The Valiant

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  1. Silence. The vacuum of space absorbing all sound as a large ship slowly maneuvered its way through the remains of what was once a thriving border planet of the galaxy. Behind the large ship, the growing fleet followed en route, taking care of any ‘trash’ left behind from the current mission. The destroyed planet was just one of many thus far that had been obliterated in the ship's pathway to 'glory'. If nothing more, the planet had been destroyed on the simple principle that it defied allowing the leader of the large ship colony to overthrow the government and take over. A distress signal had been sent to the IGA, but it was too late to do anything in response.

    The culprit ship, The Destroyer, and the culprit mass murderer, Gallatros. Gallatros sat upon their winding thrown within the massive main ship and peered at the planet remains as they floated through the wreckage. Gallatros was still a long ways out from the central planets, and had a long way to go until they reached their main goal, but time would bring them closer. Good thing Gallatros could be a patient individual if they so pleased. Gallatros’ crimson eyes peered emotionless at the planetary debris, and bodies, floating past. Simply another obstacle to overcome in their rise to power, that was all this was. Slowly, though, a wicked grin spread across Gallatros’ thin lips, "move forward." The command came calm and clear as they continued on their quest. One way or another Gallatros would rule the galaxies, or destroy anything that dared defy their rule. Slowly, the ship moved on in an almost snake like-fashion...

    Location: IGA command shuttle along the outer borders

    The young officer made his way through the winding halls of the command shuttle to find his way to the captain. Entering the room, the captain was conversing privately with some official. The officer waited for the discussion to end. As the vid-screen disconnected he stepped forward to make himself known. “Captain, we have picked up on a distress signal from one of the outer border planets.”

    “Is this urgent?”

    “Sir—all signal has disappeared. Its as if the planet has been wiped out. It was a mixture of screaming and chaos then nothing”

    “Replay the message”

    “Yes, captain.” The officer typed in a few codes on the console as the message was briefly played back. The voices were very distressed and in some foreign language, but the distress was clear. There were sounds of explosions and screaming in the background before a clear: “Help. Help us please Hel—“ the rest was cut off by a loud explosion and static. The captain listened with a frown, “where are the coordinates?” a visual popped up as the captain sighed, “set a course. We won’t arrive for another hour, but god lets hope that there are some survivors” The ship changed course, but would never reach its destination. Instead, like the planet that had sent the distress signal, the IGA ship would run into the fleet of Gallatros who was still in a bitter mood. In the matter of minutes, Gallatros’ fleet would lay waste to the command shuttle, leaving no survivors, and simply continue on its way--


    Isolde sighed as she continued to work upon the wounds of the members of the ship she was a part of. They'd recently finished a mission that had gotten at least half the crew injured in one way or another. They claimed it was a mixture of the hungry cannibals and the government ships chasing after them upon their exit. She personally claimed it was male stupidity, but that was her. She was just a medic-droid programmed to treat wounds. That was it. Why should she have any emotion toward these crew members? Well that was part of the problem. Even though she was a completely artificial life that should be void of emotions she had a grasp of what they were. That's how she'd ended up on Valiant in the first place.

    Finishing the patch upon the captain she stepped back "You're finished, captain" she stated in a level tone as he got off the examining table with a soft groan and moved quickly away to tend to other matters. Isolde watched him go quietly and then began to sterilize the instruments as her next patient came in. The part that got her most about this whole ordeal was that at least two of the people injured weren't even off the ship once. They Intergalactic Police Federation had been tagging the ship for illegal products, and taken chase to them for a short bit. Luckily they managed to escape from the IPF and keep the goods for delivery, but they'd all gotten quite shaken up.

