The Underground City of Venustas

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  1. It was an early Sunday morning, the dim lights and were starting to open up. Workers and owners were chatting with each other quietly as they worked on their shops. The dirt roads were quiet for now until 7 a.m. when the city would really become alive, completely buzzing with life.
    Two men, wearing overcoats and sunglasses walked through the shops carrying briefcases. They were on their way to Osgood's investigations. A professional private investigator they had an appointment with.
    The alleyway they turned to was dark and filthy. As water drips from the top of a small cave that held houses, rats scurried away from the men's shoes.
    The echo of their footsteps continued eerily throughout the ally until they reached their destination. Down a small flight of stairs revealed a single door. On it said "Osgood's Investigations" in black, bold letters. Both men looked at each other and nodded. The left man opened the door slowly and with a deep voice he said "Mr. Osgood?"
  3. The men walked to his desk "we are here about the girl, we have some information that might deem useful to you. They open the briefcase and turned it around so the detective could see what was inside. It was a picture of the girl much older, probably in her early 20's. Next to her picture was an address to a gang rival area. "Talk to Sam, he know more..." they suddenly got up and left.
  4. "Um, Okay" Derrick said with a little bit of confusion. What were these guys talking about? The girl in his photo? No that wasn't it , so what were they talking about? His suspicion was quelled when he saw the picture of a young woman, maybe in her early twenties in front of him. That's right he thought to himself, I go get this girl, I get paid handsomely.

    "Right, so where can I find Sam?" before he received a answer he looked up to see he was completely alone. "Alright, looks like I 'll have to find Sam myself." He mumbled to himself as he left his office, got in his dusty Ford Pickup and drove to the address mentioned.
  5. He ended up at a bar popular for gangs. Thugs and ruffians were either passed out wasted, fighting one another drunk or throwing darts. The place was filthy and smelled like a dirty gym. Bartender Reeves was the man he needed to talk to.
  6. Derrick stepped out his truck and looked at the bar. Great, of course this is the place I have to meet this Sam person he thought to himself. He strolled into the bar, almost immediately, a group of thugs glared straight at Derrick. He ignored them as he headed for the counter.

    "Yo Reeves! I need to talk to you!" he barked.
  7. "About?" Reeves asked and listened as Derrick asked him about a girl. He studied the picture that the detective gave him and he gave it back to her with a sigh. "Her name is Heather...Heather Rose. I don't know much about her so I will tell you what I know. You know John Taylor? The man who owns this city? Well...I don't know why but he locks this girl up in a tower...." He filled a drink and sips it. "Rumor has it she's danderous" he said. "Few people know that this girl exist...the only reason I knew was because I used to work closely with John." He took another sip before beginning his story. "When I was young and naive, I used to look up to Mr. Taylor. I would do anything to make him proud of me, he was like a father figure...after years of earning his trust I was able to be in a huge was called The Gene Project. Unfortunately I was working only as a janitor there but I will tell you this..." he leaned in closely. "They built the tower to lock her up in with all of the latest technology...I don't think shes a joke...and I think that Mr. Taylor might be scared of her...he hides her under the huge statue of Galileo in in the middle of town squares. The main door has a code, heres the numbers" he said and wrote them down on a piece of paper. "To activate the statue you will see a symbol of a cage on Galileo's foot, press it and it will reveal a staircase to an entrance...good luck" he says.
  8. "Alright thanks for the Info." Derrick said as he got up and left the bar. He walked outside and made his way down the road towards the statue of Galileo. As he approached it a thought crossed his mind, it's to easy. That thought put the Detective on edge as he could see the statue in the distance.

