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    I hate mornings. Was the first thing Skyla thought to herself when Astrid, her sister, awoke her from slumber. With a groan, Skyla sat up in bed and stretched. Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, Skyla stood up on the wooden ground and got dressed. Her outfit was always the same but it was always clean as well. After getting dressed, she walked downstairs and ate a quick breakfast. Once that was finished, the blue-eyed beauty followed her sister outside. Eventually, they would split up so Astrid could go spend time her boyfriend. Hiccup. Skyla had once liked him, but gave up when she saw how close him and her sister had gotten. Since then, she hadn't liked anyone. Now being 16, it had been three years since Skyla gave up on Hiccup. But she has never found anyone else. Doubt had always been in her heart. Doubt that someone would love her. And just like she predicted, her sister took off in search of Hiccup, leaving Skyla alone to aimlessly wander about.
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  2. The night had passed rather quickly, Toothless observed. The morning sun was finally crawling its way towards the apex of the azure sky, an indication that this was the start of yet another day. Being beside Hiccup would be the exact reason for a number of crazy adventures or tasks or things that simply needed to be done whether it was fun or not. However, these mad antics of his would make anything worthwhile. Hiccup just had a certain way of handling things, and it was no wonder why Astrid liked him so much.

    Speaking of Astrid- Toothless stopped alongside Hiccup as they awaited her arrival. There was something the two needed to do and once more, Toothless would be left to his own devices. It wasn't so much of a bad thing, no. The raven-haired male just wanted to be by his best friend's side through absolutely everything. That's what friends do, is it not? Once the girl had finally made an appearance, the two broke off after sharing several farewells.

    Now that they were gone, he finally had some time alone for a bit. Time alone to really think about things. Time to just figure out what he should do for the time being. There wasn't any work left for him on the Isle of Berk, and he assumed Hiccup and Astrid would have everything covered should there be some task available. Releasing a sigh, Toothless would run a hand through his ebon locks of hair before spotting someone rather familiar. Her blonde hair was what he noted firsthand, and the immediate thing that came to his mind was Astrid. Though, it wasn't her and- why was she just wandering around? Approaching the girl, he would slightly tilt his head and offer a simple greeting. "Hello."
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  3. Skyla || 16 || Straight || outfit
    One would naturally be surprised when a guy suddenly pops up and greet the other person, so it was no surprise. When the guy said his quaint hello, Skyla leaped in fright. However, instinct gripped her and she immediately reached for her sword and got into a battle stance. But there was no need. After a further inspection, she realized it was merely another villager. With a soft sigh, she stood up and straight and allowed her hands to fall at her side. "Good morning." She replied as if her previous action had never happened. Her expression was calm yet her eyes seemed to be looking right through the guy. Many said it was a secret gift and that she could see the souls of others. And her ability to tell how someone is inside from closely studying them didn't help anything. But she had no powers to speak of. Running a hand through her long blonde hair, Skyla's attention was snagged when a drunk put his arm around her. "Come on cutie, let's go to my place." She man slurred, causing a look of disgust to pass through her facial features. In defense, Skyla elbowed the man in the gut so hard he lost breath. The man dropped his mug and fell to the ground, holding his stomach. Glaring down at the man, Skyla put her foot on his head. "Don't touch me with your perverted hands." She seethed before stomping on his head once. Turning to the stranger who had approached her first, Skyla walked over and grabbed his wrist tightly. "A crowds forming." She muttered as she started to walk off, refusing to release the guy until they reached the docks.
  4. Ah- perhaps he shouldn't have so promptly greeted her like that. Now here he was, threatened and taken aback by the sudden movements of the girl and her golden blade. His hands were immediately thrown up in a defensive manner, his emerald eyes shut tightly in an attempt to avoid watching what damage would be dealt to his own self. Just let it happen... he'd tell himself, though curiosity would soon induce him to open his eyes to see what was happening. Moments slipped by and he had remained unscathed, and upon finally hearing the girl's voice, he was able to revert back to his usual stance. What a relief.

