The Unplanned Arrangement

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  1. It was a lovely day in Konohagakure, The sun was shining brightly upon the village and the city was bustling. Birds were chirping in the trees and ninja's were training at the local training fields. For anyone who could enjoy this day, they would certainly believe it to be brought on by the good fortune of the time of year, it being the summer months now. Of course, not everyone thought that this day was as lovely as it appeared, for some things were only an outward appearance...

    "Sayuri! Do not mess with your hair ornament! Any more fiddling and it will fall out of place!" The harsh tone making the young woman flinch a bit for having been caught touching the rather over done hair piece.

    "Miko...You're hardly helping it by constantly knocking you hand on her back like that." A kindly father retorted as he looked to his wife.

    "Well if she sat up straight like she had learned in her lessons, I wouldn't have to, Gin." The woman said back, sighing deeply as she seemed that she was rather stressed.

    "Okaa-san, Oto-san..." Came the weak reply of the daughter in question.

    Sayuri was a small woman for her age, having the appearance of a teenager though she was already on the verge of turning twenty. It certainly didn't help that her mother insisted that she wear bright colors, often making her look even younger. Of course, as small as she was and as young as she looked, she was an idependant woman living her life as she could. She even worked as a waitress at a local cafe. However, in recent weeks her parents had begun to drop hints that marrying early would not be a bad idea for someone like herself.

    Her mother had forbidden any daughters of her's to become ninja, having been raised in a very traditional family. Her father was lucky enough to have mostly sons, her being the only daughter. However, in a village where being a ninja really determined where you got in life, it made things for Sayuri much more complicated...Which was why now she was currently sitting in a very lush tea room at the Uchiha Clan estate. Yes, her father had made the arrangements behind her back with the Clan head, a man whom she had never met before but had heard of through word of mouth. Her father said she would be meeting his eldest son officially, and probably the younger one as a polite introduction. Either way, it made the poor girl nearly have a heart attack.

    Itachi Uchiha was not a man to take lightly. Even as a civilian, she heard much of his skill and ability just from the stories of other ninja she served while working. Sitting there in another formal kimono, as her mother forbid any other such formal wear besides it, she felt her heart racing uncertainly. What was expected out of this meeting? Would she be leaving her engaged? She was only twenty! Oh, maybe she'd be lucky and he would turn down the arrangement. Or better yet, maybe he already had a woman in mind to marry and this was nothing more than a polite formality so he would not appear to be rude...She could only hope...

    "Okaa-san! Why are you allowing Oto-san to do this to Anki?" Sasuke asked roughly as he looked to his mother who was dressed up rather nicely in a kimono. Sasuke himself had cleaned up for the meeting knowing that if he didn't he'd get more than a speech from his father...Dressed in a clean uniform, he wore his headband proudly after having come home from training with his team. He had requested to leave early because of this family arrangement, though he did not approve of it he would be there for his older brother.

    "Sasuke...Your brother agreed to it, if he had declined then your father would have never allowed things to progress this far." She replied as she turned, holding a tray that held tea crackers and a hot pot of herbal tea to serve their guests waiting in the tea room.

    "You know Anki won't say no to Oto-san..." He retorted simply as he followed after his mother, opening the door for her so she could step into the hall with her full arms. "This is unfair to him, he's already doing so much for the clan."

    "Sasuke...Please don't be this way, especially in front of the guests. They have been kind to us in the past, Gin has worked with your father for years prior to even marrying me. If he didn't think it was a match worth setting up he would have never even brought forth the matter to anyone. Now no more negative talk, we've got to keep them entertained until your brother arrives!" She said to him, smiling like a knowing mother would at her son.

    Sasuke could only give a dejected look to his mother, glancing to the clock in the kitchen...Anki was already an hour late...
  2. [​IMG]

    Itachi was jumping rooftop to rooftop home throughout Konoha endlessly yet carefully being sure not to ruin a bouquet of flowers he had gotten as an apology for his lateness, and to buy off his own father. He figured, if he came empty handed his father would be outraged and lecture him for hours about being impolite and not having manners while being late, and even if the male, a current ANBU member were to bow down and apologize--it simply wouldn't be enough to buy his strict father over. Fugaku, itachi and sasuke's stern father was not easy to please even if you were his child therefore he was far more then 'father material'.

    The male had just came back from an S-Rank mission which nearly took two days and had to be divided into two parts separately causing him to be late for the planned marriage arrangement meeting. He soon stopped and landed on the ground perfectly around his neighborhood and made his way towards his house silently, taking a deep breath in. As an ANBU member since the age of eleven, now twenty one itachi wasn't allowed to take off his mask until he was actually at home--inside. His mask which was meant to represent a weasel as well as the meaning of his name. He could hear chattering from his home through the paper doors and he looked down at the gift, adjusting it quickly.

    Then, he reached his hand to the paper door and slowly slid it open quietly, to which itachi slid the paper door closed behind him and took off his mask with his left hand, bowing politely as he held out the bouquet of flowers with his right."PMy name is Uchiha, Itachi. Member of the ANBU squad and eldest son of Uchiha, Mikoto and Fugaku." Introduced the male."Please accept these flowers as a gift of apology for my lateness.." Itachi said eyes closed, before he slowly opened them still bowing and looking down at the wooden floors."I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. The S-ranked mission assigned to me was divided into two parts since yesterday by the hokage and I was unable to call off. It was a must to participate as they needed me..." Explained itachi."So, please accept these and allow me to go clean myself up." Added the male.