    When he arrived he stopped and pulled out the code Reeves had written down. He looked around and put the code in and pressed the button with a cage on it, revealing a staircase. "Well here goes." Derrick said to himself as he descended the stairs.
  9. As he walked down the stairs he could hear an electric buzzing sound. An estimation of twenty gaurds were walking in the room. Some were guarding the main gate to the next room, another group was constantly watching monitors. That means there were cameras in the room. One of the gaurds came up to the door and put a card inside the a small slot and the door opened up. He walked in and the two gaurds standing there closed it. All the gaurds that were walking around had these cards too.
  10. Derrick Studied the situation from the shadows. He knew he couldn't take all the guards by himself. He would be outmanned and outgunned. He knew walking up and asking for the girl was out, he never was o good relations with John Taylor. He pondered about what to do next. He quickly came up with a idea as a guard approached his area. Derrick looked around and found no cameras in the hall he was in. He waited until the guard had his back to him. Derrick sneaked up behind him-and put the guard in a sleeper hold. Derrick kicked the guard's legs out from beneath him . Derrick dragged the guard into a supply closet.

    A few minutes later, Derrick came out off the closet, donning the guard's uniform and card. "Sure hope this works" he said as he slid the card and entered the main area.
  11. "Acess granted" the computer voice stated as the door opened. Inside was another set of stairs at the end of the hallway. That's where he needed to go, unfortunately a gaurd was standing at the end of the hallway next to it.
    Luck was on his side when the man walked up to him.
    "Oh good, your here..." he said as he handed him a pistol. "Your shift ends at three in the morning, good luck entertaining yourself until then" he chuckled off. The door had several markings on it that said "off limits."
    The gaurd left and the detective was there, alone, with the door and a weapon.
  12. Derrick sighed loudly as the guard turned and left. "That was too close." he said quietly to himself. He looked at the gun he received. A Luger C-7 Semi Auto 9mm handgun. Nice he thought to himself as he holstered the long barreled weapon. He then turned his attention to the door and stairway behind it. The girl was up there some where, and he had to find her. With no one looking, Derrick slipped through the door and made his way upstairs, always prepared for the worst.
  13. Inside was a thick, metal door that had a huge handle that turned a whole 360 degree rotation before locking itself back into its original position and opening.
    Inside that door was a room on the left side of the hall then the right side. Inside the left was pictures of her while she was doing various things such as singing, painting, eating and even undressing. In that particular photo the girls back was facing the camera so she got lucky.
    In the other room there were piles of tapes that had all sorts of dates on them. The people that were in here were watching her and she had no idea.
    At the ending of the hallway was a even thicker door that said in bold yellow letters "do not go in specimen is present!"
  14. Derrick creeped up to the room on the left and took a glance over the pictures."They've been watching her.....holy shit." he said in total astoundment. He turned and heard the sound of a projector coming from the other room. He moved quietly across the hall and peeked into the other room.

    He held his breath as he glanced around the room. There were about 8 middle aged men in white lab coats watching the film. Derrick was tempted to teach these creeps a lesson in privacy, but his attention was deflected to the big door further down the hall. He walked over to the door. He pulled out his Luger and took a deep breath."Well,here goes." he said as he opened the door and stepped inside.
  15. A diagram of the woman was there showing her everything scentific about her. It showed her height at each age up until 21, it showed her blood type, eye color, personality, what fashion she likes and much more. Behind the charts was one more door, or so it seemed.
  16. "Who is this girl?" Derrick asked himself as he studied the growth chart. According to the chart, the girl was about twenty. Derrick shook his head and headed through the room and opened the next door.

    "Oh great isn't this neat." Derrick said sarcastically as he glared at a giant machine that spewed electricity. He maneuvered his way to the back of the giant room and saw a elevator labeled, to specimen observation. Derrick got into the elevator hit the button for that floor.
  17. The elevator opened with a light "ding."
    A long hallway was revealed before the detectives very eyes and at the end of it was a lever.
  18. He exited the elevator and made his way down the hall. What was he going to say when he met the girl. "Well this it" Derrick said as he pulled the lever.
  19. The metal doors revealed a glass window, and behind the window was a woman. She was young and beautiful in many ways. She smiled looking at the glass and fixing her dark brown hair with natural light brown highlights. She frowned then put her hair in a ponytail then spun around. Laughing, she looked at her jeans and t-shirt. Then as soon as he saw her she walked into another room. The room was completely empty, except a bed and dresser. What the girl was staring at was a one way mirror, thinking nobody else was watching her. Suddenly there was a buzzer sound. A list of rooms was listed on a machine. The library lit up and a door opened, leading to the library.
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