The Unseen Advantage

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  1. Character Exercise: The Unseen Advantage

    Many times, the pictures that we use for a character base are not full-body shots. This gives you a massive opportunity, especially if you can not find a picture that fits the exact image in your mind that you want for your character. Using a picture reference that only shows the face, for example, can give you a chance to say that they have wings or a different body type. It also makes it easier to make up clothing and weapons that don't appear in the picture. What you don't see makes all the difference!

    Your Job: Take a look at the pictures provided and write a character sheet describing them in detail. Be sure to include things that are not seen but you think would suit the character!

    For Boys (open)

    For Girls (open)
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    *The woods were deep, a few holes that would reveal the light of the outside world. The chatter of birds would zoom past the male known as Nathaniel as he sped off in a sprint, glad his hair guarded him from the light. The tribe he had grown up in had been very sheltered in the thick trees, only venturing when needing to hunt, or participate in the shamanistic rituals. Nathaniel never had a taste for the Shaman's ways, rather just allowing his body to be pushed to its limits time and again in the free wind. His large strong arms pumped forwards, his biceps and triceps tensing as he forced his weight forwards with each swing. His long, strong legs moved swiftly through the brush on the ground, his bare feet moving with haste as he leaped over a log, arms raised, to then land and without thought continue running. On his chest he held the tattoo of the ceremony to becoming an adult, where they would press embers into your chest to signify your being able to take pain and be a man in the real world. Nathaniel's was breathing heavily, his Tattoo of a swirl or vortex on his bare chest heaved up and down as he took a short rest on a fallen oak. His hand automatically reaching up to fiddle with the long tribal earrings that dangled loosely from his ear, having been the only thing the woman who took care of him had given him, the women he viewed as his mother. His leathery fur trousers sat against the moss on the dead tree, causing a small rub before he relaxed. After he had caught his familiar breathing pattern, he looked out into the woods, hearing the smaller noises, his deep blue eyes staring into the tiny details. He remembered some of the tribes members being deliberately anti-social when things included him, having been the only white person in the tribe, it hadn't taken him 'too' long to figure it out he wasn't from here.*

    *He had grown into a tall strong man, carrying a sword he had taken from a raider on his leather trousers. He would often ponder upon where his birth-parents were, or what they do, what they were like... But most importantly, if they ever thought of him, and why they had left him. He cleared his through, a voice deep and gruff, though had a un-intentional slyness to it. There was no mirrors in the tribe, so he had no idea of what he looked like to others, nor how to compare his looks to find his father. for some reason he couldn't figure out, he enjoyed having some leather bracers on his wrists, and kept them there morning and night. On the walk back he hoped he might meet his parents sometime, the Tribe was against picking on one another, helping to strengthen the pack... Though Nathaniel could see the malice in a few eyes, eyes that belonged to people unwilling to accept a white man into their tribe. He'd had a gentle nature about him, though growing in the wild always taught you to be cautious and helped train your body.* One day... *He spoke briefly, sending the unspoken promise to the winds... One day.*
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    Name: Hal-maoai, meaning "Life Bringer"
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Healer and Priest
    Origins: Southern Agasaria, port of Mara-Mara
    Age: 29

    Appearance: Nearly six feet tall, with a muscular and imposing figure, but is missing his left arm, as it was severed during the Civil War between the rebels and imperialist forces. However, he remains strong as an ox, and it still a capable healer. He wears the traditional So-sha, a garment depicting the sun, moon, earth, oceans, and life, made of cotton and covers the front and back of him, but not the sides. In addition, his lower body is covered with the traditional robe bottom of priests, dark green and trimmed in feathers at the hem. On his right bicep is a tattoo of grapevines wrapping around his arm, a symbol of an herbalist.
    Personality: A serious person, but has a sense of humor that cuts through the facade enough to smile, but he usually keeps his emotions in check. He rarely speaks, unless when spoken to, or when a dire situation calls for it.

