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  1. Abele (open)

    In the Kingdom of Galbadia, existed a strong monarchy. This monarchy, known as the Barton monarchy, had been in control of Galbadia for almost three centuries. Many royal families married into the Barton family, creating a strong extended family- a family tree of which consisted of military captains, war heroes, philosophers, explorers, and most importantly, shrewd politicians. The current king, King Lionel, gave birth to four children from three different women. Two were girls, considered to be ignored in the line of succession. The other two? Two vastly different males, twins to the third woman, a concubine who died in childbirth.

    Julian, the one deemed as the King’s first son, was a genius in the classroom. Theory, reason, war strategy, philosophy, science… If the boy could be given the time to think, he could be given an answer. He impressed the men with his quick thinking, and the woman with his wit and quick tongue. A social butterfly, a man who could do no wrong!

    Meanwhile, the second child was something different. Average in the classroom and studying, he was more of a wild child if there ever was one. Strong, cocky, and ever brimming with confidence, he attracted all around him. Rumors of his promiscuity ran rampant through the castle from the age of fifteen. He would never confirm nor deny said rumors, but they were still there… His name was Abele (Ah-beh-el), a never ending reminder of what he was. Just like the ancestral second son, that was what he was always destined to be: the second son of Lionel.

    Today, however, came an event that would begin the shaping of his life forever. As he laid fast asleep in his bed, Lionel had already begun to organize attempts to get the family’s wild child under control. His first action, was to call in one of the few who could reign him in. That was why they were leading a new knight to the throne room, for him to meet Lionel as Abele’s newest and personal knight!
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    If there was one thing that he thought that he would have to do in his lifetime, being the guard of a human monarch would not even be on that list. But yet, somehow, here he was. Vincent had watched the kingdom of Galbadia for some time now, existing on the outskirts of the realm and traveling in and out as he pleased. The kingdom had always thrived quite spectacularly, trading with its allies and fighting with its enemies and crushing rebellion as it arose. Well, at least the humans who rebelled in their kingdom. Soldiers who were sent out to odd places to take care of rebellions never seemed to come back, and the royal family was quite uptight about keeping that secret kept. Wouldn't want a secret like that to get out any time soon, for it would spread like wild fire.

    That was why it was so amusing to Vincent how he had even been chosen for this position in the first place. Lionel had known of Vincent for a good fifty year time span, quite a mistake on Vincent's end if he had to admit it to himself. For of course, the one time he tried to feed even remotely close to the royal city was the one time when Lionel, bless the man, wandered outside of his city for a family outing of some sort. Vincent had been quick to remove himself from the situation, but it had already been too late. The next time he stepped foot inside of the city, which was quite a few years later, Vincent had lowered his guard and was met with none other than the King himself, in a back alley by the castle. It wasn't that hard for the human to figure out what Vincent was, simply because Vincent had ruby red eyes due to his lack of feeding for a while.

    Lionel had made Vincent swear on his honor that he would not harm the people of this city, to which he begrudgingly agreed. But there was also another stipulation, Vincent would need to aid the wise King if he ever asked of it.

    Vincent was able to live in solitude for the most part for a good number of years, still retaining his right to leave and enter the kingdom as he pleased. However, this day was going to mark his first in a line of many where he would serve as Lionel's youngest son's personal knight, a body guard of sorts. He was not very thrilled over the matter, the young Abele was always quite a rowdy one from his observations. But Vincent kept his word, even suited up in the armor of the knights to house Barton, and was currently on his way to meet the King, being escorted by what appeared to be some of Lionel's own men. Funny that, the immortal being led in by a group of humans.

    Stepping into the throne room, Vincent walked up to the throne and bowed deeply, placing his right hand over his heart in a courteous manner.

    "Greetings, your grace. It is a pleasure to meet you again." He spoke, standing up tall while smiling.
  3. The king sat on his throne, looking at the man that had appeared in front of him. His hair beginning to grey, his face covered with wrinkles. It was always mentioned of the hard work and effort that a ruler must go through in order for them to keep a country running and on its feet. Lionel had stood tall for many years, and was planning on sticking around for quite a while longer. But his body would certainly take to less rigor. Julian took well to receiving more political responsibility. From everyone’s judgment, he was destined to become king from the moment he was born, and he was clearly the more focused and knowledgeable of his two sons. Abele… Well, he was already having problems to begin with. Simply, the world of politics just did not interest him as much as everything else around him.

    This is why he needed someone close to him that was strong, reliable, and knowledgeable. An advisor and knight all in one. They had to be worldly, and with his son being still at a ripe age, he needed to be someone around his age- or at least could last for a long time with him. It is because of this that he called upon a pact that he had made a long time ago, and would now use in his son’s defense. The person that he was looking for would have to be an extremely exceptional human being, one that mothers would choose for their daughters to marry and then some. But, the clock certainly did tick differently for the man who he was waiting for right now. As the man began to enter the room, Lionel could not help but smile at it. It had been years ever since he had seen Vincent last. Years had clearly taken some of his youthful looks, but Vincent looked as if he was pulled out from the first day they had met and placed in front of him.

