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  1. [rainbow]H e r e S h e I s A g a i n[/rainbow]

    So, I've had just the most brilliant idea. Okay, okay, it's not that great, but it may work.​


    A young captain by the name of Amalia Amadeus has recently been given her own ship. Only... This ship, this lovely ship, is a space ship.

    The Armadus, a one hundred metre long cruiser, has been cleared for take off at the space station of the mystical world of Infinel. In here, the laws are strict but the trading is fair, but this is not what Amalia wishes to do all of her life. No... No, she wishes to explore.

    There is a sector on the star map, the one below, which depicts an area bereft of eyes upon it. The local galaxy, while very monitored, was blank in this area. The Sector known as X would be the destination, and the crew would have to travel through three solar systems to reach it, from Infinel.

    Star_Map (open)

    The only problem, is, there is no crew. Amalia, while ambitious, was the youngest captain in history to become such. She would have no chance of being successful without a crew, and the ones she has drafted, have already deserted her. She only wishes to travel into the unknown Sector.

    You are to become her crew.
    Will you be able to help her find and record the unknown sector, being the first people in existence to do such a thing?


    I'm going to be having a go at GMing, and I won't be one of the four players within this. There's going to be a few pointers following this. I just want you to know that while I am fairly competent as a writer, I tend to have bouts of laziness and the like, which is usually attributed to the daily proceedings, usually different on a day to day basis.

    —Try to make their character sheet, in general, believable. It will help the RP massively, and me too.
    —Your character can be any gender, and they can be whatever appearance, real or anime or whatever. It does not matter, in truth. You'll have to provide a written description anyways, so, pictures are optional.
    —Romance is available to players, I encourage it to strengthen ties. Things do get boring when out of the planets they stay in for a few weeks, and between travelling between key planets. I'm aiming for at least 9 stops before reaching the unknown zone, where things will tense up dramatically.
    —I'll be taking control of most, if not all of the NPCs. If you'd like me to include something reasonable, then feel free to shoot a message my way!
    —There will be an order to posting once the IC thread is ready to go. Please be patient for it! I'll write it out in full and put all players in a conversation - reasons for picking four players. ;D
    —This RP will be beginning either once all four players are finalised OR within a month. So, 30/31 days... Yes. I hope it's the latter though, haha.

    @Kythii Darastrix (WIP)


    You'll be picking out of four races; once taken, you cannot pick it.
    Example: Human {Zaserazi} (Amalia)
    -Human (self explanatory) TAKEN
    -Android (self explanatory, though they're advanced enough to have sentience) TAKEN
    -'Vargeta' Alien (an alien with the ability to harden their skin beyond anything ever recorded; generally humanoid appearance) TAKEN
    -Cyborg (60% human, 40% mechanical) TAKEN

    You'll also pick their role. This will be important.
    Example: Captain {entails managing the crew! giving orders, taking responsibility for the ship and the crew's actions, filling out all the paperwork and clearances, reporting to the galactic government) (Amalia)
    -Pilot (entails flying the space ship, managing the engines, managing the wellbeing of the ship) TAKEN
    -Weaponry (entails the self explanatory as well as fuel reserves) TAKEN
    -Kitcheneer (entails cooking, cleaning and the general health of those aboard; nurse duties) TAKEN
    -Navigation (entails the self explanatory, as well as being the 'right hand man/woman' to the Captain) TAKEN


    Full name:
    Age: (anything under 30 for humans and 150 for other races is fine)
    Gender: (Looking for two guys and two girls, will negotiate for a different balance if wanted)
    Race: (this is what you select from the list above)
    Hair colour: (No abnormal colours please, unless dyed; even then)
    Eye colour: (Contacts are fine but do keep in mind one would have to take them off and put them on on a day to day basis)
    Body type:
    Appearance: (a description, here. Pictures go lower.)
    History: (5-10 sentences minimum, I guess. Roughly 2-3 paragraphs, feel free to add what you think would be important for such an area. Because this is in space, you can make up wherever your character came from. Make it within reason, though.)
    BRIEF personality overview: (can be either a short description, or a few words to describe it overall. This will mostly come out within the RP, so that's why it's brief)
    Role: (this is what you select from above)

    Blood type:
    Sexual orientation: (Basically, leave this blank/put asexual here if you do NOT want your character to be, well, romancable with either the other players, or with one of a few NPCs which will appear along the way, there'll be boys and girls)
    Relationship status:

    Appearance: (picture)

    (pop this SECTION in a {SPOILI}(the information from classes taken to relationship status{/SPOILI} OR {SPOILER=OPTIONAL}(the information from classes taken to relationship status){/SPOILER}. Replace the {} with [] to make it work.)