    Ophelia had been in the weapons room last she checked doing a twice over of weapon inventory 'just in case' they hadn't given the IPF the total slip. Herbert was back to tending the pilot seat, and her next 'victim' was Eragor, the resident mechanic. She wasn't too worried of his condition, he was a naturally fast healer, but the captain had ordered that all personnel seek a medical once over by Isolde before resuming duties, just in case. Fixing the wound upon his arm she nodded, "Alright you're done..." she shooed him away back to whatever duties he might have to undergo. Shaking her head she finished cleaning up and walked through the familiar halls of the ship to her personal quarters. Closing the door behind her she moved to a large computer terminal where she took a seat and began to look up some information.

    At the moment they were assuming they'd gotten a clean get away. That left only the drop off point of the stolen goods. Their next destination was Aspearas Prime, a bog planet. Where their contractor, Kira Moonshine, would be meeting them to give them payment and take the illegal goods off their hands. As they were moving along there was a sudden jolt of turbulence through the ship as they lost yet another buffer to the ship along the way. As much as she liked Valiant, it seemed the thing was always falling apart, no matter how many repair jobs it underwent. She couldn't help but curl her lips into a slightly amused smile, though, after making sure all her things were secure. Such was life upon the Valiant. One rough ride after another.
  2. William hopped of the medical table, "Thank you Isolde." He walked out of the medical room and maid his way to the bridge. Last he checked the ship had been on a perfect course to Aspearas Prime, of course that had been before they were attacked by the IPF. When he saw Herbert sit back down to the pilot seat he asked, "Is our course still set for Aspearas Prime, or are we going to have to make a U-turn somewhere?" He tried to gesture with his left arm but it had gotten stuck halfway through its movement. While waiting for the answer from the pilot William grabbed his handgun and began to beat his left arm with the butt.
  3. Esperanza stood on the bridge right behind the captain's chair overseeing the crew. She stood with her arms crossed behind her back staring down at the monitors that were plotting the course. Her captain William was currently in the medical bay and she had the bridge until he returned. the pilot they had was doing an amazing job so far, she hadnt had to say a single word to anyone on the ship so far, and she liked that, she liked it alot.

    She took a step back from the captain's chair as she heard the doors slide open and saw William enter. "Captain." She nodded curteously to him as he took his seat and began speaking to the pilot. Esperanza smirked as he addressed the man and supressed a laugh when she saw his gun being removed and as he used it as some sort of crude hammer against his arm.
  4. Herbert would have gladly left those minutes, which were used for dodging the IPF, out of his memoirs, but they slowly became a part of his everyday life. As a pilot for the Valiant, a ship that did not always deal in honest business, he had to learn quite a few new tricks to escape the IPF's grip, and were not taught in the academy. While he was indeed grateful for that, the chase that happened just a few minutes before strained him a lot, so now he was quite glad that once again, he managed to escape from the clutches of the IPF.

    As he was resting in the pilot's chair, only half-paying attention to the consoles around him, the captain called out to him.

    "Yes, we are still on course," said Herbert as he accessed some infromation about their current location. Luckily, they have not made a large detour, so the Valiant would ship its goods in time, just as it always had.
  5. "Good that means we won't be late in our delivery." William said as he got his arm working again. He moved it quickly in every which way he could think of just to make sure that it wouldn't freeze up again for awhile. After his little basic diagnostic run on his arm he turned to his second in command, "And what are you laughing at? I would very much like to know."
  6. She cleared her throat as the captain turned to her. "Nothing really, Sir. Just admiring your ability to accurately test not only your arm but your sidearm at the same time." It was amazing that she could say it with a straight face. Her answer came out as her eyes still stared straight forward at the monitors in front of her.
  7. "Cut it out," interrupted Herbert coldly, while indicating towards the consoles surrounding him, hoping that the captain and his executive officer will get the message. He really would not have liked it if their antics distracted him in a crucial moment during the voyage.
  8. A young, female, wolf anthro stood in a large storage unit upon the planet of Asperas Prime. The storage unit was part of an extensive military base that utilized the facilities to ration out supplies to the people of Asperas. She was taking an inventory for the government. They were expecting a shipment, but it hadn't arrived yet. Checking off a few things on her holopad, she glanced around before preparing to leave. In all reality, she was secretly a freedom fighter for the small resistance group upon the planet. Yet, she was still a government worker, which worked in her favor for access to the restricted areas. Asperas Prime was a bog planet who's industries thrived from coal and diamond mining. For a long while they lived peacefully as a free planet, but once word got out about their prized resources, they were quickly taken over by the interplanetary government and put under a somewhat dictatorship. The inhabitants, civilized ones at least, were instantly put into work camps and scattered about in the different mines. The government promised protection against the less civilized individuals of the planet, and the many dangerous bog creatures lurking about. In return for the protection, the people were to work under the government to gather the natural resources for interplanetary trade. Face value seemed a good deal, but the people were highly exploited. Most of the people were from lesser families and relied on the supplies dropped off for survival. A small percentage were well off from old stature, but those numbers too were dwindling.

