The Undesirables: Everly and Rainy

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    "I'm sorry, Casper Wyatt, but you have failed the test. You will be sent to a Correctional Facility effective immediately."

    The words still rang in his ears as Casper was transported in a bus with the other failures. The new social rejects. He as resting his forehead against the window, his head hitting it painfully with every bump in the road. He didn't notice. His mind was reeling, a mixture of fear, anger, and self-loathing. His gaze was locked on the horizon but he wasn't seeing it. All he knew was the look in Ellery's eyes. He couldn't tell if she was sad to see him go or disappointed in him for not being as good as her.

    He pushed his fingers under the cuffs on his wrists and rubbed at the painful rash they were creating. He lifted his head off of the window, hair now flat on one side, as the bus screeched to a stop outside of the Correctional Facility. It was massive. It was nearly hidden from being covered in the dust of the barren desert it rested upon.

    Casper had to squint against the brightness of the sun which seemed brighter and more intense here. "One by one now, single-file," a bored guard barked to the bus full of eighteen year olds and they slowly began to step out into the dusty wasteland.

    The second Casper stepped outside he was boiling in his sweatshirt and he yanked the sleeves up, gazing up at the hot, red sun that cast the outside world in an orange, firey glow. It was desert-hot at the Correctional Facility, probably just another tactic to make them hate their lives. When Casper imagined Haydra he imagined snow and breezes, ice in their water, and swimming pools. Dear God, swimming pools... Here, there was nothing. He had never imagined this place because, well... he never imagined being here.

    By the time he reached the massive building his cheeks were pink from a fresh sunburn ad sweat dripped from his sideburns down his cheeks. His eyes had to adjust to the dim room after squinting in the blinding sunlight the whole way.

    "Everyone listen up!" A loud voice barked and Casper jumped, shoulder to shoulder with his fellow Undesirables. "You are the trash of this society. We are the recyclers. Here, we turn those of you that have potential into something new. Those of you who will always be garbage are going to be sent to Distant. So I suggest you cooperate," he was glaring at each of them individually. They were a group of about twenty, men and women, and everyone was sweaty and nervous. One girl began sobbing loudly. The man ignored her.

    "You can call me Expert," he continued. "I will call you by number. You will each receive a paper with your number on it now. Memorize it, it is your new name."

    Casper took the small paper from the passing guard and read his number. U-666843. Interesting.

    "Don't get too comfortable. Today, half of you are staying here. The rest are being sent to Distant." The group erupted into gasps and whimpers. The crying girl sounded like she was hyperventilating.

    "Whether you stay or go will be decided by a test. That test will take place now. Each of you, find a partner."

    Casper pushed his number into his pocket and stood where he was, not sure who to choose for fear of picking wrong. "Hi," a girl appeared in front of him. Her hair was frizzy from the humid air and she had big brown eyes and a freckled nose. She looked up at him with a flirtatious smile. "Wanna be partners?" she asked and Casper shrugged. "Okay, I'm Casey by the way," she bounced into place next to him, the group lining up once more.

    "I suggest you don't get to know each other. You and your partner will be fighting each other," the Expert deadpanned.

    The group was quiet, stunned to silence. "Hand to hand combat, in this room. The loser will go to Distant," the Expert seemed to be enjoying this revelation. Casper glanced down at Casey who was staring up at him, her eyes filled with fear. "Fuck.." she whispered and Casper remained emotionless.

    He wasn't surprised. After everything he heard about these places, he knew that the Experts always tried to torture the patients as much as possible. His stomach turned at the thought of punching the girl.

    "You two, you're first." Of course. "Take your places in these circles," the Expert was nearly glowing with excitement.

    "Alright," Casper spoke without emotion, walking to the red circle on one end of the room.

    Casey hesitated but she was pushed harshly from behind by a guard, and when she regained her balance she walked into the blue circle, finally looking up from her feet and studying her opponent.

    Casper was chewing his lip, avoiding her gaze. She was wringing her hands nervously. He noticed that one of her shoes was untied.

    "First one to surrender loses." Suddenly the whistle screamed and Casey jumped in surprise, her eyes growing wide and settling on Casper with fear. Neither of them moved. "You are both sent to Distant if you don't cooperate!" the Expert threatened angrily and Casper stepped forward, curling his hands into fists. His face was pale.

    Casey suddenly ran towards Casper with a screech of determination, surprisingly quick on her feet. He planted his feet but she slammed into him with all of her weight, throwing him to the hard wood floor. His back hit hard, sending a shock up his spine. Her weight pushed the air out of his lungs and he let out a groan as she dug her knee into his groin.

