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  1. Squid's Dice Roleplaying

    The basic Outcomes, how it works

    Roll 2d6 + Modifier

    10+: You do it with little trouble (Describe)
    7 to 9: You do it, but with complications or trouble (Describe)
    6 or less: Failure! Add dangerous complication or trouble, mark XP (Describe)

    It threatens bruises and scrapes at worst: d4 damage
    It’s likely to spill some blood, but nothing horrendous: d6 damage
    It might break some bones: d8 damage
    It could kill a common person: d10 damage

    Level UP
    When your XP is equal (or greater than) your level+6, level up and upgrade one Attribute by one.

    For more information: Click here

    :::::::::::::::::::: Participants ::::::::::::::::::::

    @BlueSquid playing Oak Mossclover
    @GaiusGermanicusBloodsoak playing Danid Brahn

    :::::::::::::::::::: Character Sheets ::::::::::::::::::::





    Strength (STR): 5 (-2)
    (DEX): 5 (-2)
    Constitution (CON): 6 (-1)
    (INT): 10 (+0)
    Wisdom (WIS): 7 (-1)
    (CHA): 4 (-2)

    Load 5/7
    Darkened Leather Clothing with a silk hood (1)
    Waist bag made of hide (1)
    Parchment paper (0)
    A few pieces of dried meat (0)
    Filled water pouch (1)
    3 Sharp Daggers (1)
    Tool kit (1)

    Physical Description

    Affected by his premature birth, Oak came to this world with a step backwards. From his youth, Oak's body barely grew and he had to deal with lots of bullying from the other children. His physical growth was mostly held up till he reached puberty where he then experienced an important growth. Unfortunately, his growth only lasted a year, and he ended up stagnating at 5'2 feet tall. Oak liked his hair long and he usually didn't bother attaching it in a ponytail. Thick, oily and cascading his lower back, his hair made him appear like a girl sometimes. Pale skin, brown eyes and a frail body, he didn't usually like to be exposed to the outside world, mostly because of the judgement of others.
    Background History
    Oak lost his mother when she gave birth to him, unfortunately, nobody knew who the father was and he ended up in a orphanage. From the very start, fingers were constantly pointed at his stunted body and he kept getting bullied by the other children. Broad smiles targeted at him daily and gossiping behind his back, he was officially known has the swamp creature. He grew up in a little town, where people kept starring at his short stature but his story changed once he met mentor.



    David Brahn


    Strength (STR): 6 (-1)
    (DEX): 11 (+0)
    Constitution (CON): 12 (+0)
    (INT): 17 (+2)
    Wisdom [COLOR=#ff0000](WIS): 10 [COLOR=#ff0000](+0)
    Charisma[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff0000](CHA): [COLOR=#33cccc]14 (+1)[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]

    [FONT=andale mono][COLOR=#ff99cc][COLOR=#ff0000]Load[/COLOR] [COLOR=#33cccc]6/7[/COLOR]
    Clothes and cloak [COLOR=#33cccc](1)[/COLOR]
    Traveling Knapsack [COLOR=#33cccc](1)[/COLOR]
    Books [COLOR=#33cccc](2)[/COLOR]
    Medium sized dagger [COLOR=#33cccc](1)[/COLOR]
    Writing parchment and pen [COLOR=#33cccc](1)[/COLOR][/COLOR][/FONT][COLOR=#ff99cc][/color][/color]

    [CENTER][COLOR=#ff0000][FONT=andale mono][B]Physical Description[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/CENTER]
    [JUSTIFY][FONT=andale mono][B]A man with the very look of a scholar, Danid has a bit of a hunch to him from countless hours pouring over various books and scrolls. He is often seen wearing a cloak upon his back along with a simple yet comfortable pair of pants and shirt. He is rather tall and skinny, giving one the sense that there is not much to him. However, he is able to hold his own and is known to carry with him a dagger that hangs at his side in a fine leather sheath. Glasses sit upon his nose to aid his eyes that have been strained by hours reading in dim candle light.[/B][/FONT][/JUSTIFY]
    [COLOR=#ff0000][FONT=andale mono][B]Background History[/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/CENTER]
    [JUSTIFY][FONT=andale mono][B]From an early age, Danid had a fascination with anything and everything. His parents weren't exactly keen on him spending hours on end pouring over the few books that they had, as they would have rather had him put himself to use, either training to fight or working in the fields. However, that didn't stop him, even when the tragedy of their death put him in the care of librarian that knew him well. That only enabled him to learn further, if nothing else than to keep his mind away from their loss.[/B][/FONT][/JUSTIFY]
    [COLOR=#ff0000][FONT=andale mono][SIZE=4][B]::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::[/B][/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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  2. (Writing Complete)

