The Undesirables

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  1. This post is long, but please read it all if you're interested!

    So, this is weird. But I dreamed this idea last night and immediately woke up and wrote it all down, even lines of dialogue. I could write it myself as a story but I think it'd be fun to roleplay!


    The setting is in the future, in a strict, modern society where government decides everything from who gets to breed to who gets removed. There are two groups of people.

    First, the Desirables. These are people who pass the mandatory test at eighteen. They are handed everything in order to have a perfect life and pass on their 'superior' genes. They are given free education, a home in a green, flawless community (called Haydra), and are expected to have two children, a son and a daughter. The Desirables don't argue because they are at the top of the food chain.

    Then there are the Undesirables. These individuals either fail the test at eighteen or commit a crime before that age. They are looked down upon by the Desirables; they are abused, criticized, and discriminated against. Luckily, Undesirables rarely need to face these situations because they are sent to a Correctional Facility. Here, they are locked away so that Desirables don't have to see them, and Experts attempt to 'repair' them. Of course, most of the Experts do not want Undesirables integrated back into society, so they do everything in their power to get them deemed 'broken' and sent to Distant, which is where the broken Undesirables live out the rest of their days. It is illegal for them to breed, and if they do the child is terminated.


    Our characters will both be eighteen and fresh out of the test. Here's where we can discuss the plot...

    Plot 1:
    I have already decided my character will fail the test, so in this plot yours passes. Yours is sent back to Haydra and mine is sent to a Correctional Facility. But, being childhood friends, the two see through societal customs that have been ingrained in them since they were born, and attempt to find their way back together.
    Other things can create drama such as your character's parents marrying him/her off to another Desirable / your character breaks mine out of Distant and a manhunt ensues / your character commits a crime in order to infiltrate Distant etc.

    Plot 2:
    Both of our characters are sent to a Correctional Facility where they meet. While everyone else has given up on getting out, our characters see the flawed system for what it is and try to destroy it in a very Hunger Games sort of way.


    -Write at least 2 paragraphs per post, unless the characters are speaking to one another
    -Please correct typos, it isn't hard to read over your post again before sending it
    -Inspire me! If I keep getting stuck because your posts are boring, I may give up on the RP
    -Have a dimensional character. No 'shy' characters that just agree with mine and follow him around
    -Talk to me about ideas you have before starting them! I will often bring up ideas and plan them with you
    -I do not limit myself on violence, language, or sexual scenes. Tell me your limits before they happen
    -Put 'Desirable' or 'Undesirable' in your post if you read the rules

    My Character

    Some people like to know the other character before they join an RP, so this is who I'm planning on playing:
    (If you want a picture, request one in PM's)

    Name: Casper Benjamin Wyatt

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Preference: depends on your character

    Physical Appearance: Casper is only a little bit over six feet tall but he says six foot one because it sounds better. He's slim but muscled, sort of a swimmer's body type (google it if you need to know). He has features that are traditionally labelled as 'manly'; a strong jaw, high cheek bones, wider neck. His eyes are a dark green shade and are topped by eyebrows that are always furrowed as if he is in state of deep thought or concentration. He has a wide, goofy smile that makes him look 5 years younger. His hair is short on the sides and longer on top, in a dark, dark brown that is perpetually messy. Once he arrives at the correctional facility he is given two pairs of sweatpants in grey and black, two t-shirts in white and black, and black gym shorts. So that is all he wears.

    Personality: I would rather flesh it out in the RP than decide now.

    PM me if you're interested! Title it "Your username: The Undesirables" Thank you!
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