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    The year is 2085, a year after the Civil War that broke out had threatened to tear down the world's largest democratic nation, sending shockwaves all across the globe. The division between Unnaturals (a degratory term for those with powers) and normal humans has become public knowledge. No longer can the government kidnap and hide away children who show signs of powers in designated facilities, secreting them away from their families and performing research on them. With escapees lashing out at the government and attempting a coup in revenge for their captivity, their existence was broadcast to the entire world. Suddenly, the urban myths of children with powers no longer seemed so far-fetched. Life as we knew it had changed within a matter of days as beliefs and theories shattered to pieces.

    A new era had begun.

    The backlash against the Unnaturals’ uprising was swift as the government took action and labelled them as a plague on humanity – unpredictable and dangerous to the public. Special task forces were sent to subdue and capture all Unnaturals, forcing many to fight back or go into hiding. Humanity had been effectively split into two very different factions and neither side was truly winning.

    The criminal underbelly of the US is now dominated by the Unnaturals who have split into various gangs; ruled by a collective known as the Syndicate. Some seek to tear down the government and replace it with one more interested in equality, others aim to destroy all Normals whom they see as weak and primitive while still others simply use their powers to amass fortunes.

    Those who willingly turned themselves in to the government were given the choice of serving as whatever security forces were needed, putting their lives on the line to be obedient puppets who hunt down their own kind, all for the sake of being ‘legal’ citizens. They are seen as traitors by the rest of the Empowered community.

    Will you strive for peace? Or will you be the very embodiment of their fears?

    • 1. Basic roleplay rules – no god modding, meta gaming, power playing or anything of the like.

      2. Absolutely no Mary Sues/Gary Stus. Ever.

      3. Mature themes are allowed (blood and gore, violence, alcohol, profanity, sex, etc) within reason. I realize that relationships will form, when things escalate too far, please have some common sense and fade to black. Or take it to PMs.

      4. At least one paragraph per post, six lines minimum. This is a High-Casual roleplay.

      5. You are permitted to attack and fight other characters IC, so long as you have an in character reason for doing so. However, do not go overboard with this and run around attacking everything in sight. No killing other characters unless agreed to by both parties.

      6. For now, we are allowing only one character per person. This might change in the future.

      7. If a conflict occurs, take it to PMs. Do not clutter the OOC with arguments.

      8. We aim to continue the roleplay at a medium pace to prevent anyone being left behind. However, all players are required to post at least once every three days. If you are going to be inactive, please notify either me or one of my co-GMs. After a month of inactivity without a valid reason provided, your character will serve as cannon fodder or an NPC and be removed off the roster.

      9. I do not allow reserving spots for characters. Post up a CS.

      10. I reserve the right to add more rules or add details to existing ones as I see fit.

      11. Please add your character's current location to the top of your IC posts.

    • Code:
      [img](picture of your character)[/img]
      Alias: [/b] (optional)
      [b]Age: [/b] (16-22)
      [b]Personality: [/b] (please describe your character’s persona in no less than 100 words.)
      [b]Appearance: [/b] (please describe your character’s appearance – height, weight, eye color, hair color, special characteristics, etc)
      [b]Powers: [/b] (The superpowers possessed by the characters in this RP lean more towards science fiction rather than fantasy. No demi-gods, angels, demons or the like, please. Please use ones that haven’t already been chosen by others. Describe your character’s power.
      [b]Weaknesses and limitations: [/b] (please list down at least three valid weaknesses of your character’s superpower. Keep in mind that these can eventually be overcome by character development)
      [b]Abilities: [/b] (This is separate from superpowers. What is your character good at? Cooking? Parkour?)
      [b]History:[/b] (describe your character’s past and the events leading up to where they are now in no less than 200 words.)
      [b]Other:[/b] (anything else we might’ve missed that you’d like to add)

    • The Syndicate

      The Syndicate isn’t one specific group or organization, rather, it’s a collective. The government’s action’s against the empowered forced many to go into hiding and left them no other way of life, causing them to take to the city’s criminal underbelly - thus giving rise to a vast network of unnaturals. The Syndicate spans the entire country, perhaps even others though its roots hold to North America. Multiple gangs and factions of empowered make up what is known as the Syndicate, and a Crimelord controls those in his region. There are a total of 12 Crimelords in North America, each with an equal territory and it is their job to keep those empowered in their region safe (safe being used rather loosely here) from the government as well as preventing power struggles. Each Crimelord has his or her own chosen few, their gang.

      Important information

      The government has issued a curfew to be set in place after 7 pm. The night police begin their patrols after sundown and are much less forgiving than normal law enforcement. Any Normals caught breaking the curfew will be harshly reprimanded. Unnaturals are subdued and captured, of course.

      It is unclear as to exactly what causes the existence of superpowers. These powers are not inherent. There are no records in history of such abilities right up until the first appearance of Unnaturals in 2080, and then in 2084 for the public.

      These inexplicable abilities are only known to manifest in young people, ranging from sixteen years at the youngest, to twenty two.

    • The following list of NPCs are plot relevant characters who are only to be played by a GM. Without my permission, Players may not rp them under any circumstances.

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  2. ~Welcome to The Uprising~

    This roleplay came to life on another site, but due to some complications, we've decided to migrate here.

    The story will continue from where we left off - not to worry though, new players will be able to catch up quite easily as we hadn't really gotten into the plot yet, and I will be posting regular updates on how the story progresses.

    The story will be split into different arcs - or chapters.

    I will be running this with the help of my Co-GMs, Gonzo, Wolverbells, Jinxer. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to message us.

    OOC Chat <-- This is where we usually lurk.
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  4. Repost from RPG, of course.