    Licking his fingers from the delicate pastry he just swallowed in one hefty bulk, Oak stretched his neck out of his hunched body and recollected himself from this heartening snack. Engaged into his surroundings, he observed the citizens walking by, just under where he was located. Positioned on top of a building's roof, he popped up his chest with air and released a smooth burp. The aftertaste of the pastry was quite flavourful and brought satisfaction on the little man's face. It was one of the rare times Oak would ever let out a broad and sincere smile. With a serious tone once again, he walked near the edge of the decrepit building and with the use of his nostrils scented his vicinity.

    WIS (2d6-1) = 6
    It's a failure, mark XP (Describe)

    Sniffling in a rhythmic pattern, merely resembling a tune of his own, he lifted his upper body slightly. It appeared to him like he had found an appetizing aroma, but he felt like he was losing it! Tormented by the simple idea of loss, he stepped a bit forward on the edge. Distracted by the whiff, eyes closed, he flinched as he lost his balance and fell!

    DEX (2d6-2) = 5
    It's a failure, mark XP (Describe)
    Falling damage (1d8) = 3

    As he dropped, he was taken by surprise, Oak didn't have time to react and barely even had time to scream. Holding on his breath, he fell on the edge of a passing cart. Colliding with full strength on one of the moving wheels, he got propelled into a cluster of side trash. Bruised on his upper leg, Oak immediately covered the injured area with his hand for relief as he exhaled heavily. "Stay away from my cart, silly bugger!" the old man screamed as he told his horse to trot. Oak, stayed on the ground as he retrospected the event and rested some more...
    Nightcrawler threw 6-faced die for: scenting with WIS, 2d6-1 Total: 7 $dice $dice
    Nightcrawler threw 6-faced die for: falling with DEX, 2d6-2 Total: 7 $dice $dice
    Nightcrawler threw 8-faced die for: falling damage Total: 3 $dice
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  3. (Complete)​
    Today was a rare day for Danid, as today he was actually venturing out of his home! Well, it probably wasn't all that rare, seeing as how it was just to restock his groceries, but nevertheless, he was actually going outside. When he walked out, it took a while for his eyes to adjust, as they were much more used to candle light than they were the sun. His eyes must not have fully adjusted, for as soon as he walked out, his foot caught on a rock!
    Bit of trouble.​
    Danid tumbled down to the ground, almost smacking his face. The books that he hadn't bothered taking out of his knapsack fell out and were scattered along the ground. His glasses, which were admittedly loose and of questionable quality at best were smashed under the wheels of a cart that happened to be passing by. "Oh bloody bother." he muttered to himself as he squirmed to his feet. Well now he couldn't see very well, so Danid would have to proceed with caution.​
    Gaius threw 6-faced die for: Tripping on a rock! (2d6-1) Total: 8 $dice $dice
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  4. As the noisy cart departed, Oak heard someone complaining not to far away from him. He decided to take a peak and see what it was about. Cleaning himself up the best he could from the junk he fell into, Oak stood up and walked closer to the fellow. Still holding on his bruise, he looked down at the young man who was collecting his books from the unsanitary ground. Observing the man's action, he didn't seem to be having an easy time reaching for his belongings. Normally he wouldn't try to help someone, just in case that they would get scared by his presence, or to not get judged, but this man seemed to be somewhat blind... Oak decided to help. "Ay man... ye're having trouble? I can help ye if ye want!"
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  5. Clutching his books in his arms, Danid looked and squinted at the form standing in front of him. The figure was clearly a man from his voice, and it was quite gruff sounding. "Erm, well, yes... I am in a bit of an unfortunate position. However, I think I can manage, thank you though." He took a few steps forwards then stopped. "Actually, I could use some assistance, if you would be so kind. Until I can manage to get some new spectacles, I'm as blind as a darned bat." Danid turned to face the small yet kindly figure. "To add a bit more of an incentive, I can pay you for your troubles, if you would help me with a few errands."
  6. Startled by the man's proposition, Oak took a moment to reflect on it. Nobody ever wanted to make affair or befriend him before, except of course, his mentor. He scratched his head with ambiguity as he took a second look at the man's face and spoke. "I mean... I would....I would like to help ye with a few errands... but, are ye sure you really want me to ay? Ye see... I'm different from others and I can't be seen with others... or bad things will happen to me... maybe even to ye..." As he pondered the situation, Oak opened his arms with excitement! "I've got an idea! How about ye stay here and I go find new glasses for ye, ay?"
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  7. Danid's brows raised and he eagerly nodded. "Yes! That would be marvelous! Oh, here, take some gold in case you have to pay for them." he reached in to the left pocket of his trousers and grabbed some coins. Giving them to the small man. "Thank you very much!" he exclaimed happily. Looking around a bit, he tried to spot something he could sit on or lean on while he waited. However... a figure with swaying hips caught his attention, and he squinted his eyes and stared at it to try and make out what it was.
    Roll (Charisma)
    Slight complication.​
    The "thing" he was staring at turned out to be a wandering gypsy, and she didn't take to kindly to Danid staring at her. She hastily walked over to him, "Oi! You mind keepin' yer eyes to yer self boy! Don' ya know it not nice to stare at a lady, gorgeous though she may be!" He slapped him across the face, but then looked at him again. "Aldo, on te' other hand, you's not to bad of a looker yourself sweetcheeks."​
    Gaius threw 6-faced die for: Ogling a gypsy (2d6+1) Total: 6 $dice $dice
  8. After witnessing the loud slap, Oak's anxiety rose up! The little man made sure to not look at her and starred down on the ground, eyeing her slightly on the side. Feeling the smoothness of the coins in his palm, he picked up his courage once again and ran towards the place he fell and climbed the wall.