    Kira Moonshine was lucky that she was born into an influential family, and was given the chance for a better life. However, she hated to see her own people suffering so, which was why she secretly joined the resistance. It helped to have government persuasion in her favor, as she could get supplies and such to those who really needed them. It was the resistance's hopes that one day they could reclaim Asperas Prime as their own and live in peace once again. Glancing at the time, Kira moved quickly to a more secure and private area. She needed to send private landing coordinates to Valiant for their arrival with the government goods. The goods were going to be smuggled to some of the worker camps that were in desperate need of more supplies. It was certainly a risky situation, as Kira could very well loose her head for insubordination against her 'government' who was long ago corrupted by the colonization, but it was a risk she was willing to take. First thing was first, she needed to send the falsified information to her government so that no red flags were raised (initially). Sending in the clipboard information, which would state all was in order, she slipped away to begin the operation to contact Valiant. Valiant would receive an encrypted message, but they'd know what to do with it. Satisfied her message got through, now she just had to wait.
  9. "And that's twelve." Frieda announced to the empty room, smacking the final cannon with satisfaction. A satisfying metallic echo filled the weapons room. Her smooth brown shoulders slumped down as she released a breath she didn't know she was holding. For a moment there she didn't think they'd get away. If they hadn't given them the slip the government would've taken every one of her babies- all of her work, modifying, adapting, working on these weapons. At a sudden thought she reached into her belt sling and pulled out one of her pistols. She hit the butt of it to check for the familiar click and hum that indicated it was alive and well. She fetched the ammunition from her ammunition belt and reloaded. Finally satisfied and feeling whole again she abandoned the room.

    She walked out to where the others had gathered near the pilots chair. "Oh, don't get too excited, Herbert." She teased as she draped herself casually across the back of the pilot's chair. Leaning against the back of the seats he placed her hands on her waist and tilted her wide hips to the side. "Well Cap," she struck up. "We've got five damaged but nothing's lost. A little elbow work and I'll have the kinks and dents worked out again. Good news, aye?" She looked over her shoulder out the vast window at the expanse of space. "Word on the rendezvous yet?"
  10. Marrcko was in the small, restrained kitchen, his relatively large body occupying most of the free space in there. There was one thing he loved eating, at least, ever since he took the lizard-creature as a host, and that was egg. Of course, due to space and other practical reasons, they would not keep the eggs in their shell inside the ship- no, the yolks and the whites were kept in separate containers, inside the fridge.

    At the moment, the lizardman was trying to decide if he should indulge himself with whites, or yolks. He knew he shouldn't be doing this, but it was just this little bit that nobody would miss... just enough to make him feel the delicious flavour once more before their landing.

    He decided for whites.

    Marrcko was fumbling with a spoon inside the whites container. Eggs, no matter what species throughout the galaxy, were always slippery things, and hard to just lift a little with a spoon. But he managed to, he was just about to take the spoonful to his mouth when...

    ...the ship jolted.

    Marrcko hit himself with the spoon, spilling the whites on his face.

    ''Huh,'' was all he commented. He was not amused, not at all.

