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Evelyn - who much preferred her nickname 'Evie' that her teammates provided her with - sat at the back of her History class, fingertips lightly drumming against the surface of her desk. None of the words or dates on the board made sense and it irritated her so much. Her bloody ADHD. People thought she was always just playing up in class. The classic, stereotype jock. Sports came to her so easily. She was on her way to College on Sports Scholarship...but words just never went well for her. Other class mates thought she was always just pretending to not understand for the attention, just wanting to get a few laughs...but Evie swore down that it wasn't that.

Exhaling heavily, she turned her attention to the window and allowed herself to lose focus, to fall back into the bubble that she usually felt safe in. Evie much preferred being outside, it always felt so confinding inside...hence why she was usually so fidgety in classes other than Physical Education. History wasn't so bad. She enjoyed the subject when the teacher went into lectures and taught them that way...the way Evie actually manages to learn. Sports, Classical History but also just plants. She had always had a real with with plants and their properties. Which were for healing and which were poisonous. It probably wasn't a hobby an eighteen year old should have but her mother didn't seem to care.

Her lips curled upward briefly at the thought of her mother. Evelyn could only feel pride at the thought or mention of the woman who had had her at the young age of twenty. Claire Winslet had been in the middle of her College years, training to become a vet when she had fallen pregnant with Evelyn after a summer romance with a fellow another (supposed) student she had met whilst on work placement/experience at the local vet clinic. Of course it was difficult...but Claire managed to pull through it all with the support of her own parents.

The bell went for lunch and Evelyn couldn't get out of that classroom quick enough, shoving her things into her bag and easily the first out of the door. As she exchanged books for lunch at her locker, Evie knew that the majority of the people she sat by probably wouldn't be there with sports tournaments or lunch time training sessions to be at. Her crowd was a busy one, with them all being into their sports in and out of school, they barely had social lives other than the team gatherings organised by the sports clubs themselves. It did get a bit lonely...but what could she do?

So when she turned up to the canteen to find their usual table empty, she wasn't surprised. Exhaling softly, she approached the table and sat down at it, pulling out her food from her bag. Human, mundane actions. Evie rested her head in her hand as she began her pasta, hazel eyes looking almost golden in the light that poured in through the windows. Pushing her light brown hair over one shoulder, she settled her gaze onto the view outside and just lost herself to her thoughts and daydreams once more.
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things were about to change as two new students had walked into the building and had been making their way to the office to sign up for classes a girl and a boy. Some rumors were already floating around about the new transfer students after seeing them some people were assuming they were brother and sister but that wasn't actually the case. The boy Will walked down the hall with a friendly smile on his face he didn't walk as if he was nervous but he didn't strut about like he had all the confidence in the world he just seemed like a nice guy who wanted to get along with everyone. He had short brown hair that was spiked in the front and blue eyes that shined like the ocean. He had an athletic build and although he was on the leaner side he could clearly take on any challenge thrown his way.

The girl Rose however had two canes and leaned upon them heavily since her legs looked weak and she needed support. Looking around the huge hallways the girl only seemed to get nervous as she saw all the people that were surrounding them. She didn't like big crowds and she liked teenagers even less especially the bigger ones since they could be terribly mean to them. She also had brown hair but it was obviously longer and hung down to her shoulders she had dark green eyes almost like a forest in way. She wasn't anywhere near as athletic as Will was but she had an attractive face. "Will...I'm really scared...I don't want to be here.."

Will gave the girl a small smile and gently gave her a pat on the shoulder "it'll be ok Rose I'm here to watch over you and besides it's not like we're going to be here long" Rose gave him a small smile at that. She always felt so reassured when she was around Will especially when he gave her that smile of his. "ok Will..I believe you" They quickly got their schedules from the office. The secretary scolded them for missing half the day but let it slide and sent them to the lunch room. The two of them made their way there and once there stopped in the doorways. It was clear people knew that they were coming because almost as soon as they walked into the lunchroom everyone stopped eating and talking and looked over at them. Rose clearly not liking the attention blushed and hid behind Will.
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Obviously Evie would be just as curious as her school mates, her attention being caught as the two entered the canteen and stood there momentarily. Her gaze flickered over them both, head tipping to the side as she attempted to decide what to think of them. The girl definitely looked shy, ducking behind the boy in front of her which she herself guessed was her brother. The girl was pretty, no denying that, but the canes left her wondering as to what happened. A bad accident maybe? Perhaps that may be why the transferred to this school? But surely it would have been on the news. A deformity maybe? Either way, the brother seemed the protective type. And attractive himself.