    "Is that ya friend runnin' away?, why does such a marvellous gentleman like you hang out with a freak?"
    "Oh divine, I saw you giving him coins, you ain't too shabby at all!"

    As she said that, she turned her body with delicacy and gestured he hips towards the man. He colourful dress portrayed elegant flowery patterns, which were quite charming to the eye. As she approached closer to the man's ear, Danid could sense the striking floral perfume of hers.
    "You know boy... I make jewelry for a living, why wouldn't you come by my stand so I can show you my craft?"
  9. Danid's eyes widened, and she was hard not to resist. "Ahem..." he began, clearing his throat. "I don't know about friend yet, but the little guy seems to be rather polite." Once more, her perfume assaulted his nostrils with it's alluring stench. He wanted to resist, but she was really making it hard.
    Roll (Charisma) 13
    She's a charmer.​

    Danid couldn't resist, and he turned his body towards her as she slowly walked away, bouncing her hips and seductively winking at him with her head over her shoulder. "Come on shugga, don't keep me waiting." As though he was hypnotized, Danid followed her, and it didn't take long before they were back at her stall, with jewelry splayed out on the table. "Now darling, won't you take a look at my wares? Surely something catches your eye?" She leaned down and rested her head in her hands, her dress cut low and exemplifying her ample natural endowment. "If you don't like my jewelry, maybe there's something else you'd like?" Little did he know that she had something a bit more devious planned, but she enjoyed to toy with her foolish victims.​
    Gaius threw 6-faced die for: Men are stupid (2d6+1) Total: 12 $dice $dice
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  10. (Writing in progress)

    Oak walked lively through the unused alleys of the city, he preferred the alleys since he didn't feel very comfortable with crowded areas. To him, people also meant trouble in most cases and this is why he adopted ingenious ways of traveling around town.

    The alleys were full of opportunities for him, ranging from crammed junk to food leftovers found near Inn facilities. They weren't many though, but he knew the best ones in town! As he approached one of his favourites, so called the "Smoking Pantry Tavern" he stepped carefully closer to make sure nobody was around. Sometimes an employee would come out to throw some more trash, so he had to be careful. The area seemed to be safe, and Oak decided to take a look at what they threw that day.

    WIS Roll: 2d6+1=9 (Finding food) You do it, but with complications or trouble

    Looking threw the garbage, searching with his bare dirty hands, a grotesque rat bit Oak's hand and clung into it with his sharp teeth! The little man screamed loudly as he moved his arm in such a way that the creature was forced to let go and propelled in an other pile of junk close by.