    He simply stored the container away, as he was not going to try doing that again. He would feel to guilty about it... he knew what it was to live short on supplies. After all, he had spent a long time in Asperas Prime, where they were going.

    He licked most of the egg from his face before entering the bridge, where the others were.

    ''Hrmh,'' he grunted, with his raspy voice. ''How much for landing?'' he asked.
  11. Herbert tried to ignore the chatter in the room, when suddenly, Frieda leaned on the back of his chair. The combination of the man's surprise and the slight move of the chair proved to be enough for him to lose his grip on the controls, but he regained it in a blink of an eye. Still, the ship shook, and while Herbert had no idea that he just ruined the meal of Marrcko, the ship's cook, he certainly was annoyed by Frieda. Putting the ship on autopilot with a single touch, he placed his feet firmly on the ground, and spun his chair around firmly, causing Frieda to lose her balance.

    "No, Frieda, our rendezvous is not here yet," said Herbert. "And I think I told you a few times that you should not do that. If we were in combat right now, that shake could have meant the end of us, and consequently, the end of any ship that is within half a light-second of our ship. As a weapons specialist, you really should know that," finished Herbert, then leasurely turned his seat around to resume piloting, but paused for a moment to add something else.

    "We still have about twenty minutes until we reach the specified point. Behave yourself until then."
  12. Esperanza stood calmly behind the captain and listened as Frieda explained the situation. She nodded to herself, she would answer for the captain, but knew that he prefered to make his own decisions. She almost lost her footing as the ship shook and grabbed a hold of the back of the captain's chair. As soon as it stopped she quickly let go and resumed her formal stance behind it.

    "You know, you two need to stop fighting like youre married." She said with a smirk to both Herbert and Frieda. "I mean come on, no p.d.a. on the bridge, take it to the engine room." Her smile was mischevious as she loved poking fun at her fellow crew members.
  13. William turned to the second in command, "Excuse me, but you hypocrite. To tell them to stop arguing is like saying we should." Then he turned to Frieda, "Good then lets get those weapons fixed up so they can perform at their peak. I would like not to be down on fire power should trouble come find us, like it always does." Then he noticed the message with the exact coordinates for the rendezvous point. "Herbert we have land specs lets got this job done with and grab the pay shall we?"
  14. "I agree," said Herbert, then took a look at the coordinates, disengaged the autopilot, then plotted a course towards the landing zone while accessing the Valiant's speaker system.

    "We are going to land, so buckle up," said Herbert, then waited for a few minutes so that everyone could secure themselves, then engaged the ship's thrustrers, making an incredibly sharp turn towards the planet's surface. The hull groaned because of the sudden change in velocity, but the Valiant did not fall apart just yet. The old spacecraft even withstood the ignition of the main boosters, and the pressure put on it by the planet's gravity well, but friction was another matter, and thus, Herbert slowed the ship down to a relatively constant speed as it was his habit when entering the atmosphere. Sure, it may have made the journey longer, and more fuel-intensive, but at least the stress on the Valiant was reduced.
  15. Frieda was used to Herbert's scolding and she knew of course he meant well. She smirked and rolled her eyes at Esperanza and William before taking off the cannon-gun she always kept on her back "just in case" and slinging it over the back of a vacant seat. "Engine room." She repeated with chuckle and a wry grin as she did this. Then, knowing she would only get another brow-beating if she ignored Herbert's request she took a seat and buckled in. She looked out at the slowing growing landing site below them and hoped for no more problems with the law or anyone else for that matter. Lately trouble seemed to crop up more and more and if she didn't at the very least enjoy the brief adrenaline rush it would be nothing more than a severe headache.

    More than anything she wanted to go back to her workbench and play with the damaged weapons to get them running again and perhaps adapt and readapt to ensure extra firepower for the next time they got in over their heads which was bound to be soon if not immediately.