    Name: Atticus Tyren
    Alias: Blake Rowe
    Age: 22

    Personality: At the best of times Atticus is self-absorbed, sarcastic, and abrasive. He often looks down on those who annoy him (which is a rather easy thing to do), those who lack class or tact, those who whine about their problems, and those who act superior to others (which is rather ironic considering he has an air or superiority at all times). Atticus is quick to insult and slow to apologize, often talking down to others for no apparent reason. Despite these rather difficult-to-handle mannerisms he is not a bad person at heart and is sometimes prone to sudden acts of kindness and empathy, though they are often accompanied by some snarky excuse.

    When deadly serious, all manner of attitude and insult disappears as Atticus becomes single-minded in his pursuit. He will not rush in foolishly and will instead approach an obstacle with a cold and calculated cunning that is frightening to behold. When a true goal is at hand, he will stop at almost nothing to achieve it and will not hesitate to destroy anything, or anyone, in his path.

    Being born and raised in the upper crust, adept at hiding his true nature. Atticus found it rather easy to blend back into ‘normal society’ after the Civil War. Through tact and manipulation, he is able to maintain a façade of normality that has fooled most of those around him. Inside, however, he despises the upper class and the government who sought to use him as a weapon. When faced with government workers, collection squads, soldiers, and the like he is prone to reacting violently and without mercy.

    Appearance: Atticus stands about 5’10” with a light wispy build, fair skin and dark eyes. He is quite handsome, with a strong jaw and full lips, and his wavy brown-blonde hair is always carefully styled to give him a sleek modern look. His clothes don’t quite match up to the same level of style as he's usually seen in a light brown jacket over a button-down shirt and jeans.

    Powers: Blood Manipulation – Atticus is able to control his own blood through force of will: bending and molding it into various shapes and changing its consistency outside of his body. At its most basic form, the powers allow him to create tentacles or spikes up to 5 or 6 meters in length. By manipulating the platelets within the blood he is able to make weapons that can pierce or cut surprisingly strong materials like body armor, some metals, and even concrete. Due to the nature of this power, Atticus must create self-inflicted wounds in order to draw the blood out of his body. This gives him a certain advantage when fighting enemies who leave lots of cuts or gashes as the strength of his ability would slightly increase as he sustained more injury.

    Thankfully, Blood Manipulation comes with a secondary ability, which is to quickly close and heal small wounds. This works by focusing the transportation of platlets and important nutrients in the blood the effective area, influencing the cells to react and speeding up the natural healing process significantly. A cut that would normally take days to heal can be fixed in a matter of seconds. Large, deep wounds and internal injuries can only be stabilized, so as not to outright kill Atticus, but would take far too much energy to rapidly heal.

    Atticus is also able to sense the blood of those around him, even those he cannot see. This extends a small distance through walls and barriers but is only active when he focuses on the power.

    As Blood Manipulation develops Atticus will be able to extend the range of his manipulation and create more complex shapes with his blood. This will eventually lead to a slight amount of influence over blood that is not his own which will grant him many useful and deadly abilities.

    Weaknesses and limitations:
    Blood Loss – As would be imagined, the more Atticus uses his powers in a short period of time the weaker he would become as blood is inevitably lost through his manipulation. This can lead to light-headedness, dizzy spells, unconsciousness, and even death if not kept in check.
    Required Outlet – Due to the fact that his blood must come out of his body in order for him to use it, Atticus is put at an extreme disadvantage when fighting enemies who do not cause blood-drawing wounds.
    Short Range – At Atticus’ current level of mastery, he is only able to extend his powers about 6 meters from his body.

    Atticus was born on the upper east side of New York City to his mother, Eliza, and his father, Senator Ames Tyren, a very powerful and influential man in the political circuit. The younger of two sons by three years, Atticus found from an early age that his parents held no particular love for him and was constantly overshadowed by the accomplishments of his brother, Emerson. If Atticus got an 'A', Emerson got an 'A+'. If he got silver in the national tennis circuit, his brother got gold. Nothing Atticus did or accomplished was ever enough to please his parents. Despite this obvious trend, Atticus actually loved his brother deeply and the two got on very well with Emerson often intentionally redirecting his parents anger and disappointment away from his brother.

    This all changed, however, the day Emerson was killed. He was attending Yale University when there was a horrible school shooting led by another student. 37 students and teachers were killed that day: Emerson being one as he attempted to shield a fellow student from the gunfire. To the media and the public it was all seen as a random tragedy caused by an unstable boy and poor gun regulations. To those with enough power to learn the truth, the shooter had recently discovered a certain ability to hear others thoughts. The feverish scribblings in the journal confiscated from the boy's room indicated that hearing the mutterings and ramblings of everyone's mind at all hours of the day was enough to drive him insane. This was well before the great Civil War, before 'Unnaturals' came into the public eye, and so the government had certain protocols in place to ensure it all stayed quiet as more and more cases appeared around the country.

    These protocols did not extend to the Senator Ames Tyren, who quickly learned the truth of the matter and thus began taking subtle steps to ensure these 'monsters' would be dealt with. And so it was that the first several laboratories were funded, all off the record of course, and the measures were developed to locate and contain those who might be deemed 'dangerous' and uncontrollable. They would be captured and studied in the hopes of developing effective countermeasures and weapons needed to protect the citizens of the United States.

    After Emerson's death, things took a turn for the worse for Atticus. Blaming the death of their favored child on the life of their second, the physical and mental abuse became almost too much for the boy to bare. Still he worked for their affections in every way he knew how and received many awards in academics, musicianship, and athletics throughout his entire high school career. But even being granted admittance to Harvard could not please Atticus' grieving parents.

    It was only a few weeks before moving to University that Atticus noticed something strange about him, or more specifically about his blood. He could make it squirm, twist, and move beneath his skin: he could feel it moving through his veins. At first he didn't understand until one night when he accidentally dropped a glass and caused his father to go into a fit of rage. Striking the boy, Ames sent him to the ground where he sliced his hand upon a shard if glass. In a moment of panic the blood that dripped from the wound lashed out and defended Atticus, much to the horror of his parents. Though he begged him not to, Ames immediately went to the phone and called the number of a special squad trained to handle the 'monsters'. With cold expressions, his parents watched silently as they came in and beat the boy into submission before wrapping a black bag tightly around his face and dragging him into the night. They drove for hours until they were far away from the lights of the city and when the bag was finally pulled away young Atticus found himself in the dim sterile cell that would be his new home.

