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  1. Stones lay in the Valley of Annora, different shapes and different colours, all in one place. Each stone has a purpose. It's own destiny.

    When a baby is born in the world of Uqueston, it is raised by it's mother until it is old enough to go to the Valley of Annora. Some children go there at a very young age, like ten years old, even nine. And some go there when they are fifteen, sixteen, even seventeen. Lady Annora, the ruler of all Uqueston, knows each child's future, and knows when the child is ready to find it's own stone.
    Meanwhile, creatures unknown to mankind roam the forests and plains of Uqueston, such as pixies, phoenixes, griffins, dragons, unicorns and others. Some creatures are tamable to humans, but some are not.

    There are ten types of stones (these work like elements):

    - Fire
    - Water
    - Air
    - Earth
    - Dark
    - Light
    - Dragon
    - Psychic
    - Ghost
    - Electricity

    (( You can be human, or any mythical creature, and humans are free to have creatures as pets, as long as they're animal-like, and are actually tamable. Have fun! ))
  2. Jade walked into the Valley of Annora. It was beautiful. So many stones, scattered in different corners of the field. All the blue stones were near a waterfall, and all the green stones were near a forest. All the orange stones were near some lava, and so went the other eight coloured stones. Jade had read a lot about all different types of stones, and how it was believed that there were many more types, but they were not yet discovered. She looked at the field, amazed. She looked up at Annora. "What do I do, Lady Annora?" asked Jade. Annora smiled. "Find the one that you think is right for you, child." she said, with a calm and gentle voice. Jade blinked, paused for a second, nodded, and smiled at the ruler. She wandered off, in search of her stone. First, she took a look at the orange ones. Now that she looked at them a bit closer, some of them seemed redder than the others, and some of them seemed browner than the others. A girl walked up to a stone near Jade. The stone suddenly lit up, and the girl smiled joyfully, picking it up and running across to Annora. Jade sighed. None of these stones seemed to be lit up for her.
    Next up were the blue stones. Again, nothing. And so she kept on hopping from one group of stones to the other, and nothing worked. Jade sighed. It was hopeless. She probably just wasn't ready yet. Suddenly, something bright caught Jade's eye. She came closer to it. It was merely a pebble, but it looked so pretty and rare, not like the other stones. She picked it up. The pebble warmed up in Jade's hands as she smiled. This was her stone. A light stone.
  3. Jake, a young werewolf, walked into the valley of Annora he was 15 he looked at all the stones they all looked dull to him except the stones that looked as if they were dancing with sparks he got closer the sparks surrounded him he reached for a stone and the sparks lifted him he knew this was his stone,the stone of electricity. He could feel it running threw his veins now the sparks were giving him a new fond power to his young werewolf body.
  4. The stone seemed to be calling him. Very faint screams, and very loud whispers seemed to be emitting from that stone. It seemed to be very...ghostly to him. He hesitantly approached the glowing white stone, then bent down. As soon as he laid a hand on it, he felt an unbearable for a quick moment, and once it was over he picked it up, and held it tightly. He was trembling, his body was shaking severely. After a few seconds of holding that rock, his skin became very pale. Every inch of hair on his body seemed to stand up suddenly. His hair turned to a bright white, his pupils seemed to disappear. The left side of his face decayed revealing his gums and teeth, which were now grey. Scars began to appear on almost all parts of his body. He smiled a little, knowing it was his stone. The ghost stone. He rushed back to Annora. He held the stone and smiled at her. "I found it," he said as he showed her the stone. The hand he held his stone in began to decay as well, but after focusing on his hand for a short amount of time his skin began to appear once more. "I could get used to this..." his voice trailed off in uncertainty.
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  5. Whisper whinnied, her gnarled horn long and fierce as it's tip touched the water surface, just enough to brake surface tension. Her long billowing mane a tail, balanced on the soft wind as it blew from the east. Stones were to be chosen soon. She delicately placed her tender hooves into the soft earth, marking her path. Whisper flicked her tail as stones came to view. Her stone was the Ghost Stone, staying behind the tree line, she saw a boy now more that 14-17 years of age. Her long szbre like tail extended by her side. Willow, remained behind the tree. Her horn emitting a faint glow.