    Fugaku looked at his eldest son disappointed. But once he saw the gift of his apology for being late as well as heard his long speech, his stern face turned into a smile."Itachi.." He said, causing his eldest son to jump inside."You are excused." Fugaku muttered. Itachi looked up, and soon stand up straight as he hand the flowers to the guests waiting for one of them to take it and he soon walked away."Thank you." He said disappearing to get cleaned up.

    ~ ~ ~

    Within twenty minutes, itachi came back momentarily in a male kimono and tied his hair to his usual loose looking pony tail. It was a must to be traditionally formal and impress the mom -as it seemed like she was the stricter boss in the family, clearly- and his was all black with the exception of the uchiha crest at the back. It wasn't itachi's favorite form of clothing, but he had to impress his father however and he noticed sasuke. Originally, itachi planned on lecturing him to behave kindly after cleaning up--But he didn't want to keep the guests waiting and therefore lightly nudged him with his foot as he walked passed him to sit across from the girl. When he received his little brother's attention, itachi gave him a stern look only he would recognize in particular, before giving him a worried look as if to say,'Behave.. Please.'.

    Fugaku looked at Gin and chuckled."Itachi, this is the young lady you will be marrying." He said. Her? She seemed quite young, but then again itachi shouldn't judge and jump to conclusions. Usually when he judged he found himself knowing he was underestimating a specific person he was focused on, therefore thought the opposite of his under estimations. Perhaps she was his age or so."Hello." Grinned itachi warmly as he looked over at the parents to which his father introduced."Gin." He gestured before moving his hand."And Miko." Finished his father. Itachi nodded at them, smiling before a silence came up again as the other family introduced them to the girl.
  3. Sayuri could feel her stomach churning with nervousness as the clock ticked on in the room they were sitting in. So far she had yet to meet the eldest son, only seeing the younger one who seemed lightly put out by this whole arrangement. It was understandable though in a way, brother's formed those kinds of bonds. Maybe she was an inconvenience in his eyes? It was possible. Even so, it wasn't as if she could just get up and leave like she wished to do. Her mother was determined to make this arrangement work after all. Marrying into such a family would ensure her future to be a comfortable and prideful one. She would have such honor to her, or so her other claimed. Being a clan head's wife came with perks apparently, but Sayuri had yet to learn what they were. She glanced to teh clock once more as her parents carried on the conversation with The current clan head and his wife...

    She had been here for an hour and a half and still he was nowhere in sight!

    They had said he had been on a mission but if that was the case why not move this to another day? Why just assume he'd be arriving at all this day? Her father could be gone for days sometimes, so pinpointing a return time was extremely difficult. Though the moment she had that thought the doors to the room. It seemed he had arrived. Holding her breath suddenly, she looked over from her place on her pillow to a masked covered ninja, obviously fresh from the lines of work. Removing his mask, she blinked in surprise as he offered flowers to them. He was a very formal person, as his speech was very simple and yet commanded his sincerity in it. Of course, Sayuri was an understanding person, he could not have helped his duties. She was more upset that her family had not pushed to arrange on more convenient day.

    It was then she realized her parents were waiting for her to take the flowers, even though the gesture had been to them all. Reaching out to them once he had been excused, she took of of the bouquet gently in her hands as she blushed nervously. She really hadn't expected this to happen couldn't be helped, right? Trying to calm her now fluttering heart she looked over the flowers in her grasp as he left to clean himself up. More tea was poured all around and the conversation returned between the parents. However, Sasuke seemed to be giving the stare down to Sayuri now. It was obvious on his features that he wasn't too pleased with the pressure of this meeting on his brother. However, it was a short lived moment of awkwardness as the eldest son finally returned.

    Sasuke glanced to his brother, pulling back his obvious dislike upon the request. He respected his brother in many ways and would do anything to assist him. However, it seemed that his dislike for the set up was not currently appreciated. So Sasuke made his face neutral, sitting up straighter as the meeting truly and finally began. Sayuri sat up as well as she was motioned to, doing her best to put on a smile though it turned into a very shy grin. This meeting was so strange to her, never would she thing that this would be the man she would marry. He was very handsome, that was certain, and it only made her more nervous and shy. She wasn't very good with these things, even with all the pressure her mother put on her. She could barely keep face sometimes! Today was truly the hardest experience she had yet.

    "H-Hello..." She said softly, her face slightly flushed as she gave a small bow to the family.

    "Please pardon Sayuri, she's not a very vocal person but she's a very friendly one. She unfortunately inherited the reserved nature that I had when I was her age." Miko spoke up quickly, noticing the rather clumsy way her daughter responded. "Your son has obviously inherited your calm air though, Fugaku. It is almost as if I am looking at a younger you." She added with a polite smile.
  4. Despite being truly responsible enough in this particular uchiha family, Fugaku would still not trust his own eldest and successful son to choose any girls of his own. Being an ANBU from age eleven then becoming head of the ANBU since age seventeen, Fugaku was a truly hard man to please. Moreover, everyone agreed that itachi would choose the right wife for himself, but it seemed that he was strictly restricted. Guess lockers can't really be choosers.

    In the past itachi never brought any of his female friends over. It was extremely rare, as he never really cared or thought much of girls. However, whenever he bought one in the house his father would mostly jump to conclusions assuming his female friends more as 'personal preferences' or even 'girl friend' to which the son would dismiss the topic nonchalantly. Perhaps his parents really wanted kids to descend from their own bloodline along with another person they trust to carry on that bloodline? Maybe that's why and itachi silently let out a deep breath as he sat between his father and brother.

    Seeing and hearing the nervous girl softly say a small 'hello' while stuttering shyly, this already turned the male down much to his dismay.

