The Untold Story of an Olympic Trio

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  1. This Rp is for myself and XwhysoseriousX

    It was easy to get lost in the buzzing diverse crowd of such a large high-school in clattered hallways between blocks, easy to have eyes pass over one individual person if you could learn to lay low. The halls were thick with rather large classrooms and a stereo-typical student feel all around. There were even clicks, easy to see on the first day and it really wasn't hard to get into one or form one of your own.If you knew the right tricks. Not cause problems, get the right small amount of friends, stay away from the wrong types of people and really appearing 'normal' to the opinions or thoughts of others was just about anyones feat.

    However things were about to change as two new students had walked into the building and had been making their way to the office to sign up for classes a girl and a boy. Some rumors were already floating around about the new transfer students after seeing them some people were assuming they were brother and sister but that wasn't actually the case. The boy Will walked down the hall with a friendly smile on his face he didn't walk as if he was nervous but he didn't strut about like he had all the confidence in the world he just seemed like a nice guy who wanted to get along with everyone.

    The girl Rose however had two canes and leaned upon them heavily since her legs looked weak and she needed support. Looking around the huge hallways the girl only seemed to get nervous as she saw all the people that were surrounding them. She didn't like big crowds and she liked teenagers even less especially the bigger ones since they could be terribly mean to them. "Will...I'm really scared...I don't want to be here.."

    Will gave the girl a small smile and gently gave her a pat on the shoulder "it'll be ok Rose I'm here to watch over you and besides it's not like we're going to be here long" Rose gave him a small smile at that. She always felt so reassured when she was around Will especially when he gave her that smile of his. "ok Will..I believe you"
  2. Unlike everyone else in the school, Antheia hadn't been obsessing over the transfer students...instead, she had her own issues. "Two teeth, a black eye, and a bloody nose...what do you have to say for yourself Antheia?" there she sat in the office of the head of the school as he stared and her and she stared right back at him. "Timothy I-" "Mr.Fledger." He interrupted her to say and she sighed once more running her fingers through her bright red hair. "She pissed me off with her little clique so I showed her a lesson that she'll never she wanted a nose job anyway so I don't see why I'm in trouble...I just helped her out right?" Finding that part a bit hilarious she chuckled and Timothy looked at her completely unamused. "Well since you want to help people out Ms.Hermane then you can help me out and show the transfer students around instead of going to second block"

    "What hell no! That's not fair I don't want to show them around get someone who cares!" Standing up from her seat a bit upset she looked at the principal with utter hatred. "Well I could tell your parents what you did or you show them around and I give you the oppritunity to tell your side" Antheia bit her bright cherry red bottom lip thinking and rolled her eyes picking up her bag from the floor and throwing it over her shoulder. "Fine I'll show the new kids around....not like their going to like this run down bullshit school" and with that state to she was out of his office pushing her sunglasses up on her nose and waited in the front office for the new kids playing with her dark purple painted nails.

    So she wasn't the best person but could you blame her. Her mom didn't even want her so she left and now her father was a raging alcoholic and he was married to a blonde bimbo. Growing up wasn't a normal thing for her and now she honestly hated everyone, her mom especially everyone else in the world was a close runner up. And everyone knew that about her so not that many friends came her way, the only friend she had was a flamboyant gay senior who was completely out of the closet and bullied everyday of his life for it, so she couldn't even make normal friends. Nick wasn't normal because he was gay but because of the things he just did and said.

    Waiting for the new students she became every more frustrated because they were taking their sweet time getting here and she hadn't even wanted to walk them around. Plus her morning was off to a good start and that made it all the more worse, why would that idiotic person put her in change of walking these people around when he damn well knew that she hated everyone. " I have to walk around people I'm probably going to potentially hate...isn't this just fun" she mumed to herself with a sigh and she took her glasses off for a quick second to clean them, before anyone got to see her eyes she quickly put them back on.

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  3. Will and Rose continued to slowly walk through the halls of the school taking in the sights and trying to memorize where everything was at the moment. Rose was more concerned about being late to their first class while Will was more interested in the actual school himself. He always found it fun to be in new places and explore new things. He had a a carefree attitude and went with the flow on all things. As they walked towards the office they would walk right by the girl with the bright red hair and red lips to go inside. Will looked over at her and gave her a kind smile. He didn't act flirty or anything in any way he just honestly gave her a kind smile. Rose on the other hand looked at her with a bit of fear. She looked like one of the girls that would beat her up for her lunch money if she looked at her the wrong way she she quickly looked away.