    For nearly four years he suffered beneath the scalpels and tests of the doctors who saw his kind as nothing more than a new animal to dissect.

    They broke him down in every way imaginable, but at the bottom; when everything had been stripped away; Atticus found a sort of control. Through careful planning he bided his time until the moment was right and he struck, slaying his abusers and making an escape from that horrible place hidden deep in the northern forests of New York state. Through some miracle he made it back to the city, taking what he needed to survive the trip, until finally he'd returned to his parent's penthouse. There he found his mother, broken and withered from years of carrying a heavy burden, and though he'd had the intention to kill her she begged for his forgiveness at her mistake, saying they'd been too scared and grief-stricken to know what they were doing. Atticus immediately sensed this half-truth, for he knew his father had held no such regrets as the man led the country's crusade against the 'unnaturals'. He meant to wait for him, to kill the man who would send his own son to a fate worse than death, but it was taking too long and he could not bare to put such harm on his mother after seeing what she'd become. Instead he opened his father's safe and took with him an incredibly large sum of money and several incriminating papers regarding the so-called 'House of Powers'. Bidding a last farewell to his mother, Atticus left the penthouse behind and made his way into the world that now feared his kind and that would forever see him as an outsider.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Name: Nilin Rymore

    Alias: Dreamweaver, Mirage

    Age: 21


    Nilin comes across as cold, distant and rather unapproachable. Her silvery blue eyes are often likened to shards of ice and though her face is lovely to look upon, it might as well be that of a mannequin’s for all the emotion it gives away. The girl seems always composed and sure of herself, as if nothing ever rattles her. Truth of the matter is that she wears her masks better than most - her remarkable knack for disguising her emotions often leads people to believe that she is incapable of feeling, unsurprisingly. Nilin is perfectly capable of experiencing the full spectrum of human emotion, but over the years, she’s learned to hide it.

    Her sense of empathy is extremely selective and the girl absolutely despises needless tears. With the amount of overreacting and ranting that had been going on even before the war of the supers, things had only escalated since then and Nilin finds herself extremely jaded and in desperate need of a universal mute button. The way some people carry on about trivial matters baffles and annoys her to no end, a seemingly unlikely combination which she has found possible.

    Despite her own appearance giving away little to nothing, Nilin is quite good at reading others. Its a trick that has often proved life-saving since she ended up in the city’s criminal underbelly. The past few years had morphed her beliefs and morals, causing her to adopt a more ‘survival of the fittest’ sort of belief. That isn’t to say that she wouldn’t offer help, no. Nilin takes no joy in violence - after all, it can get quite messy. Though she would avoid a fight if she could help it, she isn’t above playing dirty or killing if backed into a corner.

    Nilin tends to address others by their most basic attributes - such as ‘Telepath’, ‘Priest’ or ‘Mimic’. She doesn’t believe in respect simply because of a title, though she wouldn’t alienate them right off the bat unless they give her reason to. In her opinion, respect is something to be earned. Even though she isn’t the easiest person to impress, she does acknowledge intelligence and power.

    In her world, trust is a precious commodity to be treasured and held close, only given out to the worthy. This has left her without many she could call friends - basically none. It was quite the bitter outlook for someone so young.

    The girl absolutely abhors profanity and refrains from it at all costs. She finds herself eloquent enough to get her point across without stooping to such a level or yelling. Nilin is efficient at her tasks and sets quite high standards for herself, as well as others. Those who attempt things only half-way are quick to earn her dislike.


    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 116 lbs
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Pale blue

    The Gods of genetics were exceptionally kind to Nilin - perhaps as an apology in advance for turning her life upside down after a decade and half..

    Nilin’s figure is graceful with soft curves that complement her height perfectly. She holds herself with the subtle confidence of one who is comfortable in her own skin. Her complexion is naturally pale and free of blemishes or freckles, providing a lovely contrast to her ebony tresses that flow smoothly up to her waist. Icy blue eyes that are actually more silver with a bluish hue are her best features, despite their normal lack of warmth.

    She dresses in darker colors, often charcoal, navy, or deep green. Her wardrobe lacks any outfits that reveal much of her skin as she finds dressing skimpy for the sake of attention to be rather crass.


    Hallucikinesis - Nilin has the ability to create an manipulate illusions, making her target perceive exactly what she wishes them to, be it selective or over an entire group. She can also induce mental hallucinations in which the subject’s own mind turns against them as their imaginations, or specifically phobias, go into overdrive. Using illusions, she can cause the mind to trigger pain sensors and make her targets experience physical pain without actually harming them.

    Subpower : Memory manipulation - This power allows her complete control over a sentient being’s memories, herself included.

    Weaknesses and limitations:

    Nilin’s illusions now matter how powerful or painful they are, cannot cause physical harm such as cuts, bruises or scars.

    Crafting illusions is no easy task contrary to popular belief. There is no such thing as a perfect lie, and that’s exactly what her illusions are - lies. It takes patience and focus, for if she’s distracted or gets careless, her illusions are much easier to see through or shatter.

    Her ability to manipulate memories only works if she is in direct contact with the target.


    Born Nilin Rymore, a name she quickly buried after being branded an Unnatural, she had a pleasant, if normal enough life. Her father passed away while she was barely two years old, a loss she didn’t really comprehend or feel as she was too young to remember - or even miss him. Elizabeth Rymore, her mother, made sure that her little girl never felt deprived of both parents’ love by filling the void left behind by her husband herself. The girl began to show a remarkable talent for music, specifically the violin, and was soon regarded as a prodigy. Nilin did quite well at school, living up to and exceeding her mother’s expectations. Now that the girl was old enough, her mother had more time to devote to her work and soon began rising up the ranks in the government. Life was good for both for them.