    Toothless would blink once, providing a subtle nod before scrutinizing the other's facial features. She seemed rather calm, yet absent in some way or another. Perhaps it was just him overthinking or hallucinating. Nothing about this situation was entirely new, and it had been many a time that he was threatened. It was something he just never got used to. Just as he was about to open his mouth to speak once more, an unexpected villager- seemingly drunk- made a hasty approach to the blonde. What was said had offended even him, though it seemed the girl was adept in handling these type of people as she had simply elbowed him in the stomach.


    "Are you-" Interrupted. Voicing his concerns at such a time proved to be futile, as he was only cut off by being dragged elsewhere. It was least expected for the other to just grab him by the wrist, but he supposed he could make some sense out of it. They had only just met and exchanged a greeting. Perhaps she wanted to carry on a conversation. Whichever the case, the raven-haired male had no issue with it. He needed something to do, anyways.

    When they reached the docks, Toothless would look around and release a snort. No awful drunks here, he hoped. No crowds to constantly watch them. But- what the hell just happened back there? He turned his attention back on the blonde before offering an amiable smile. "Are you alright?" he finally managed, bringing a hand to the back of his neck as surveyed the prior events in his mind. This honestly hadn't occurred in a long while, or maybe he was always absent during times like these. Pushing those thoughts aside, he would once again scrutinize the lass. Ah- that's right. "Are you, by any chance, related to Astrid?"
  5. Skyla || 16 || Straight ||X
    Upon reaching the docks, Skyla removed her hand from his wrist and turned her full attention to the unnamed guy. He seemed pretty unfazed after the previous event. That put Skyla to relief. She never had been very good at making friends and never had one. Despite what he saw, the guy seemed to be more worried about her than afraid. "Yes, I'm fine." She answered, putting her left hand on her shoulder and moving her right arm in a circular motion to put her muscles at complete ease. His next question, however, got a different reaction than one would expect from a sibling of Astrid's. With her expression still as calm as usual, she raised her gaze to the guy. However, like before, her eyes seemed to be looking in the distance. "Sadly enough, she's my sister." She replied, her voice cold as ice. Skyla didn't like her sister, not did she care what happened to her. Her sister had tons of other- that reminded her. "By the way..." She started, lowering her left hand up extending it towards the guy. "I'm Skyla." She told him, properly introducing herself this time.
  6. Why she seemed so cold in her response was beyond him, and of course he would bring that up at a much later time when he felt she was ready to- well, actually. Would this simply be a one-time encounter? Perhaps not, considering she is Astrid's sister and he always seems to see her often. There's no doubt he'd bump into this girl again.

    Toothless was pulled away from his thoughts as soon as she spoke her name, her arm extending towards him in a friendly manner. He would hesitate for a moment, head tilting curiously before he finally took her hand and shook it. "I'm Toothless," he'd quietly say, averting his gaze elsewhere. It was such a strange name but suited him in ways he couldn't quite fathom. He had hoped Skyla wouldn't make any sort of rude comment regarding such. If she did, then well... Time to search for a nickname instead to go by or something. To be completely honest, it actually did sound like a nickname all on its own. Better to keep it at that.

    Now that their proper introduction was out of the way, he would simply take a step back before stretching. It wasn't even mid-day and he was already exhausted. Returning his gaze back upon Skyla, he'd simply shrug. "
    So, what were you doing out there all alone?"
  7. Skyla || 16 || Straight || X
    When he took her hand, Skyla squeezed in firmly and shook it once. After that was finished, she pulled her hand back and let it fall beside her. The guy had a strange name indeed but then again, who didn't? "Nice name." She complimented. In fact, she found it cute. It defiantly suited him. A cute name for a weak person. Made sense to her. "Hm? Nothing. I had nothing better to do so I decided to just wander and observe those around me." She answered. It was more like a hobby that Skyla had acquired since Astrid was always somewhere else. Staring up at the sky, a thought came to her. "Wanna ride?'' She asked.
  8. "Oh, th-thank you." He hadn't envisioned such a compliment about his name. The stuttering made that fact obvious, as well as his incessant displays of wonder.

