The Unseen Rose

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Rose got up stairs and looked around a bit. While looking for the ghost she also took the time to look check out the house a bit more as well. She really liked the layout of the place. It was better than her last one. Soon she looked to the stairs that led to the attic.

"Maybe that's where he is.." She wasn't sure. But she did know that most ghosts did reside in the attic or basement. Rose definitely wasn't going into the basement. She found those to be a lot creeper than attics.

Slowly Rose started to walk up the stairs that led to the attic door. She hasn't gone up here yet, having no need to do so until now. She hoped he was there, for it'd save a lot of trouble to try looking for him if he wasn't visible.
Hugo heard Rose walking closer to the attic. He wouldn't mind trying to talk to her if she came up in to the attic.
When Rose actually got to the attic doors she had a very good feeling she was right about checking here first. She wasn't sure if he was visible or not though. Either way she reached into her pocket for the key, remembering that she was told it stayed locked. After putting the key in and unlocking the door she put the key away and then opened it before walking in.
A click in the lock behind him caused him to turn around. He wasn't quite ready to show up to her again, but he would at least be willing to talk. "Rose?" he called out, hoping she could hear him.
When Rose walked in she heard the ghost's voice call her name. She smiled at that, knowing he really was up here. "Yeah." she said as she closed the door behind her. She wondered if she should ask his name now or wait till later.
Even though he hadn't been up in the attic for very long, he was still glad to see Rose. Something about the presence of a human being that knew he was a ghost, knew his past, and was still willing to be under the same roof as him was comforting. And for the first time since he had died, he introduced himself, "I'm Hugo. Pleasure to make your acquaintance." He was still standing near the window, formless, but he knew the girl would be able to hear him and determine where he was.
Rose couldn't help but to smile when she was told his name. And she didn't even have to ask. She then followed where she heard his voice over by the window. "It's nice to meet you Hugo." she said to him, where he was exactly.
"Why did you come here? Why this house?"

Hugo couldn't help but feel like she had specifically picked this house because it was haunted.
Rose wasn't sure how to answer that question exactly. Part of her did choose it a little because of the haunting but that wasn't exactly the entire reason she had chose this house. "Out of all the places I've looked at, this was the first one I like." she said. "Even before I found out anything about it. It was a also the only nice looking place that was also affordable." she added.
Hugo listened to her answer, more questions forming in his head. "So what is it that you do, outside of the house?"
Rose didn't really have to think about that once it was asked. During the day she'll mostly be out of the house for a couple of hours. After that, she'll be in the house for the rest of the day. "Work mostly." she said.