    Their perfect little world came to a crashing stop shortly after Nilin turned 15. Unbeknownst to the public, a rogue cell that had split off from the military were already ‘studying’ young people who possessed the affinity for the unnatural. The proverbial cat soon escaped the bag as their test subjects broke out of their facilities and came into light. A chain reaction plunged the nation into chaos and was on the verge of civil war.

    A group of unnaturals who referred to themselves as the Empowered, crashed her music class and began to scare the ‘rich, entitled’ students. As luck would have it, one of the students, possibly more, were unnaturals. Powers were unleashed out of control and fanned on by fear. Terrified, Nilin manage to escape the now destroyed room along with others. Security forces had already arrived on the scene, having been given word of the hostage situation. Amidst the chaos, one trigger happy soldier shot and killed a boy mistaken to be an Empowered because flames were licking up his arms and shoulders. His death put things into new perspective and Nilin felt herself react on instinct. A distorted illusion of the school lashed out in a wave, confusing and half-blinding everyone but herself. Amidst the confusion, she managed to escape.

    During this time, Nilin’s mother served as a perfect target for the hordes of angry people who simply needed someone to vent out their fear and fury on - despite the fact that Elizabeth Rymore worked in the department of economy and had nothing to do with the facilities or unnaturals. Nilin was certain her mother would do everything in her power to protect her, consequences be damned. However, that would mean making her mother a target for both sides and she didn’t want that. She chose to let the world believe Nilin Rymore had died in the incident at her school that day.

    Now, almost six years later, she’d made a new life for herself as the second in command of the most powerful gang of unnaturals who ruled the Syndicate.


    ~Nilin absolutely despises summer and anything to do with it. The blistering heat seems to hold a particular vendetta against her, in her opinion at least. She would rather operate on a nocturnal schedule if she could help it.

    ~She is a surprisingly talented violinist, something she likes to keep a secret.

    ~annoyingly Meticulously neat. She despises messes of any kind, be it literal or metaphorical.

    ~A disaster in the kitchen. Sure, she understands the art of fine cuisine (or even edible cuisine, really) - in theory. Its when she attempts to emulate it that the trouble begins. In a best case scenario her attempts end up inedible. Worst case - ….

    ~Nilin is woefully behind when it comes to modern music. The names of the latest bands or artists sound as foreign to her as an alien language and as such, is completely clueless about it.

    ~She has never danced and is almost sure she doesn’t know how to.

    ~Religion is a touchy subject for her. She’s not an atheist, per say, but she doesn’t exactly hold much stock in a higher power either.

    ~Nilin is afraid of heights. Deathly so.
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    Name: Катюша Васильев (Pronounced Katyusha Vasilyev)

    Alias: Katya

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Katya is 5'2 feet tall and is an albino. She has mid long white hair, red eyes and pale skin.

    Power: Paper Manipulation: Katya can manipulate paper in a few ways. She can also feel where the paper she is controlling is at.
    Firstly she can move paper around with her will. The more paper she control the less control she has over it. For instance if she control only a few pieces of paper she can even make an origami frog without touching them, but if she were to control a very big amount she would only be able to move them in a stream. The size of the paper doesn't matter, only the amount of different objects.
    Secondly she can change the color of paper. It is easy for her to change one color on the paper to another and she can do this without touching it. Like changing writing from blue to red or the paper from white to black. If she is touching the paper she can actually make color shapes though the more complex or precise the longer it takes. Every color change she does can last up to 1 day.
    Lastly she can harden the paper she controls. She has to be touching the paper to actually harden it. The harder she tries to make the paper, the longer it takes her. The amount of paper she hardens at 1 time doesn't change that time. She can harden paper to be as hard as iron, but this takes her about 20 minutes. Unless she touches the paper again it will lose it's hardness after 1 hour. Her hardened paper is a bit more resistant to water than normal paper.

    Weaknesses and limitations: She can only use her power to control paper and without any paper nearby she is basically powerless. Paper becomes useless when exposed to fluids, tough she can still control it, but it would have no practical use. She also can't control paper unless she is seeing it or knows it's there.

    Skills: Katya has a photographic memory and can recall anything she saw once almost perfectly. She is quite talented at origami and can make almost any shape she can think of. She is also quite adept at counterfeiting documents by changing some sentences or putting in an autograph she has already seen before. She can also counterfeit money, but changing 1 bill correctly takes her about 1 hour and she needs the bill she wants to change it into next to her.

    Personality: Katya is a calm girl who doesn't really talk that much. This is mainly because she dislikes attention and this became more prevalent when she got her power. This doesn't mean she is shy and if she wants to say something though she will say it. She is also quite practical and doesn't like stuff that has no practical use. Most of the times she will think before she acts and often tries to plan things out. Katya is quite sensitive about her being an albino and clams up when people talk to her about it. She also finds her full name to be a mouthful and prefers people call her Katya.

    History: As you can hear from her name Katya was born in Russia. She grew up as an only child with 2 loving parents and she had a lot of friends there. When Katya was 8 she and her parents moved from Russia to Canada because of her father's job. Katya had to leave all her friends behind and had a lot of trouble learning English. This made it hard for her to adapt and she never really made any school friends in those first few years. It was during this time that she started to notice that the paper around her often moved even when there was no wind. After a while she found out that she was an unnatural. Though she kept this a secret from her parents since she knew they hated unnaturals for some reason. Since then she practiced her power at home after school almost every day in secret. In the beginning she was very careful and only did this when her parents weren't home, but when the years went on she got less and less careful.

    About a year ago while she was practicing in her room her mom suddenly entered the room and found out. Her mom out of the love she still had left for Katya, even though she was a 'filthy' unnatural, gave her 2 choices either pack her stuff and leave the house forever or she would call the authorities. She packed her stuff and left the house. Ever since then she has been living on the streets and trying to not get the government to notice her.