    “A long time for sure,” Lionel responded with a small smile of his own. For as much as their relationship was more based on convenience, he was happy to see an old face that was not a standard socialite at one of the galas that his wives would have. “I know that you probably already know why you have come here.” Lionel took a deep breath as he gathered himself. “Abele, my son, is a rowdy young man. Straight-forward, passionate- he may not be as unanimously accepted as Julian, but he is different. Julian is a man that people aspire to be, Abele can be a man that people can admire. Anyways, I want to help him. Him and his brother, as those destined to become my inheritors of my throne, are in imminent peril all the time. Now Julian does not tend to run off anywhere without permission. Abele on the other hand… well, he certainly is a free one. I need someone to stick by him, look out for him. That’s why I called you.”
  4. After the two men had exchanged pleasantries, Vincent took in the sight of his human friend of sorts. It had been a long time knowing the man, reaching back to when Lionel was the age of his youngest son, himself. The monarch had aged quite gracefully, in Vincent's opinion. While his hair had grayed and his skin had wrinkled, the old man had gained a vast amount of things, including money, wealth, and a healthy kingdom. Galbadia certainly had profited from such a strong man for a ruler, but in due time it would be time for his sons to manage the kingdom that their father had created.

    "I do have a fair guess as to why you have called for my presence, yes." Vincent mused, lips quirking up into a smirk.

    And as he feared, not for a case of actual fear, no, feared more so in a sense that he would be forced to do something he wasn't quite looking forward to. Being a caretaker for a rowdy human who thought he was able to call all the shots, whenever he so desired. It reminded the dark haired male of a seemingly long time ago, cast back into his own mortality, when he, himself, was a rowdy, tail-chasing teenager. To Vincent, it did not matter if the person who ended up in his bed was a male or a female, for they never stayed long enough for him to really care. It seemed that aspect followed him into his immortality, funny that.

    "Ah, your youngest child," Vincent shifted his weight. He did not care for the weight of chain mail and armor on him, but he knew that the rest of the guardsmen would become suspicious if him if he were to not wear any. "Abele, how old is the troublemaker now, anyway? The last time I have seen him was when he was but a newborn pup, clung to his mother's skirt."

    Shaking his head, Vincent let out a deep sigh before chuckling. "Why is it exactly that he needs someone to look after him? He is of the most noble house in the Kingdom, surely he has to have been trained. Or were you looking to have someone guide him to be worthy of leading people, a councilor of sorts?"
  5. Lionel could not help but remember back to those old days when Abele was young. He was a troublemaker back then as well, but the two of them were close to one another. Back then, he had a childish mischievous about him- well, he still had it, but it had diminished somewhat. He had always thought of him being so small when he was young- it felt as if he was smaller than Lionel himself when he was Abele’s age. However, the guy grew like a beanstalk over three years- three feet in three years, essentially. He now was almost a head over his own father, same with Julian.

    “In someway, he never has stopped clinging to skirts,” Lionel joked, a small smile coming across his face as he chuckled a little bit to himself. “But he’s almost of age now. Just turned nineteen. Apparently spent his birthday in the company of a few of our maids.” Lionel shook his head as he let out a sigh. The one thing that Abele’s actions tended to do was draw attention to the family that they truly did not need. “You see, he has a problem with… self-control. Not only with women, either. As I begin to get older, I will not be able to travel as much. Julian is coming along nicely and could effectively take over my throne in the new few years… But Abele needs to be able to support him, to be his right-hand man.”

    Lionel took a look to Vincent before continuing, “Not only this, but there are also mumblings in the castle about other, more dangerous things. Anyways, if anything was to happen to me, I want to make sure that both of my sons are protected. Julian will have the royal guards- he will be the king. But Abele could be left behind because of that. That’s why I need you.”
  6. Listening to the antics of the young nobleman, Vincent shook his head slightly with a laugh. "What better way to spend a birthday, My Grace?" He teased.

    It only figured that Lionel would want Vincent to basically act as a babysitter for Abele, Vincent had a nagging suspicion in the back of his head when he had received the message from the King that his presence was wanted. He didn't want to do this at all, for the past century or so Vincent had spent the majority of it alone. No one around him, no one to take care of or care about. Everything worked so much better that way. There was reduced concern for danger of getting caught, no worries about what people would think of him. Vincent could be as crude as he wanted to people he did meet, because come that night he would simply disappear into the shadows and never return.

    And now...he was supposed to be the servant to a human. Vincent was just glad that his blood lust had calmed down enough for him to be around humans for an extended amount of time without losing his self control. There would still be challenges he would need to face, there was no doubt about that. For instance, not being rude to the young prince who was surely going to be...interesting.

    "I suppose I can protect your son, Lionel. It is only fair of me to do so, given our relationship." Vincent raised an eyebrow.