    Blood type:
    Sexual orientation: (Basically, leave this blank/put asexual here if you do NOT want your character to be, well, romancable with either the other players, or with one of a few NPCs which will appear along the way, there'll be boys and girls)
    Relationship status:

    Appearance: (picture)

    Optional (open)
    Blood type:
    Sexual orientation: (Basically, leave this blank/put asexual here if you do NOT want your character to be, well, romancable with either the other players, or with one of a few NPCs which will appear along the way, there'll be boys and girls)
    Relationship status:

    Appearance: (picture)


    That's all, folks! Any questions are to popped in my conversations box, thanks!

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  2. Full name: Evan Hinton
    Age: 21
    Gender: male
    Race: human
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 176 lb
    Hair colour: brown
    Eye colour: light blue
    Body type: skinny and a little athletic.
    Appearance: he hates shaving so sometimes his beard overgrows. Evan is always wearing jeans and a simple t-shirt or something comfortable because he doesn't really care about his looks.
    History: He was raised by her mom, who used to tell him space stories all the time. They both loved that stories and everything about them. Unfortunately, they didn't have enough money to know space by themselves, so they just used their immagination. Little Evan used to promise her mom every night that he will be a very succesfull spaceship captain and he would take her to know the entire galaxy. Anyways, he could never fulfill his promise, because her mom died of a lethal disease when he was 15.
    He suffered a lot the death of his mother but decided that he will see the galaxy for her. He worked really hard to enter in a training program to became a pilot, but it wasn't easy and he had a lot of competitors, so he was probably never having a ship of his own or even knowing space. Anyways, a friend of his, who is very succesful in this program, got him a place in a spaceship. So, even if he hates cooking and cleaning and isn't really good at it, he didn't turn down the offer of being a kitcheneer in Amalia's spaceship and leaving Infinel for the first time in his life.
    BRIEF personality overview: he is very persuasive when he wants something. He has good sense of humor but isn't really extrovert.
    Role: kitcheneer

    Blood type:
    Sexual orientation: heterosexual
    Relationship status: single


    Hey ^^ I like your idea, just tell me if I need to change anything.
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  3. Only thing you'd need to change is that these people aren't from Earth. They're currently on Infinel, in a galaxy far from this one. Earth and Infinel are very alike, so it won't hamper your character's history too much. Other than that, he's pretty much accepted! ^_^
  4. Ok :) thanks, I'll change it then
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  5. Full name:Perseus Matt
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Cyborg
    Weight:150 without the mech equipment, 210 with it
    Hair colour: Orangy-blonde
    Eye colour: Since he is a cyborg, Perseus had modules that make his eyes cyber blue.
    Body type: Slender, athletic
    Appearance: His left and right arms are comprised completely of metal, and the outer layer of chest is metal. He is tanned on the parts that are human. He wears a suit (shown below) that is basically the outer layer of his armor. The plates on him are made of iridium, heat resistant, dense, and not very reactive.[​IMG][​IMG]
    History: In a terrorist lab, he was kidnapped and turned into the cyborg you now see above. After military soldiers raided the lab, he was extracted and he agreed to fight for the army. Serving on several ships as he was trained in an academy and was rated top class, he was a soldier, hacker, and ninja scout, he has had a history with mercenaries wanting to kill him and take him. Luckily, he has a brain, not a control panel. He is the first successful cyborg after failed attempts all over the galaxy. Attempts to examine him and replicate his body have failed. After lots of years of service, he 'retired' for a bit and came to Infinel, to get a taste of regular life, only to be reinstated and put in the Armadus as a protector.
    BRIEF personality overview: Nice, joker, hyper, doesn't like being pestered
    Role: Weaponry

    Blood type: O+
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Relationship status: Single

    Since I am a teenager, I will only be establishing light chemistries. (to the point they only kiss nd stuff)
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  6. WIP
    Full Name: Elspeth

    Age: 137, though looks like roughly an early 20's human female.