    ~~ Flash back ~~
    "Brother." Sasuke muttered laying in the grassy fields.

    "I heard father say the girls family were traditional.. Truly traditional." Sasuke paused."What if.. Unlike the other traditional females you've known that are brave, sneaky to have freedom behind their parents, what if--She's a rabbit?"

    Asked his little brother, disappointed in the arrangements seeing as he would do anything for such a thing to not happen to his older brother. He didn't understand, nor like his father almost at all yet still gave him his respect."A lion certai

    Knowing that itachi didn't like soft spoken females, most of the traditional females he has protected during missions or known--they were different. Willing to try out anything a female kunoichi would do with his help behind their parents back. They were talkative in a good rather then annoying way, and weren't to bratty, spoiled, nor shy. However they could act 'lady like' Infront of their parents very excellently, it was what itachi liked. The male thought about it momentarily and had an answer."I don't know, that's for sure.." He said."But even if she is a rabbit and not a dominant animal, although it'd be troublesome for me to cope around with her--I'm sure we'll try to work things out." The male said smiling reassuringly."I may not like it, but it's what father wants. It's who he wants in particular, to carry our bloodline if we had kids." Explained itachi.

    Sasuke looked at his brother then tssked under his breath before itachi stand up to poke his forehead as usual."Let's go. I got a mission." He said."Sorry sasuke, We'll talk more later. That's a promise." Smiled the older brother before walking away

    ~ ~ ~
    And as guessed, The young maiden was a rabbit much to itachi's disappointment. He almost frowned, but instead replaced facial expressions with the previous deep sigh through his nose. Fugaku seemed to catch the meaning of his son's sigh yet said nothing. Then the mother whom, also caught is sigh was smarter then he credited for mentally.

    "Please pardon Sayuri, she's not a very vocal person but she's a very friendly one. She unfortunately inherited the reserved nature that I had when I was her age."

    She said. Itachi focused his gaze at the mother who had spoke. It was a smooth comment, and knowing fugaku he would get the lecture from him. Why? Because the mother was able to read through itachi's actions so it was an embarrassment nonetheless.

    "Your son has obviously inherited your calm air though, Fugaku. It is almost as if I am looking at a younger you."

    "Yes, indeed. He actually inherited both genes and traits from me and mikoto. Though seems that mine were more dominant in him.." Fugaku said, then grinned glancing at itachi."While sasuke has more of his mother's traits." For once the father acknowledged sasuke, which was rare and continued."They truly are gentle and kind." Finished fugaku, who then looked at sasuke and dismissed his younger son with a nod and a smile.

    With the dominant parents talking it seemed like one of their kids had to start talking. Itachi surely didn't want to even try as she was a 'rabbit' and wasn't much of a patient person when it came to soft speaking and shy people but he had too or else the meeting would end and leave fugaku disappointed, so with closed eyes holding back a frustrating look--Itachi looked up at Sayuri and smiled."Sayuri." He called softly."What do you like to do? Our lives seem to be very different." He commented.

    Not the best topic. In fact, questions like that were itachi's hated topics. The 'deeper into depth' information. But of course, he would cover his deeper information and the male looked at her. Observing really, even without his Sharingan eyes.

    Any girl would be with the male, Itachi Uchiha. Be it looks, or his success. And yet the sad thing was that fugaku didn't trust him with females, forcing him to cope with what is given to him or with what he has now. Maybe fugaku sensed manipulative girls since his son was well known? No.. Cause itachi would definitely be able to sense it better then him and he thought to himself. About how his life would be with Sayuri, seeing as he could already tell he'd be the one to try more then give up.. Or not try at all.

  5. Sayuri fought back the embarrassed blush that threatened to come onto her face after her mother had defended her nervous greeting. She knew she was shaky, she didn't need her mother pointing it out so obviously. There was so much stress just from this one moment, it couldn't be helped that she's have a shaky hand or a nervouse voice. After all, this wasn't any marriage meeting. Before, she had met many men in the past under such circumstances, but her parents never officially agreed to anything because they couldn't agree on the suitor at the time. This though...this was the first time her parents really agreed on anything involving her life and future. Marrying Itachi Uchiha was something both of them seemed to be firmly behind.

    That alone put all the more pressure on Sayuri...and she knew that more than likely, the only thing stopping an instant wedding was her mother's cautious habits of examining a suitor. Many of her friends always asked why she never spoke up against these things, to be honest she didn't really know why. Maybe she really was a mouse, unable to speak against her mother. Or maybe it was because she couldn't bring herself to turn her back on all they had done for her to make her who she was today....There were many things that people didn't know or realize about her family so she could understand why on the outside, it would be easy for them to simply say no...

    Her mind was brought from her thoughts as Itachi addressed her, making her jump slightly. She hadn't expected them to converse much at all during the meeting, but then again their parents were all off in their own little world, exchanging compliments of their children being so similar and strong like them, a very common thing done at this marriage meetings. "Ah...Well, I enjoy things like singing, cooking...I'm fond of reading when I have a chance. I also enjoy sketching when I have enough time to spare to pull out all of my pencils. What do you enjoy doing, Itachi-san?" She asked in return. It had been a robotic response, one she had used several times before. It was the only one her mother approved of at all. She was a stickler for mentioning her abilities prior to what she liked, it made her seem more...filling to be a wife, or so her mother claimed.

