The Vamp Next Door -MxM-

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  1. Vampire x human Roleplay-

    YC is a vampire and you just moved in. MC is your neighbor. Only a couple days after you moved in, two murders happened. The bodied muiltated with bite marks on their bodies. MC gets very suspicious when he sees your character carry out a body shaped bag and set it in his car and drove away. The next day MC come to the vampires house the next day with the police. MC tells a ridiculous story about how YC is a vampire, the officer gets so mad he storms out and demands to never come back again with such stupid stories.... But they aren't stories... They are real... And now YC is after MC for causing so much trouble... But what if YC doesn't want to kill MC... No... He has something else in store for him as pay back.

    -third person rp.-
    -3-4lines at least.-
    -I'm the human/submissive in the storyline.-
  2. I'd want to join! Seems pretty cool. But, I'm not really fond of the MxM thing in public. Can It Be By Email?
  3. We could do pm's? But I don't really like giving out my email. :3
  4. Oh...Well, okay. PM me and then we will talk.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.