The Unknown

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  1. Would you like to create characters first or just jump right in?
  2. We can create characters if you want to see who I am using
  3. Yes, please! It'll give me an idea or two of how mine should be. (:
  4. Do you want me as a female or male?
  5. Which ever you prefer. I can play either gender.
  6. I can too so I don't know if you want a MxF or a FxF
  7. MxF would be alright.
  8. Ok I guess I will be the girl. I don't have many where I am one
  9. Alright! Sounds good.
  10. Name: Torra Lin'felle
    Age: 22
    Personality: Outgoing and smart. She likes to have fun out and about with friends or just herself.
    Extras: She is a cat neko girl she has excellent stealth abilities and agility.
  11. Name: Drake Dranoc
    Age: 21
    Personality: Sarcastic, calm, sometimes very flirty.
    Extra: Drake is an expert thief and pickpocket.
  12. Thanks. I'll let you make the starting post.
  13. Torra was sitting on top of a building her cat ears flicking in the wind occasionally with her hair blowing behind her, "Hmm...I wonder."
  14. Drake walked through the bustling streets, his black trench coat trailing behind him. In a few days, he would have to leave this city. For a thief like him, it was dangerous for him to stay in one place for so long.
    A smirk crossed over the thief's face as he rands his fingers through his blue hair. One last heist before he made his way to the next town.
  15. She reached up and undid the collar on her neck, "God sometimes i hate this thing." her soft voice sounding like it flowed like silk does. None compare to her in this city and she had yet to find the guy for her, "Maybe someday I will find a handsome guy who likes me for who I am not just my looks."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.