The Uprising (Adventure Romance)

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  1. Annabeth was a simple girl. She loved her family, she loved her books, and she loved her freedom. Then that all changed when her father, the Baron, informed her that the husband to be he'd chosen for her would be arriving on the morrow. Of course, in eighteenth century England, arranged marriages were commonplace. That doesn't mean Annabeth liked it.

    When her arguments with her father got her nowhere, she finally swore that she would never love the man, even if they were forced to wed. The first meeting of the betrothed was, to say the least, tense. But that night, she forgot her animosity towards him. Because they suddenly had to depend on each other to survive.

    An uprising, violent and terrible, rocked the home of Annabeth. She was forced to flee into the night with nothing but the screams of her family in her ears and the smell of fire in the air. And, the man who had come to retrieve her from her room before she was killed as well.

    Now, the two who'd sworn they wouldn't love each other were forced to take on a long and dangerous journey. If either of them were caught by the up-risers, it was certain death. Their destination, the capital, was two weeks away on foot.

    Annabeth's family was dead. His family, who were in the process of traveling to her lands for the wedding, were unaccounted for. Their only choice was to get to the capitol and warn the king before the uprising spreads any further. Two pampered children of the wealthy have to figure out how to survive in the wilderness with nothing. Surviving not only the wilds, but the men who constantly hunted them as if they were animals.

    Is that the conditions under which their love will bloom?


    So...yeah, I generally don't like romance. But..I'm craving it. we are.

    Don't judge me.

    I'd prefer to play Annabeth, so I'm looking for someone to play her betrothed. I do hope to make this a long roleplay, so there will be other goals once they reached the capital.
  2. This rp looks very interesting, if you are still looking for someone to rp with, I am interested! I can rp the betrothed, I usually rp only males. Once I'm accepted, I can send you my character's bio. I hope you will consider me to join this rp!
  3. I'd love for you to join this rp! :) Feel free to PM me with your character bio, then I'll send you mine.
  4. Alright! Will do, but first I have a question, and please don't laugh at me but...

    How do you PM someone on here? ^_^; I just joined Iwaku and I'm not sure how you can private message someone. All I see are the posts on their profile. Still learning where everything is I'm afraid
  5. I won't laugh at you. ^_^ Click on my picture; one of the blue links says 'start a conversation'.
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