    "I'm not going to Distant," she growled at him, her eyes flashing with determination.

    "Me neither, bitch," Casper hissed back, suddenly finding it much easier to hit her. He shook her off of him and rolled before jumping to his feet, turning on her. She swung her small fist and he caught her wrist hard, yanking her. She fell towards him and he spun her, locking her arm behind her back. She screamed out in pain as her shoulder stretched the wrong way but managed to break her other arm free and elbow him in the chest. He released her and coughed painfully as she locked her fingers behind his head and bent him forward fast. His face collided with her knee with a horrible crunching sound and blood splattered on the floor and her shoes.

    Her shoes. Casper held his face in agony, eyes blurry with tears and blood gushing out between his fingers. He planted one foot firmly on her shoelace before pushing her with all over his force. She fell hard, head smacking the ground with a sickening crack. She screamed in pain and Casper quickly straddled her, locking her arms under his knees and grabbing the back of her hair with his bloody hand. He brought his fist back slowly and hesitated, green eyes locked on her as she cried in fear. His nose was dripping blood on her neck and chin and she frantically tried to free her hair from his grasp.

    Suddenly he swung but stopped an inch from her face as she screamed, "No, stop! I give up!" She was sobbing uncontrollably, only opening her eyes when she realized she hadn't been hit yet.

    The whistle blew and Casper stood, wiping his nose. "Alright Patient U-666843, you're moving on. Patient U-667921 will be escorted back to the bus," he addressed the guards, who took his clipboard and grabbed Casey roughly. "Get back to your place," he ordered and Casper used his sleeve to wipe at his face, staining the grey fabric a dark brown color. Emotionless, he walked back into line.
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    Ellery sat on a bus full of cheerful, chattering teenagers. They were all excited that they had passed the test and eager to see what wonderful things were waiting for them. Already they had been given bags full of snacks and little things to keep them occupied, and an older woman was walking around and praising them all while she handed out drinks to keep them comfortable on the ride. Instead of mixing in with her fellows, Ellery simply watched the landscape pass by out the window. She didn't want to be here. All she wanted was to have failed too, or to have Casper succeed. He was supposed to be right next to her, celebrating. Instead, she had watched him be taken away before she could do anything about it. Now she was alone with people that she didn't care about, and all she could think about was how unfair it is. He deserved to be with them just as much as anybody! There was no way he had done anything wrong!

    "Ellery, darling, I know the ride is a bore but you much cheer up! We're nearly there and you won't believe the lovely things waiting for you in Haydra!" the overly cheerful woman said, pausing by Ellery's seat and noticing that the girl was not taking part in the gaiety surrounding her.

    "I know. I can't wait," Ellery murmured with a fake smile before turning away once more as the woman flounced off to go torment somebody else. She knew that there was no point in complaining about what had happened. The only way that she would ever see Casper again was if he earned his way out of the Correctional Facility, and she knew that was rare. He was gone.

    She wasn't about to accept that.

    The bus rolled to a stop about an hour later and they all were ushered off to see their new home. Haydra. It was the picture of perfection. Sprawling lawns of green, all perfectly kept, with nice looking homes. Nothing was broken or run-down, and everybody who was walking around was smiling. There were families wandering about, and Ellery noted that each one was the perfect standard - a husband, a wife, a son, and a daughter. She had often wondered, when told the expectations of Haydra, what might happen if a woman bore two sons or two daughters. Was the other cast out? Sent to the Correctional Facility? Or perhaps... Distant?

    She didn't dare to ask.

    "Welcome to Haydra, your new home!" the older woman announced to the crowd of teenagers, beaming at them all. "I will be personally showing each of you to your new homes, which will be shared with one other person! This person will likely be the one you marry, so go on ahead and cozy up! You'll have two days to relax and explore, then your schooling will start. Of course, you take whatever classes you would like off our list of offerings. This is your paradise, after all," she explained, laughing a bit. Most of the group laughed with her, but Ellery just frowned. This was a prison, just as much as the Correctional Facility. She was expected to marry some guy she was paired with today?! That didn't seem right. What happened to choosing? What if she wanted Casper?

    She blushed faintly at her own thoughts. Casper. They had been friends since they were children, nearly inseparable for several years now. She had never told him that she had any sort of feelings for him, because she always assumed they would have time for all of that once they got here. Now he was gone and she wasn't sure if she'd ever have a chance to let him know how she felt.

    "Come along! Let's get you all settled in!"