    History: Born to an herbalist family nearly thirty years ago, he took to his father's teachings at a very early age and as the sole child, inherited the position of priest from his father and herbalist from his mother. He felt no restrictions from in, as is more common, but instead wholeheartedly embraced it, loving both positions he inherited and welcoming the honor of both responsibilities. Three years after this, however, he was forced to choose a side when the government of Agasaria collapsed, and a Cleansing was declared against his people. Like many others, he took up the sword to fight for his life and tribe, and helped the rebels achieve victory, though he lost his arm in the process. He now dwells in the port city of Mara-Mara, Training others in mysticism and healing as his parents did before him. He clings to the old ways, but is willing to embrace change when he considers it necessary.
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    Name: Aedue
    Gender: Female
    Age: Over 300 at least, She lost track after the first three centuries
    Race: JorĊgumo

    Aedue is a shape-shifter. When she seduces men she becomes a beautiful young woman. Tall, thin, with the perfect barbie doll curves, it's hard for a man to resist her. With just her looks alone she could charm a man but she is also an actress, adjusting her personality to fit the man. Though she changes her personality to fit the man she will always wear a blue floor length gown. She will lure the man into a quiet place, far from other people and play music for him. While he is distracted Aedue she binds him in her spider silk. It's then that she transforms into her true appearance of a spider and eats him.

    Untill the age of 14 she had a relitively normal life. Of course she knew all along who she really was, but pretended to be normal in face of her parents until she had the power to survive on her own. Her mother knew Aedue was different the moment she found out she was pregnant. Though the timing was right, she was born from the pain and loss of woman, her mother being one of them, who was abused by her husband. At 13 the first man she ate was her father before running away. She is always traveling and rarely dose she stop to rest.

    Though she has no clue as to how old she really is she, Aedue feels time rushing by her and the need to find a suitable mate growing. To her, men are only good for one thing and that is reproduction. Soon she will need to lay her eggs and hope that they will live to continue cleaning up the world of men whom cause most of womens problems.

  5. Name: Jason Kwican
    Age: 26

    Appearance: Jason is 6'1 and weighs 178.4lbs in pure muscle. While is hair is shorter than his father would like, it complaints his round cheeks and his round nose. It also highlights his plump round lips, which are always a light pink color. His hair is color is the color of sand with highlights of oak bark. The warm color of his hair with his blue eyes and his light tan skin make him seem like a swimmer, more than anything else. He tries to go shirtless when he can but when he can't he wears a tight white shirt and either has on blue jeans that fit him well or a pair of lose fitting camo shorts. When shitless his tribal tattoos show off. He has his tribal symbol for warrior which is a hawk with a fish in its talons on his right shoulder. His other tattoo in on his left shoulder and it is a lizard wrapped in roses. That is the symbol of a healer. He, also, has a tattoo of his spirit animal like all tribe members; however, his has a staff in its talons. This tattoo is that of a crow, the staff represents that he is the next spirit father.
    History: Jason came from the Kwicanon tribe, his father, the Chief, was always working while his mother was the tribe healer and spirit mother. Jason being the only child of the Chief made it hard to be his own person. However, when his mother died when he was 4, she told him that he must become the next spirit father. It then hit him that he will be able to talk to the dead and living spirit animals. Since he was four until he was 14 he studied and he learned the way of being a spirit father. It was a difficult path but he made it. All of the Kwicanons came to him for advice and input on their life. He had to bless people getting married or not, heal the wounded. When he was 16 his father came back from a war half dead, he realized that he might be the Chief and he started to learn to fight. People were shocked but impressed. Never had a Spirit father/mother had to also be the Chief one day. They all helped him up until now. Ten years later Jason is now chief as well as the only healer and the spirit father. He runs the tribe just like his father.

    Personality: Jason is a kind and caring soul. He hates fighting but would rather fight for his people than watch them be slaughtered. His spirit animal, the crow, makes him have a dark side that is dangerous, that side is never seen unless in battle.