroline! Are you alright?" It was Jennifer, Caroline's best friend. "I came as soon as I could..."

  5. Her eyes widened when she noticed everyone's eyes had flashed red. They were all vampires?! Caroline flinched when she felt one of the vampires grab hold of her arm. As he spoke, she just stared at him. Prince of Vampires?! No way! She staggered when thrown out of the club and mentally sighed in relief when she heard the voice of her best friend, Jennifer, "H-Hey Jennifer." Caroline said, trying to hide the fear in her voice. She never expected that to happen. And after all of that, it wasn't even the worse part. The worst part was, since she was assigned this job she had to kill him
  6. "Ohmygosh! Are you okay!" She asked, picking her up and brushing her off, "I heard the assignment you were given and tried calling you...i've been tracking the prince and found out that he was at the bar you were going to! I don't understand why you were assigned this mission! He's literally the second strongest vampire!"

    Jenny quickly grabbed your neck and started looking at it to make sure you weren't bit, when there were no marks on her best friends neck she took a deep breath..."holy shit you were lucky! Why didn't he kill you...I bet you got away!"

    "Why didn't you kill the hunter! She was an easy target! We could of feasted tonight!" The big vampire that was holding Caroline asked.

    "Quiet Bruce! You dare to speak before your master!" Victor said, not even bothering to look at him.
    The big man threw himself to the ground, "forgive me prince! I beg of you!"
    Victor drank some more of his bloody mary as he stared out the door, "I'm not my father are forgiven..."

    Bruce thanked him over and over again as he stood up, all the vampires stared at Victor, waiting his next orders.

    "Fellow vampires...remember that humans are stupid and delicate creatures...they fight without hesitation and without knowing all the take pity upon them, and Bruce..."

    The big man stood there in silence while the prince spoke, "send the girl a message..."

    Jenny looked at the sky, "it's getting dark...we should probably get going before we are killed..."
  7. Caroline let Jennifer check her neck for bite marks. She was glad she had such a kind friend that was concerned for her. If she was friends with anyone else, they probably wouldn't care. She nodded and said, "Yeah....but I can't. I have to finish the job. If I don't, I get my licence taken away, and I need it." Her reason for becoming a Vampire Hunter was because of how well they pay, and because vampires were evil. Well, most of them were
  8. A rather mysterious man was sitting in the corner and watched the whole scene unfold. He had a drink in front of him but it hadn't been touched at all. He twirled a knife in between his fingers. He wore a dark gray cloak, once that concealed most of his forehead and when he looked down concealed his entire face. His cloak was mostly tight against his body, across the arms mostly. His shirt was a dark tanish and he wore dark gray pants like his cloak that had a buckle across his waist.

    The man, Shade, gave off a rather particular aura, one that could put fear into those not entirely sure of their intention in proceeding the man. He didn't look up at anyone to show no hint of what he was doing here. Who was that girl? He thought to himself. He didn't particularly care, he was for another reason. He was a hunter after all. A very deadly one who was well known. He lifted his head and looked toward Victor, but a red mask hid his face but he glared through it. Waiting for someone to pick up on his intentions.
  9. "I'll call you later." Caroline said as she walked towards the bar. She snuck in through the back, and had been careful to hide her face, as they would probably throw her out again if they saw her. She had to be quick. And that's when she saw him. Another Vampire Hunter. She made her way over to him and said, "Umm, hi."
  10. The man quickly turned to her, and immediately recognized her as the girl who had been thrown out. He was careful to not show his face to her. Most Vampire Hunters knew him to be a very ruthless vampire hunter, quite evil, though he had his reasons. He didn't say anything for quite sometime and examined her, probably making her extremely comfortable with his stillness and intimidating persona. "Hello..." His voice was shallow, and had a hard edge to it but had a young person's tone.
  11. "It's not safe to be here." She said to the man. Since she couldn't see his face she didn't know he was a Vampire Hunter. But she knew he was human, as when the vampire's eyes flashed red, his did not. Caroline watched the man and waited in case he had something to reply with. She was expecting him to laugh or something, like people have done in the past when she warned them, but she hoped that he wouldn't
  12. "You understand that as much as I do." He replied casually. He looked up at her, she could see his crimson red mask, his green eyes practically sticking out. If she heard anything about him, his name was Shade Noctura. He had a story of killing seventeen vampires by himself without receiving a single scratch. Though it was only part true. He looked at her, his eyes practically staring into her. He cocked his head, a little creepily to the side, he kept his voice low. "If it's not safe here, than why are you here?" He had a smirk on his face, as he said that, almost amused by the girl sitting in front of him.
  13. Darkness came early, and the vampire prince smiled, breathing in the night air.

    Whispers were heard all around the three, which meant that vampires were closing in.
    Jenny looked around terrified, "we need to hurry! I came from and underground bunker! It's covered in salt and crosses, as well as vampire traps we need to leave!"

    "let's ride...Bruce, do your thing..." The Prince said as he dissapeared, the brute smirked.
  14. Caroline didn't answer the man when he asked his question. She wasn't allowed to go around saying that she was a Vampire Hunte- Her eyes widened when she saw his mask. Shade.... She gulped and replied with, "I-I'm a Vampire Hunter. I was assigned to kill the Prince of Vampires." When someone was assigned to kill a specific vampire, it meant that no other Vampire Hunter was allowed to kill that vampire, but the person assigned
  15. He payed no attention the to the vampires going around them and instead leaned over the table, his eyes piercing through Caroline, the glowed in the darkness, he was almost agitated. He looked over her from top to bottom. "Oh, is that right?" His eyes beamed with amusement, he could tell she noticed he was. "Getting thrown out of his bar without much of a struggle seems to a great start, my dear." His fingers noticeably twitched as he felt the vampires getting closer. He cracked his neck once to the side. He glared at Jenny, "Run if you like. I have a job here." He sat back in his chair.
  16. She looked down and said nothing as he spoke about her getting thrown out of the bar without much of a struggl. She was still new at this! When he mentioned that he had a job here, Caroline looked at him confused, "A job? What job?" She asked him. What job would he have? All he's been doing was sitting in the back of the bar
  17. He chuckled, this girl was interesting for sure. "I don't think I have to tell you that." He paused, and thought for a moment. "Though, it's a lot like your job." He pondered for a moment whether he wanted to do this, he clearly relaxed, his eyes actually portraying a since of amusement, "I'll stick with you for the time being." He said, clearly inviting himself without asking. He had a keen interest with Caroline, plus she would make the road to his target much easier. At least he hoped.
  18. She mentally sighed when he spoke. So he wasn't going to tell her? What a shame. But oh well, it had nothing to do with her anyway. Caroline looked at him with a raised eyebrow when he said he'd stick with her. Ha ha. No. "Umm, I'd prefer it if you don't. I find it easier to work alone." She said. Caroline didn't like how he had decided that he would stick with her. Sure, he was a great Vampire Hunter and all, but ask first!
  19. He answered, his voice having a dark tone to it. "Learn to work with others quickly then, because you don't have much of a choice." He shrugged, "Unless you can force me not to otherwise." He gave a rather intimidating glare at her, but his posture was extremely calm, even with the situation they were in. "I need you, that's all there is too it." He actually flinched at the way he put those words. Need..? Wrong use of that word. He sighed, he hated talking to people.
  20. Caroline gulped when she noticed he was glaring at her. Scary. "W-Who says I have to work with you?" She asked, stuttering slightly because of how scary he was. He couldn't make her work with him. Right? No, of course he couldn't. Sure, he was a powerful Vampire Hunter, but he couldn't decide if she worked with him or not
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