    A small part of Sayuri wished she could be more honest, but her mother was so strict about what to say in such arrangements. Sometimes she felt that maybe, if she was honest, she might have actually appeared more appealing than she did as she was now. Tradition was tradition though, one didn't train under their mother and grandmother just to toss that to the wind. And you certainly didn't do that and think there wouldn't be consequences to follow after. That alone was the reason she did as she remembered, holding her tongue and being the sweet soft spoke woman her mother wished her to be. Not that it was difficult. Sayuri was always soft spoken and shy, that was a true part of her nature...but sometimes she did like to be more open, more forward even if she felt comfortable enough.

    Maybe in time she could muster that with the Uchiha sitting before her...or maybe not. She wasn't even sure what the arrangements would be after this? Would they jsut pick a wedding day? Would she just wake up one morning months from now to a wedding she wasn't really prepared for? Knowing her father, he might feel that way considering her personality...Thankfully there was one positive thing about a mother who was so traditional...The woman never put all her eggs in one basket.
  6. "Ah...Well, I enjoy things like singing, cooking...I'm fond of reading when I have a chance. I also enjoy sketching when I have enough time to spare to pull out all of my pencils. What do you enjoy doing, Itachi-san?" The girl was respectful, itachi gave her credit or that, and when asked what he enjoyed doing, itachi simple smiled. His father didn't tell him what to say, naturally trusting his unpredictable words and the male took a slight breath in.

    "What do I enjoy doing?..Hmm." Repeated itachi in a mumble before sitting up straight, no longer leaning over the table."Well there's not much room for me to have free time really, because of my role as a captain in the ANBU." The male chuckled apologetically."But when I do, which is slightly rare--I like to take walks around, as well as read like you, and even hang out with sasuke despite being brothers who live together." Answered itachi."I also enjoy going to traditional cafés." Added the male. He then tilted his head."But aside from those things, is there anything else you wish to know? Or wish to tell me about yourself?" Asked the male tilting his head and once again smiling warmly. Itachi then looked over at Miko, Sayuri's mother."I truly hope it isn't a problem to ask if I may speak with you later and privately after the meeting briefly as well--Miko." The male said bowing his head down as he finished his sentence."If it's not troubling." He adds before slowly lifting his head up. Fugaku, caught off guard by this comment stared hard and down at itachi before looking over at sayuri's parents alerted and in defense said."Forget about that Miko! Sorry about my son for saying such a thing!" He commented quickly in a stern voice directing at his eldest son as well. "I'm pretty sure your hands are full after this meeting, so please don't feel troubled to reject my son's wishes." Added fugaku bowing momentarily.

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  7. Sayuri listened intently as he spoke, knowing that letting her mind drift would be terribly impolite. That, and as much as this man made her nervous, he was being very kind in return. Smiling and responding in kind even though she probably appeared to be shaking like a soaked cat. It would only be right for her to do her best in this conversation as well, even if she wasn't all that happy about this pressured and awkward meeting. He was in this boat too, and probably felt just as uncomfortable, if not more so...he just hid it very very well from what she could tell. His explanation was interesting though, she could only imagine just how busy he probably was. A man his age and at his level...I was shocked he even had time to sit down currently, even if he was a hour and a half late.

    "Well, If you are interested in cafes...I do work at one as a waitress on the weekends. I am not certain if you would have been there or not but it is a nice place to go...rather nice view of the market." She said slowly, grabbing for straws in the conversation. It was a related topic after all...and Mother always said she should mention what she did on the side...or at least what her mother knew of.

    She probably wouldn't be working there for very much longer though, considering how this arrangement seemed to be going. Her parents were as happy as clams in the conversation with Itachi's parents. If was very obvious even to someone like herself that there was much more already planned for them than just this meeting. It seemed though that Itachi-san also had his own plans as well, soon directing the conversation towards her mother of all people. It was a bit shocking to hear him ask to speak with her, Sayuri felt her heart drop into her stomach with worry. What exactly would her mother say to him? Certainly Itachi had something to say but her mother was...was a very blunt person at times. She really didn't want this becoming any more awkward that it already had.

    "Forget about that Miko! Sorry about my son for saying such a thing! I'm pretty sure your hands are full after this meeting, so please don't feel troubled to reject my son's wishes." Itachi's father spoke quickly in response to his sons bold and forward request.

    "It is no trouble at all, Fugaku..." Miko spoke slowly and softly, obviously holding her calm air well. "You son is a very responsible man, I can tell. I'm certain he would not address me if he did not think it was an important thing to discuss. Besides, if he is anything like his father I know it is probably something he believes should be mentioned prior to anything else. Itachi, we shall talk after the meeting as you'd like."
  8. Fugaku, surprised by Miko's exception nodded and looked over at his son. Perhaps itachi truly was blessed and gifted in many ways, and he let out a small chuckle before continuing his conversation."Thank you.. Miko." Itachi said gratefully, bowing his head down quickly. He then focused his gaze over to Miko.

    "You? Working in a cafe? Is that so?" Said the male surprised. Why was he surprised? Itachi then added,"Well, I've been to almost every different known cafe while in long missions. And I'm surprised my eyes haven't even caught you around." The male explained, already amused. He liked traditional cafés, moreover dangos and of course had to ask."So do you serve the best dangos? Most likely, I don't think I've ever been to your cafe..." Itachi grinned."Can you make them as well?" He asked.mthough it wasn't an expected skill to please itachi -although it really would please him either way- he was just merely curious.

    Itachi looked at Sayuri and chuckled."Sorry for my abrupt behavior! It's just a favorite food of mine which is why I love traditional cafés." He said with a bright and real grin.
  9. Miko merely smiled at the young man, holding the grace expected of someone from such a traditional background. It was obviously years of practice with being familiar with ninja as well that helped her kept such an attitude around the Uchiha clan. Proud and strong when facing one of the largest clans in all of the Land of Fire. The parents returned to their own conversation as Sayuri looked towards Itachi once more. Blushing a bit as his shock at her working at a cafe, a small bit of concern took her over. Would he think it strange that someone like her worked? Wouldn't that be normal? Her mother may have come form a traditional family but that didn't mean they had wealth to spare like the Uchiha clan seemed to be blessed with.

