The Unstoppable Search

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  1. BACK STORY: It was an ordinary Friday for the Greene family in Oakville, North Carolina. T.J. and Amanda were at school, Mrs. (Barbara) Greene was out running errands, and Mr. (Eric) Greene was at his government job. That is, until on the way home from school, someone crashed into Amanda's car, knocking both her and T.J. out. When T.J. woke up, Amanda and the vehicle that had hit them were missing. Two weeks later, after no success with trying to find Amanda, T.J. came home from school to the sight of a burnt down house in his neighborhood. HIS house. The police report said that two people were trapped inside and burnt down with the house; Eric Greene and Barbara Greene. Nick, a friend of T.J.'s, has allowed T.J. to stay at his place until he could find somewhere else to go. However, T.J. is starting to get suspicious and paranoid. Everyday at 9:00 a.m., he saw a truck across the street from the house. It would be there from 9:00 - 12:00 in the afternoon and promptly leave, not appearing until the next day at the same time. He has decided to hit the road and start trying to figure stuff out. Carrying nothing but his dad's old .45 revolver and knapsack with food, water, and ammo, he is determined to find whoever did this to his family and to make them pay. That is, if he can stay alive long enough.
  2. Ok, first things first. I need a minute phone and a place to stay for a little while, T.J. thought to himself. He is walking down a main city road, two lanes, not much traffic. He reaches into his knapsack to count up his money. He managed to get some money off of Nick's dresser while he was sleeping. He counted the money for the fifth time. $60. He would understand, T.J. tried to convince himself. The Oakville CVS was coming into sight. Remember, you're not looking for a quality phone, just one that works.‚Äč He walked into the CVS and went straight to the disposable phones. Something caught his attention. He turned around to see an old friend. ((Who wants to be the old friend? Name them, become them. Hopefully he/her will have a big part in this.))
  3. (i'm assuming he's 16-18)
    Jennifer Krieger was kneeling, looking at mp3 players and did not see T.J., she ran away a few years ago when she was 16 because she was tired of her parents arguing. She had a dark brown almost black left eye, and the right was dark green. She had raven hair and slightly tanned skin.

    She was 18 now and wore strange garments.

    She had a necklace with an iron cross and eagle on it.

    And a tattoo that stretched down from the tip of her shoulder to her elbow. The muzzle pointed forward, the same direction she does.

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  4. Blair was slightly out of breath when she stopped at the living room's doorway. Her little brother was eating pizza in the couch while watching some random cartoon. "Hey, Nick," she said from behind him. "Did T.J. come in yet?" Hopefully the anxiety in her voice wasn't obvious. Nick didn't seem to notice and answered absent-mindedly, "Nope. Didn't see him."

    No, no, no, no, no, her mind was racing as she sprinted up the stairs and into the guest room where T.J. had stayed. Some of his clothes were still there. She checked underneath the bed. The .45 revolver was missing just as she thought. No, no, no, no, no. She dialed his number but as expected, the line was dead.

    Blair stroke the side of her coarse black hair. Something bad was going to happen to T.J.. Blair could feel in her veins, but she'll do everything she could to keep him safe. After all, she had promised...

    She strained to think over the loud thumps of her heart. T.J. must have ran away but he couldn't be far.

    Immediately, Blair grabbed the keys to her Boxster and calculated T.J.'s steps on her way to her car. He'll need some supplies like food and water, Blair groaned at the thought. There must be a dozen stores within a mile radius from their house. Still, this didn't stop her. She started the car and scoured the nearest stores one by one.
  5. ((Yes, he's 17, so right in between.))

