The Valley of Dying Things(Fantasy, F wanted)

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  1. A land undiscovered, far from anything resembling human civilization, he was the first to see it, a large valley cradled by the gentle embrace of towering mountains, and full of magic...magical creatures that is, of the sort never seen before.

    Elves, faeries, gnomes, and more, there were many places in the world with creatures like these, but rarely in such concentrations, it was a dream come true for an explorer like himself, this is why he spent long periods of times far from the comforts of a home, this is what he lived for.

    It was too bad there was something dreadfully wrong.

    The southern entrance of the valley he had entered, everything was lush, green, and overflowing with plant life, tended to by the inhabitants of the land, but there was a quiet and desperate fear growing in the populace who lives there, for to the north of the valley...

    Everything is sick, and dying, something is poisoning the land, killing it and anyone who stays there slowly but surely, the only thing holding back this sickening death, were the dryads, all led by the most powerful and eldest of them all, their unofficial 'queen', bonded to the oldest tree in the forest, she alone is holding back the worst of the toxins.

    Can this new stranger in their lands who is both part of nature, but disconnected to it help them save their valley?

    The plot is simple, a valley of the Fair Folk, faeries, is dying, something is poisoning the land, and killing all who dwell upon it.

    The only thing holding this tide of death back is the Queen Dryad, and her younger sisters, a stranger comes to their lands, who like them, has magic in his blood, but it is of a different nature, and he offers to help them discover the source of this poison, and remove it

    A few ground rules to lay down

    1. There will be in case anyone wonders, NO smut whatsoever, if there is anything sexual in this roleplay, it will either be fade to black, or just be mentioned incidentally(like, say if there's a whorehouse or something else).

    2. This is very much a high fantasy roleplay, if you are not familiar with that, that means there's lots of magic and fantasy elements, if such a thing is not in your comfort zone, this may not be for you.

    3. This is a long term roleplay, but also be aware there is no limit to how quickly or slowly you post, as I can't exactly promise any degree of regularity myself, that said both of us should try to avoid allowing it to stagnate.

    4. If you're the type that offends easily, then I am likely not the partner for you, I can be brusque and curt, something I have warned people of before, but they never seem to get the memo and get pissy with me even when I meant no offense(you know who you are).

    This does not mean I dislike you, or that I mean to be rude, it's just how I am sometimes.

    5. Furthermore, in regards to rule number four, if you're not capable of talking things out in case a disagreement or whatever does come up, in a REASONABLE, and mature fashion, then again, I am likely not the partner for you.

    I think that about covers it all, I look forward to your interest!

    OH actually, one last thing!

    This isn't really a 'rule' thing, not everything in this setting or roleplay is fleshed out, so we'll have to brainstorm things together, I really don't want to come up with all the ideas by myself.​
  2. I don't know if anyone has approached you yet, but I am interested if you'll have me. Truth be told I haven't gotten much role playing action lately, so I don't have anything to show you in term of my writing, but I kinda really want to get back in being a part of the community and this sounds like right up my alley. PM me if you'll have me. If not then I'll just get the hint.
  3. Ooh, that sounds really interesting! I'd totally be up for a roleplay of that nature! :D
  4. *dryly* Should I flip a coin?

    You both appear to be suitable, and I hate to turn either one down
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