The Unsettling Case of the Hollington Family



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A strange event occurred in the rather quiet little town of Havenport during the late seventeenth century. An event that turned itself into legend and had caused its good folk to abandon the town they always had called their home. A close knit community whose perceptions of life were torn asunder by the happenings that were set in motion around them. What is left of the citizens or the families that populated are either dead or in their old age. When asked about the events that took place during that infamous night, all these witnesses whisper one name before they grow quiet and don a seldom expression. "Hollington" is what they say and having dedicated time to this lead, I found myself enthralled by this family, Hollington. My original goal of researching why the desertion of Havenport took place was soon overturned by my curiosity that gripped my attention about this family that was so proper and decent folk. However, before I ramble on too much, it would be best if I took the time to get you acquainted with my findings and the background of Havenport.

Havenport was very much a merchant town. Ships from the great seafaring countries had it into habit to visit its harbor. For such a small town it held many artisans and was more populated by the aristocracy than those born of the lower class. A magnificent cathedral, that rivaled the beauty of the Notre Dame in France, stood majestically in the town center. All around the cathedral was a plaza with many shops of various professions spread across in a circle that surrounded the holy monument. Inns mostly ran their businesses near the harbors; always willing to take the coin of the sailor. In the towering hill peering down at the town below, housed the lodgings of the wealthy. Only the thicket served as a fence to the town below and its lower class citizens.

Despite this wall however, the community held close relations with each other. The common man would tip his hat to an aristocrat as they made their way to the cathedral for the morning sermon. Being polite and concern, an aristocrat in turn would ask how the commoner's family is doing and if they could use any aid. Some of the commoner children even dreamed of being a butler or maid in service to one the of aristocrat families. Though there was clear distinction in social standing, everyone was courteous to each other nonetheless. Havenport was seen as a place of refugee among the hostile world.

Though where does the Hollington family fit in, you maybe asking yourself. Well this prestigious family were apart of the town's founders. It could even be speculated that without Hollington, Havenport would not have been birthed. Nobles by right and birth, their family had set out to partake in the splendors that the new found land promised. With the aid of their wealth, they turned a section of coast into a thriving town. Through the years, Havenport grew with the family.

It is a mystery in itself that such a well respected family fell from grace. What little I have gathered suggest a plethora of theories regarding how the fall of the Hollington family contributed to the demise of Havenport. One such theory says that the father had a mistress that was a succubi and lead the moral man to commit unforgivable sins and in the end caused the Lord in Heaven to smite the wicked town. Another says that a few of the family contracted the vile disease known as vampirism while the others were sicken by the plague of lycanthropy and a struggle of violence occurred between love ones that soon escalated to the killing of innocent citizens. Yet another suggest that the youngest daughter had practice witch craft and became possessed by a demon. One account suggests that conflicts in the family and mental instability contributed to Havenport becoming barren. Regardless of what my research into this matter has sprung forth, it is evident that the Hollington family is at the core of the controversy.

With your help perhaps finally the true reason can be uncovered. . .
In this roleplay the players will take on the role of acting as the members of the Hollington family and are responsible to how the actions of the Hollington family led to Havenport becoming a haunted legend. The time period would be during the late 1700's. The Hollington family being of the aristocracy, will have some manners instilled in characters. This game is intended to be dark however that doesn't mean that romance can't blossom(preferably hetero or yuri). Speaking of romance, incest or twincest is allowed or even possibly lolita. The Hollington family for the most part are English though it could be that the father is English while the mother is French. How the story evolves mostly relies on character interaction and player innovation. For the most part, I am looking for a family consisting of a father, a mother, and their three children. However feel free to be as creative as you want. If you want to even play as a maid in service to the family, well I have no problem with that but make sure you focus on the Hollington family. Well here is a character skeleton but be as creative with it as you want. Depending on what family members are picked, I might play as a third party such as a maid.
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