Crunching on a carrot stick, Evelyn glanced to the rest of the canteen to see them still staring and gave a roll of her eyes. "Alright now, stop staring as if they've just escaped from the circus." She called out, her voice seeming to break whatever trance they were in. Conversations began to flow but it was obvious that the whispers were about the two new kids, eyes darting from the transfers and then back to the tables. It was amusing just how much of an affect two new students could have. Laughable, really.

As she looked them over, Evie couldn't help but wonder how many girls were going to pine over the new guy and what clubs her friends were going to convince him to join. He looked like the athletic type. A swimmer, maybe. Then again he could have been a soccer player too. The girl...well Evelyn could imagine her just having to trail along behind. He didn't seem like the kind of guy to abandon family. But how would she know? This was all from first glance.

Considering that some groups in the canteen were attempting to catch the guy's eye to invite him to sit with them, Evelyn attempted to get the girl's attention. She smiled warmly and waved to her before making a beckoning motion. Evie wasn't the kind to discriminate or let a deformity get in the way of a possible friendship. If her brother was going to feel comfortable in this school, she wanted the girl to feel welcome too. "Hey," she began softly once they were close enough, "I'm Evelyn, but everyone calls me Evie. Want to sit down? It's just me today, you can have lunch here if you like."
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Will looked around the room and smiled warmly at everyone. He gave kind waves and nods to the groups that attempted to get him to sit with them. He gave a few winks at some of the girls that he thought were attractive. It was clear he was a bit of a flirt but once you got to know him you would know that while he might be a flirt he wouldn't lead people on or attempt to hurt them. Rose stayed close behind him and hobbled on her canes in an attempt to keep up.

The two of them continued to walk through the lunch room politely declining any offers to sit with people that only asked Will to sit with them. However one girl invited Rose to sit with them instead. One look from Rose and Will gave a small smile to her and nodded and sat down beside each other but across from her "It's nice to meet you Evelyn. Or Evie if that's what you prefer. My name is Will Ocean" Rose looked at Will and then back at Evelyn and gave her a small smile "I'm..Rose Petals...yeah that's my real name..I know it's kinda silly parents really liked the name Rose kinda stuck hehe"

Will smiled at Rose again and gently patted her back and then looked back at Evelyn "thanks for the invite to sit with you. I appreciate it especially since you were inviting Rose more then me. She tends to get over looked and I appreciate it when people are nice to her." Rose blushes slightly and shakes her head " know I get embarrassed's not my fault" He gives Rose a small smile "I know that Rose I'm just being honest and thanking her for being nice to you instead of overlooking you like everyone else does" She sighs "you don't need to remind me about that you know.." He gives a small wince "yeah..your right sorry about that"

The two look back at Evelyn and give her a small smile "sorry about that we tend to banter back and forth like that every now and then. Again it's really nice to meet you and thanks for inviting the two of us to sit with you"
Giving a nonchalant shrug in response, Evie studied them both briefly, able to get a better look now that they were closer up. "Will Ocean and Rose Petals...they're interesting names." She commented after taking a sip from her water bottle. She wondered if their parents were hippies or something, coming up with those sort of names. But then...their last names were were they not related...? "'re not brother and sister?" She then questioned, head tipping lightly to the side, "I have different last names, unless perhaps you're like step-siblings or something."

She closed up her lunchbox and shoved it back into her bag, leaving her only with her water bottle out on the table instead which she regularly sipped from. "I just thought it would be nice for Rose to know someone in case you went off with others. That way she won't be alone at all whilst you're both here." She gave a small smile to the other girl, noticing her easy tendancy to blush and attempts to hide away. "I can only imagine that there'll be a lot of people wanting to steal you away from her. Whether it be girls to make you theirs or guys to gst you into their sports clubs. I wouldn't want your sister to be alone if that happens."

Evie wasn't one to watch the bullied taking the abuse, nor was she one to allow someone to stay on their own. Being an only child and at home alone a lot of the time with her mother being a vet, she didn't like being isolated most of the time...thus her making sure others didn't feel that same way. She wanted to make sure that everyone always had someone to rely on.
Will and Rose let out a soft chuckle a giggle in Rose's case at her question if they were brother and Sister. "No we're not brother and sister, We're honestly not related in any way. Our families moved to the area at the same time. Her parents just couldn't move yet and since they didn't want Rose to miss any school they sent her to live with my family until they could move here. We've known each other since we were kids I've got her back and she's got mine" Rose blushed a bit and smiled before she nodded "I owe Will a lot and he owes me just as much."