    She groaned lightly and pushed her fist to her cheek as she watched the below planet grow to fill the window of the ship.
  16. ~Location: Somewhere near an asteroid belt~

    Scraps. That's all that was really present this time around, but they were good scraps. Things she could use to patch up her ship. It was a large ship for just a single individual or even two or three, but it was her home. Sure, she didn't gain it by the most 'fair' of means, but that was life, right? Naidia was currently sorting through the many scavenged items while her AI system was running checks and flying the ship. They'd recently passed through an asteroid junk belt. Perfect place to take things that wouldn't be too terribly missed, aside from a few government marked items but she was okay with that. Her form of survival was day to day making a living off of bounties and other illegal acts. As a result she was often flying under the radar and getting into scraps, which meant money was tight because of the cost of repairs. Food didn't help either, but at least she didn't have a large crew to feed.

    Naidia...we have a small problem her AI Aqua reported while she was busy dragging things around. Naidia sighed as she turned to see a holographic image of her AI standing there,"What is it Aqua?"

    It seems that we are running low on fuel

    "What?! I just checked fuel supplies and it said we were near full!" Naidia exclaimed in an annoyed tone.

    Yes seems with our last encounter we had a slight fuel leak that had gone undetected and well.. Naidia cut the AI off as she gave an exasperated sigh, "god damnit!" she muttered with her faint accent as she moved toward the pilot room. Once there she turned a few switches and almost slammed her head into the wall out of annoyance, "Alright, so where is the nearest planet or station be from our current location?"

    Aqua appeared again as a quick scan was done. A list of data streamed across the screen as the holographic map began to pinpoint co-ordinance. Well it seems this is our nearest POI, miss the holographic map finally settled and zoomed in on a planet. Asperas Prime. Naidia pondered a moment in thought " wouldn't be the safest land, but it's a land"

    Ma' sure? You're a wanted outlaw on the planet The AI responded. Naidia only sighed some as she rubbed her temples "It was a simple misunderstanding. How was I supposed to know that that man was a government official upon the planet" she shook her head some as she plotted out teh course, "Take us to Asperas Prime. We'll be docking under the disguise of a merchant ship. We'll get some gas and supplies and get the hell out of there as fast as we can"

    And what about your appearance?

    "...I'll deal with that when I need to. We should be there in a few hours if we use a hyperjump. I believe we should have JUST enough fuel for the jump and the rest of the trip..."

    Very well, ma'am. Preparing for hyperjump

    With that Naidia turned and left the pilot pit to get things prepared.
  17. Scowling, Marrcko grunted, once more, knowing that it was not too long until they landed once more in Asperas Prime. He had been there before; in fact, the lizard-creature that he had currently taken as a host had been born there. A couple of flashbacks about giant insects and having to stalk lesser prey in order to survive crossed his mind; some were his, some were memories from the lizard alone, from a time before Marrcko became its parasite.

    He let his breath out, noisily, through his nostrils, and took the vacant seat besides Frieda. The lizardman admired her, in a professional way; she could do everything he couldn't, not at least under his current reptile status. She was smart enough to think a weapon and crafty enough to build it, and on top of that, she made them work, something he just couldn't conceive. He did remember fragments of a previous existence as a parasite in another host, a host that was capable of doing things like that. But most of that knowledge had been lost with the host, and now Marrcko simply watched others do.

    Being a lizard had its perks, too.
    He enjoyed that, there was nothing he would like to complain about.