    Before should could even begin mustering an answer he continued on with more questions, almost overwhelming her in a way before he finally caught himself. Apparently the man had a thing for sweets, how shocking! She could have never imagined Itachi Uchiha, the genius of the Uchiha Clan and heir, would have a sweet tooth. But...this did even the playing field a bit in Sayuri's favor...If only slightly. Smiling a little more relaxed now, she shook her head. Hearing passion like that over something she enjoyed doing was one of the reasons she loved her waitress job so much. Since it was such a small cafe, the staff was small, but that didn't mean the crowds weren't big. Because of that, she found herself in the kitchen more often than not, which could explain why Itachi had never seen her.

    "It's alright...I love working there so I like when people seem excited over it. I work in a small shop near the market. Because it's small though our staff is small...but we often get a very large take out rush in the afternoons and evenings so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen making the sweets...Including dango." She added. "In fact, I use my bosses recipe when I make them at home, he often jokes that if He's not careful, I could steal all of his business since he claims all the dango I make are the best...Though, I suppose a taste test would be in order for me to make such a claim." She finished with a smile.
  10. "I would like to try it one day. If that's fine with you." Itachi responded definitely and surely."Or maybe depending if I have time, after duty I'll come and visit." Added the male grinning. He had the urge to show his childish side, by now he would've nudged sasuke a numerous times excitedly and say,'She can make dango! Did you hear!?" But since this was a serious meeting, he decided to save it for later and looked around.

    "I see..most behind the kitchen and a small place." He repeated to himself."you must work quite hard. Don't worry about living together in the future, I'm rather a clean person who silently also does some housework." He reassured."Even when I'm tired.. I guess it's fair to say that we'll each be able to relax, even if it means me doing the more stressful work as an ANBU." He adds. Itachi had nothing else to say nor any ideas on topics to talk about and blinked.
  11. Sayuri smiled a bit and nodded her head when he asked to try them some time. If anything, she always was much more happy to feed people than speak to them. She felt food opened up the conversation more and in a way it calmed her to know that a part of the time their mouths would be busy chewing so she wasn't so pressured to respond quickly to them. At the mention of a visit to her work she nodded her head a bit more. "Please do, if you have the chance. We're pretty easy to find, we have a nice stall between a book store and a clothing store...though, you'll probably find us based on the line running around the block." She said with some pride.

    As the topic shifted to living together, she felt herself grow a little nervous again. That was right, this meeting really was a final confirmation wasn't it...It was obvious her parents were just waiting for the offical question to be dropped, would this be offically arranged? Nodding her head a bit as he spoke of being tidy, she gave a small smile." It is alright...Please don't feel to bad about leaving messes behind. I know that I shall most likely have to leave the cafe when I am married to take on the duties as a wife so...When we live together, please feel free to depend on me for such things if you become busy with your work." She said softly then as she sat there at the table.

    Feeling the conversation quickly dying, Sayuri found herself reaching out to try and prevent a cold silence from taking over. What was there to say? To do? Could they talk of anything else? Before she could of course it was then Miko, her mother, spoke up.

    "It seems to have gotten late, we should be returning home soon I believe." She started as she looked to Fugaku and his wife. "I must thank you for hosting this lovely meeting, I know my husband had been rather blunt when he mentioned it before hand. I think it is safe to say we are very happy to go about this arrangement with you and your family. Of course, I don't intend to leave just yet at Itachi's request to speak so I shall leave it to my Husband to finish making the arrangements we had thought of prior.
  12. As the family seemed to leave since it was now late, Itachi was going to pull Miko out and remind her about how he wanted a private conversation. However, he stayed quiet thinking it can be held for another time until she stopped. Fugaku said his goodbyes for his family then saw Miko stop and he silenced, before walking off since he was already standing.

    "Of course, I don't intend to leave just yet at Itachi's request to speak so I shall leave it to my Husband to finish making the arrangements we had thought of prior."
    "Yes." Mumbled fugaku then looked over his shoulder at itachi nodding him out towards Miko's direction.

    Itachi stand, walking towards Miko. He walked outside and slid the door to his house shut, not caring if his father was eavesdropping from behind or not. Fugaku remained behind the paper door, smoking from his pipe in silence with arms crossed and itachi bowed.

    "Are you sure you would like your daughter to marry me?" He asked."I understand that it's my high social status, but besides the good things, excuse me for being blunt however..." The male let out a deep sigh."Being the wife of a strong uchiha member and captain of the ANBU is quite hard.. I'll guarantee you, and will be." He explained, so that Miko can know and understand truly."It will be dangerous and quite risky other then looking to the good side and I don't want to be burdened so roughly and blamed alone for what ever comes in the future." Itachi looked down at Miko."I believe, that you are putting yourself in this position...So please don't say I didn't warn you, I'm saying this ahead of time so you're aware, as I don't want the world down on me. I just want you to understand." Finished the male. He was concerned, which was why he didn't think much if women unless they were kunoichi's, but either way he'll always be concerned and he waited for her response.
  13. Sayuri had gone about saying her goodbyes politely, bowing to the Uchiha family deeply and expressing her gratitude as she had to so many other possible men and their own parents. Of course, she knew that after this evening, this was to be her last arranged meeting for marriage. The look on her mother's face and the calm smile her father wore showed that things had been planned much more than just them meeting here this evening. As she sat there she lightly listened to her father speaking with Fugaku over whatever arrangements had been made and needed to be confirmed. A small part of her wished she had the ability to listen in on what her mother was saying. Not knowing was driving her mad...
    Miko listened politely to Itachi, standing there in her long kimono as she looked to the young man. Smiling a little when he was done, she merely gave a soft feminine chuckle before looking the ANBU captain in the eye.

