The Undead

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  1. [​IMG] Mason leaned against the wall bbreathing heavy, his body felt weak from all the running and he clutched his baseball bat tightly in his hands. He looked around the wall and spotted the two undead walking around clulesly. Turning to his sister he motioned for her to stay put as he walked from behind the wall and looked around. He slammed the bat into the first undead and it flew into the other once knocking it down he walked over to the other undead trying to get up and slammed his bat againt its head and the blood splattered on the floor.
  2. The siblings were together when the breakout happened which was a good thing. At least they knew each other was ok instead of not knowing. Their ammo for their guns had ran out so they left their guns somewhere. She had a metal bat hanging by her side which proved to be one of the best weapons that was unbreakable. They had to stop and catch their breath for a little while they had been running almost non stop all day. "Do they ever stop?" She said raising her hand up as the undead came around the corner but Mason had already killed them.

  3. Mason walked back and looked at his sister as he caught his breath. His asthma wasn't that bad but it just made him tired faster. He took his sister's hand and pulled her along until they got to the bottom of some stairs. " we have to find a place to stay for the night" he looked around and spotted some undead but they were yards away and were nothing to worry about.
  4. Since this outbreak happened they had very little sleep and every little noise woke her up. "Where are we going to stay?" She said holding onto a small bag with a few supplies in it and they were getting low. They would have to find a grocery store or something and stock up. She gripped his hand and followed him noticing the small group of zombies.
  5. He looked around for a moment and then suddently got an idea " remember how gramps left us the small shed like house? we could stay in there for a few days why we figure out our next move from their". He took her hand once more and walked past a few blocks feeling his breathing becoming heavy he knew he needed to reast soon. He walked quietly watching the undead wander around. As they made their way to the shed house he looked aroumd cheaking for undead before opening the door.
  6. "What about getting some supplies we are almost out?" She said holding onto his arm and following him into town where the sehd was. That would be their best bet right now and it was in an area with not a lot of people. They may be able to set up camp and it might be a safe house maybe. Hearing his breathing she stopped for a few moments and looked at him. "Are you going to be ok?" Since there was no one working at the pharmay there was no way to get him an inhaler.
  7. "okay lets get some supplies" He walked back into the small part that was filled with the quick little stores so they could refill. He walked up to one and looked through the window seeing blood inside " yes im fine"
  8. Seeing the blood she had to turn around her stomach turned and she felt like she was going to be sick. The store looked stocked at least there was some supplies her stomach grumbled she was hungry as well.
  9. He looked to see his sister turned around and he rubbed her back wanting to make her feel better. He opened the store door quietly and looked around, one of the lights blew out and everything seemed to make creaking noises. He walked in and clenched his back and getting perpared incase there were undead.
  10. IT was a few moments later when she started to feel better her stomach was always nautious around things like this. Grabbing her bat she held it close to her in case something popped out at them. "I'm so hungry."
  11. He walked down the isle slowly looking around until he spotted the food. It was chips gronola bars, candy and stuff like that. He looked oer his shoulder " theres food over her grab a grocery bag and we can stack up"
  12. She wished she could take a lot of food but when you are on the run carrying things slows you down. Grabbing a bag she picked up some of the things she liked and went to the drink section. They need caffeine and drinks to stay away. Filling her bag she turned back towards him. "Done."
  13. He turned to her when she said she was done and he nodded. They needed as much as possible. When he walked down the next isle he saw an undead just standing and staring at the shelf of food. He crept over and slamed the bat to its head watching the undead drop to the floor.
  14. She heard the loud smack and turned towards him. "Mason are you ok?" SHe started walking towards the noise and hoped he was ok but no sound came from the undead.
  15. He looked over at his sister and nodded then picked up the chips he wanted and he pickednup water putting it in a bag " okay lets go"
  16. "Alright next stop the cabin." She said picking up her bags and weapon again and slowly heading towards the door. She knew the zombies would have picked up on their scent and soon would be coming for them.
  17. He nodded and followed her out the store door looking around at the chaos that became of the streets he looked down and spotted the dead body of a police officer, suicide he saw the gun and picked it up putting it away he sprinted down the street and took his sisters hand " lets go".