Will gave a small yawn and shook his head "and I wouldn't abandon Rose she knows that but still she's my best friend and no matter what happens that will always be the case. You want me in your group you gotta have Rose as well. We're a package and if you don't want one of us you don't get either of us. That's the case with me however because I know how it is. Rose tends to get overlooked when I'm around so I make it a point to make sure others know that if you want me you get her as well. The opposite doesn't apply however. If someone wants her they don't have to have me as well"

Rose shoots a dark look at Will "Don't you say that Will. We're a package no matter what the situation no matter if a group wants me or they want you they get both of us end of story." Will gives her a small smile "ok ok I'm sorry Rose. I'm just saying-" "I don't want to hear another word about that you and I are a team and no one is going to break that team up" Will nods a bit "alright Rose alright"
She blinked in surprise at the determination in the young girl's voice as she adamantly argued that she wasn't going to leave his side. "You guys obviously care a lot for one another." She murmured, resting her chin in her hand as she continued to study them. Something seemed strange. Or perhaps she was just overthinking. How coincidental was it that these two friends would move to a new city and shool together at the same time? It felt rather odd. But like she thought before...perhaps she was just looking into it too much.

Evie could imagine that she would easily be able to convince her friends to allow the two to join and hang around with them. She would especially fight Rose's corner, definitely not wanting the girl to be left on her own. If her friends got funny about it all, then fine. All she would have to do is keep their relationships good on the field or diamond and that was it. Perhaps it seemed a little crazy to be prepared to lose friends over the two new kids, but if those friends were ready to discriminate and judge Rose...then perhaps they weren't the people Evie thought they were after all.

"Well you're both more than welcome to sit with us at lunch and hang around with us. You'll meet them all eventually though, right now I think they've all just got other clubs and meetings to be at. You'll find that we're the atheltic group in school, but we won't care if you don't want to join any groups. You'll still be welcome here. Both of you."
Will and Rose smile at her and nod a bit "thanks for the offer we both appreciate it and we will most likely take you up on it." Rose really liked the girl so far she thought she was really nice and cute. Will on the other hand thought the same but while he was looking at her he also wasn't. Every now and then his eyes would dart to a different part of the lunch room as if he was waiting for something to happen. It was almost like a nervous tick in a way.

Rose was catching what he was doing and casually hit him in the leg with her cane which caused a wince and hiss of pain from Will and an innocent smile from Rose. It was clear the two did things like that a lot. Will looked back at Evie and gave her a small smile. He thought she was really cute but other then that he didn't know much else about her. But that would change in time he knew.

"So Evie tell us a bit about yourself. I mean. If we're going to be sitting together at lunch it only seems right that we get to know each other a bit better. We'll answer any questions you have about us if you give us the same courtesy. I'm like an open book and while Rose is a bit...ok no she's very shy so is she so..yeah haha" Will rubbed the back of his head and chuckled. Rose sighed and shook her head "your rambling again really need to stop doing that so much" "what? I can't help it it's just something I do."
Her one leg began to bounce up and down, a fidgeting habit when she had stayed still for too long. "That's no problem. Just a fair warning...some of the girls may become very friendly." She couldn't help but roll her eyes with a shake of her head. "And some of the guys may just take a liking to you too, Rose." She felt like she ought to warn them, that it was only fair that she did. "You're both attractive...expect a good amount of attention whilst you're here." Evie also wasn't one to beat about the bush. She would voice her thoughts and opinions, thus her saying this with yet another shrug.

She shuffled in her seat as they asked her about herself, clearing her throat as she looked down at her water bottle. How much was one supposed to tell practical strangers about themselves? Evie had no idea whatsoever, leaving her fumbling for a moment on how and where to start. Besides, she was an ordinary kid, nothing special or fantastic...just the usual boring mundane stuff. Would they be expecting some fantastic, hero story? Because they certainly weren't going to get one.