    T.J. realized it was Jennifer. He hadn't seen her in a while. As he recalled, she ran away a few years ago. He kneels next to her quietly and says "Well long time no see, Jennifer! Where have you been?" trying to startle her.
  6. "Ah!" She jumped and gave him a right hook, she never was a girly girl, she fit in more with the boys. She liked to get dirty, when she was a kid her mom invited over her girl friends and they brought their daughters, they would play with their stupid Barbie dolls while Jenn, as she preferred, bought her own G.I. Joes with her allowance money. She blinked, noticing who it was. "T.J.? Is that you?"
  7. Chuckles slightly "In the flesh! Where have you been the past few years? And why are you back? Not trying to sound mean or anything but after all, it has been a while."
  8. "I only left for the city next door." She offered him her hand to help up. "I'm not really back I just came to buy some cheap mp3 that'll probably break within a week." She laughed. "I work at a tattoo shop now, don't need the highschool GED there and it's pretty good pay. What about you? What are you doing all the way out here? I didn't think you'd ever leave that place."
  9. "Dammit!" Blair slammed her hand on the wheel in frustration. She had spent nearly two hours looking through nearly every store in the city. At least that was it felt like. Nobody had noticed the seventeen-year-old. "Where are you, T.J.?" she muttered to herself.

    Her car slowed down to a CVS at the end of the block. She was already disheartened by her search but decided to check inside anyway. One last check, she assured herself. Tomorrow, I'll find him if ever...

    Little did Blair know that a black van had been discreetly following her tail the whole time. Just as she clicked off her seat belt and opened the door, the van had zoomed out of its hiding place and slammed straight into her car with sheer force. The crash pummeled the twenty-year-old into sidewalk while her car made an involuntary side-turn and crashed into a tree.
  10. "What the hell was that?" Jenn said and ran outside only to see a wreck. "Woah, what a wreck!" She said then noticed the female on the ground. She ran over and knelt by the female. "Are you alright??" She spoke softly. She pulled her own phone and started to dial 9-1-1.
  11. Blair tried to blink away spots in front of her. She could hear someone speaking near her but could not understand what she (for she heard it was a woman's voice) was saying. Groaning, she tried to push herself up but the effort made her dizzy. "What happened?" she muttered, not knowing that she was thinking out loud.
  12. "Stay down.. You were thrown from your car in a car crash. You look pretty banged up.." She looked the injured girl over. "Are you alright?"
  13. Blair furrowed at what the girl said. "...a car..." The image of a black van on her side mirror heading straight towards her popped in her mind.

    It must be them! She stood and whizzed around her not caring of how her head throbbed or that it was the exact opposite of what the girl had said. "Where's the car? Where is it?" she demanded.
  14. ((Sorry for lack-of-posts, my computer freaked out on me))

    Hurrying outside, he sees Jennifer and another person. Is that..? "Oh, crap!" It's Blair? Then he noticed the car smashed into a tree and a black van speeding away from the site. "What the hell just happened!"
  15. "What car?" She looked around not noticing the black van speeding away. She looked back at T.J. "Blair? You mean Nick's older sister?" She stood up and walked up to her gently grabbing her shoulder. "You shouldn't be moving around so much.."
  16. "Yeah, that Blair." To Blair, "What are you doing here, Blair?"
  17. ((I'm really sorry if she's a bit mean. She's just worried.))

    "I came to find you,!"
    Blair snapped at him. She was tired and hurting all over and frustrated at keeping T.J. from the truth. "You know how late it is?" But even to Blair it sounded stupid. The night was still young. To cover up her mistake, she turned to the girl next to her, "Who are you? Help me up, will you?"
  18. "You need to stay down Blair.. You might seriously hurt yourself." Jenn struggled to hold her down. "Stop trying to get up will you??" She started to get frustrated.
  19. "Look," Blair glared at the girl. She seemed somewhat familiar, probably one of Nick and T.J.'s friends she couldn't care less about. "I'm fine. Okay? I'm fine." She successfully stood up despite Jenn's struggle to put her back down. She wobbled a bit and had to take several deep breaths to keep herself steady. "See?" she assured the two. "Now...where's my car?"

    She turned around only to find her beloved car totaled. "What the..." she gasped and she realized how close she was to death. "Jesus Christ." They know I know. The thought left her paralyzed for a moment then turned to the T.J. and his friend. "Neither of you saw what happened???"
  20. Jenn shook her head. "We were in the store when you crashed." She stood up next to Blair. "Were you drinking or something?"