    Other: She always has some paper on her for emergencies. For instance a small bag of confetti or a small paper block.
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  9. I here!

    Name: Julius Ragnarson
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male

    Picture (open)

    (Minus the scar/tattoo - closest thing I could get to him).

    Appearance: Julius stands at 5' 10" tall with an athletic build. He is scrawnier than he once was due to the torture conditions in the House of Powers and the diet one has while being on the run from nearly everyone. His muscle mass is beginning to return now that he has his sight back and is better able to engage in physical exercise and activity.
    He is blond to the point his hair is nearly white, always carefully brushed into a slightly messy side parting due to his wavy hair which he keeps fastidiously short to be manageable. His eyes are a bright blue, both piercing and warm at the same time; understanding and all-knowing. He has a quick and gentle smile which his eyes sparkle in unison with although it is rare for him to laugh.

    Generally, Julius prefers to wear plain, unstyled jeans, running shoes or smart-casual shoes which are also practical, and white polo shirts. His dedication to wearing plain clothes would not be remarkable for the fact he wears the same kind of outfit every day with occasional variance in the colour and make of his polo shirts (although always being of a light colour, usually of a blue variant when not completely white).

    He has taken to carrying a pair of sunglasses at all times, from when he had no eyes, although he only wears them in bright, direct sunlight.

    Powers: Manipulation of air currents (note: this is not the same as control over air. Julius can alter the movement of air and initiate movement as well but cannot produce air and has very limited ability in altering the state or components of air). He also has a higher muscle strength output than most but this ability is rapidly diminishing every time he uses it.

    Skills: Julius is smart. Not your run-of-the-mill academic smart; anything he turns his hand to, Julius can pick it up very quickly. He's a natural strategist and has a good understanding of people and the human condition in general, however his usually kind heart prevents him from maximizing his potential for manipulation.
    He also has some practiced skill at playing the piano.

    Personality: Mild and reserved, Julius is very much what many expect of a Briton (even if this reputation is somewhat ill-deserved). Preferring to stand back and watch events before making a decision or getting involved, unless there is an element of danger, Julius can often seem to be a puppeteer or simply shy. He is defensive of his friends to a fault and cannot help but aid those in need; provided it doesn't endanger his friends (or himself if his capture/injury were to affect their safety).

    Julius is the honourable sort and will take every burden upon himself rather than share it with others, rising to any challenge presented and never complaining openly about the difficulty of a task.

    History: Accepted into every school he ever applied for, Julius was a star pupil in just about every field he applied himself to. He had a voracious thirst for knowledge, experience and skills which kept him busy at all times. Despite these successes, he only had a few friends but he considered them to be near-family in importance to him and the feeling was mutual.

    Then Julius' mother died. She had been mentally ill all of Julius' life, often confusing him with someone called 'Bryan' and breaking down into a fit of hallucinations and self-harm. Shortly after his final exams she died from a brain hemorrhage leaving Julius alone with his abusive father. Julius' father reacted to any state of illness in his wife with violence towards Julius', blaming his son for any small issue or problem that presented itself; it was no wonder that Julius spent as much time as possible indulging in extra-curricular activities in order to stay away from home.

    A week before he was to journey to Cambridge to begin his University education (having chosen the university over Oxford for it's more liberal leanings - he was accepted into both), Julius' father and uniformed men crashed into his room and drugged him into unconsciousness. Next thing he knew, Julius was awake in the House of Powers. There he met Diego, Maribeth, Allister and others.

    Before breaking out, Julius' eyes were removed and he was shot in the leg leaving him with a permanent limp. He developed a secondary vision during his blindness using air movements as a sensor. In the proceeding months, Julius grew very close to Allister (and they picked up a stray yellow labrador puppy they named Caesar in jest) as she looked after him. During the months of pursuit: Diego and Julius clashed over their opposing thoughts on mercy, Julius' found he had a slightly older brother named Bryan who had been drugged into madness by their father, Julius accidentally killed his father in a scuffle with a knife and Bryan's eyes were surgically implanted into Julius giving him a small measure of his brother's secondary power of strength.
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    Name: Diego Gomez

    Age: 21

    Personality: Before the House of Powers and Civil War, Diego was what many would have called an “all around nice guy.” Diego rarely got into fights with anyone, instead choosing to make friends with everyone that he could. He wasn’t the conventional popular jock that everyone likes to portray in movies; the former football lineman was actually just a well-liked, well-respected guy.

    He attended all the parties, usually stepping up to DJ most of them, and still managed to get all his homework done on time, which always went well with the teachers. To Diego, life was too short to make any enemies of any kind, or to give anyone a reason to dislike him. He rarely ever got into fights, and when he did, it was to stand up for the little guy, or to back up a friend.

    Since the House and the War, Diego really hasn’t been the same at all. There are still traces of him left; him standing up for his three other friends to the death, his natural intelligence (he isn’t a genius, but he never got below a B in any classes), and his willingness to at least try to make friends among other supers. However, he’s become a faint glimpse of the old Diego. Everything that he is now isn’t him.

    He’s cold, distant. He loathes those without powers, especially for putting his friends in harm’s way. He thinks himself, and the rest of his kind, superior. He doesn’t trust easily at all. Worst of all, he won’t even blink when he crushes the last breath out of a human.

    Appearance: Diego stands at 6’ 0”, and weighs a good 200 pounds (most of which is actual muscle). He used to weigh a lot more, before the House of Powers incident when he was in high school, but years of experimentation and being on the run have affected him negatively there. Diego has brown eyes, tan skin, and has an athletic/muscular build, although it isn’t that noticeable through clothes like it used to be. Thanks to the experiments done to him in the House of Powers, Diego now has two large scars going up his arms. He also has a scar in his abdomen where he was shot during the take-down of the anti-powers government before the Civil War.

