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  1. Pacing back and forth outside the office door, Adelenta bit her fingernails. She was afraid to go in. She was afraid to be judged, for people to thnk that she was crazy. But she knew what was going on, she wasn't crazy. She slowly slid her hand to the back of her shoulder, and rubbed the outline of the mark. That had been the final straw. She took a deep breath, and then charged into the office.

    "I don't know if you could help me, but word on the street is that you can find someone to help anyone." She didn't wait for an answer, she just continued on before she lost all of her courage. "There is something going on in my house.. It whispers in the corners, it messes with things.. And it has become very angry. The women's had before tried to clean my house with sage, and ever since, it has become angry.." Her grey eyes stared at the man.

    "If you say that I am just crazy, so help me..." Adelenta was usually a quit girl, who avoided conflict of any kind, but she was so scared to even go home, that she didn't care anymore. She just wanted help. That's all that she wanted.
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  2. Blake Hades PI office was located on the ground base of a short building, at the right corner.
    The 2 floors above were his house, front door had one window of each side and a tablet saying "Blake Hades P.I." and the eye of Horus as a logo.
    There was yet one more window at the other wall that at the exterior side of the building and the outside walls were made of red brick.
    The inside walls are covered with black and red wallpaper with victorian patterns, the floor is made of dark wood and the ceiling is painted in black.
    There's ceiling fan at the top that is stopped at the moment and exotic weapons and artifacts decorating the walls.
    then there's his chair, a tall office chair behind his desk, there are also two simple chairs for the clients in front of the desk and a small couch on the side leaning to the wall.
    Behind the desk there's the small door what leads to the rest of the building and it's locked at the moment.

    After she spoke there was a moment of silent and the chair slowly turned, to her surprise there was not a man there but rather his pet cat, a black cat, playing the string of a set of earphones and looking to her.

    At that moment the back door opened, Blake Hades, normal sized man, neither fat or slim and not to muscular, bare chested cleaning his long light brown hair with a towel, still wet from the shower he had just take, walks from the door. "Saibot where did you put my headset!?" he shouted at the cat while opening the door, then he stopped realizing he had company and looking to the young girl at the other end of his desk.
    "Sorry young miss, I didn't realize I had a client, kind woke up late, just took my morning shower.." he said covering up his torso with the towel and sitting on the chair, holding the cat on his lap and putting the earphones in the table. "please have a seat and let me know how can I be of assistance!"
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  3. Adeleta's grey eyes grew as she saw the cat sitting in the chair instead of a person. She didn't know what to think of the world anymore. Everything was different in just a matter of days, she never knew if what she was seeing was there, if others could see it. She just watched the cat, and closed her eyes pulling her reddish brown hair up, on the edge of crying. She was exhausted, and was just at an end. Any sudden noise scared her, and when it was too quiet, it scared her too.

    The house the young women called home was a large Victorian, one that all her childhood, her mother said she wanted to live in. Adelenta worked hard to try and get the house before her mother died, but wasn't able to. Even after her mother died, she still worked for the house. It became her dream too. She loved the large property, the gardens. There were many rooms, and a basement. Most of all, she loved the wrap around porch on the second floor. But once she bought the house, and moved in, it only took a couple weeks for the abnormalities to increase. First they were around her mothers urn. It would randomly fall, or be moved when she woke, and soon, it started happening to anything. Everything was so sporadic that she wasn't sure what would happen next. She let out a deep sigh, both of exhaustion and disappointment.

    She jumped when she heard the man yelling at the cat. Adelenta let her hair go, the long slightly curly hair cascaded down her shoulders and around her face. She stared at the man, unsure if she could speak. She was back to her quiet self, she had used up all her courage on the cat. When told to sit, she didn't. She stayed standing, looking at the man, then finally found the courage, or desperation to speak.