    Rat's bite: 1d6=4 damage

    Oak immediately looked at his hand with worry, it seemed like he was slightly wounded and decided to use a little cloth from his waist bag to stop the bleeding. Angered by the creature who bit him, he went back to his junk and took a peek once again. Luckily, in there, was resting a half-eaten apple pie with on it's side, a roasted chicken leg with some flesh on it! The little man smiled as his stomach was making tremendous noises and he plunged head first reaching for the pie first.

    Food's recovery: 1d4= 3 health

    As he quickly finished his meal, Oak's attention returned to the shinning gold pieces he had in his bag... he remembered that he had to help his potential new friend! Determined to keep on with his quest to friendship, he stepped forward with assertiveness!
    Nightcrawler threw 6-faced die for: finding food Total: 8 $dice $dice
    Nightcrawler threw 6-faced die for: rat's bite Total: 4 $dice
    Nightcrawler threw 4-faced die for: food recovery Total: 3 $dice
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  11. Danid was floundering, this woman's charm and her, well, "assets", were being put to use, and even with his impaired vision, he could see what she was doing. "Darling, it's not nice to keep a lady waitin'. You'd be doin' me a favor with buying som'in." Danid hesitated, but soon found the words he was looking for. "I, erm, must beg your pardon, I've not much money to my name, and what I did have I've put into some new glasses." The woman, whose name was apparently Ambrosia from the painted sign above her stall, didn't like that to much. "Well ain't that just a shame shugga." She fished around in the bag that hung at her side and pulled out a pinkish powder. "Oh darlin' won't you reconsider?" she blew some powder into his face.
    Roll for powder (2d6+1)
    Failure, better hope he's not very strong willed.​
    A tiny bit of the powder got in Danid's face, and it caused him to sputter a bit, trying to spit out what little got in his mouth.​
    Roll for resistance(2d6+0)
    When he wiped off his face, he looked at her with an arched eyebrow. "That wasn't called for. I'll be leaving now." In an effort to make sure she didn't do anything else, Danid scurried off, now looking for the little man.
    Gaius threw 6-faced die for: Charm powder 2d6+1) Total: 4 $dice $dice
    Gaius threw 6-faced die for: What is this, dust? (2d6) Total: 9 $dice $dice
  12. (Writting completed)

    Consulting knowledge Total: 4
    As Oak stepped forward with assertiveness, he soon came to the realization that he had no idea where to find a new pair of glasses... A shower of sorrow came upon him as he stood in the middle of the alley, with some pie leftover in his hand. Angered by his lack of knowing and doing, he decided to go back to his new friendship, and tell him the truth! Oak did have good intentions but, he acted out of excitement instead of reasoning... Oak wasn't proud of himself and most of all, disappointed.
    Nightcrawler threw 6-faced die for: consulting knowledge Total: 4 $dice $dice
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  13. To say that fumbling around the city blindly was an unpleasant experience was an understatement, and Danid really hoped that he could find the little man soon, so as to at least have some sort of guide around this place. However, now that he thought about it, he should have learned the man's name so he wouldn't have to refer to him as "little man". As a precaution though, Danid kept his hand on the sheath to his dagger, just in case things went down the drain as he wandered around town.
    Multiple times he thought he saw his friend, but it always turned out to be a tree stump or some small brown thing. "Bah, nothing's easy when your as blind as a Mardin cave bat..." he muttered to himself.
  14. Resembling a feline, Oak kept jumping across buildings, through the secretive paths of his own craftsmanship. He had placed a few hooks, handlebar grips and trinkets enabling him to climb the most complex of structures. The little man wasn't the most agile, but his master taught him the ways of engineering his way through life, and he was simply putting the things he learned to use. As he traveled back, Oak's long and black lustrous hair breezed through the air and finally swirled back into his face when he finally paused and peeked below. Wasn't it the same pal from before! Oak's smiled briefly as he quickly remembered he didn't have any glasses on him... "Ay' man! It's me Oak! I apologize, I couldn't manage to recall nor find any store to buy ye new glasses! Do ye know any around town?..."
  15. Danid looked up to where he thought he heard the voice come from. All he saw was a small blobby blur, but he recognized the voice as that of his friend. "Don't worry too much! Just come on down and help me not run into everything. I can't tell a tree stump from a person!" Danid walked closer to the building that Oak was on and tilted his head up to look at him. "I know of a few shops, but I can't exactly navigate when I can't see!" He put his head back down, as looking upwards at that angle was beginning to hurt his neck. He hoped that the little man would hurry down so they could carry on, as Danid had no intention spending the rest of his day fumbling around the city.
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