The United States of the Multiverse

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  1. Hello citizens of Iwaku! Hopefully I can borrow some of your time to explicate an idea of mine. :)

    Now, imagine if every fictional universe you've beloved or despised gathered together in the totally-not-corrupt (*cough-very corrupt-cough*) government of good ole 'Murica? What kinds of debates and issues, like civil rights for nekos or superheroes, be faced? Essentially the larger the fandom/political party is, the more it is featured in the House of Representatives, yet each group still receives equality in the Senate. Meanwhile the Executive and Judicial branches are all in an unsteady relationship as the Multiverse makes its demands.

    Players themselves would play as the totally-not-corrupt politicians in this grand system. Don't like another fandom? Then try running a scandal to get them out of office, or shatter them in a congressional debate (or if you're the evil type, raise taxes on them). Wish to see your group receive more power? Introduce new bills which pushes you ahead, or win more elections!

    Bills will be based on a timing system. For example, let's say your group has this new awesome bill you want passed. Try defending that bill in a two-day debate time, and finally a forum poll will decide its fate. Or maybe you can strike down the legality of those bills in the Supreme Court, which must also defend from RP rule-breakers. If your fandom is strong enough, then it can expand to take larger roles. Majority leaders, presidents, and other such positions serve as examples.

    I'm always open for new ideas and mechanics, so I'd love to hear feedback. :3
  2. I actually am all for this.
  3. i wouldn't mind trying this c:
  4. So, which one of you would like to be Vice-President? :3
  5. I kind of want to be Secratary of State, or Ambassador to the UN.
  6. Secretary of State it is! Or at least Ambassador to to the multiverse.
  7. I forgot to mention, when more people join up, then the plot's timing will have to be changed. In this scenario, us three will be the politicians before an election day. The new players would be people recently elected into their position.
  8. Is this a...

    ... Crossover RP?
  9. I... might actually be very interested.

    Seeing space orks involved in politics would be hilarious.
  10. Indeed, it will be XD

    As for Crow's question, it's sort of a crossover RP. I suppose it depends on your definition of crossover.
  11. Here's my debate.


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  12. I think the two of us are going to get along rather well. :)
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  13. It's how I roll. I am the rage train of hate, bile, bigotry and intolerance.

    It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it.
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  14. I don't want to be in the Cabinet with you!

    At least I'll be from the Fate series.
  15. I can only imagine how hilarious it would be to see elephant people and donkey people in congress.
    Oh wait...
  16. In Rome, they got a Horse in the Senate. Now we just get the butt of the horse.
  17. I don't think the horse was a senator, I think he was a consul. (Rome had two consuls who performed the same job as the president.) Though that was during the empire, so the position was kinda moot.
  18. There was a Senator named Horse.
  19. No, Caligula got a horse in the Senate. It was his horse named Incitatus. Roughly translated, it was named "Speedy."
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