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  1. Yes...I wish to bring this back for a short stent since April will be Sci-Fi month and this is a perfect Sci-fi month RP!! Some of ye older memebers may remember my many attempts to run this thread!! I'd finally gotten it up then my schedule went to hell so I had to drop it...but I think it's been given a good enough break to be brought back from the graveyard with updates, improvements, and a new crew. First off...I want to find an interest and potential members...

    The basic idea behind this RP is that it will follow the crew of a cargo ship called Valiant. A rag-tag group of individuals who despite their differences mesh together to form a perfect team to get through their 'odd jobs' and survive on a day to day basis. Lets just say originally this idea spawned from a Firefly/Serenity kick I was on a while well as after watching the Starwars Trilogy :p

    sooo if I were to start this Valiant would certainly need:

    Weapons Specialist

    and I'd probably open up 3-4 more spaces for whomever else you can think of

    So..thoughts? questions?
  2. Interested! Weapons specialist, dibs!
  3. alright I got one taker...anyone else? Because if I can get a few more then I'll go ahead and start making the OOC so we can get some information started
  4. eh...maybe i'll just make the OOC cuz I feel like no one really looks here sometimes D< WHERE ARE ALL THE COOL PEOPLE WHO LOVE THIS SHIT?!


    well lets see how this goes..
  5. Im interested :)
    Whats still open right now?
  6. I have created the OOC in the sci-fi section go check it out :)
  7. soooo still spots open *wink wink nudge nudge* COME VISIT !D<
  8. want me to try to invite people?