    "Itachi, your concern for my daughter is kind, very fitting of that good and loyal nature of your's. seem to underestimate exactly what a woman of her breeding can do." She smiled a little more as she closed her eyes and seemed to be finding his warning humorous in a way, however, she did not laugh and instead looked into his gaze once more. "My daughter is soft spoken, I know her first impression probably wasn't the most stunning but I can assure you that behind that gentle and timid nature is a woman who could move mountains. She works hard and always puts other's before herself. Along with that, she is talented in many things that have seemed to become lost arts among women in this village. Long before this meeting, I had made it very clean that marriage into any family of ninja came with risks...and growing up with her father working along side your own, she understands the kind of things that could happen and how much worse things could get."

    At this point the woman made a turn for the door, not opening it but looking towards it a moment, as if thinking the same thoughts that they were being listen in on by the father's and brother, as they were all trained in such arts. As turned to look back to Itachi again and smiled much like his own mother would, with understanding and kindness even though the young man was believing her so firmly to have her thoughts misplaced.

    "You're young Itachi, you have excelled very far in your short life but you are still young...and there is still very much for you to learn. I have faith in my daughter, I would't have brought her hear this evening if I did not. If there is one thing I can promise you though Itachi, is that you will not bare the weight of the world on your own if that day ever comes. In fact, more than likely you will be removed of that burden by my daughter long before you may realize it. Besides...You of all people should know never to take appearance seriously. Now, I truly should part for the evening, there is still much for my daughter to do and for us all to prepare for. I Would also assume your father will be wishing to speak with you as soon as possible, so let's not prolong the inevitable, hmm?"

    With those words Miko opened the door, reconnecting them to the tea room conversation where Sayuri and her Father were both sanding and waiting near the other exit with Itachi's family, speaking calmly and politely with each other.
  14. After the conversation, itachi bowed and said goodbye to Miko before walking back inside after her and when the family left fully, he yawned taking off the top part of his kimono, free from being formal and returned to his slightly distant behavior as he walked back into his room. He was then stopped by fugaku, who wanted to talk to him and he looked at his father, before being dismissed as he saw the tired look on his face.

    Itachi made his way to his own room before laying in his futon which also had a bed frame. He took out some scrolls, to study some jutsu's quietly. Since sasuke was no longer a child, they basically splitted their large room apart in half and he yawned.
  15. Though the marriage meeting ended on was seemed a peaceful note, it seemed that there was much more planned behind the two young adult's backs. Only a week or so after the meeting, it seemed that the parents had wholeheartedly agreed to the marriage...making it official. However, it seemed that the was one part of the agreement that had yet to be met. Miko, a woman who was very familiar with how shaky arranged marriages could be, knew that just setting a wedding date would not ensure a long or healthy marriage. It took time to learn the habits of one another and even longer for strangers to be friends. Also, Miko knew that wasting time in a marriage that wouldn't work would damper her daughter's appearance to other families, just encase the marriage to the Uchiha failed...

    Which was why now Sasuke was assisting his older brother move into his new living arrangements.

    "A year...a whole year! I can't believe you are letting Oto-san do this to you Anki!" Sasuke snapped at his older brother as he lugged another box into the recently cleaned home on the clan compound. Being as it was such a large family, it wasn't odd at all for an empty home to be on their compound for use such as this. "First an arranged marriage and now this! Living a whole year with a rabbit...playing house! It's like they think you don't have more important things to do!"

    Stopping as he walked into the new house, it being connected my a covered walking path, he set down another box of items. It was marked for the kitchen, so it was obviously saved from a person who was once single but then married...but more likely it had been bought for this intention purposefully a long time ago. Much of the items in the home would need to be cleaned up and dusted. The kitchen, the eating area...the living area...all of those places would need a good dusting. It seemed when his parents had mentioned the house being cleaned, it meant the doors had been opened to air out the place...and only that. Sasuke huffed a bit in agitation as he looked to his brother.

    "And she'll be moving all her stuff here too, The only benefit is that you'll have separate rooms...Anki, are you listening?!" Sasuke called to his brother, looking over his shoulder to the older man...
    Sayuri walked nervously towards the Uchiha compound with her oldest brother, the man carrying a scroll. Sighing a bit as she looked at him she could feel the awkward air around it. None of her brother's had attended the marriage meeting, her mother had forbidden it as they had proven in the past to...not cooperate with the meeting family. He was several years older than her, already in his mid twenties. He took after his father, being very tall and strong, proudly wearing a Chunnin vest as well. Tugging on the sleeve of her kimono, a different one from the time they first met, she spoke slowly.

    "You don't have to come, Tohru...I can do this, I am certain Itachi-san would have no trouble with the summon scroll for my things..." She said slowly, trying to reach for it. Her brother instantly switched it to the hand that was farthest from her.

    "Don't be shy, Sayuri...Itachi-san will be my brother-in-law within the year, I should meet him now. Besides, I've always wanted to see what this genius would be like. He's not someone with an inflated name, Yu-chan...He's the real deal. Of course, pure genius or not... a man should know when the woman he plans to marry is not coming without some extra things, including two older brothers...and several strange family friends. I have to'll really be flipping the Uchiha Clan on it's head when you become his wife in legal name." He added with a chuckle.