  6. Walking into the field with his hands in his pocket, he looks around with a look of distaste on his face. Why his parent's told him to come now, at the age of 15 was beyond him. He didn't even really want to come. He was quite happy living his life the way it was. The sun rays beated down on him, blinding his eyes. I need to find some shade, the sun is killing me. He walked over to a nearby by cave and sat down underneath it. After basking in the darkness, shielded from the sun's rays, he felt something rubbing up against his leg. Looking down he saw a particularly darker spot on the ground. Reaching his hand towards it, he felt his hand being pulled more and more. When his hand touched it, he was able to quickly identify it as a stone. A rush of energy surged through him as he stood up with the stone in hand, "So this is what the power of the stones feels like. Maybe coming here wasn't so bad after all." He walked out into the field, holding his newly claimed Dark Stone.
  7. Whisper spotted a second boy, no more than 15, walk away towards a cave. She snorted and pursued him. Her mane and tail billowed behind her as she galloped through the forest, her hooves barely touching the ground. A cave beckoned before her. The boy had picked up a stone by the time she was there, watching him diligently her black coat shimmered. The young unicorn mare seemed to glow with power.
  8. Nepeta followed the unicorn and saw the boy with the dark stone and hissed. "Be carfur with the stone or darkness will fall over the land. What's your name boy?"
  9. Looking over towards the noise, the boy jumped back at the sight before him A unicorn? He'd never seen one in his entire life. The way it shone with beauty and power left him in awe. Snapped out of his trance by a girl who had appeared beside the unicorn, he answered her question without thinking about it. "My name is Aethro." It took him a while to realize what else the girl had said. "Wait, how could a stone have that much power? I mean, isn't it just a stone?" Aethro had lived his whole life believing that. He didn't really believe in the power of the stones, and what they possess, nor did he quite understand it. Sure, he had felt it's power when he claimed his stone, but he still didn't know how to use it. "And while we're at it, who are you?"
  10. "I'm Nepurta. (Nepeta uses cat puns.) I'm a neko." She giggles as she wiggles her cat ears and her tail sways behind her. "By the way didn't you know all the stones have powers. I have one but I won't tell anybody or use it unless I need to. So it's a secret." She giggles and sways her hips to the same rhythm of her tail.
  11. Aethro cocked his head slightly at the strange girl. Now that he focused in on her more, he noticed that she was also something he had never seen before. Man, I really gotta get out more He thought to himself. He felt a pulsating in his hand, and when he looked down he saw that his stone had begun to grow a dark aura around it. Powers? What kinds of powers? He thought to himself. He raised the stone up and stuck it out in front of him, away from the unicorn and cat girl. He focused in on it, and he could feel as all of his strength began to be absorbed by it. It began making a loud warping noise and made Aethro feel more powerful than ever. "What's going on?!?" He yelled at the cat girl over the sound.
  12. Nepeta grins. "I don't know. The dark stone is rare!" Nepeta laughs and jumps up and down. "I can't wait to find out what this stone does!"
  13. Lee appeared in the cave, almost scaring the living crap out of everyone, since he had decayed even more. His body parts and flesh grew back after he inhaled. "Sorry to startle you...Just noticed a lot of activity in this cave. Thought I'd say hi. The name's Lee by the way," he said with a weary smile. He made eye contact with everyone in the room.
  14. Nepeta's ears flatten and she hisses. "What are you? A.... You have the ghost stone do you?"
  15. "Umm uhh...." Aethro muttered nervously as the stone began to shake and the noise got louder. I guess I gotta do something with it.... He thought. He tried letting go of the stone but it stuck firmly to his hand. Maybe if I scrape it off.... He walked up to a tree, and rubbed his hand on it as if to pry the stone off. Instead, the moment the stone touched the tree, a purple hue grew around the tree, and within seconds it blew up, sending Aethro flying. He landed at Lee's feet looking up at him. "Umm, hello, my name's Aethro." He said to him.
  16. Nepeta grins. "It kills! You have the most ultimate power! You can control who dies by touching them! That's amazing!"
  17. Lee backed up a little from the boy with the dark stone. "There's a chance I'm already dead, but I don't feel the need to test that theory," he said as he backed up as far away from him as he could.
  18. Nepeta hisses again. "Mind your manners sir!"
  19. Lee through his hands up. "I'm sorry...didn't mean it," he said trying to act innocent.
  20. Nepeta purrs. "Thank you." She sits in the grass and lays down. "Today is purrfect!"