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  1. The Story
    Welcome to the Underground Society. It is the year 2115 and 18 years ago today, there was a nuclear war that destroyed the world encasing it in radioactivity making it unfit to live in. The human race was annihilated and those that survived were the ones that made it to The Underground before the bombs went off. Life isn't perfect these days. We are constantly under watch by The Governments soldiers and those infected by radioactivity are killed. We are allowed to go to the surface but only if we are over 18, are wearing a gas mask, and if you have a reason to go to the surface. So basically, only few are able to go to the surface. We all have a curfew of 9 pm but it's so hard to tell the time because there is no sunlight. There are children who have never seen the light of day before. We have clocks but still...
    If you have been bad, you are either executed by being fed to the monsters on the surface or you are a prisoner depending on your crime. Prisoners will be chained up in the darkest part of The Underground. Even our eyes that have gotten so used to the darkness cant see a thing in total darkness. We just hear the screams of other prisoners that have gone insane from isolation. Its worst than being executed since its a life sentence. There are even some babies who are forced to be prisoners because of who they are. They are the worst. They become rabid beast in human form. They can't speak. They can't feel. There's no saving them.
    And how could I forget. In this society, there are the poor who are fed crappy food and are pretty much starved. When they first came to The Underground Society when the bombs went off, the rich got their food while they starved the poor. After about a month of this, the poor were forced to eat the weak; babies and elders. They wouldn't eat the sick. Instead, they would just kill them. It was survival of the fittest and those that weren't fit to survive, they were eaten. That's just how it was. About a month later, the government started giving the poor food. It wasn't much but it was enough. The rich on the other hand had it good. They ate steak, sushi, chicken, etc. They had pools and raves. Everything the poor dreamed of, the rich had.
    This is... The Underground Society. Good luck!

    The Rules
    1. Be nice to each other; get along out of character
    2. You can have up to 5 characters
    3. No God Modding
    4. No perfect characters
    5. You can make your post as long as you want; no limit
    6. No one liners
    7. You can have romantic relations with characters but if anything sexual happens, take it somewhere else
    8. Keep level of supernatural creatures even.
    9. Be creative as you want with your characters!

    Character Creation
    [pic; realistic]
    Class: Social Class



    Relationships: Anyone they hate, like, have a crush on, have dated, friends with, family, etc.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Anastasia(Anya) Knox
    Class: Social Class

    Student at Blue Waters High School but works part time at The Grille, a popular bar/cafe that students go to
    Anya tends to keep to herself but is very loud and hyperactive when around her friends. A lot of people don't understand her but she doesn't care. She can be very nice and fun to be around but she can also be very nervous and shy and even a little bitchy but to her, that's normal. She is a very normal girl trying to survive life in the underground.
    17 years prior, a year underground, a young couple wanted to have a baby but they didn't want the baby to grow up in a world like this. They decided against a baby at first, thinking the baby wouldn't be able to survive in a world like this but after a couple of months, the young wife told her husband that she thought she was pregnant. Turns out she was. Her husband was so happy that they were going to have a baby but was sad that their child would never know the beauty of the former world. When the wife was 7 months pregnant, her husband went missing. Rumor has it that he went to the surface and something went wrong in his gas mask.
    The wife cared for her daughter Anastasia for 12 years before getting really sick and dying. Anya was given two options: She could be given just enough money to live on her own or she could live at an orphanage. She decided to live on her own, thinking it was better than an orphanage. The money they gave her quickly went down the drain because of bills and taxes and food. She had a job at the cafe that helped her a lot and the manager gave her extra. He was very kind and understanding of her situation. He even gave her food if she was a little short that month. She really liked working for him. When she was 14, she started high school and really liked it. She had some close friends. She was bullied a little because she was different but she was happy to be with her friends. They were everything to her.

    -Serving tea

    -Making friends

    -Being alone

    -Touches her hair when she's nervous

    She doesn't have any family that she's close to but she does have a few close friends. She hates her bullies, the girly girls/valley girls. She doesn't like anyone right now nor does she have a crush on anymore but she has dated a few guys. It didn't last though.
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