    "Nii-saan~ Please don't make this any more difficult! I'm already on the verge of having a heart attack because of this! I don't need to worry about you embarrassing yourself as well!" She said worriedly as she scurried through the gates of the Uchiha compound after her brother, having earlier been told where her new home would be located.
  16. "A year...a whole year! I can't believe you are letting Oto-san do this to you Anki!"

    Itachi let out a deep sigh listening to his younger--Or more like baby brother's complaints. This was the part when itachi would wait patiently as his brother complaint and raged on and on about this marriage thing. But itachi listened anyways, as they only had each other considering that fugaku showed favoritism towards him more, itachi sat on the floor with some scrolls opened out in silence as he watched his little brother carry in boxes and walk out continuing back and fourth. The male would do a jutsu that would place the furniture and whatnot in its rightful place and he yawned.

    "First an arranged marriage and now this! Living a whole year with a rabbit...playing house! It's like they think you don't have more important things to do!" Continued sasuke before walking out to get the last remaining boxes then coming back in."And she'll be moving all her stuff here too, The only benefit is that you'll have separate rooms...Anki, are you listening?!" Itachi stand up smiling as he motioned his brother to come over. Once sasuke did, he poked his forehead as usual. It never got old, sasuke always fell for it and he released a deep sigh."Yes I am listening, sasuke." He answered putting his finger down before patting his head and tousling his head."I'll always be listening. And I'm sorry that you disapprove of this as much as I do, however don't let this change you." Explained itachi."You're free to come and sleep over here whenever you want. As long as you behave. I already talked to father about that.." Added itachi facing down at the scrolls."Well, since you've carried in all the boxes--and I did the clean up, Guess I can settle down!" He commented doing some hand signs and muttering a jutsu to himself to which the boxes became empty and furniture was out neatly.

    Itachi grabbed the scrolls walking to what would be his room and placing it in there--Securely hidden. To others it would seem like an empty scroll, but only the seals would be visible to itachi's eyes. A special seal he had made up.

    "I also plan on adopting some ninken... As pups first. However I'll need to talk to Sayuri about that." Itachi said sighing. He really wanted to adopt a ninken and he looked over his shoulder at sasuke."But behave, you don't have to like her, however you still have to be civil. And while I'm gone and no longer living with you behave too sasuke." Explained itachi."Don't think that since I'm gone father isnt one to order you around. Just do it. I guess you can say, that this is one way to make you truly independent." Grinned itachi before chuckling."Tell you what, I'll challenge you. If you behave and strengthen yourself as much as you can--Come back and try and beat me. I'll reward you, but it's a surprise." He said."Maybe we can spar one of these days seriously just to see how you are now before I leave you alone and we spar another last time seriously. I promise I won't show mercy, however I won't kill you either." Itachi explained, giving sasuke his hand."Deal?" He stated.

    The surprise would be passing down his role as an 'ANBU captain' to sasuke if he ever managed to get the upperhand, moreover prove his strength to him seriously and itachi continued smiling at the promise.
  17. Sasuke flinched as his brother once more poked his head, the young man still having never grown out of that little habit of just wandering over to his older brother without question. Rubbing his forehead, he just glared at his older sibling as the man spoke with much more reason than himself. That was one of the reasons Itachi was so high ranked at such a young age. His mind set was than of a man many years older than himself, and his willingness to sacrifice his wants and desires for the good of the clan...Sometimes Sasuke wished that Itachi would be selfish for once...

    Having moved to sit besides his brother, Sasuke just listened lightly as he spoke of ninken and behaving at home. Sasuke wasn't so foolish to think that he'd get any different treatment from his father now with his older brother moved out. He'd do as he was told, even if he didn't like it. Years with Itachi taught him the value of jsut keeping his mouth shut...But sometimes someone needed to say just how wrong something was when no one else would. Of course, at the mention of reward for beating his brother, the younger one smirked a bit and took his hand, shaking it firmly. "Deal...I'm gonna show you that I'm just as good, if not better, Anki." The young Uchiha challenged cockily to his older sibling.

    The moment of brotherly bonding was short lived though as it seemed that the other person living there had arrived...

    "Hello~ Don't mean to intrude." Called Tohru, his voice carrying from the place he was standing at near the front door.

    "Ah! Nii-san! Don't yell like that in the compound, that's rude to the other people living here!" Came the weak and embarrassed voice of Sayuri as the stood just outside.
  18. Though the moment was indeed short lived, itachi slowly released his brothers hand and looked at the guest shaking his head."Oh no, it's fine.." He responded before Sayuri appeared, calling after the man who seemed to be slightly older then he. So Sayuri had siblings aswell, and he smiled waving at Sayuri."Hello, Sayuri." He said focusing his attention back to the male before walking towards him and stopping Infront of him.

    Though itachi was known, it was still polite to introduce himself anyways and he gave a hand to the new male."Itachi uchiha. Son of fugaku and mikoto uchiha and older brother of sasuke.. Nice to meet you." He stated calmly. Itachi wasn't allowed to say any word about him being taking any part of the ANBU -with the exception of the meeting however, and only if he was privately inside his home with doors closed- and he looked at Sayuri."I've already settled down, if you need help I'm free." He offered.