    "Will...I don't know if I feel too well about all of this..I'm really worried." Will sighed and shook his head and gave her another friendly pat on the shoulder "Rose it'll be ok just relax. I'm here and I'm not going to let anyone hurt you ok?" He turned and looked at the lady at the desk "excuse me ma'am but I'm William Ocean and this is my friend Rose Petals were the two new students and we're here for our schedules." The secretary looked up from her papers and adjusted the glasses on her face "you two are running late" "I know ma'am and I do apologize but as you can see my friend here has a hard time getting around on her crutches. We do the best we can but sometimes it's just not that easy"

    The secretary looks over the desk and at Rose's crutches and then nods to herself a bit. "They look legitimate. You wouldn't believe how many students try to fake injuries like your friends" Will only smiles in response "We will do our best to be on time and we wouldn't want to be any later then we already are so if we could get our schedules we'll head straight to class" She nods and grabs a file that was nearby. After digging through the papers in it she hands the two of them their schedules which were exactly the same "there you go now off with you..oh the principal Mr. Fledger has...arranged for someone to show you around so don't worry about your first class" Will smiled and nodded "alright thank you both. Where is our escort exactly?"
  4. "I'm right guys sure took your sweet time getting here" Antheia stood from from the seat she had taken and pulled a piece of gum out of her pocket sticking it in her mouth. "Come on...I'll show you around our amazing school...home of the honey bears" she said sarcastically and hoisted her bookbag over her shoulder and looked at them. Why was everyone so excited about them, he looked like a guy and she just looked like a scared little mouse in the home of a large cat. "Hey...there's no reason to be scared, everyone here is an asshole so you're probably going to be confronted but if they do...just call me I hate when people pick on crippled people" she smirked and began to walk out of the office a small smile on her face. No she wasn't as nice but the poor girl was afraid and she had honestly hated bullies.

    Waiting for the two to catch up she looked around the school and sighed realizing that she didn't want to help these people. Honestly she could care less of what happened to them but she needed her parents to hear her side of the story so that she didn't get in so much trouble. Sucks that she was only helping these people for her own benefit, they actually seemed pretty nice but she still hasn't cared cause people were never just nice. "Come on guys I don't have all day and I would really like to be done with this soon"
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  5. The two look at the girl then at each other. She certainly had a colorful personality will thought to himself. As she started walking out the two new students followed after her "well..i don't like to think everyone is an ass hole I at least want to give everyone a chance. Now I would be lying if I didn't think some people here were ass holes but. Again like to give them a chance first" rose just followed behind the two if them staying silent.

    Will frowned slightly at the girls last comment about hurrying it up. He didn't appreciate it especially since Rose was crippled "Ok first off were coming second were moving quickly rose just has a hard time getting around so take a chill pill." Rose set her hand on wills arm and shook her head quickly "'s ok Will. Don't worry about it" Will gave Rose a quick look before he sighed and gave a nod he then turned his attention back to their escort "my names William Ocean but my friends call me will. This is Rose Petals. And yes that is her real name"

    Rose gave the girl a small smile before she bowed her head slightly to focus on keeping up. Will on the other hand wasn't watching her that much he was looking at everything around them as if he was analyzing things in case he needed an escape route or something like that.
  6. "Awe you two are adorable...I wish I wasn't a cynical jerk...I get it in being rude I apologize" she turned giving them a small smile that was pretty fake but she made it look real like she had cared. She just didn't need them telling the principal that she was a jerk to them, she didn't need her oppritunity fading away because she wasn't nice. This was pretty annoying though, why did she even care what the principal told her parents she was bound to get in trouble anyway. Well her dad was bound to be drunk so all she would have to do was put up with her step mom's nagging.

    But then they started to speak again and she was so determined on leaving them. She didn't care about their names and honestly she didn't care how funny the girl's name sounded. But she still turned giving them another smile as she turned rolling her eyes to her self. "I'm Antheia and before you ask, yes it's after the dad said my mom was obbessed..." Even speaking about her mother made her tense but she still remained calm. Did they even care though her name was irrelevant cause she probably was never going to speak to them again and vice versa.