    Although he used to love to be the best dressed, he has come to learn that that clothes is a luxury he cannot afford anymore. Because of this, he can be seen wearing anything from a plain old t-shirt and shorts, to a hoodie and jeans, and everything in between. Lastly, Diego is never seen without his sunglasses. It’s an older pair that he’s had since before the House, and he never loses sight of them.

    Powers: Diego not only has the ability to fly, but is also able to copy other’s powers and use them as his own, as well absorb natural power (like fire or electricity).

    Weaknesses and limitations: Although he can copy any power he chooses at will, he has a limit of five powers he can copy. Furthermore, he can only use one at a time. Diego also has to physically touch the person (skin to skin contact) when he wants to copy their power, which in combat situations can be extremely difficult. Once Diego has copied a power, he only has the knowledge that the host has, which means that if he copies from someone who doesn’t know what to do with their power, neither will he, and he will have to train himself.

    History: Life for Diego couldn't have been better. He was one of the start players on his school’s football team, he was the life of every party, teachers loved him, parents loved him, you name it. He never thought that things could go south for him at all.

    It was during a football game that weird things started to happen. During a play, Diego rushed forward and pushed back a defensive lineman, but instead of pushing him back, Diego and the other player went straight up. It wasn’t noticeable to the fans that they went too high to be normal, but it was noticeable for him, his team, and the opposing team. Not long after that, more things started happening; he would try to jump into a pool, and would end up at the middle before falling into the water, his jumps were a lot higher than normal, etc.

    Finally, things got really noticeable when he and a group of friends went to the cliffs by the ocean to take the “leap of faith” (the high-dive height jump from a cliff into the ocean). The whole group went at the same time, and all of them landed into the water…except Diego. He was left floating in the air.

    The next thing Diego knew, he was shipped off to the House of Powers.

    During his stay there, things were far from luxurious. They were experimented on day after day, just like animals. They were forced to stay within the confines of the house and were fed drugged food to make sure rebellion wasn’t a possibility. The only thing that made the place bearable were the friends Diego made; Allister, Julius, and Maribeth.

    When they did eventually break out, Diego made sure that the place couldn’t capture anyone else ever again, and burned the place down with a pyro’s power he had copied.

    Months later, the War broke out. The group, along with the help of a few other supers, were able to put an end to it, but not before Diego’s personality became twisted. He became merciless, killing anyone in the way. He also became too zealous, which ultimately led to him being shot in the abdomen from the enemy general.

    Other: Nothing I can think of, other than Diego might be a bit crazy now. Oh, and I am excited as Hell to start this thing again. It’s been far too long since I’ve had the chance to RP.
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  11. Victor Faust (open)
    Name:Victor Faust
    Alias: Is simply too cool for such things.
    Personality: Brash and rough don't even beguin to explain it. He tends not to hold anything back as he is brutally honest, prefers to fight first and leave the questions to someone else. In the simplest form, he is an asshole. His compassion for the lives of others only extends to how much he needs them for his current goal. Not even his motives are fully understood as it seems to mostly be whatever he feels like.
    height 6'2
    weight 210
    eye colorDark brown
    hair color Black
    Sound wave manipulation. His is able to manipulate sound waves, meaning there frequency, amplitude as well has having the ability to detect sound waves. His entire body acts as a sort of transducer, allowing it to generate and receive sound waves. This allows him to hear through vibrations and feel the sound around him as well as read it. The weakness of his power is that he doesn't really understand it. He gets the basics of it but he pretty much just acts on instinct. Also because of the constant vibration of his cells he is slightly unstable and over extending himself can cause his body to start to fall apart a the cellular level.
    Weaknesses and limitations:
    Cellularly unstable
    Over extending his power can cause sever internal injury
    his powers can be cancled out if someone new his resident frequency
    Faust was discovered at a relativity young age to have powers and was captured by the government. Like most he was given a choice, life imprisonment or become some kind of Unnatural hunter. He choose the latter, as he didn't really care about others as long as his own personal agenda was met. So he was soon getting trained by them to fight, to hunt down his own kind and sniff them out. For the most part it was everything he wanted. He was taught how to use his powers and how to fight and how to hunt and track people, he was even good at it.
    The only real problem was his personality. He was uncontrollable, brash, violent, and even disregarded orders that he deemed pointless. This however didn't stop them from training him, seeing as soon as he was to be indoctrinated. This however was were real trouble started not only was he able to resist the attempts, he was even able to destroy equipment and as it seemed he wasn't as susceptible to such things as others. After awhile it was deemed that the cost was not worth the reward of the product, namely him. So they cut their losses and he was thrown into imprisonment to spend the remainder of his life, though Security washouts never lasted long as they are seen as traitors by the others.
    Faust had to watch his back as they might as well of announced what he was as every inmate knew they were getting a security wash out. The fights started early, everyone seeing him as the enemy. But much to the surprise of the higher up, he didn't die, in fact he started to thrive as people started to fear him. The first few years were the worst, always having to watch over his shoulder and getting in a fight nearly every day. Though as he started into his third year things were starting to calm down and he was even gaining respect through out the prison.
    With his new found respect people started to listen to him, fallow him and soon he was rallying every body up. He was even planning to break out. So he started a riot to overthrow the guards. This was one of the worst riots they had seen. After Millions of dollars in damage, several dozen deaths(on both sides) and three days of violence the riot was put down. Faust was deemed to dangerous to leave with the general populous and was thrown into the darkest cell where you forget what day light looks like. This was more literal then you might think. Three more years he sat in that dark hole, training and stewing in his own anger. He could hear everything that was going on, all the violence and cursed that he was trapped. Then it dawned on him, he could hear it, his powers were no longer being suppressed, the bells of freedom were ringing and they were ringing loud, very loud.
    After his escape he used his skills to scrounge up work as a mercenary, going to the highest bidder and not really caring whose side he was on. Naturals, unnaturals, it didn't make a difference to him. Everybody was a potential employer, and everybody was a potential target.
    He is a skilled fighter, having some training with weapons but preferring hand to hand, for the simple fact that it is funner. Besides that he is also a human lie detector since he is able to hear the change in peoples heart beats as well as-being a good tracker/detective ability at tracking people.​
  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Akiko Tanaka

    Alias: Kousoku, or "Lightspeed"

    Age: 19

    Akiko is headstrong and confident, a little fiery and at times cocky. Sometimes she likes to brag about her powers or show off. She even at times likes to tease her opponents, using her powers to aggravate them and laugh at their reactions. She is aware of the current limitations of her powers, but believes she can over come them and will at times push herself to her limit.

