The Universe is Against it!

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  1. Metaphorically of course :P

    Do you ever feel like the whole world is conspiring against something - particularly things that are ridiculously unimportant in the grand scheme of things?

    I do. I often feel like

    • The weather times itself to rain on my days off
    • My boss and my friend's bosses have secret meetings to ensure our schedules never align for hanging out.
    • If I get up early to do stuff before work, everything possible will go wrong to ensure I do not leave on time.
    I had one day where the whole world was just dead set against me having ice cream. I was having a real shitter of a day, and I decided, y'know what, fuck it. This day is not the boss of me. I am going to go out, get a cone of maple walnut ice cream because it's delicious, eat it, and commence being awesome. So I went to the corner store. No maple walnut. I was pretty fixated on that flavour at that point, and was sure I could get it somewhere else in town. So I drove down the highway to the hard ice cream stand, got my cone, sat down, attempted to put my change away, and dropped my cone by accident. I didn't have enough cash left to buy another cone, and felt like going across town to an ATM and driving back would be a little silly. I went halfway back home and stopped at another branch of the same corner store to try again... but apparently it closed and no one told me. I went to the grocery store thinking "whatever, I'll just buy a pint and take it home", only to discover I left my debit card at home.

    Iwaku, do you ever feel like the universe just really doesn't want something to happen?!
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  2. I swear to god teachers plan ALL of their tests on the same day, and make sure that allll of our projects are due the Monday after vacation and that we always have 12 pounds of homework due simultaneously.
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  3. I usually find that the the universe conspires against my journey home from work.

    On a good day, I can be home in forty minutes. On a bad day, it's taken almost two hours before now. There'll be an accident on the motorway, or there will be construction work causing delays, but it always seems that when I've had a lousy day at work and I just want to go home and forget... That's when the journey takes two hours. Especially in the height of summer, when the sun is out and my car turns into a small oven of sorts.

    Also, the way that if I see signs warning me of roadworks at the start of my journey, I'll find that there are several more patches of them across the rest of my journey, as if everyone just sat around a big map and said, "Hey, look, this is Terpsi's route to work. Let's resurface here, here, here and here, all at the same time."
  4. Public transport is possibly the world's greatest supervillain.
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  5. Yes. >:[ THAT IS ALL I NEED TO SAY.

    Mostly because I cannot think of a specific example right this moment, but I have had stuff like this happen all the time. O__O
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  6. The whole of Iwaku seems to like to hate on my pufferfish...


    I swear that whenever I join a bunch of role-plays my real life intervenes and decides to give me 14 hour shifts for days on end, so in my free time I'm too tired to even write >.<

    *shakes fist*
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  7. I love pufferfish, damn tasty in my opinion.

    But that aside I think the universe is always against me when I plan to push my physical limits even further. Every time when I decide to try something insane on my bike I end up in the ER.
  8. The universe seems singularly determined to prevent me from checking my email on a semi-regular basis. Whenever I have a correspondence I NEED to check as soon as I get it, the Internet goes out/the computers are under maintenance/the center's rec is closed for whatever reason.
  9. Apparently the universe is also against allowing me to have 1) good teachers in school and 2) the classes I want. Seriously. It's ridiculous x-x
  10. The universe seems to be against me getting on my precious Netflix. It won't load on my Xbox. *wails in agony*
  11. My friend and her long-term crush. Just when we think it's going to happen, it doesn't.

    Actually, most of my female friends and relationships, come to think about it. I feel a little pang of guilt every time I mention my boyfriend when I'm around them...
  12. I am in the minority here.

    A lot of the time it seems like the universe is conspiring WITH me.

    A gloomy morning becomes a lovely sunny 88 degrees for jogging.

    Got a sweet job contract offer two months ago that pays slightly less but is hell of a lot more fun than what I originally applied for.

    Wife got a sweet job at the same place I work at.

    Overall pretty awesome universe.

    Though two weeks ago it conspired against my ability to regulate temperature. Got very dehydrated and lightheaded after 2 hours of sparring in a tiny ass room with 8 people and 98 degrees inside.
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