    "You two got your schedules right? Here let me see them?" She held her hand out so that she could get both of them and looked around annoyed. Something just felt off about today and she couldn't really place her finger on it, but whatever it was off. "So I could show you your classes and get this over with, im probably not the first person you want to make friends with since I don't really get a good reputation"
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  7. Will narrowed his eyes a bit at the girl. He could see through her ruse in a matter of seconds. It didn't take a genius to tell that she was just doing this because she had been told to. Why that reason was he didn't know nor did he really care at the moment. What he did know was that he wasn't very appreciative of her attitude. When she mentioned her name though he gave a slight pause and glanced at Rose who also looked at him with a strange look. He slowly looked back at her and rubbed the back of his head "your name is Antheia? as in..after Até? Eldest daughter of Zeus of Olympus? Goddess of Mischief delusion, ruin and folly?"

    Rose rolled her eyes a bit and shook her head but she couldn't help but watch the girl with a bit of interest to see how she would react to how much Will knew about the goddess she was named after. Will looked at Rose for a moment before he looked back at the girl. He made no move to hand over his schedule because he was more interested in her at the moment. He eyed her carefully and watched every little movement she made. If his hunch was correct..then things might be going his and Rose's way for once. If not then they were back to square one. Besides it could really just be that her mom was obsessed with Até.

    "Look..Antheia..I know we might be getting off on the wrong foot here and I apologize for that i'm just really protective of Rose because of her getting picked on in the past due to her..condition. I also apologize for you having to show us around all over the place. I'm sure you have your reasons for doing so but still we do appreciate it. Now..if you don't mind..would you be willing to have a private conversation with me and Rose? we're not going to start a fight or anything we just want to ask you a few things. and no we're not secretly cops or undercover underage kids we're just normal people." Rose giggled a bit at the "normal people" part but quickly stifled it and looked back at the girl.
  8. Antheia looked back from flower girl to whatshisface and got a weird vibe from them. She hadn't done anything to attract the police to her. Well at least she couldn't remember if she had done anything to get the attention of the police. But if this was what they were then the police station was reaching an all new low, even for the buzzkills that they were. "Okay would you care to explain why you care about my name that much...sure yeah I was named after that one" she crossed her names over her chest sighing a bit in the inside. Of course she got stuck with the two kids who were creepy, one cared about her name way to much and one was too shy for her own good.

    "Wait, what...explain to me why you need to speak so bad...I don't think we got off to a bad start and I really don't want to make it a bad just tell me what it is right here, I'm sure it's not that special." Antheia looked back from both of them getting even more annoyed. This was bullshit and she knew that her principal was doing this just to get back at her. They probably weren't even transfer students but liars, they could have been undercover agents for all she knew. Cause people lie and just because they said they were normal didn't mean a damn thing to her. Then she gave a frustrated sigh uncrossing her arms from her chest as she gave them one more look.

    She was more curious than she was pissed so of course she would have said yes. Being skeptical was the first step to saying that you were just going to disappear with two people that were still complete strangers. "Okay fine whatever I'll go with you...but to just let you know, I am carrying a knife on me and I'm not afraid to cause either one of you pain" she wasn't going to use a knife because she was only trying to seem scary. And she was bluffing, carrying a knife was never really her thing so she always lied and told people that so they could think twice before actually trying something. "Well come on, I don't have all day"
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  9. Will narrowed his eyes at her at the mention of a knife. He didn't know whether to take her threat seriously or if she was just trying to act tough. Either way making a wrong move here could cost one of them in some way or another. He didn't want to get into a tussle with her over nothing as well. He looked at Rose who was clearly just wanting to get out of the school and go home but she knew she couldn't do so without Will. Will turned his attention back to Antheia and let out a slow breath "Look what I need to talk to you about is more important then you'll ever realize that is only if it involves you however. If I'm wrong then you'll go back to your daily life like this conversation ever happened. Is that good enough for you?"

    He didn't even wait for an answer. Instead he turned to an empty class room that clearly hadn't been used in a long while and opened the door and stepped inside. Rose following close behind him. Will gritted his teeth a bit as he waited for the other girl to follow them. He didn't know what it was about her but she really got his blood boiling. Maybe it was just the way she stood and acted like no matter what they did she wouldn't trust them. He figured she might have had a hard life and that she would have some trust issues because of it. However he didn't like being treated like an ass even though she didn't even know him.

    A quick pleading look from Rose calmed him down slightly. He didn't want to cause her any trouble and he didn't like it when Rose got put in harms way. He looked back over his shoulder at the girl and crossed his arms "are you going to come in here so we can talk or are you going to just stand there in the hallway waiting for something to happen?