    Itachi was in his own clothing, A black v neck shirt and pants with the uchiha crest on his back. He looked over his shoulder checking on sasuke before looking back at sayuri's brother."Ah, and that's of course, my little brother sasuke. You must be a chuunin, correct?" He asked, starting a conversation."Well come in, wouldn't want you standing around." Added itachi walking backwards and turning around.
  19. Tohru smiled as the Uchiha future heir stepped from the home, Sayuri having caught up just then and blushing brightly since it seemed she was not spared the embarrassment of having her brother seen acting so rude. If their mother ever found out, she was certain she would not only hear the scolding from their home all the way over here...but also receive on of her own for letting him do that! Standing next to her brother, she waved shyly at Itachi who had addressed her.

    "Ah, Hello Itachi-san..." She said slowly while her brother merely smiled at the polite introduction.

    "A pleasure, I am Tohru. Eldest son of Gin and Miko Tsubasa and Sayuri's older brother. He retorted in mind as he gave a small bow and took the hand to shake it firmly. "I wish I had been able to attending the marriage meeting, however I myself had been doing a mission that required prolonged stay and was unable to attend. The same was for our other brother...As for help, It is alright, I've come prepared." He added as he held up the scroll.

    "All of Sayuri's items are in here...I'll only be a moment to help her settle in with her things."

    Stepping into the house then, Tohru bowed politely at Sasuke, giving a kind greeting as Sayuri followed in after him, the two taking off their shoes at the door. Sayuri sometimes wished she had the forwardness of her older brother. Even when talking to someone of Itachi's rank and power, he was so cool and polite. Never jealous or challenging in anyway. The other man chuckled as he nodded her head at the younger man's question.

    "Yes, I haven't had the ability to take the Jounin exams yet. I've been taking on things as my Father's son, so I've been stuck as a Chunnin for a bit. Not that I mind, Any level I believe is something to be proud of. Also, I hope you two didn't set this all up yourselves, I had intended to offer assistance. Then again, I probably should have expected such preparedness from the Uchiha clan." Tohru's smile was polite and kind, in no way trying to impress or woo either of the brothers...of course Sasuke didn't take it that way.

    Merely going silent, he went about sitting at the table and not even acknowledging Sayuri when she have given a polite smile and bow to him. Blushing still, the young woman looked to her brother who was dominating the conversation, wondering if maybe she should have him pull back. He was such a forward person that at times...she didn't think he realized it.
  20. Itachi chuckled taking out a nearby scroll and walking out the house to the back, where they had a large secluded area to themselves. Including a koi fish pond and a garden and more empty space after that and laid the scroll down on the ground.

    "Well, if you need anything, I'll be outside in the back." He said smiling before he left then looked over his shoulder. Itachi was going to practice his summoning jutsu--As he had recently struck a contract with a new animal in secrecy. So far he had summoning contracts with crows and foxes. But right now he would attempt to sign a contract with the head of canines, both dogs and wolves -ninkens in general-'and he squatted on the ground. No one was sure if itachi had a summoning contract with anyone, he was never seen in battle with a summoning creature nor using a summoning jutsu-But that didn't necessarily mean he didn't have any summoning jutsu's. He was merely practicing in the shadows over the years since he was first an ANBU.

    Itachi bit his thumb before he did some hand techniques. As usual, he was quick at it, some can say 'super quick' before stopping at the hand sign 'ram'."Summoning jutsu.." He muttered without having to pat the ground and soon a fox with scars appeared. This wasn't head of the foxes, similar to kakashi with his 'pakkun' dog, the fox was like pakkun and it seemed to have a pink bib like accessory around its neck with hearts. Itachi then let out a depressing sigh and sat on the ground legs crossed."Kizuato? Where's Shiranui? I wanted to show sasuke my summoning animal.. Up close." He muttered.

    Shiranui was believed to be a myth amongst summoning animals. A white majestic looking large fox and Kizuato, the scarred fox cocked his head."Busy." He said."I also need help on the new contract with canines." Mumbled itachi."It's getting quite frustrating." He sighed frustrated. Kizuato sat there, ears perked up."Summon. Try." He advised. Itachi quickly did hand signs again, and soon stopping at the sign 'ram' he muttered the jutsu and a pup appeared. Itachi stared at it blankly, surprised yet at the same time unsurprised and slowly smirked looking over his shoulder like a child at sasuke."Seems like I just needed you here for her to summon the canine... Or Atleast a pup. I feel relieved they accepted me." He sighed before his eye caught the attention of it holding a covered up forbidden sword."Hey.. Is that Susanoo's?" He commented trying to reach for the sword, the red color with gold almost representing his susanoo. But the pup growled jumping back defensively and nipped at his finger before running off.

    Itachi immediately looked over his shoulder and once the pup ran in the house looked at sasuke."Remember the paw game with cats?" He asked,"Bet you can't get Chibiterasu." He smirked challenging his little brother as he got up and dusted himself off before walking in the house with Kizuato following.

    Foxes were quite hard to summon. And itachi looked around, before staring at Sayuri."Sayuri.." He called. Chibiterasu was most likely hiding under her kimono sitting on her feet and he stand still."Stand still and lift up your kimono a bit. But don't frighten him!" He quickly adds the ending part. The hard part when making a contract with the head of the canines would be trying to catch them, it was the same as foxes as they were rare summoning animals and itachi looked at sasuke."But on three... Sasuke go to the front door." He ordered."You may have to use Sharingan." He adds."Don't underestimate it. It seems easy but it's hard." He ordered.

    It was a silly sight, treating a summoning pup like some wild animal that's dangerous and itachi grinned."Catch it, and you'll also be able to summon the canines sasuke." Itachi added smiling."Three!" Yelled itachi with his mangekyo Sharingan eyes appearing. He naturally inherited the eyes,some said he was close to achieving the 'eternal sharingan' eyes and itachi waited for sasuke to do the next move first.
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