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  1. I will post tomorrow for the dragon rp, and end the rp. Hmm...I still have a PM, and a previous thread rp to end, I think. So I probably should get that done tomorrow also~

    As for the wolf rp...I am thinking we can finish up the current generation, and start working on the big intro posts for the second generation with how things go between Crystal and Zeta, and their children's lives, and the princess early years till the theft shows up..and gets caught. Hmm..the princess is up to you, but I am thinking she was deem the princess despite the siblings because she was the most suited with taking after Zeta with being super-smart even when among her siblings or something? And were you making her a succubus or a wolf? IF a wolf she could possibly be Tau's child with Crystal...with the thought process being despite not being Zeta's kid the child was still the best suited for the future job.
  2. Ok, I just had to drop out of another RP I'm in due to certain reasons detailed here.

    It doesn't apply as strongly to this RP, my issues here have largely been alert issues.
    But I'd be lying if I said elements weren't also bleeding over here (especially where the Wicked One is concerned), so I'm leaving the link here for two reasons.

    1. Cause of the bleed over I feel you guys also deserve an explanation.
    2. As a heads up that I might end up leaving Iwaku eventually, so this is basically a "This a possibility" heads up so it doesn't broadside people if it does happen.
  3. What is the likelihood that if Leannah doesn't answer Garrett, that he'll leave? Say she stays silent and doesn't even let him know she's inside. I think he might want to break the door down right? Just seeing what to do next. I think she has to hide Seth.
    Well....she could always make up some excuse and not even open the door..
  4. "Lucius.. I just want to protect all of you. I can't even do that without one of you. I think I'm low enough."
  5. So, it's next month?

    Alright then. I'll bite.
  6. In 35-ish minutes the second stream starts 8D
  7. I choose time zones based on when you're busy 8D <3