    "I'm not sure you can even help me... If any one can help me.." Her sweet sultry voice was soft, but her eyes were unwavering. She knew what was going on, and wasn't going to show that she thought she was wrong. "There is something in my house.. At first it only started doing small things, and whispering in the corners at night. I could always feel its eyes, watching me. Soon it started to do more... I found a lady who came to my house, and tried to rid it with sage.. And ever since it has gotten angry.. And violent.." She stopped, unsure if she should even give him more details. Odds are, like anyone else that she told about the instances, he would think she was crazy.
  4. The man paid attention to her story and smiled at her to gain her trust when she finished.
    "Well, I am deeply sorry for the distress you have experienced, I have good, good and better news for you!"
    He said getting up, not breaking eye contact with her and finishing drying his hair with the towel.
    "First you're not nuts, this is real and I believe you."
    He said smiling at her trying to comfort her and making a gesture pointing to the chairs or couch so she would take a sit.
    "Second, I can help you, you've come to the right place."
    The back cat was now at her legs trying to climb her up and purring
    "Third, you're safe here, I can see you're exhausted, if you want to stay a night to rest before we can address this issue that would be fine."
    Then he ducked and called for the cat "Come here noobsie, don't disturb the lady!"
    But the cat does not obey, for he is a cat.
  5. Adelenta bent down and picked the cat up, stroking its back. It gave her something to do with her hands. She still stayed standing as she thought of what to say next to the man. "No matter how much I wish to sleep, after last night, I don't think I will be able to for awhile." She took another deep breath as she looked at him.

    "What makes you think that you can help.. The last lady said that too.. And it has ended worse then it has been.." She set the cat down and straightened, looking at him, her face as serious as it had ever been. Gently she pulled the shoulder of her shirt down and turned. On the back of her right shoulder blade was a mark. The top seemed to look like teeth, but the bottom, each puncture was different shaped and was different depths in her skin. A couple looked as if they grazed across her pale skin before finally sinking in.

    "This is what happened yesterday. Day three after the sage. If what was supposed to help caused this, then what makes you so sure that what you can do can actually help me.." She hated sounding that way, but she truly wanted to know. She could only think of a couple things worse than this, and she was terrified of them happening.
  6. "Well, I've dealt with strange things before, things that killed other people who tried before me, but I'm still standing!" He said smiling and approaching the left wall and grabbing an exotic ritual dagger that was hanging in the wall left to her.
    "Trust me dear, if what you've experienced scared you, you may not want to know more about my resume." he said while walking to the other wall and started scratching a large african mask that was hanging in that wall, while he collected the powder from that mask in his hand.
    "Would you mind if I take a look at that bruise?" He said looking at her with an innocent smile.
  7. Adelenta watched as he grabbed an odd looking knife. "It's easy to not be afraid of things that you know about, or how to handle. I'm sure the first time anything happened, you were scared too. Fear is caused by the unknown, or misunderstanding. Either way, a lack of knowledge." As he scratched the mask she wondered what the mask was made out of exactly, a d why he would want to ruin it by scratching some of the surface off. She knew he was going to do something, but if he was going to be the one to help her, it would require some blind trust. "Do what you wish." She said with a small sigh. What he had wanted to do probably couldn't hurt as bad as getting bit did, so there wasn't anything he could to do to make it worse.
  8. Blake was silent for a moment as he remembered the first confrontation he had with the super natural and resumed to apply the powder to the bruise healing it instantly and in fact making Adelenta shiver as she felt a burst of energy as if she had just woken up full of energy.
    "First time I faced something 'like this' was... mind blowing... but you're right it was perhaps the worse moment of my life... I think we should leave that story for another time..."
    He said a bit more serious than before, revealing for a moment that he was not so over confident about everything.
    "But this situation is nothing like it, worry not! So, you want to go back to your place and fix things straight away?"
  9. Adelenta was confused as she shivered and goosebumps covered her body. She couldn't see what he was doing so was unsure what all was going on or what he did. She decided just not to ask. She knew that sometimes things were better left unexplained.

    "If you don't wish to go right now then we don't have to. But I won't sleep. There is too much to think on to sleep." She still wasn't sure how he was going to help, but she was putting her faith in him. He seemed to know a lot about this issue. He made it sound like her issue was simple enough. Maybe that means that in a few days that he would be done and she could enjoy her house finally.
  10. "Well, I am well rested so maybe it's best if we sort this out as soon as possible for you, since you are not able rest till it's fixed." He said calmly "Did you drive here or you'd rather take my car?"
    He said heading towards the door on the back of the office.
  11. "I did not drive. I left to the dinner a few blocks up at after everything happened, waited for you to open.. Or what I thought was open.. And then walked here.." She was still scared to go back to her home, even with him, but she was more afraid to go back alone. "So that is up to you. Either way we get there." She hoped that he would be able to fix everything, and then she would call her friend to stay a few days till she was fully comfortable again.

    "How simple do you think this will be?" She asked before she lost her will to know exactly what he thought.
  12. "Well it's never simple, but it's doable, no worries. Let's take my ride then, follow me please." He said opening the door on the back of the office for her.
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