    Akiko is also very cunning, having good practice in lies and deceit after fooling her parents for so long and after years of staying low and away from the government's reach. There are times when her lies falter, but when that happens and depending on who it is that is able to figure out her lie, she takes out the person or persons who doubt her.

    Despite her tendency to fool around, Akiko is aware of things around her. When out, Akiko always has her guard up and is looking to see if any body or anything looks suspicious. She knows if a person is hurt, knows to approach her jobs with caution and knows when to retreat.

    She hates the sound of electricity buzzing. She says she feels the electricity will jump out at her.

    Akiko is 5'4" and weighs 114 pounds. She has shoulder length brownish-black hair with bangs and brown eyes. Her build is slim and she moves with a sort of litheness. She carries a concealed knife with her at all times, in case she comes across trouble or is struck by electricity. Her outfits most of the time consist of a light leather jacket, shirt, jeans, the jacket in case she teleports to somewhere cold. She tries to blend into the crowd as much as possible to help escape detection.

    Akiko has the power of teleportation and can travel across great distances in an instant. She pictures the location in her mind and her atoms and molecules break down and reassemble in her desired location. She is able to do the same thing to objects too, transporting objects from somewhere in the city to her home or base, even weapons that will suddenly appear somewhere in the user's body.

    Weaknesses and limitations:
    Electricity. If Akiko is struck or zapped by electricity, her powers are disrupted, trapping her in her current location. Depending on how and when in her teleportation process she was struck, she could actually be split in two, with one half still in the first location and other half suddenly appearing in her desired location, or parts of her body even scattered all over the place

    Akiko can only travel to places in which she has a clear idea on what it looks like. She doesn't have to necessarily have been there, a photo will do fine, but if she wants to go somewhere she has never seen, then she won't be able to travel.

    Limited range: Akiko can only travel a certain distance. The farthest she can go for at the moment is across the state. Any further then her body's atoms starts to split from each other.

    Akiko had lived a relatively normal and happy childhood. She did well in class, had good friends and very loving, parents. Akiko was a relatively normal child.

    When she was 14, word started spread of government officials and random groups of 'Unnaturals' forming and targeting what seemed to be random people. No one was sure who these groups were and what happened when an someone was found by either group. Akiko's parents suddenly became very protective, restricting and eliminating many things she had been able to do before. Craving for her freedom, Akiko and her friends organized many events in which they would help her escape her parents' house and hang out with them, being careful to return her back home before they noticed. On one trip with her friends, Akiko encountered a group of men in suits, who said they were looking for people with special abilities. The men were sent by the government and they believed one or some of them had a special ability. So they forced them into a car where they would take them for interrogation.

    Scared, Akiko and her friends held on to each other as they were being driven to some unknown location. Akiko didn't want this to happen. She only wanted to be with her friends, not kidnapped and be some government experiment. She started wishing to be home, imagining her house, the living room and all the furniture in it. Her friend next to her shouted and suddenly she found herself in her living room, her friends right beside her and her parents staring at her in shock.

    The government was right that one of them had a special ability, and it turned out to be her. She asked her parents if they knew where her ability came from and they had no answer.

    But her escape from those looking for her was only temporary. The government was getting more and more aggressive, with news of them capturing people popping up everywhere. They knew someone had powers where she lived and she by all means did not want to get captured. With a note explaining her actions and her goodbyes and apologies, she ran away from her home, staying out of the government's detection while taking odd jobs in various places and the Syndicate as a means to earn money for the next five years.

    She is, for the most part, on friendly terms with Syndicate. She remains neutral though, choosing not to get involved in their political aspirations. The only time she is in contact with Syndicate is when they are in need of help with a job and will pay for her services.
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  13. Repost from RPG

    Name: Maribeth (Mari) Wilson

    Alias: Mari for now?

    Age: 21

    Personality: Maribeth is a sweet girl who loves to help anyone that she comes in contact with. She's easy to talk to and likes to joke around to make tense situations seem easier. She has a soft spot for children and cares deeply about her friends. It doesn't take her long to get mad though, and once angered, it takes her a long time to calm down. Although it's not healthy to hold grudges, she can and will hold one until the end of time. Trust is something she tends to give to anyone. She thinks everyone is good until proven wrong, which can be her downfall at times. Although she has a bubbly personality, she is rather impatient. As the RP furthers, her personality will harden. She will no longer be cheerful and she will become the girl she once was when they escaped the facility before the 'civil war' they had.

    Appearance: Maribeth is a petite girl, standing at about 5'2". She has long, dark hair that falls to the small of her back that turns blonde at the tips and blue eyes with fair skin. On her left forearm, she has a tattoo of a mermaid that cover most it.

    Powers: Telekinesis. Maribeth has the power to lift things with her mind, as well as herself. After years of practice and hard experiences, she has nearly mastered it, but still has a few flaws. Anything from the size of a human and smaller she can lift with ease, as well as furniture. Anything bigger needs concentration and effort. If it's just one heavy object, she can do it without any problems, but if it were to be more than one heavy object, she will get a massive headache and if she keeps going her nose will start bleeding. Too much weight can cause anything from her passing out, internal bleeding, even death. She also has a latent ability of being able to hear thoughts. (She'll come to discover that later, but it won't be anything big. Just random thoughts here and there.)

