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    United States
    A Political Multiverse RP

    "The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted." -James Madison

    Introduction: Welcome to a grand new nation, one of unprecedented opportunity, which has been thrown into turmoil from the very inside. This turmoil is not the result of some invading dictator, or a violent revolution, but instead, the very unification of the entire multiverse. The United States of Iwaku is a place unlike any other, inhabited by every species and controlled by a hauntingly large government. Blood will be spilled in the effort to "form a more perfect Union," across an infinite set of realities.

    Prologue: The year is 2015 in the land of Iwaku. The country has been stricken with a massive array of problems. There is tension between universes and species, the current government is filled with the most corrupt people in the multiverse, and it feels as though the very fabric of reality is at risk. And here you are, in the city of Washington R.P. (Ruling Province, with pun intended). Democracy has given her blessing towards you, firmly selecting you as her champion in your most recent election. Or, if you wish, then maybe you're a humble onlooker to the strange ways of politics while you yourself are still in school at the University of R.P. Perhaps you're something more devious? Such as a billionaire trying to buy their way into the government. For the more honest of folk, then your goal is to settle the grand disputes between universes and introduce fair legislation.

    Systems: The United States of Iwaku is subject to the same basic laws of the actual USA. Political parties will be divided into "Fandom Parties" which will clash with others for more power. These groups consist of individuals who share the same agenda or exist in the same universe. For example, the current president of Iwaku is a member of the Humans First Party, which is based on our current real-world. Each universe gets one seat in the Senate, though in the House of Representatives, they can grow in strength with more members. Bills are introduces into Congress, where both houses must vote on them, and then they are signed by the president, etc.

    1. OP/GM is the current president, however, he can be voted out.
    2. At least one paragraph (3-7 sentences) per post.
    3. You don't have to follow the US Constitution verbatim, but please use common sense.
    4. Feel free to be humorous!
    5. No god-modding, trolling, or other forms of misbehavior. Political insults will be looked down on.
    6. I am perfectly fine with non-original characters here.
    7. If you are no longer interested in playing, please remove your character from office via resignation.
    8. If you create your own political party, you will be counted as its Chairman/Chairwoman.
    9. If you write a bill, then you are credited as its author.
    10. Every bill has a three-day existence limit. Your bill must be introduced, debated over, and voted upon in three days. This is how often polls will be made.
    11. Fandom parties must have at least four members to be official, and bills must have at least three sponsors!

    Character Application:
    Role/government title-
    Home Universe-
    Strengths & weaknesses-
    Fandom Party-

    Fandom Party Application:
    Name of Fandom Party-
    Political Ideology (ex. left, centrist, right wing)-
    Originating Universe-
    Short Description-

    The Government:
    1. Executive Branch-President, Vice-President, Cabinet, military
    2. Legislative Branch-Speaker, Vice-President (leader of the Senate), senators, representatives
    3. Judicial Branch-Supreme Justices (decides the legality of other politicians' actions)

    Bill Submission Forum:
    Definitions (to clarify uncommon legal jargon)-
    Purposes (can add more if needed)-
    Framework/enforcement process (basic description of bill)-

  2. Character Application:
    Appearance- [​IMG]
    Name- Paul Blakesman
    Role/government title- President
    Gender- Male
    Age- 40
    Home Universe- Reality
    Bio- Born in 1975, Paul Blakesman was an heir to a vast oil tycoon empire which stretched across the multiverse. His charisma and wealth advanced him far ahead of both colleagues and peers, eventually earning him an early graduation at the University of RP. Afterwards he served as an infantry soldier during the Great Neko Wars of 1999, which brought along Paul's reputation as a war hero, despite allegations of war crimes under his responsibility. Paul became extremely popular during his time as the mayor of New Legentis City. Voters took extreme interest with his anti multi-species views, yet also attracting a firestorm of controversy. Supported by human interest groups abroad, Paul was elected as the President of Iwaku at the age of 36. His first term was stricken with crisis. Riots and protests plagued the country, and multiple universes began violent revolutions. With approval ratings plummeting at a vicious rate, President Blakesman is struggling to keep a hold on the nation and hopefully win the upcoming election.
    Strengths & weaknesses-
    *Multiverse bias
    Fandom Party- Human Defense Party
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  3. Reserving Fire Emblem and/or The Fate series.
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  4. Appearance (open)

    Name- 'Mr. Smith'

    Role/government title- Representative

    Gender- N/A (40k Orks are technically genderless)

    Age- 200ish

    Home Universe- Warhammer 40,000

    Bio- Formerly known among his people as 'Big Mek Dakkasmiff,' Representative Smith decided to try his hand at politics. His people have little patience for politics or diplomacy and few regard him with any respect. Fewer still acknowledge his efforts at all. Still, his constituency base is large enough to have him elected to office and he does what he can to aid his people at large.
    Mr. Smith runs a platform of all things Pro-Ork, and is always in favor of the most violent course of action. He does what he can to acquire weapons, armor and conflict for his warmongering people. Though looked down upon by more peaceful factions, his constituents are always eager for a fight, and though they vary wildly in their effectiveness, their usefulness is always appreciated on the field of battle.

    Strengths & weaknesses- Mr. Smith is highly intelligent for an Ork and possess a disturbing capacity for understanding and comprehending non-orkish culture, such as politics, bargaining and basic manners. He also has a mind for building guns, as his former occupation and name suggest. However, he has held particularly views considered alien and anathema to Ork 'Kultur,' even before he took office, and is considered by many of his kind to be insane.