    Gritting his teeth, he tried not to watch too much through the window as the ship descended. He hated landings- he just couldn't help it. That peculiar sensation... the feeling in his stomach... He just hoped it would end soon.
  18. When the landing coordinates had been sent by the contractor, Isolde had been in her room plugged into the computer doing some data scans. She had to do daily checks to make sure her software was up to date, since she was an older model android. It had startled her some as she snapped out of her deep meditative state. She was able to decode the encryptions to decipher the message. The wires from her back withdrew back into her as she slowly opened her eyes and refocused to the room. Her eyes, previously blank, took on their natural color again as she came too and shook her head some. "Guess we're about to land. I'll have to go check the supplies so I know what to get while we're on Asperas"

    Since she was technically off duty, Isolde would be found in her casual attire. Usually she would let her hair fall freely when in casual attire, but this time she had it in two loose pigtails with some loose strands that framed her face some. Clothing wise she wore the black halter-top style corset, red skirt, and a matching jacket. Heading down the familiar hallways to the medical bay she took a quick inventory. The ship jolted some again, but she kept her balance. As she was taking the inventory, a strange sensation overcame her. Herbert was in the process of landing, but that wasn't the cause for the strange sensation. A tingling overcame her as if her senses were being bombarded with information. Perhaps an after effect from her brief connection with the ship? No this was also different. There was a static sound that fill her ears as she became dizzy and found herself reaching for the examination bed to steady herself. Soft whispers in some unknown garble filled her head and for a moment she heard a shrill scream. Her hands moved over her ears as she closed her eyes and was suddenly shot back into her own systems.

    To the outside world she would simply have covered her ears and suddenly fainted. Isolde would find herself hovering within what one could call her own consciousness. It was a maze of different towers and circuit boards, her wealth of knowledge. Isolde herself would be 'naked' in a sense with a stream of data covering what needed to be covered. Hovering within her mind she extended her hand forward and slid it to the side. As she did there was a huge stream of data that flew by until some files appeared. "Prepare data scan" her voice echoed around. Data scan initiated. Another female voice spoke as a scan was suddenly completed, a red beam moving past her. When it was done there was a soft beep. Data scan complete, virus detected. Warning lights began to go off as an antivirus program began to run. With that started Isolde was suddenly flung from her state as she gasped and awoke back into the real world. She had no idea how long she'd been out, but she assumed they may have landed as they didn't seem to be moving.

    Getting up she headed to the bridge to see where everyone was. If they were on Asperas she'd need to get her supplies, but also she would need to stop by and find out what was going on with the virus. This concerned her some, but of course she showed no outward signs of this 'emotion'.
  19. "And that should be the last of them Mr. Golubev," Rudi Lutz said as he watched the sealed cargo container moved onto the ship by the transport.

    Andrei Golubev smiled sincerely at Rudi, who was at least twice the age of the young scientist, although the scientist stood a gangly head taller. Awkwardly Andrei extended his arm and shook Rudi’s hand. "On behalf of Shun Thai Industries and myself we thank you Mr. Lutz. You helped secure and protect years of research, as well as … you know… us." There was an obvious hint of relief in the man’s voice.

    "Any word on why Shun Thai suddenly decided to pull the plug on their research facilities here on Asperas? There’ve been no successive attacks against them since I've come on board for security." Lutz questioned Golubev, his green eyes locking with those of the scientist. The scientist quickly looked away, feigning interest in the PDA in his hands.

    "Oh… you know. Mission accomplished and all that jazz. With the more recent attacks against companies such as Aphria and with the government becoming a bit more unstable… well… you know," he said and fidgeted a little. Glancing around, Andrei leaned in closer to Rudi and whispered.

    "Rumor around the facility was that it came straight from the board, apparently they know something we didn’t told us we had to be out by today, no matter the expense."

    "I see," Rudi said with a nod, the tidbit confirming what he had already heard. Andrei quickly snapped back, as if he had not said the second part.

    "Anyway I’d uh… best be getting onboard with the rest of the gang right? Wouldn’t want to get left behind without a place to stay you know?" Andrei quickly tapped out a command on his PDA. "You’re sure you don’t want to stay on with us to our new site?"

    "Quite sure Mr. Golubev, maybe we’ll meet again in the future, best of luck and safe travels."


    Soon after Rudi watched as the silver transport lifted off from the spaceport, climbing ever higher into the humid sky until it disappeared, paying little heed to the workers around him. With an almost indistinguishable sigh he picked up his duffle bag from the concrete next to him and slung it across his back, the faded and worn IGA emblem on the duffle back displayed on its side.