    Weaknesses and limitations: As said before, Maribeth can only lift rather small objects wit ease. Anything bigger than what was stated can cause headaches, nose bleeds, unconsciousness, internal bleeding, even death. The heavier the object, or the longer she has her ability sustained for, the more energy she burns. If lifting a car(s), she can tire in just a few minutes. If flying, she will tire within two or so hours. As for her latent power, that will never be able to be controlled. She will sporadically hear either every ones thoughts at once, or she will hear a select few or just one person at a time. In the future, only by utmost concentration will she be able to hear just one persons thoughts, but that's on a lucky day.

    History: Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Maribeth led a pretty normal life. Through out elementary and middle school, nothing was out of the norm. It wasn't until the summer before her first year of high school that things began to get weird. Her mother and sister, according to her dad, died in a car crash. Not even during the 'funeral' was she allowed to see her mom and her sister. Things began to get even more strange as high school went on. She began to notice little things like paper clips and pencils or papers moving slightly whenever she was excited or happy. As the years went on, she ignored that little signs and continued with her sports until she graduated. That last year of high school would be the year she found out that she was different. When either angry or sad, anything near her would shoot off to the other side of the room. It never happened at school, since she controlled her emotions and thoughts there, but at home it would be different.
    After receiving a full ride to a University near by, Maribeth began going to college, but she would sit at the back of her class. Her ability was beginning to get either stronger or more pronounced. People began noticing that she was rather off, unlike when she was in high school. She began to lose friends and people began to talk about her. She finally snapped when in class one day, the person sitting next to her made a rude comment that sent her anger through the roof. She stood up and the man went flying to the back of the room, crashing into the wall. Paper went flying everywhere and the desks moved several feet back. Startled by what she had just done, Maribeth ran out and went home, where she would find strange men standing at the door with her father. That's when she was take to the House of Powers. A place where horrible experiments were done to those who had abilities. She, along with several other teenagers and kids, were locked up in a building with nothing but white walls and floors and furniture. This is where she met the group that she would be spending most of her time with.
    Not everyone was able to escape the House of Powers. Many dying at the hands of the scientists. From the horrible experiments done to her, even to this day, there are the faint traces of the scars on Maribeth's forehead that imply that they go around her head. She has scars on her legs, abdomen, and forearms as well. Faint, scars, but in her eyes they stick out like a flashing sign that says "Look at me".

    : Being skilled in handling weapons was a must after the group escaped from the House of Powers, as well as some hand-to-hand combat, although she is reluctant to use it. She is agile and can sneak into almost any place without being detected, as well as being able to take a hit from her years in Lacrosse and Roller Derby. Maribeth is also skilled in first aid and CPR.
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  14. @Wolverbells approved!

    @Yuuki_Tatsunohi everything looks fine except the bit about her powers manifesting while she was six years old. In this RP, powers begin to manifest only in fourteen year olds or older. Please remove that bit and you're good to go.
  15. how about now?
  16. RepostRepostRepostRepost

    Name: Yolanda Grieg
    Alias: N/A

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Yolanda is average in height and slender in build with faint muscle definition. She has short hair that has been slicked back and dyed bleach blonde. Pale skinned. She has dark brown eyes, which in contrast with her skin, appear to be black. The pale skin of her back has been elaborately inked with the solid lines of a tattoo depicting a grotesque scene of demons and the Devil himself.

    Powers: Yolanda has the ability of corpse manipulation. This isn't the ability of resurrection. The corpses are still corpses but are used as kind of puppets. This is inclusive of all corpses, human or animal.

    Weaknesses and Limitations: Yolanda is unable to manipulate multiple corpses at one time. She is only able to manipulate one at a time and needs to concentrate to do so properly. Her ability is obviously only applicable when the corpses of animals or humans are around.

    Abilities: Yolanda is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. She is agile. Yolanda is also quite skilled at persuasion; she falls back on this ability when physical violence is not an option. She is good at organizing, however this ability is lessened when she is under stress.

    Personality: Yolanda is a sly woman. Conniving and secretive, it's often difficult to tell what she is about to do. Despite this, however, she is loyal to those she feels are deserving. Once her loyalty has been secured, she is protective and fierce. Yolanda has a tendency to be sarcastic, dryly humorous and cynical but has the capacity to be kind and tender. Able to be extremely persuasive when need be. She has a touch of nihilism to her, due to her ability.

    Yolanda can come off as cruel on occasion, usually due to her suspicious nature. She attempts to keep her emotions in check but sometimes is unable to control them, lashing out a those around her - whether they be friends, family, enemies or strangers. Surprisingly, she has a strong hatred of anyone who harms animals, even though their bodies are for her to manipulate. She has less hatred for those who harm people, as she believes most are fundamentally bad.

    History: Yolanda Grieg was born in South Africa and as such has a South African accent and is able to speak Afrikaans. She lived with her parents and younger sister in a mundane kind of happiness in South Africa for fifteen years until her father was offered an overseas job that promised prosperity for her family. Her father accepted and they were moved to the US. The mundane happiness returned until Yolanda's power was discovered through the death of a small animal that she had tried to help. Her parents kept her secret for as long as they could. Refusing to turn herself in, Yolanda said goodbye to her family and her mundane happiness and fled.

    After she had fled, Yolanda heard rumors of a Safe House for those with powers. Longing to be with others who were like her, she headed in the directions that she had heard in hushed tones. A few times she had been led astray and found herself closer to danger than sanctuary. Thankfully, however, this had been when human corpses were disturbingly easy to come by due to the carnage of the Civil War. Yolanda used her ability to fend off those who wished to do her harm and also to frighten others away from her hiding spots.

    Continually moving, she soon caught wind of the direction of the Safe House, directions that this time seemed to be correct. Keeping to herself, she journeyed in the direction that she hoped would ultimately bring her salvation.
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