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  1. INTRO, orange Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an element AND an extra power you are capable of wielding? Well, these kids live like that. They get taken away, and the next day, they show up with powers. These kids, though few and far between, can do amazing things. But, there is always a risk you must take with this amazing journey, there is a fight. The strongest kids emerge alive, after a five day intense training arena. You are pit against you friends for five days of killing, torture, and learning. After the five days of this unusual torture, you will still have to go back, but in a higher level. After finishing five of these five day tests, you are left alone. You can finally practice these powers in peace, but, of course, something else happens. Soon before your predicted death, you go again, on a farewell. Death is always possible in this treatment of power. Will you take the risk?

    CHARACTER SHEET, turquoise Name:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Level: (Newbie, Amateur, Advanced, Young Pro, Adolescent, and pre-death, in order from weakest to strongest)
    Does she/he already have powers?:
    Bio (short one):
    Why might you be chosen?:

    CHARACTERS, purple
    Kordon Jayce, 14, female, Newbie, Madeline
    Rafa Dark, 16, male, Amateur, RafaDark
    Aaron Silver, 19, male, Adolescent, Eon
    Rika, 13, male, Newbie, Shadowski​

    RULES, red 1. Basic Iwaku rules.
    2. Characters WILL die, FYI, so be prepared to loose your character.
    3.No godmodding, or having the best powers of all. You can't have fire element, and then have the extra be having every other power in the world. Nice try, but no.
    4. Only one element and one extra power per character. There is no character limit, but please try to keep them all active.
    5. No whining if your character is in a situation where they WILL die. It happens all the time, just deal with it. All in all, don't get too attached to the character. When it's time, IT'S TIME.
    6. Have the best time ever! Go and kill whomever, maybe even your character's brother, (:-0) or you may ally with anyone. It doesn't matter, just try to live! If you do, then maybe I will grant them a potion that will make them young again, having them loose their powers, whatever you can think of.

    Can't really think of anything else, have fun!
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  2. Can you reserve a spot for me?
  3. I'll be in on this. Are we fighting each other?
  4. Yeah. You are fighting people your level, and each time you win, your level is increased.
  5. Here's my CS.

    Name: Kordon Jayce
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Level: Newbie
    Does she/he already have powers?: No, her powers will be determined.
    -Mom, Katherine.
    -Father, Jamie.
    -Older brother, Cole.
    Bio (short one):

    Life started in St. Augustine, where she and her older brother were born. They lived three blocks away from their grandparents, and lived maybe 50,000 (hyperbole) miles away from their cousins. Of course, from the start she was indifferent, and she always noticed this. It led to her being a little loner.

    Now, she lives wherever they are now, and her nerves are getting higher by the minute.
    Why might you be chosen?: She seems much more advanced than her peers, and she is trying to figure out why.
    Appearance: brownhair.jpg
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  6. Name: RafaDark
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation
    : Straight
    Personality: He's someone closed to people and will not care for anyone.
    Level: Amateur
    Does she/he already have powers?: Already have. He have Shape-Shifting powers and he can shape-shift anything that is not alive.
    Family: All dead
    Bio (short one): He always knew that he was different from the others around him. When his parents and his family died, they left a note saying that he had powers.
    Why might you be chosen?: He is more stronger and more resistant than normal boys his age. (I think something is wrong in here because i didn't get this part)
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  7. It's fine, and accepted! I'm putting the characters up now.
  8. Name: Aaron Silver
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Level: Adolescent
    Personality: Aaron isn't a people person. He frightens easily, and is always worried.
    Does she/he already have powers?: Yes. Aaron has the ability to become ethereal, and control over the element of earth, and thus, control over the things in it: iron, lead, gems, etcetera. He can only be ethereal for five minutes at a time. Additionally, being ethereal only protects him from physical attacks. Heat, mental, and sound based attacks still effect him.
    Family: A few siblings, parents, all deceased.
    Bio (short one): Aaron is the current reigning champion of the tests. He may be a nervous wreck, but he's hella' strong. His family was killed when he was taken in here for the tests, Aaron had tried to protect them. Obviously, he failed. Now he's here, living in fear of the ones he calls, "Strangers."
    Why might you be chosen?: His powers make him an obvious shoe-in, but he's also received mild martial arts training.
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  9. Accepted @Eon. Also, I'm going to add in what level they are. The levels are Newbie, Amateur, Advanced, Young Pro, Adolescent, and pre-death (ordered by weakest to strongest).
  10. So i just need to change my CS to put that level thing?
  11. Yup. I'm changing mine now.
  12. CS Changed
  13. Okay. I'll wait for one more person to join. Depending on how good this gets, I might make a second character.
  14. May I join this? It looks super cool, yet slightly similar to others I've done -- which means I'm totally comfortable with it XD
  15. Sure! We're open!
  16. Could I join too? This looks really interesting. Oh, and if you die can you make a new character and join again?

    Name: Rika
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Level: Newbie
    Personality: Intelligent, weak and shy. He is a small bodied intellectual and is easily defeated in melee conflict. Can often outsmart many. While he is still learning he can be terrified which reduces the strength of his power
    Does she/he already have powers?: Yes, a mental power control, that allows Rika to enter others minds and mess around in their head. Eg, he could convince the person that k├Člling themself is a good thing, or imaginary monsters appear to Attack him. These seem so real, the placebo effect kicks in and the body actually starts killing itself. Doesn't really know how to properly use his powers yet.
    Family: Divorced parents. Rika somehow wiped clear his father from all of his mind, leaving just his mother Jane
    Bio (short one): Up there I've already listed most things
    Why might you be chosen?: Extremely accelerated academics and constant changes in students in his class.
  17. Yeah, no if you die you go home and eat a gallon of ice cream. JK. If your character dies, you can make a new one. Accepted!
  18. Are we starting? Or waiting for BountyHunter.
    Or has it already started and I am just stupid
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