The Uprising (A Naruto Roleplay)

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  1. The Uprising (A Naruto Roleplay)

    The Fourth Shinobi War has torn apart the world.​

    The masked man, Tobi, and his slimy ally Kabuto Yakushi have taken up their stand and are now destroying everything the united front holds precious.
    Bu there is a secret front, unallied, unspoken, and unaligned, who wish to save the world and restore it for themselves.
    This is a story of two of the members of the said group...

    Arran Kimura gazed out upon the Konoha encampent his face twisted into a slight grin. "All they do is formulate plans and strategies. If They actually got out and did what they wanted, this war would have been shorter. Good on us though. We get a hand in the blood shed." Arran said, getting up and gazing toward the sunset behind him. "Better inform him they haven't done anything. Yet." Arran said, jumping down the rock enfacement. He walked for a mile and a half, before seeing his destination in the distance, his comrade there to greet him. "So. Who is our target?" Arran exclaimed loudly, smirking with a certain knowledge that tis conversation would erupt into a fight.