"'s just me and my mum. She's a vet...met my dad on a work placement when she was in College and fell pregnant with me. She said he wanted to stay but since he had to move back to Europe and she didn't want to follow since her whole life was here...they broke up. She raised me by herself with the help of my grandmother." She shrugged, pulling lightly at a strand of hair, "I enjoy my sports and I'm very good with plants...their properties, you know? Like I can almost just look at one and I can know it'll heal or poison. It's just a hobby...a really weird one." She gave an awkward laugh, now rubbing the back of her neck as she continued to fidget. She couldn't really think of much else... "I'm going to College on Sport Scholarship and I'd want to be a doctor or something but..." She trailed off with a shrug, not really wanting to mention her ADHD to them both, not yet.
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Will and Rose glanced at each other as she spoke about her interests and her parents. They stared into each others eyes as if they were sharing a silent conversation with themselves. After a few moments they looked back at her and both smiled kindly "well thanks for the warning about the guys and girls trying to swoop in and get their claws in us. We'll be sure to keep an eye out for trouble like that." Rose nodded her agreement and brushed a bit of her hair back behind her ear.

Will leaned forward on his elbows and forearms and watched Evie a bit more..closely. Almost as if he was studying her for a moment. " want to be a doctor or something? that'd be fun I'm sure. and your going to college off a sports scholarship? that's awesome i know those can be pretty hard to get." He scratched his jaw and looked away for a moment before he looked back at her "can I ask you a couple of things? do you have ADHD or something like that? and what was your dad's name do you know?" Rose sighed and hit him with one of her canes again and shook her head. Will winced and rubbed his leg and shot her a look before looking back at Evie

"I don't mean to pry or be rude or anything I'm just really curious is all." Rose shakes her head and looks at Evie again "I'm sorry about Will sometimes he can be a little inconsiderate and he speaks whatever pops into his head. He doesn't really have that filter in his mouth" Will shoots Rose a look now "oh your so one to talk Rose." Rose blushes a bit and looks to the side "..I have no idea what your talking about."
Evie tensed as they shared a look, now she was the one that was nervous. Nervous about them judging her for her past. But what had they to judge her for? A lot of families ended up like that, with only one parent to raise them, right? Besides, she was happy as she was. Her mother always made time for her and she was even allowed to spend summers working at the vets, getting experience and what not. If people thought differently of her because of her family situation or gave her pity because her dad didn't stick around, then she didn't want to be around people like them.

Instinctively she leaned back as Will leaned forward, eyes looking everywhere but him for a moment before he started speaking again. "Yeah. Or become a vet like my mum. Sometimes my friends argue that I seem to prefer animals over people." She joked, keeping up the unfazed façade as he studied her with scrutiny. "Uh...yeah...well I pretty much ace any sport I pick up. Baseball, athletics, soccer, lacrosse..." She shrugged again, taking a sip of water. Evie was then left choking on the mouthful she just swallowed as he asked if she had ADHD. "I'm sorry? Ah...why would...why would you want to know that? Would that make any difference?" She demanded to know after recovering, "And all I have that links me to my father is this dumb, gold class ring. An 'A' engraved into it. She was supposed to tell me about him when I turned eighteen but nothing came. I don't want to press her's painful for her." She mumbled the last part, eyes darting to the clock above the canteen door.

Why would he have even asked such a personal question? Sure, she expected it, but everyone else had never dared to ask a question like that about her father before. He was he first. And to immediately ask her if she had ADHD? What was that about? How could he have possibly known? Evie stayed silent during Rose's apology and their next bit of banter before throwing the strap of her back over her shoulder, "No, it's fine. I have to go anyway. If either of you need help getting places then let me know. I'd be happy to help." She then waved off everything, slipping out of the benches, "It was nice to meet you both. I'll add you on Facebook or something so I can then suggest the others to add you and get to know you both too. Bye now.'
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Will continued to watch her carefully as she suddenly went into her long explanation about how she was good at sports and how she preferred animals over people. He knew he had hit the nail on the head when she started coughing on her water when he asked her about her ADHD. Rose looked at Will and sighed and nodded and he nodded as well. He looked back to Evie to say something but she was already gone. He silently cursed to himself and then looked back at Rose and the two of them shared a look.

"I think she's the one we're looking for Rose there's no doubt about it. The signs all match up. She's the right age I really think she's the one" "I know you do Will but we can't know that for sure yet. It could really be just a coincidence. Not all kids with ADHD are like us and what if the story about her mother and father is true? what if he really did have to go back home to Europe?" "You know as well as I do if I'm wrong about all of this the mist will take care of the issue and she won't remember any of it. But if I'm right then she could be in grave danger we need to get her out of here as soon as possible. We need to confirm what I think" Rose sighs and then nods a bit in agreement. He was right of course and he usually was when it came to this kind of thing.