    Toothless would now listen to her response, regarding the reason with a slight arch of an individual brow. Seemed legitimate. If she ever made the same inquiry, his response would most likely be similar to that of her own. Without Hiccup, the raven-haired male could only wander. There wasn't much he could do on his own, and there's no telling if he'd pick up on the habit of observing the villagers. Oh- how useless he was. Toothless would exhale at the thought, wondering if he should simply go out of his way in developing the skills needed to get further in life
    on his own. Didn't seem too troubling, right? No, no. He was perfectly content with how things were.

    The girl's offer would once again induce him to smile. Sounded rather fun at the moment. "Wouldn't hurt," he'd say.
  9. A smile spread across the blonde-haired girl and turned her back to him. Raising her hand to her mouth, Skyla inserted two in a specific way and took a deep breath. When she blew, it was a loud whistle that could be heard for a mile or two. Removing her fingers from her mouth, Skyla wiped her hand on her clothing. After a minute, a black and blue dragon flew towards Skyla. It showed no sign of stopping and Skyla's smile turned into a smirk. She slightly bended her knees and when the dragon flew by.


    Skyla had leapt onto it's back and stood on it's back. "Hey, we gotta wait for him." Skyla told the dragon. It must have understood cause the Night Fury dove down, Skyla's body flying behind as she held onto one of the straps that kept the saddle on the dragon. The dragon was now hovering above the dock, staring down at Toothless with it's blue eyes. Laughing slightly, Skyla stood up and peered over her dragon's body at Toothless. "Meet me best friend, Luna! She's a female Night Fury!" She called from above while waiting for him to summon his dragon.

  10. He was met with yet another smile, one that seemed to be made from nothing but pure joy. Toothless would remain in silence as the girl whistled for her familiar, a strangely colored night fury appearing just moments after. The raven haired male couldn't help but stare at the winged reptile. There was something about those blue markings... They somehow seemed familiar in a way?

    But that didn't matter.

    At last, Skyla had perched herself upon the dragon's back- Luna was its name. "She's very pretty," he'd say, offering a subtle nod of his head before turning away. May as well avoid keeping them waiting. Toothless would do a similar procedure to summoning his own dragon, an ear-piercing whistle cracking the silence that followed Skyla's last statement. Moments would slip by before the faint snap of wings were heard, growing louder with each passing second.

    "Nigh!" he'd yell.

    Ah- it seemed there were far more Night Furies in these lands than he had thought. It wasn't so much of a bad thing, however. Toothless would run towards his dragon, an albino Night Fury adorned with azure markings much like Skyla's. Black and grey rings would line either side of the dragon, fading into stripes along the tail. Nigh was certainly a sight to see, but weren't any of the Night Furies?

    "I'm ready when you are," the male would say after settling himself upon Nigh's back. What sort of crazy adventure would this girl take him on?

    x Ref of Nigh will be provided soon. x
  11. Skyla watched in silence as Toothless made a gesture quite like her own to summon his dragon. Or as Skyla saw it, Partner. She heard the familiar quiet snap of large wings and moments later saw another Night Fury. It had beautiful markings like Luna but Skyla knew that all markings were different. And it honestly made her happy to know that, like herself, Luna was one of a kind.

    Hearing the voice of Toothless beside her, Skyla looked up from where she had been previously staring. Astrid had met up with her gang and they were doing who knows what. However, they were about to find out if they didn't hurry up. Astrid and her gang had saddled up on their dragons and were flying towards them. Looking over at Toothless, she winked.
    Follow me! She called. Skyla made Luna fly at a fast pace for five minutes before suddenly going upwards. They flew pass the clouds and without a word, Luna locked her wings together and they were diving. However, Luna opened her wings right before they hit the water and they caught a strong wind that blew them high and far. Looking back, she saw they had lost her sister and cheered.
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