    "But, I do have a question for you. Will I be required to remain by your son's side constantly? That would give me some...problems." He hinted, not wanting to give the rest of the people in the throne room cause for suspicion. But hey, he would need to feed from time to time.

    After hearing Lionel talk about the dangerous things in the castle, Vincent rolled his eyes and tried to suppress a laugh. "Dangerous things? Heaven forbid."
  7. Lionel was personally grateful to Vincent for accepting the job. Even though they did have their pact, the fact that he accepted it without too much trouble did make things easier for him. Abele would be up soon, and the questions would soon come from him… so he wanted to make sure that Vincent was prepared for that when the time came. “Around his side constantly?” he voiced back, understanding what Vincent was speaking of. “Not all the time, no.”

    He could almost feel Vincent collectively sigh when he said this. Or maybe it was himself, satisfied that he was trying to pay attention to all that could go wrong. “At the same time, though, let me know if it becomes to unbearable- You will be spending a lot of time in the castle. So please let me know if you must… take leave or something or another.” Of course, he was expecting Vincent’s response to the ‘dangerous things’ in the castle. How would he not feel a little bit of a joke in what Lionel was saying? After all, he was speaking to a vampire.

    He lightly smiled to Vincent before he spoke, “I never said they were mortally dangerous, now did I?” he asked, leaving the rest of what he said up to interpretation. As a member of the royal family, he was aware of how other royals tended to act. Some of the rumors of Abele were not even true rumors- simply ones that the other royals were projecting in the hopes of bringing down the royal family slowly but surely. This was always in the back of Lionel’s mind, one must understand. “Anyways, you shall head on up to his room. There should be a chambermaid just outside the doors to direct you there.”

    Lionel stood up from his chair, his body starting to feel a little bit light. He stumbled a little bit, but caught himself in the nick of time. “Thank you very much for this,” he made sure to say before he left the room the same way he entered it.
  8. Relief washed over Vincent when he was told he was allowed to take leave when he needed to take care of...personal business. Over the years of being a vampire, Vincent had tried to work on his urges and needs, being able to suppress them at least somewhat. He had a feeling from the beginning days that he would interact with humans more than most vampires, so extra caution was taken when it came to calming his blood lust.

    "Thank you, your grace." He spoke with a small bow.

    Hearing Lionel joke back with him about the dangerous things that were rumored around the castle, the dark haired male simply chuckled and dismissed it. There was not much in mind that Vincent found dangerous or frightening, but then again, he was a little biased because most of the time, with a flick of his wrist or snap of his teeth, whatever was in his way would fall and he could continue on his merry way.

    Vincent watched Lionel take leave, noting the slight catch in his step. The man was getting old, but he still managed to carry himself well. If he hadn't known the king for as long as he would have, Vincent would take Lionel to be at most twenty years younger than he actually was. Vincent just happened to look fifty years younger than he actually was. Immortality was a nifty things every once in a while.

    Once he was mostly alone, Vincent waltzed out to meet the chambermaid that was mentioned. Sure enough, there she was, patiently waiting for him. After exchanging greetings to one another, she showed him up to the room where he would be spending most of his time, guarding and guiding the young prince. At least the castle wasn't awful to look at. It was quite young in terms of a castle, and it was almost always being touched up. So hopefully Vincent wouldn't go out of his mind with boredom when he inevitably would be sitting around and doing nothing.

    The chambermaid left once she did the job she was supposed to, which left Vincent alone. He was standing in the hallway outside of Abele's room, not a single human in sight. Surprising himself, he let out a deep breath. It's not like he really needed to breath anyway, it was more or less a thing that his body was used to and something that he did when he was fatigued. But he could hear Abele stirring inside, so he knew he wouldn't be alone for too much longer.
  9. Abele had slowly begun to put on his clothes, as he did so, he let out a large yawn. He had just woken up from his slumber. The day was still young, and he remembered that his father had wanted him to keep his schedule open for the day- for some kind of reason that he had never explained to him. It was barely anything of note to him, however. ‘It is probably going to be some nice little tea party with a family from Parliament,’ he sighed as his cynical thoughts began to wake him up from his sleep. ‘With a nice little upstanding daughter who would like to get married and bear the child of the mangy mutt of the entire kingdom.’ He was not normally this cynical, but he truly did not like sticking around and listening to all of the noise and racket that his father’s friends brought upon him. He only stuck it out because of his father’s wishes.

    With the final set of clothing finally adjusted to his liking, Abele walked to the door and with one check of the mirror, stepped out. He was not expecting anyone to be out there to meet him- his usual knight was not one to stand out there and wait for him to step out of his room. It was a face that he had never seen before, one that made Abele cautious as he approached him. “Who are you?” he narrowed his eyes, as he scanned the man in front of him with a strong interest. He certainly seemed to be waiting for someone- was it Abele himself? There was no way that could be true… He had never even met the guy.

    “If you need a guide to the place, they’re out front.” Abele dismissed the male well before he could even get a word in naysay. Putting his hands into his pockets, he began to walk away.
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