"So what do you want to do about it?" "here's what I think she's already warmed up to you a lot you go with her see if you can get to know her better I'll hang back here if anything goes wrong you know how to get in contact with me" She gave a quick nod and got up as quickly as she could and started after Evie "Hey Evie could you hold up for a second please?"
Wanting to get as far away from the canteen and the two new students as she possibly could, it was relatively easy for her to do so considering how empty the halls were at lunch time, many people wanting to have their lunch or spend their free time out in the sun. Her mind was occupied by thoughts of her father, something she rarely allowed herself to dwell on. Damn Will. Why did he have to get all personal? A stranger didn't ask questions like that. Why couldn't he have just asked normal things like...what her favourite colour was or something.

Exhaling heavily, she ran her fingers through her hair as she approached her locker, yanking it open more abruptly than than needed and began to exchange her empty lunch packet for books and her playing kit for training after school. She couldn't stop thinking about her past. Was it that her father really left for Europe? Or was that just an excuse to leave her and her mother?

Evie couldn't help but sigh as she heard Rose call after her, but she turned to face the girl either way. She knew that she wasn't the blame for what Will pushed her with. Rose seemed like a sweet girl who was just incredibly shy and perhaps just needed some guidance. It was hard to think of her hurting a fly, let alone an actual human being. "Rose look...I'm sorry to have left so suddenly but I-"
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Rose slowly walked up to Evie and gave her a small but sad smile "look don't need to apologize i know Will got kinda personal back there and for that I want to apologize. But..he had a reason for it..and I know it may not make things easier for you but..I can't get into details about why he asked you those questions..not yet anyways." She let out a small sigh and looked back at her. It was easy to tell that Rose didn't want to keep this a secret from her but she needed to for her safety and for the safety of everyone else.

"Evie I know your a nice person and so is please..don't think bad about him for asking those questions. Like I said I know you don't understand the reason behind it but he does have a reason for asking those questions and again i'm sorry..but I can't explain them right now.." Will had slowly followed after Rose. He was literally just down the hall standing around the corner from where the two girls were standing and talking. He figured Rose would be able to get the info they needed. The girl seemed to genuinely care about her well being just like he did. Which was something he respected it was hard to find people like here these days.

"Evie..if your free would you mind showing me around the school a little bit? I know it's kinda sudden and if you have somewhere to be I understand..but I would really appreciate it if you were to show me around. Will was able to take a tour yesterday after school got out so he knows where things are already and he has to go to see a few of his teachers about make up work so he can't do it.."

(if you wanna bring in a monster or something now let's do it :))
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Evie paused at Rose's sincere apology, arms folding just below her chest and hands holding onto either elbow. There was something about this girl that made it impossible to say no to her, like an adorable little sister. Even with the dodgy and mysterious explanations that she did admittedly roll her eyes at and look away. She knew something suspicious was going on, but she still had no idea as to what to suspect. Definitely no drugs, that was for sure. Nor would it be something involving...well, yeah.

Eventually sighed, running her fingers exasperatedly through her hair as she glanced around at the abandoned hallways, "I guess I can, sure." She murmured, forcing a smile onto her lips despite not really being in the mood for anything else. She had promised to become Rose's friend and this would ve the start of that. Showing her around was what a friend would do, right? She merely supposed that Will had already gone to find those teachers. Right now she was hoping they didn't share any classes after that first meeting. Rose, yes...being in classes with Rose would be better...but if they were a package deal, then a class with Rose would evidently mean a class with Will.

Evie shut her locker and threw the strap of her bag over her shoulder, "What do you have next lesson? We can work the tour around that so we end up at your lesson after lunch is finished, save you having to trek back and forth places." She commented, waiting for Rose's schedule. Once that was sorted, Evie began the tour from the building they were in at that moment and led up to where Rose would be expected to be next. "There you have it," she concluded turning back to the girl, "That's Redwood High for you. Did you get all of that?"

(I'll add a monster next :))
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Rose smiled "thank you so much Evie" she slowly followed Evie through the school doing what she could to keep up with her. It didn't take long for it to be clear Rose had a REALLY good memory. Will had followed the two of them around at a good distance so Evie wouldn't notice.

Rose smiled at Evie at the end of the tour and nodded a bit "I remember it all thank you so much Evie..i really appreciate it I'm glad we became friends"
Having loosened up a little during the tour she gave Rose, she shook herself off and gave a warmer smile than before to the girl, "It's not a problem. I'm glad I was able to help. I wish you had told me to slow down though, I forget that I'm a fast walker at times." She gave a small laugh, rubbing the back of her neck as she glanced around the area, still rather deserted despite lunch coming to an end soon enough.