    Gender: Female

    Race: Vargeta

    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: Approx. 113lbs.

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Green

    Body Type: Very Slim.

    Appearance: Human form is fairly short at 5'5", with long, Black hair. She has bright green eyes with long, dark lashes. She is very thin, hair is worn either down or in a ponytail depending on what she's doing.

    History: When the Vargeta or born, or rather, created, they are raised as a whole by the society. The ones who aren't deemed worthy for some reason are usually killed off. Elspeth was not killed off due to her exceptional skills with technology and her ability to learn new things fairly quickly.

    Personality: Usually a little awkward seeming of which she's still learning human culture, but is relatively friendly when she's not being so serious and trying to prove herself. (She still doesn't understand that it's just her society who kills off the weak or useless.)

    Role: Pilot.

    Extra Stuffs! (open)
    Blood Type: Unknown
    Sexual Orientation: Straight, though she had never been in a relationship.
    Relationship Status: Single.
    Appearance: e7149ed4a12b2af6dbdb78f764c3e6ca.jpeg
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  7. Full name: Unit HB505 Tau, Designation "Gwyneth".
    Age: 05 years
    Gender: None, but a more feminine identity has been chosen.
    Race: Android
    Height: 5 feet
    Weight: 180 pounds.
    Hair colour: Though it isn't hair in the traditional sense, black.
    Eye colour: Black throughout.
    Body type: Slightly curvy, and made of mechanics and circuitry.
    Appearance: Gwyneth's chassis is comprised of a few different metal alloys, a less common choice than the plastics used by many others of her kind. Though it's heavier and harder for her to upgrade herself this way, she chose it because of durability. The metal all has a white finish with no embellishments in the visual light spectrum, however she has many geometric "tattoo" designs running across her plating visible in infrared and others visible in ultraviolet, which is common for her "race." Her eyes are completely black, so they don't emote much, but her facial plate is a very light, malleable alloy that can move. In areas that move the most, such as the abdomen and around joints, there is a highly durable black material that mimics muscle to allow articulation. From the back of her head she has some replacement threads of this material braided into dreadlocks, but this is purely for style. When she wears clothing off the ship it's usually just an olive green leather jacket that seems to have gone through quite a lot.
    History: Gwyneth was created by other androids, so she was not "born" into a specifically programmed purpose. She had general knowledge programmed into her but, upon meeting a Vargeta traveler, gained a great interest in exploration. Four years and a lot of learning later, Gwyn had now been an accomplished navigator on three different ships, two of which were pirate vessels, and recently has taken up a rare opportunity: to discover something. Androids haven't had much opportunity to do so, which is why the trip interests her so much.
    Personality overview: Though she feels emotion differently, Gwyn learned most of her interpersonal interaction with pirates. As such, she is abrasive and very straightforward, but carries a vast sense of wonder and interest in everything around her.
    Role: Navigation

    Additional (open)

    Blood type: Some kind of synthetic regulatory fluid? It's a cloudy purple color.
    Sexual orientation: Technically asexual because she doesn't have the parts or hormones for it.
    Relationship status: None, but she can get very flirtatious since she loves the reactions and is intrigued by the process of a relationship. However, she has never been in one.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Just let me know if anything should be different and I'll gladly rework it.
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  8. @BounceBas, @Zeon, you're both accepted! I like your characters. (:

    @Kythii Darastrix, I'll look forward to what you produce! ^_^ There's no rush at all, seriously.

    I'll be writing up the posting order thingo in a while, this is mainly so everyone gets the opportunity to speak when there's all five of us in a thread. I'll also be making a group for this, so, patience is key. We've got a loooooong time to plan and all, so I'm sure it won't be a hassle. Thanks for showing interest in this! I've been wanting to do this for a while now. (:
  9. Update! ~
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  10. Goodie! We can just about begin this RP~
  11. should I start the IC?
  12. Please do!
  13. How is everything?
  14. We have already started the IC ^^ I think it's your turn to post
  15. Sorry about the length, I promise it won't be that bad from now on ;~;
  16. If I remember correctly it's my turn to post, I have a bunch of appointments to go to today, so I'll probably post tomorrow~

    Sorry! ~
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  17. It's more than okay! I've got a post to do before yours, so it's all fine.
  18. Alright, thank you! ~
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