The Unforgettable!

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  1. There are some games that have moments that are so unforgettable that you just can't not stop thinking about them the rest of your life. This could be both a good and a bad thing...for example...

    The God Child from Mass Effect 3...
    Discovering Samus was a girl!

    What is one for you?
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  3. Beating the first Legend of Zelda game, alone, with no guide.
    I was like 8-10 at the time and youtube was lame and not ravaged by Swedish, English speaking gamers that get unreasonable amounts of attention..
    So yeah, I suffered during those 2 years, mainly due to not knowing where the heck I was going. So when I finally succeeded It felt so great..... sooooooooo great! Those 8-bit triangles!

    Too bad most games are so linear.
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    I cry every everytime
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  5. This.
    I can't...

    Clem: It smells like-
    Lee: [1:Shit] [2:You know...] [3:Manure*]
    Clem: Yeah.... Manure...
  6. I had to google the child thing from ME3. That was such a piss poor ending.

    And yeah, Samus when I was five after beating the game with my dad. That was new for both of us. And of course, everyone remembers Aeriff getting shanked like that. Watching my friend play through it. He was all "She wasn't a great healer anyway" really made me wanna pop'em.

    Let's see here..
    • When you have to kill Sortiara in Soul Sacrifice. That hit the heart strings.
    • That scene riding into Mexico in Red Dead Redemption. You know the one.
    • Persona 4 when you find out bumbling Adachi is the murderer.
    • Dom's wife.
    • Dom killing himself. (That was cheap.)
    • Augustus Cole writing letters to his dead mother as a form of coping with the trauma.
    • ES3: Morrowind when Dagoth Ur asks you to join him. There's no option. He was Nerevar's friend, least he didn't betray him.

    Pretty much everything from Soul Sacrifice nearly had me choking up in one way or another. Every single fiend had something tragic behind it that really made you feel for the person.
  7. The first time I heard a sound track made by Grand Kirkhope was a huge one for me. He is a sound track writing GOD among men!
  8. I remember watching my dad play Metroid when I was a little kid. I always argued with him that Samus was a boy then there came the ending with her in a bikini. All I could think was..... "Boy was I wrong"

    Also I am sound like a total wimp for this one. But I can't watch the ending of Final Fantasy 10 or Metal Gear Solid 4 without balling my friggin eyes out.

    Also another memorable moment for me was, Aerith's death from Final Fantasy 7. I remember seeing it and yelling"Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!" Dad was very concerned and stormed upstairs. "What! What is it" he replied. All I had to say was. "She died dad, they friggin killed her off". Needless to say he went back downstairs laughing.
  9. Final Fantasy 7 - Aerith's death by the hands of Sephiroth. Tough shit man.