    Now it was time to get off the swamp infested rock and find a new job.
  20. William was taken a little offguard as the ship began to shake, rattle, and roll (as the old saying went). Holding onto whatever was near, he got back to his feet, "I don't want my ship to fall apart! If my ship falls apart, it's on you" he said sternly to Herbert before turning to leave. It was a teasing tone as well for him. William knew damn well that Herbert was the best of the best out there for his ship. He could maneuver Valiant in his sleep! But as captain he felt it was his job to give the crew a hard time. There was another jolt as he nearly lost his balance, but he swung his arms in a flailing motion and managed to right himself. His bad arm was once more stuck in an awkward position as he began to bang at it again. Sighing he turned once more to Herbert, "MINT condition understand? I'm going to find Eragor...we'll meet in the hull and discuss plans when we land" with that the captain went off and was heard calling out for the handy mechanic for assistance. The crew watched him go and shook their heads trying to stifle their chuckles.

    It was a bumpy ride but the ship made it in once piece finally through the thick atmosphere of Asperas Prime. They were in a wooded area about 10 kilometers from the main government city where Kira would be meeting them. Kira would give them the details and hopefully payment at the meeting. The captain waited for the crew to arrive in the hull before explaining the game plan. "Alright just so we're all clear...I'm to meet this Miss Moonshine to discuss the details of our transaction and receive our payment. Esperanza and Ophelia you're coming with me. Isolde, I hear you and Eragor have errands and supplies to gather?" Isolde glanced at William and nodded her head in agreement, "Good. The rest of you are free to do as you please. I will contact you when we have the transaction details finalized. I'm anticipating we'll be on Asperas no longer than a day or so, so don't get too cozy. Alright...keep a low profile! We don't need another Talcore incident!" he said with a sigh as he hopped into the drivers seat of the large hovermule. He waited for whomever else was going to join him to hop on and then headed off for the trek across Asperas to the main city. For some reason William had a knot in his stomach, but he wasn't going to let that distract him now. Business was business and meant money. Money paid for things to keep them going. That's all that mattered.


    Isolde and Eragor were taking a smaller hovermule to get to the city since they had to have their own means of transport. Isolde had taken the drivers seat and waited for Eragor and anyone eles brave enough to join them. Taking off she would cover the distance to the city in half the time as the captain at the speeds she drove. She was a speed queen but a hell of a driver with her android abilities. When they finally arrived Eragor looked about ready to pass out. Isolde tilted her head some and blinked, "Are you alright? My sensors pick up an elevated heart rate and your face looks rather pale"

    Eragor slowly turned his head and looked at her, "I forgot how scary it was to drive with you...woman you're going to kill me one of these days!"

    "Nonsense, I'm a perfectly capable driver and have calculated taht--"

    "Yeah...but at least you can be rebuilt missy. Alright I'll take the hover mule and you can let me know when you need to be picked up ya?"

    "Very well." with that Isolde departed from Eragor as he took off through the streets. The main colonized city of Asperas Prime was spacious and filled with lots of neat shops and places. It was a bit muggy from the atmosphere of Asperas but the people managed. The city itself was clean compared to other parts of the planet due to the population range. The workers, however, were kept off site in small containment worker camps. Their conditions were nothing like it was in the city. Isolde made her way through the busy streets searching for the shop she needed. Ducking inside she went on a hunt for the owner. Supplies first, virus check after.


    Kira glanced at her watch as she prepared for the meeting. She hoped things would go smoothly for them. The government was on edge about one thing or another. She heard rumors that another edge planet had been attacked and that some government ships were destroyed in the process. More reports like that were making their way in and it was disconcerting. The choice meeting place was a bar within the city that locals frequented but usually the 'officers' woudl avoid unless needed. Kira sat in a booth and nursed her drink while she waited for William to arrive.