The Unseen Rose

Rose tried to sleep when she laid down. But her thoughts kept her awake. She just could stop wondering what the ghost might be doing and she would have left to try and find out but decided not to. It was getting late and she was pretty tired. It took longer than she expected, but by the time the door opened she fell asleep and barely even heard it.
Slow, deep breaths came from the bed, indicating that Rose had fallen asleep. Hugo made his way to the bed, careful not to step too loudly and make the floorboards creak. He yanked the blanket off of her and threw it across the room.
Rose heard nothing the whole time she was asleep. She didn't think anything would happen tonight while she did. Turned out she was wrong though, for she suddenly got rather started when she felt the covers off of her, the cold coming instead, something she hadn't been expecting the whole time.
He noticed that pulling the covers off had woken her up. A pang of regret slowly filled his chest, something he was not used to feeling. She lay there, in the bed, for the first time looking vulnerable, and his conscience started to get the better of him. Terrifying her would solve none of his problems.

Hugo went and grabbed the sheets off of the floor, and in an attempt to be funny, put the sheet on like he had when he was a kid trick-or-tricking during halloween. He hoped she would see the humour in the situation and forget to be angry at him.
When Rose sat up to look over at the ghost, she wasn't sure what he planned to do next. Being asleep with a ghost around who's set on scaring her out, was always the one thing that could worry her, especially when the ghost is a male. She knows how they could be and what most plan on doing with a female. That thought came to her about him too. But it didn't last for long, when she saw him grab the sheets from off the floor and put it on him. Like a kid getting ready for Halloween. That actually made her feel a bit better and she laughed a little.
The laugh made him smile. He took the sheet off his head, appearing before her again. "I'm Hugo," he said, reaching his hand out to her.
Rose smiled a bit when he said his name to her. "I'm Rose." she said, but didn't really attempt to shake his hand. Which she rarely does for anyone. She had the feeling he wasn't going to try making her leave, that he might actually let her stay here. She hoped so, for she really didn't want to leave this place a all.
"So I find myself in a bit of a predicament. I don't usually like people staying here, but I can't seem to scare you in to leaving, so I might as well get to know you," Hugo said. She hadn't shaken his hand, and that confused him a little. She seemed like she would be friendly, if a little bit defensive.
Rose had the feeling he was going to decide on that. She was pretty glad that he did too. After he spoke she couldn't help but to smile. "Thanks." she said to him. "I'm sure we might be able to get along fairly well." she added. She had a good feeling about that, and didn't want anything to end up going wrong that might change that either. She wouldn't mind getting along with a male ghost. Most of the ones she ends up actually managing to befriend were mostly girls who were very young.
"I hope so," Hugo told her, feeling a little less spooked himself. He picked the blanket up off of the floor, laid it back on the bed, and made his way for the door. A bedroom was an awkward place to try and talk to someone you just met. "You should get some sleep or something, you've had a busy day moving in here."
Rose watched him put the blanket back onto the bed. As he headed for the door she fixed the blanket before bringing it close to her again. She nodded at his words. "Alright." she said. She was starting to feel sleep wanting to return to her and knew she should try and go back to sleep soon. She then laid back down on the bed, now knowing she had nothing to worry about, and she put the blanket back over her.
Hugo roamed around the house for the rest of the night, deep in thought, trying to think of how best to interact with Rose. It had been a long time since he had to make small talk with another being, so he had almost entirely forgotten how to do it himself. He found himself in the kitchen just as the sun began peeking up over the horizon. The storm from last night had passed, leaving the world outside glistening with dew. Rose would be awake some time soon, and she would probably be hungry. Hunger was something that Hugo hadn't felt for years, but he could still remember how the hunger pangs had struck his stomach when he hadn't eaten in a while. He started cooking breakfast for Rose, making her some scrambled eggs with bacon.
When morning came Rose woke feeling much better. Back at her old house she barely slept through the night, but the bed here was much more comfortable and made it easier for her to get some much needed sleep. Yawning she sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes before fixing her hair a little. She then got up off the bed and left the room. As soon as she walked out she could smell food cooking. If she hadn't known there was a ghost in the house that would have really freaked her out. She wondered why he was cooking though. Obviously it was for her, but he didn't really have to do that. Eventually she then made her way down the hall and downstairs to meet him in the kitchen.
Signs of life stirred upstairs. He could hear Rose making her way downstairs, her footsteps coming closer and closer to the kitchen. As she stepped in to the kitchen, probably drawn here by the food, Hugo smiled at her faintly.

"I wasn't sure what you wanted to eat, so I made you scrambled eggs with bacon and toast. It isn't much, and I couldn't actually eat any myself, so it might be absolutely terrible," he said, trying to make a joke.
Rose smiled at that. "I'm sure it'd be fine." she said as walked over now to see how the food looked. It did look rather good to her. She never thought ghosts were really capable of actually cooking food though, but was sure it'd taste just as good as it looks. "You really didn't have to cook anything for me though." she then told him. Of course she was thankful for it, but she didn't think he needed to go through the trouble in making food for her. She wouldn't have minded making her own.
"Sorry if I offended you, I just wanted to make you feel welcome here, after all, if we're going to be living under the same roof, we might as well try and be civil," Hugo said. He faded from view. It took a lot of effort on his part to become visible, and even more effort to become corporeal. It took a lot out of him, and he was lucky to even be able to do that, as a lot of ghosts could not even become visible. He wasn't sure how he could do it, he only knew that it had proven useless in tormenting the previous tenants of the house, so he had focused on becoming better at it, if only to create larger scares.

He left the kitchen, wondering if he had actually offended her.
Rose watched as he became invisible again. She wasn't offended at all, and didn't quite get the chance to say so before she felt his presence leave her. She looked towards the doorway of the kitchen and then at the food. She then went at got herself a glass of juice before sitting down at the table to eat what was made for her.
Hugo made his way in to the attic again, going back to the window. He watched the sun rise. He had spent every day since his death watching the sun rising, it never lost its beauty to him. In a strange way, it still made him feel alive.
Rose ate her food and was enjoying it. It tasted really good, a bit better than she had expected. She was never great with cooking though.

"Who knew a ghost would be able to make such simple food taste so good..." she said to her self.

Looking down at her plate when she was finished eating she wondered if she'd be able to have him teach her how to cook as well as him. It be very helpful after all. With a light nod of her head she then got up from her seat. She went to the sink and washed off the plate and silverware.

Rose finished with all of that quickly and left the kitchen. She thought about going into the living room to watch some t.v but decided on looking for the ghost again. She also just realized that she didn't even know his name.
Hugo stood at the window, ruminating over how to proceed with his new housemate. It was going to get awful lonely with just the two of them in the house, especially if they couldn't find any common ground. He was never that great at conversing with women. He wondered what Rose was doing.