The Unseen Rose

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19 and Rose was finally getting out of her parents house. Her parents agreed to buy her the house of her choice as well as even get all her stuff moved in and unpacked so that she wouldn't really have to do anything. Her parents weren't aware of the house's history, for Rose had decided not to tell them, knowing they wouldn't have bought it if they knew it was suppose to have a ghost living in it. Now the day has come where she'd be able to go to it and be out of her parents, and they still had no clue which is how she wanted it.

When they arrived at the beautiful home, Rose sighed when she saw the worried look on her mother's face. "I'll be fine mom." she said, getting out of the car and closing the door. The window was still opened so she was still able to talk to her mother. "If anything happens I'll call you, okay?"
Her mother just nodded. "Be careful hun. If you ever need too, you'll always be welcomed back home with me and your father." she said, before restarting the car. Rose was glad she wasn't going to say anything else and so just waved to her mother, watching her back out of the driveway and drive off. Once her mother was out of sight she turned to look up at the house. She had been so eager to live in it ever since she's heard all the stories of how it was the home of a ghost. She's heard of one room in particular also and she was quite interested in finding out who the spirit was.

The wind started to pick up a bit and she hurried inside when it looked as though it may start to rain. Once in she fixed her light blonde hair which had frost blue streaks in it. Her emerald eyes looked around at how big it was inside as she admired everything. "This is going to be quite interesting." she said, soon making her way upstairs. She went to one of the room that was to be her own. All her things seemed to be there, but she went around to make sure. There was a box on the bed that was untouched, and she just had to make sure everything was inside. She was a bit more worried about this box than anything else, also hoping no one had gone through it at all. Her mother would surely flip if she had seen what it contained.
After a moment Rose sighed in relief. All the books and candles seemed to be there, as well as everything else she put in it. It was a bit of a hobby of hers, to take up learning about the Wicca ways and learning about spirits and other kinds of supernatural entities.

Putting the box beneath the bed, she glanced around the room a bit before deciding to change real quick into a pair of shorts and a black tank since she wasn't to be anywhere but here for the rest of the day.
Hugo had forgotten the last time that he had seen this many people in such a short period of time. He generally loathed the presence of the living, but he was able to tolerate them in small doses. Every several months there would be people coming to look at the house, which was ok with Hugo, as they never came back again. But over the last several days there had been a constant influx of people coming and going, moving boxes in to the house, as well as a lot of furniture. Someone was going to be moving in, and Hugo was not happy about it. The last people that tried to live in the house hadn't lasted a week before putting it back up for sale.

He hadn't always been that way. Back when he was alive he had enjoyed the presence of other people, often going to parties and other social events. That all changed on the eve of his twenty-fifth birthday. His parents had taken him out for dinner, and they were just coming home when they heard noises coming from the house. They had walked in on a group of teenagers ransacking the place with baseball bats and crowbars, smashing everything they could get their hands on. Hugo's father had tried to intervene, telling them that if they left he wasn't going to call the cops. The kids didn't bother listening, instead turning on Hugo and his family. One of them had gone after his father first, who managed to fend off his attacker. The rest of them had turned on Hugo and his mother. Hugo had stepped in front of his mother, trying to protect her, telling her to run. Fear had stopped her from moving, but the calm determination in her son's voice was enough to get her to run. The teens came at Hugo like rabid animals, beating him mercilessly until he had stopped screaming. They looked down at his broken, bruised body, the sudden realization that they had just killed another human being dawning on them.

Ever since that night twenty years ago, Hugo had resented the living, and every chance he got he would haunt and torment the people that had moved in to the house that he was brutally murdered in. He looked on as the new girl came in to the house. "A girl," he thought, "perfect." She looked like she would be an easy target. "Better take it slow, don't want to frighten her away too quickly." He was going to enjoy this.
After changing Rose looked to a few boxes that were still left to be unpacked. Normally she'd wait awhile before bothering with them but decided to do it now and get it over with so that she wouldn't have to do it later. She walked over to them, seeing that some where her clothes whiles the others were just of things for the bedroom and the bathroom. Everything that was to go into her room she moved onto the bed, setting the box for the bathroom down beside the door for when she's finished.