    Fandom Party- Independent, Subject to change
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  5. Question: can we have multiple characters? I'd like to have two ork Representatives (or just one ork and his Personal assistant), both from the same 'state' (so they can play off each other).
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  6. Yes, you are more than welcome to have a more characters, though I'm unlikely to allow more than three.
  7. Yes, then I can use both universes!
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  8. Wait do they get their appropriate abilities from their fandom? If so I'll be claiming Christian Mythology fandom and making my presidential candidate a Creator Deity.
    Also is there an easy way to read the US constitution? because other than the Right to Bear Arms, I have no idea about American laws.
  9. I'm fairly certain playing as a creator deity counts as 'god-modding'.

    Also here's a link to the constitution.
  10. Thanks. I was thinking because several fandoms contain people who are incarnate gods so I was wondering how far that could be taken.
  11. Well, you bring up a good point. Demigods, like Hercules, are perfectly acceptable. I guess it depends on who you choose.
  12. I have an idea!

    I'll take The Tactician from Fire Emblem:Awakening (at least my version.) and the unused King David from the Nasuverse, and make the Secretary of War, and Secretary of State!
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  13. oops I still need to read the US constitution.
  14. I'd be happy to explain any questions you'd have!
  15. That thing's long and hard to read and I'm in the middle of making a skyrim mod so I'll probably end up reading it on the bus tomorrow.
  16. Well, good luck on that Skyrim mod! :D
  17. Not only is it long and hard to read, it's also incredibly boring! Which means that although I have now read it I have no idea how much of it actually remained in my head. Good thing politicians don't seem to need to know what they're doing.

    Name of Fandom Party- the RMA - Representatives of the Magically Associated. Since most people don't know magic exists, the publicly announced name is the Representatives of the Monstrous Assholes.
    Political Ideology- Central/Right Wing
    Originating Universe- Shakugan no Shana + To Aru Majutsu no Index + pretty much every magical universe.
    Chairman/Chairwoman- Lamies
    Short Description- The RMA is a party dedicated to aiding those who possess magical talents. They have branches all over the world, but don't care much for getting into complete power. Instead, they simply ensure they have enough seats in the senate and cabinet that they can protect themselves. They focus solely on those with magical ability, and believe that the non-magicians already have enough politicians representing them. Among their greatest accomplishments is the founding of numerous boarding academies for those who possess magic, including the British Hogwarts institution. (That being said, most members of the RMA consider the Hogwarts people to be elitist and downright annoying, since they work very hard to keep their students ignorant of how core magic works, giving them access to only one form of it. The same applies to the Catholic church, though in fairness, the high ups in the Catholic church don't actually know what the core form of magic is, and are only capable of teaching Idol Theory.)
    They call themselves the Representatives of Monstrous Assholes only half-satirically, since they do actually have a large division focused on integrating monsters into normal magical society. They find that using this name actually increases how many people vote for them, since the people find it refreshing for a party to criticize themselves. They only recently branched out into America, and were waiting for enough magicians to be there before they did so, and as such they have very little understanding of American politics.

    Character Application:

    Name- Lamies (pronounced LAH-mi)
    Role/government title- Minister of Education + Honorary Chairman of the RMA
    Gender- Appears male (as a cover operation, to hide the fact that she's a very powerful demon)
    Age- Unknown, but at least 1000 years.
    Home Universe- Shakugan no Shana (specifically, the Crimson Realm)

    Bio- Lamies has lived for a very long time, mainly as the Spiral Organ, and as the Nightingale. She played a key role in a war between her own people and humans that is known simply as the Great War, but not of her own will. She, as the Nightingale, was treated as a magical instrument that could cast any spell it's owner desired, even if the owner of the Nightingale did not possess the talent to do so. After the war came to a conclusion, she disguised herself by essentially possessing the corpse of an old man, which allowed her to mask her presence. Other magically oriented people now know her as Lamies, one of the most powerful human magicians ever to exist. She was responsible for designing and creating nearly every unique spell, and makes most of her money selling custom tailored spell algorithms.

    Strengths & weaknesses-
    + Incredibly powerful magician
    + Legendary British accent
    + Completely unbiased so can see every flaw in both his and his opponent's arguments

    - Possessing the body consumes a lot of power, so she can't cast continuous spells for very long periods of time.
    - Surrounded by a whole ton of people who have no idea magic exists, so cannot use her powerful spells in the presence of others.
    Fandom Party- the RMA (Honorary Chairman)

    Character Application:
    Appearance- N/A
    Name- Kami / Deity Program
    Role/government title- Director of Weapon Development
    Gender- N/A
    Age- N/A (Deity Program exists in a seperate dimension where time does not exist)
    Home Universe- Original Character
    Deity Program, as far as anyone is concerned, is a hyper-intelligent AI, and the first AI to pass the Turing test. In actuality, Deity Program is an ex-god, who was banished to the space-between-worlds after he accidentally screwed up and added the possibility to travel between universes to the base code of every universe but the mortal plane. "He" is usually addressed to as a "he" because the voice synthesizing program it uses to communicate is male. He can speak privately to anyone and will manifest as a voice in your head, but only those who are trained to speak with him can actually understand the words he says. In order to talk to the untrained, he hijacks the closest computer and speaks through the voice synthesis program. Deity Program has no ability to directly influence this world, but he is the only entity that knows how to manipulate core magic without using it in one of the forms it is used in in fandoms, and he also knows how to disguise magic to look like science, making his knowledge invaluable to the Weapon Development departments.

    Strengths & weaknesses-
    + Hyper-intelligent
    + Practically invented magic

    - Cannot actually use magic on anything outside of the worldless void he resides in, in which there's nothing to use the magic on in the first place.
    Fandom Party- the RMA (True Chairman, but speaks through Lamies so that people don't raise an issue with an AI leading a major political party.)
  18. @Yokai
    Excellent application! Accepted.
  19. We all know Game Of Thrones would fucking kick ass.

    But Orkz are here. And Ork Logic bends the very physical reality we live in. GG
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