Evie then hesitated before reaching out and drawing Rose into a hug before awkwardly pulling away, "I am too. You have the note I gave you with me cell phone number on it right? Just shoot me a text if you want or need anything. Or if anyone is bothering you and you don't want Will to freak out over it. I'll sort it for you." She smiled one last time before snatching another look at the clock, "Speaking of freaking out, I better get to my next lesson before my teacher kills me." Her smile melted into a joking grin, "See you soon, Rose."

Evie did end up late to her next class, the gym, which she found out she shared with Will. But she never made it outside, having been told to change and then head into the coach's office afterward.

Tightening the sleek ponytail that held her light brown hair back from her face, Evie headed for the door to enter the coach's office as requested. "Do you know why you're here, Miss Winslet?" Coach Daniels inquired from the chair as soon as she had shut the door. Evie shifted from foot to foot, "For being late, sir? But I can promise, I have good reason." She immediately informed him, swallowing thickly as he stood and moved to stand in front of his desk, leaning back against it and therefore a few feet in front of her. "And what reason is that?" He sneered back, leaving Evie inmensely confused. This man was usually so...different. Positive. Happy. Laughing and joking. Understanding. This day just wasn't going her way. "I...I was showing the new students around. Rose Petals and Will Ocean? Transfers-"

Evie was cut off as her air supply was, her coach's strong hand wrapping around her throat and leaving her choking, clawing at his hand. " What...doing...?" She gasped, barely, eyes widening as he walked forward, therefore forcing her back against the office door. "They are not transfer!" He bellowed, "They are to be eradicated. Deatroyed. Like you." He cackled as Evie struggled for breath, fearing for her life. "Children of the Gods need to be eradicated." The man spat back in her face, "Vile, filthy creatures, the Children of the Gods." By this point he had held her up a few meters, keeping her suspended from the ground and Evie watched, terrified and confused, as his teeth lengthened and sharpened whilst his eyes became a murky yellow. "I don't..." She coughed as he tightened his grip and she sucked in a painful breath, "Understand..."
Rose smiled and nodded "yes I have the note. I'll make sure to put it in my phone as soon as I can. If your ok with it I'll even give it to will" she blushed slifhtky when she suddenly got pulled into a hug but she smiled and hugged her back with that the Evie left to go to gym.

As soon as she was out of earshot Will came over to Rose who gave him a small nod "she has to be the one we're looking for" he nods "alright ill keep an eye on her in gym" with that the two parted ways.

As he made his way to the gym he had a chill go down his spine as he felt a presence nearby. Instantly he was on high alert. He looked around slowly and then followed the sense towards the coaches office. He peeked a look through the window and his eyes went wide and he cursed. Without a second of hesitation he kicked the door down and glares at the coach "hey! If you want one of us why don't you take a son of the sea on! "
Unable to move her head to see who had just suddenly burst into the office, Evie felt a wave of relief just at the fact that someone else had arrived. That someone else being Will. But that was overthrown as pain drilled her skull due to the lack of oxygen, nails ripping into the man's hand as he kept her in place, turning and snarling at Will as if he was a bad smell.

"Son of Poseidon..." The monster hissed, Will's presence effectively angering him further and causing him to reveal more of itself. Its nails lengthened and Evie was fully aware of such as she felt them press against her skin, threatening to pierce it. "I knew I could smell one you. Your scent is just smothering...even on the girl." Evie tried to speak, ask what the hell was going on, but all that came out where a couple of gutteral sounds and a few squeaks. Son of Poseidon? Children of the Gods? What the hell was this guy-creature-thing on about!

As if reminded of her presence by the noises she had made, the creature turned it's yellowing eyes onto her and bared the sharpened teeth into a gruesome grin, "How about I take you both? With your beloved satyr as a side dish to the others you've killed in Tartarus?" He inquired in a mock polite manner before tossing Evie to the side as if she was nothing but a rag doll. Hitting the metal filing cabinet on the other wall, her world was fuzzy and disconnected as she watched the form of Coach Daniels lunge toward Will, powerless to do anything.
Will winced as he watched him throw Evie across the room. As soon as he lunged at him he jumped back out of the room. He reached into his pocket and flipped a gold coin into the air the coin turning into a bronze sword which he caught in mid air.

He slid across the ground to get away from the creature trying to get some distance between them "wow your slow what are you supposed to be some kind of fat blob?" As he was taunting him he was using his powers over water to try and summon as much water that was in the area to use it against the creature.