Once she got done with moving the boxes she went to work on getting them opened and unpacked, putting everything in their places around the room. It didn't take her too long to do it but after about 20 minutes she finished and left the room, taking the last box with her down the hall and into the bathroom. There wasn't much in it, and so took her a bit less than 20 minutes to get it empty. The boxes she then set up in the attic for another time if she ever needed to use them again. Rose then returned to the second floor and looked around the hall. Nothing has happened yet, and she was very curious when something would. She could already tell the rumors were true, even though she hasn't seen anything. But she was just able to feel that there was something in the house. After reading up on it's history, it wasn't a surprise to her at all.
Hugo looked on as the girl started unpacking her boxes. There was nothing special about her belongings, just various clothing, and bedroom and bathroom items. The only thing he was able to find out about her was that her name was Rose, which he had seen written on a number of boxes. After a quick trip to the attic, she came back downstairs, and walked past him. As he saw her standing there, looking around the hall, he couldn't help but notice that she was expecting something to happen. It was as though she knew he was there, wanting him to show himself. Now was as good a time as any to start playing his little game, he thought. He slid up behind her, breathing gently on to the nape of her neck before whispering 'Rose' in to her ear.
Rose would have started to walk down the hall like she had planned but didn't. She stayed where she was when she suddenly felt someone breathing on her next. Not long after that she heard her name, and to be honest was a little bit startled by that. Since nothing had happened before, she wasn't expecting anything to happen yet. But it did and she stepped back a little. It wasn't a surprise that she didn't see anything around, but she could sort of feel it's presence and could tell it was close. She stayed quietly, not finding anything to say right now and just waited. Rose knew how some hauntings were, and knew there'd be more things happening throughout her stay here.
Her reaction surprised him a little bit. While she was a bit startled, she hadn't freaked out like the previous occupants of the house had; instead of running and screaming, she stood there quietly. Interesting. This was going to be a lot more fun than Hugo had expected.

Outside the storm started to pick up. Tiny droplets of rain began pouring, and the wind was growing stronger. Hugo made his way down the stairs to the first floor, walking towards the kitchen, careful to avoid the dining room where he had been murdered. He still hadn't come to terms with the way he had died, and he could still see the hateful stares of his killers every time he entered that room. Once he walked in to the kitchen, he opened the window, making sure that the shutters on the outside of the window were unhooked. The wind quickly started to bang them against the side of the house, the sound came in through the open window, carried in by the wind.
Eventually Rose started walking down the hall. She then started going down the stairs but not long after she ended up jumping a bit when she suddenly heard something banging against the house. She felt a chill coming into the house from the kitchen and so went into that room where she then noticed the window was wide opened. If she remembered correctly too, all the windows had been closed when she got here.

Since the storm was picking up she could tell a bit of rain was starting to come in from the window and so went over to close it, locking it afterwards. "Well, seems this place really is haunted.." she said quietly to herself. Turning away from the window she looked around the kitchen a bit. "I wonder where he is hiding.." she then whispered.
It was strange. He knew that he hadn't tried his most violent scares on Rose, but she had barely even flinched at things most people would be terrified of. This was new, and he wasn't sure on how he should proceed. On the one hand he could start getting much more violent with her, but on the other hand he could try to find out why it didn't bother her that much. Decisions, decisions. As he was standing there thinking, he heard her whisper. She knew about him.

Without thinking, he appeared before her, the same way that he had looked on the night of his death. Six feet tall, light blue eyes, slightly messy brown hair, and signs of a short, stubbly beard growing in. He had been wearing a blue plaid shirt, which accentuated his eyes, and dark blue jeans. He was still a little bit transparent, but she would still be able to see him. Looking directly in to her eyes, he asked her "How did you know?"
Just after speaking to herself a person suddenly appeared before her. It was the ghost who haunts the place, that she knew. But she wasn't expecting it, at least not so soon. Usually they waited longer than this before showing themselves. Either way though she wasn't go to ask about that. She then looked at the boy who was still a bit transparent when he asked his question about how she knew. "I read up on the place." she told him. "After hearing rumors about a haunting hear, I looked up about the history of it and what happened."
So she knew what had happened to him. That meant she was probably one of those people who had borrowed a couple of books about ghosts from the library, thought she was an expert, and then went out to buy a Ouija board thinking she could talk to spirits. Fantastic, just the type of person he needed living in this house. There had been several of them before, and he had been particularly cruel towards them. He had never harmed a human, but he did take a perverse pleasure in frightening them.

