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The Unofficial List of Iwaku Rules

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lysander, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Rule #1: Don't piss off Diana. That will not end well.
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  2. .....


    If not to piss off staffers, what is Iwaku rules good for?
  3. How many people have actually seen me mad and pissed off at someone? This is a dumb rule! You're all dumb!
  4. Rule #2: Give Diana compliments...even if you don't mean them. O_O
  5. Now you're just being silly.

    Real Rule: Don't mess with the tea.
  6. Rule #3: Don't blow up my Bar.
  7. What kind of idiot blows up THE bar?
  8. The most important rule of all:

    Blame Chaos.
  9. Ideally there would only be one Iwaku rule...

    DONT. BE. A. DICK.
  10. But then what would Asmo do?
  11. Don't be a dick is counterintuitive.
    If we didn't have dicks, Diana would be pissed off all the time.
    Get your shit straight, guys!
  12. Yeah... totally! >.>

    What kind of idiot would EVER do that?
  13. I am the boring guy.
    Is rule set in stone.
  14. Also, Gibs wouldn't be able to have Dickmas without all our dicks.
  15. Rule #4: Don't be a dick in your opening post Asmo will ban your ass.
  16. In Soviet Iwaku, tea mess with you.
  17. I am disappointed in all of you.
  18. I am disappointed in you.
  19. I am disappointed with you in me too.
  20. How unfortunate. Somehow, I imagined this outing...or ining....would be much more satisfying.