The unlikely hero.

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  1. I have been a member for a minute. I have noticed alot of different characters here; but I have yet to see an orc or gnoll character. In the DND universes (As well as most others) They are considered evil or isolationist. But than a thought occurred to me; what if these lesser species became the heroes? Instead of support roles or cannon fodder for the waves of enemies? And so I created a female orc war Matron and her unlikely friend, A Gnoll shaman.

    The plot.

    The small town of Arkoth was known for many things, it's fine wine and lovely port. It's giant fountain and huge cathedral; as well as it's bards college and stone walls. The town has known peace and prosperity for sometime now, but that all changed one evening. Somewhere deep within the town, a monster lurks feeding on the flesh and soul of men and elf alike. Usually orcs, drows and lesser creatures are not allowed in the city; due to their reputation and the church considering them unclean. But after thirteen deaths in three days; the guards open the gate to any mercenary to hunt down this elusive creature.

    But how can such a huge monster with such a ravenous appetite remain hidden? Your characeter can be male, female and anything from an elf, to a talking rat for all I care. From a priest, guard, witch, citizen, bounty hunter, assassin to a flower girl. I prefer this to become long term, welcoming a third member to their party. But even a temporary addition is more than welcomed.

    If this appeals to you don't hesitate to post here or send me a message.
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  2. Sign me up! Has this been taken? If not I'm definitely down for some monster-hunting! We could continue it into a longer plot, too (Maybe the emergence of this monster is just the beginning?) :3
  3. That is my plan, to unfold this simple premise to something more long term. In this plot I will be playing as two characters of mine; The she orc battle matron Drucilla Gra'burke. And of course my favorite character Gerald- The wolf of Nabanouu.

    The rp is open still. Gerald can be found in my signature, Drucilla in my blogs.
  4. I actually prefer to introduce characters and get to know their details through the story rather than reading a profile, if that's okay? I'm thinking I'll probably make up a character for it... I don't typically reuse characters :) I have no problem with you playing two characters; I usually end up playing multiples, myself!
  5. Thats fine, I find your terms acceptable.
  6. Yay, I qualify! Any other points you want to settle, or shall we jump right in? :3 Also, I like talking to RP partners; this is pleasure, not business; I demand to know your favourite animal, colour, and dessert, and also a brief description of your ideal free day before we begin playing!

    Pandas (Because soft fluffy and need to be protected)
    Cheesecake (Cherry or chocolate or OMG BOTH!)
    Sleep til 10 or so, relax in a clean home, play games, cook my own meals, drive out to the beach and swim for a bit, come home, shower, cuddle with BF, go to sleep.
  7. I have no problem disclosing certain "Details" about my personal life. But I prefer to do so somewhere without as many wandering eyes. If you really care to you can pm me here or hit me on skype, chris.martin19701 is my Id under that medium.
  8. .... I really don't see what problems anyone could cause with your favourite colour :/ I'm never going to watn to know your real name or phone number or where you live or anything like that... but if you feel more comfortable with OOC chatter on skype I'll respect that.
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