"If you've read up on the place, then you know what I'm capable of," he told her, making his way behind her. He breathed on the back of her neck again, bringing his lips closer to her ear. "Do I scare you?"
Rose stayed where she was, watching him go behind her. She felt him breathe on the back of her neck again, and listened to his words. She did know what he was capable of, but it didn't worry her much. "No." she then told him, responding to his question. She was just too use to being around ghosts and being haunted, that they didn't frighten her as much. Sure she'd get scared sometimes depending on what is being done, but it wasn't enough to make her want to leave or stay away unless she got hurt. And that doesn't happen very often.
He brought his hand up, wanting to wrap it around her neck, but he was unable to. Any time he had tried to physically harm a person, he couldn't actually touch them, and he wasn't sure why. But haunting them had usually been enough to drive them away. This was the first time that someone had told him that they weren't scared of him, and he believed her. Somehow, this girl knew that he wouldn't cause her physical harm, and that no amount of haunting her would get her to leave.

"You're different than all the others. They run away from things that don't appear to phase you. Why aren't you scared?"
She stepped away from him after a moment. Listening to his question she sighed at what he was asking. "You're not the first ghost I've encountered." she told him. She went over and leaned against the counter a bit as she looked out the window and watched the ongoing storm. "For years I've been going to places that were told to be haunted, ever since I was little." she said. "I'm used to it all."
"But why here? What makes this place so special? You've obviously heard the stories, so you must know that I detest people and just want to be left alone," he told her. The storm raged on outside, but he focused on the girl, her fascination with ghosts the only thing on his mind. Showing himself to her so soon might have been a mistake, only there was nothing he could do to change it now.
"None of that is important." Rose said. She moved herself off the counter and away from the window. Part of her didn't really want to talk to the ghost anymore for awhile. She got herself a small glass of water which she drank and then set in the sink. She didn't say another word before walking out of the kitchen and going back upstairs when she saw it getting late.
And just like that, he was alone. There was nothing he could do to drive her out of the house, at least nothing that he could think of. Hugo found himself wandering through the house aimlessly. Eventually he ended up in the attic, looking outside through a small window. It had been his favourite place to go when he was younger. Every morning he could see the sun rising, and every night he would watch the sun set through that window. Looking out of that window had helped him through some tough times, by letting his mind drift away and in to a fantasy land. It had been a long time since he had come up here. He supposed he had come up here because it was a familiar place, and he needed time to think. Night fell fast outside, blanketing the world outside in darkness.
With a quiet sigh Rose returned to her room once she got upstairs. She went into her closet and looked through her things. Finding what she was searching for she took out the white knee-length nightgown. She looked at it for moment before leaving her room to head into the bathroom, closing the door and getting out a towel before going over and starting the shower. She was finding herself getting tired already and knew that taking a shower this late was just going to make her even more tired. But she just really felt like she needed something to help her relax, and this was the first thing she thought of that would work.
As the storm continued to rage outside, Hugo sat in the attic in deep thought. Since he wasn't going to be able to scare her, his choices were to either stay away from her or to get to know her and find out more about her. The sounds of the shower turning on downstairs drew his attention away momentarily. Scaring people in the shower had been one of his favourite hobbies, and while he was tempted to go down stairs to scare her, he had the sinking feeling that she would be more annoyed with him than scared. And with that realization came his answer. He would try and get to know her better.
Rose sighed and as soon as she got into the shower and let the water run over her she immediately became more relaxed. She spent some time in it, about half an hour went by before she finished up. Turning off the water she stepped out and dried off, soon putting on her shorts and tee, drying her hair a bit more before walking out of the bathroom and heading back into her room. She stopped on her way there though, standing in the all as she looked towards the stairs that led into the attic. Most ghosts spend their time there and that's where she figured he might be. She wondered what he might have been doing but didn't go up there. Instead she just resumed walking to her room and entering it when she got there, closing the door and not bothering to turn the lights on since she felt like going straight to bed.
Hugo listened as Rose made her way out of the shower, passed the stairs that led to the attic, and in to her room. He was struggling with his decision; on the one hand, he could continue trying to scare her, likely failing miserably, on the other hand he hadn't been able to talk to someone for over twenty years. Oh what the hell, he thought, I might as well try one last scare. Making his way downstairs, he formulated his idea. As he walked closer to the door, some of the floorboards underneath him started to creak. Her door was closed. Slowly, he pushed it open, making sure it creaked just a little bit. And then he looked in to the room, seeing if she was awake or not. That would determine what he did next.